Where to go at the best time of year?

Where to vacation in different months of the year

Warm faraway countries seem to us friendly at any time of year. But this is not entirely true. On any continent, in any country there is a concept of seasonality and the most favorable periods for a holiday. So we offer a list of countries by months of the best conditions for a holiday, as well as tips on where not to rest in the month of interest to you. Of course, choosing a country, you must additionally ask about the weather and the situation at a particular time, because now the weather and political disasters are not uncommon.

There are some magic places in the world where you can relax all year round, such as Thailand in Pattaya, or the Canary Islands in Tenerife, where the weather is favorable all year round, or the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica), or the beautiful Maldives.


For a holiday in January will be good in the following places: Egypt (but be aware that the bathing in the Red Sea at this time is unpleasant because of the waves and wind), Dominica, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Maldives, Sri Lanka, India (Goa), Thailand, Vietnam, UAE.

In February

Holidays in February is good in Egypt (but be aware that the bathing in the Red Sea at this time is unpleasant because of the waves and wind), Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Sri Lanka, India (Goa), the Maldives, the Canaries and the Caribbean (Dominica, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica).

In March

The most successful for a holiday in March in Egypt (but be aware that during this time of swimming in the Red Sea is not pleasant because of the waves and wind), the UAE and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica). And also India (Goa), Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Indonesia (Bali) and Sri Lanka.


In April, European countries offer many sightseeing tours. But Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), China (Hainan), Maldives, India (Goa), Israel, Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica) are still good for swimming. The Canaries, Morocco and Tunisia are suitable for a vacation without swimming in the sea. So choose hotels with swimming pools.


May is a great period for sightseeing trips to any European country. With the advent of this month the Mediterranean countries (Turkey and Tunisia) begin to open its beaches. But it will be warmer in Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), Vietnam, Cuba, Dominica, Mexico, Jamaica. The Canaries, Morocco and Tunisia will be fine for a holiday without swimming in the sea.

In June

The most popular destination at this time is Turkey. European countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Cyprus, as well as Tunisia and Morocco of the Asian countries you can still go to Thailand and Indonesia (Bali). Those who like to rest in Russia, Ukraine or Abkhazia can already go to the Black Sea.

In July

In July, the beaches of Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal provide all conditions for recreation with swimming: the warm sea, hot sun. Since July, you can vacation with swimming in Tunisia. Also recommend Thai Islands, Bali, Mallorca, Malta, Sicily, Montenegro, Croatia. The list of good places to stay can include France. In July you can have a good rest on the Black Sea, as well as on the shores of Bulgaria and Ukraine. Warms up the Azov Sea. In July the best season for a holiday in Karelia.

In August.

In August, the beaches of Egypt, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and France are very hot. If this does not scare you, you will have a great vacation with swimming. Less hot weather in August in Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey. You can also go to the UAE, Indonesia, Thailand and Bali. In the Dominican Republic and Cuba in August, the rainy season begins. In this month it’s nice to rest in the Altai, Baikal and the Urals. With warm weather in these places is not such an abundance of mosquitoes.

The sights of the island of Funen in Denmark


The best places to spend September are Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. The heat in those countries is decreasing, and the sea is very warm. The same can be said about Greece, Italy, Sicily, the Canaries and Cyprus. If you want to rest in Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, then it is better to go there in the first half of September, then it begins to rain. In September, many surfers go to Portugal. At this time there are good waves and relatively warm water.

In September, the best vacation in Bali. This is the best season for the island.

In October.

In Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Sicily and Morocco begins vacation without swimming in the sea. With the very warm air, the sea is still a favorite, tourists swim more in the pools. You can swim and sunbathe in the UAE, China, Goa, Thailand, Cyprus, Israel.

In November.

For passive recreation without swimming are still suitable Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Cyprus and the Canaries. Although in the Canaries, the water may not seem so cold to some. November begins the best season for holidays in East Asia. Excellent holiday in the Maldives, Seychelles, the UAE. In Thailand, it is recommended to visit the islands of Samet, Chang, Phang Nga, Satun, Phi Phi, Lanta, Ranong, Phuket, Krabi. In November you should go to Sri Lanka and Goa. At this time, the temperature of air and water there is about the same. In Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the rains begin to subside.

