Where does the Loch Ness Monster live? A lake in Scotland with a legendary history

Loch Ness Lake.

Loch Ness is a deep freshwater lake and the namesake of the monster that lives in the depths of the lake in Scotland.

Loch Ness Lake attracts many tourists from all over the world. Its main attraction is the legendary monster, but the lake is not only interesting.

Scotland is a wonderful country on the planet. Its marvelous nature, vast green meadows and unnatural piles of rocks. It’s also famous for its many ancient castles with ghosts, frequent UFO sightings, cold and deep lakes which are said to be inhabited by huge monsters.

One of the deepest and largest freshwater lakes in the country, which is saturated with legends and rumors of an extraordinary monster, is Loch Ness. Located on a geological fault, it connects the west and east coasts, and is 37 kilometers long, with a maximum depth of 230 meters.

The waters of the lake are turbid, as they are saturated with large amounts of peat. Maybe because of this feature until now, was not officially recorded the world-