In December

In December, it is better not to take risks and go to East Asia. Some of the best places for recreation are Sri Lanka, Goa and Thailand. You can also visit neighboring countries: Malaysia and Laos. Good holiday can turn out in Cuba, the Caribbean and Dominican Republic.

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Where and when the beach season comes

Couple in a sun lounger on the ocean

The titanic work done by the team of Summerhotels.ru will help you unmistakably choose a country for a vacation of any month. For more than 15 years of independent traveling we’ve developed our own system of country’s attractiveness at any time of the year. We have analyzed all tourist destinations and evaluated them according to 4 parameters:

  • air temperature
  • water temperature
  • weather conditions
  • tour prices

The closer the score is to 5, the better the chance to spend the money and not regret it.

Where to go in winter

Winter vacation scenery

Winter is the time of Asia and the Caribbean, with their oceans, low cost of living and wildlife, wonderfully combined with hotels on the coast.


  • Top Sellers: United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Goa and Thailand.
  • Budget options: Vietnam, Egypt and Tenerife
  • Exotic: Maldives, Dominican Republic and Mexico

In early winter the choice of countries for a vacation is very limited. The cost of tours in exotic destinations goes way over the limit. In this case no one provides special guarantees in terms of perfect weather. In late fall and December is a transitional period in both Asia and the Caribbean.

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The Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Goa seem to be the favorites on the market. If the Indian state is mostly chosen by young and crazy tourists craving for wild exoticism, the trip to Dubai is the choice of wealthy new-fangled tourists. Today the UAE is one of the most developing countries, where there is something to see and a lot of positive emotions.

Sri Lanka is more for those who are looking for maximum experience and enjoy active tourism with elements of wildlife, jungle and extravagant locals. People come here not for the beaches and hotels, but for the nature and the constant hiking.


  • Top 4: Thailand, Goa, Sri Lanka, and the UAE
  • Budget options: Turkey, Egypt and Tenerife.
  • Exotics: Maldives, Dominican Republic, Vietnam and Mexico.

In January, the tourist flow is divided into three parts. The bulk of the flow goes to the Asian destinations (Thailand and Vietnam), where every week of winter it gets sunnier and hotter. Prices are also increasing by leaps and bounds. But those who can afford to spend the winter vacations in warm countries, the cost of a tour of 100,000 rubles is not usually repulsive.

The second half goes to Turkey. In fact, these tourists are in the majority, and they form the profits of travel agencies. Someone goes to Istanbul to see the sights, but in the conditions of the coronavirus, all the complications and restrictions, most prefer 5 * hotels on the coast. Go to the hammam, have a massage, swim in the pool, eat in a restaurant and think about nothing but rest.

The rest of the travelers fly to far away and very expensive by today’s standards. In the second half of January, Mexico and the Dominican Republic begin their high season. Before the coronavirus pandemic, a good half of American tourists came here for winter vacations by the sea.

Egypt and Tenerife are noteworthy for their low-cost options. If tours to Egypt in Russia are expensive, then from Kiev and Minsk you can relax in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh for not much money. You can’t expect hot weather, but you can swim in the sea and the pool. Tenerife is still closed because of the post-covetail restrictions of the European Union, but in general, the island of eternal spring can also please the really warm weather, even in the middle of our calendar spring.


  • Optimal choices: Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba.
  • Inexpensive options: Goa, Egypt and Sri Lanka.
  • Exotic: The Philippines

The end of our calendar winter closes off the possibility of travel to inexpensive countries. It’s getting chilly in the Arab Emirates and Tenerife, so you can forget about the beach, but you can always switch to sightseeing.

Thailand and Vietnam, where the weather conditions peak at the confluence of spring and winter, come to the fore. The guarantee of sunshine, hot weather, warm sea and no rain has always attracted millions of tourists here. There is no doubt that once the pandemic is over, these markets will quickly restore the flow of tourists.

Also from February to April comes the peak of Caribbean destinations. All of them are very expensive and not everyone can afford them after the ruble devaluation. Yet the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Fidel Castro or see the Mayan pyramids in Mexico still motivates tens of thousands of Russian tourists to fly across the Atlantic every year for an unforgettable winter vacation.

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Where is the best place to vacation in the spring

Spring in the mountains

In March and April, catch the last opportunity to relax by the sea in exotic countries. Elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, Bounty-style beaches and Asian cuisine leave the tourist skyline by mid-spring. In the same period the first tourists begin to appear in the usual European resorts. But the most chic – the mountains and wildlife, which delights with bright colors and stunning scenery.

So far, all indications are that Egypt will remain closed in 2020. So you have to fly to Abu Dhabi and Dubai until the first days of May for the warm sea, and from the second half of May to the south of Turkey. Cyprus and the Greek island of Crete.

  • Top 6: Bali, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Vietnam and Hainan
  • Cheap options: Goa and Sri Lanka
  • Exotic: Cuba, the Philippines and the Maldives

The choice of countries available for vacation is not much different from February. It is worth noting the emergence of Bali and Chinese Hainan in the list of recommended destinations.

From autumn to spring there is a wet season, but the closer the middle of the calendar spring, the less torrential downpours and other weather troubles. It is said that Bali will be open to tourists by March 2021. So in coronavirus times, fans of the destination will be able to fly to favorite scenery and meditation spots

Last call in March is ringing for those planning vacations to Goa and Sri Lanka. It gets too hot there in mid-spring for a comfortable vacation, and March is something of a velvet season.

In the Caribbean, everything is wonderful until the end of April. It is impossible to make a mistake with the destination. If only there were money!


  • The Big Five: Hainan, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam and Bali.
  • Inexpensive tours: Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and UAE.
  • Expensive exotics: Cuba, the Philippines and Maldives.

The choice of exotic destinations remains unchanged from March. But by and large April is the last month when it makes sense to spend a lot of money on a trip to an exotic country. Since May these destinations cease to be recommended because of the bad balance between the quality of vacation and the cost of tours.

It is worth noting that in mid-spring, Egypt and Arab resorts reappear on the map for 2-3 months. This is due to the peculiarities of the local climate. In spring it gets hot again in these latitudes, the sea starts to warm up quickly to bathing temperature, and that is all the tourists need.

Cyprus is the only European destination, where by the end of April it gets warm as in summer. The sea warms up to warm usually not yet, but you can already come for excursions, hotel areas and a beautiful tan. Similar weather conditions offer the southern resorts of Turkey.

  • The Big Four: Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Egypt
  • Budget options: Tunisia, Georgia, Spain and Italy
  • Exotics: Cuba, Vietnam, Mexico, Hainan and the Maldives

If you have nowhere to spend the money, then in late spring you can still rush to exotic countries. But it is better to spend twice as little and get much more by visiting new cities and countries.

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In May it gets finally warm in European tourist mecca Spain and Italy. In 2021 they may remain closed due to “covid” restrictions. But in general, there is nothing more interesting than to visit Rome, Barcelona, Valencia, Milan or Florence. Do not even count on a warm sea. It will warm up only by mid-June, not before.

The main mass of tourists goes to familiar Turkey, where in May sometimes you can not only sunbathe but also bathe. Slightly more expensive vacation on the coast of Antalya will cost tours in Cyprus and Egypt, where there is even hotter weather.

Excellent for a holiday in May vacations is island Greece. Delicious food, walks in the fresh air, an abundance of fruit and Greek wine will not leave anyone indifferent. If only to open in time for May 2021.

Where to go in summer

A girl on the beach in summer

Summer is the time of the sea, mountain lakes and complete relaxation. Forget about walking for hours through European cities. Hot weather is not an ally for active travelers.

In 2021, it’s hard to predict anything because of the coronavirus. But under normal conditions, the picture of seasonality by country is as follows.

  • Top 4: Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Greece
  • Budget options: Crimea, Montenegro, Croatia and Tunisia
  • Expensive tours: Spain, Italy, Tenerife, Bali and Georgia.

Planning a vacation at the beginning of summer, it is necessary to take into account the weather risks. The first half of June in most popular regions is very deceptive. Any hot week can be changed by a rainy one, and a warm sea by a cold one. Such fluctuations are particularly peculiar to the Black Sea region. Therefore, in Bulgaria, Georgia and the Crimea is better to go closer to the end of June.

A similar situation is in Montenegro. There sea is the Adriatic Sea, but the mountains surrounding the country, as well as the peculiarity of the local climate have a great influence on it.

In the first weeks it is better to go to a well-warmed country. It is best to go to Cyprus and Turkey. Tunisia, too, can be considered, but maybe the water is not yet warm enough.

Of expensive and exotic destinations can pay attention to Bali, where the dry season begins. Tenerife is no less interesting, where the summer comes into full force.

  • Top 5: Crimea, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Croatia
  • Budget options: Lithuania and Latvia
  • Expensive destinations: Spain, Italy, Tenerife, Bali and Malta.
  • Hot destinations: Cyprus and Tunisia

In the height of the vacation season, you can fly to almost any destination. But it is better to choose European resorts where there is no suffocating heat and less risk of getting sunburn after hiking on the beach. In this regard, it is better to rest on the Black, Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. Choose the country according to your budget.

Of expensive destinations worth checking out is Tenerife and Bali. In the middle of summer on these islands are ideal for recreation. But it will be completely different.


  • Top 5: Bulgaria, Crimea, Greece, Montenegro
  • Budget options: Turkey, Lithuania, and Latvia
  • Expensive tours: Malta, Croatia, Spain, Tenerife, and Italy
  • Hot destinations: Cyprus and Tunisia

The picture at the end of summer is not much different from July. Only Turkey falls into the category of hot countries, because in early August the temperature in the southern resorts may reach +36 degrees. You should think twice before paying a lot of money for such inhumane conditions.

Vacations with children in Spain

The general recommendation for planning a trip at this time of year is to avoid hot destinations. Countries such as Tunisia, Cyprus, Turkey are better to visit closer to September.

Where to vacation in autumn

Autumn Travels

Late autumn is the most difficult period for tour planning. Mediterranean resorts cool down fast and by the beginning of October are not suitable for passive recreation. But you can safely consider Cyprus, Tunisia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.


  • Top 5: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia and Tenerife.
  • Budget options: Crimea, Georgia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria.
  • Expensive Tours: Spain, Malta, Morocco, Italy and Croatia
  • Hot destinations: Egypt

In September, countries where it is too hot in summer come to the fore: Cyprus, Tunisia and Turkey. By the end of September you can think about a trip to Egypt, where closer to October the heat subsides and it is relatively safe to actively spend time on excursions, not just hiding from the scorching sun.

A separate category is regions where in September comes the Indian summer holidays: Crimea, Bulgaria, Georgia, Montenegro and Croatia. It is better to plan a trip to these regions in the first two decades of the month and carefully monitor the weather forecast for the coming weeks.

Closer to October, only well warmed-up southern countries are on the market. You can consider Cyprus, Tunisia, Egypt or Tenerife. We always recommend tourists to consider Tenerife, as in September and October the temperature on the island is stable at +30º, and the ocean warms to a maximum of +24º. The climate starts to cool off in the second half of October.


  • Top 3: Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia and Tenerife
  • Budget options: Turkey and Greece
  • Expensive tours: Israel and Malta
  • Exotic: Maldives and Goa

In October suggestions with more or less attractive prices are rapidly disappearing from the tourist map. From the top destinations in the first half of October you can still count on hot deals to Turkey and island countries of Greece. Closer to November the tourist season is only possible in Cyprus, Malta and any of the three seas that bathe Israel.

The first half of October is a great time to travel to Spanish Tenerife. At this time there, it’s something like a perfect velvet season.

After a long pause, exotic destinations reappear in the autumn tourist calendar. The rainy season ends in Sri Lanka and Goa. The Maldives is again offering comfortable holiday conditions.


  • Top 3: The UAE, Egypt and Tenerife.
  • Budget options: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cyprus and Greece.
  • Expensive tours: Cuba, Mexico and Maldives.

November is one of the most challenging months of the year for vacation planning. Warm sea and hot weather for reasonable money is available only in the Arab Emirates and Egypt. In the first week with a favorable climate the last days of summer can be found in Cyprus and Crete. If you have 200,000 rubles you can book a 5* hotel in the Maldives and not to worry. The weather will be fine there

It is better to travel to Asia by the end of November when the rainy season that has been raging here since early summer begins to fade away. Cuba and Mexico aren’t as gorgeous yet because of the high humidity. But if that doesn’t pose a problem for you, you can also consider these exotic options.

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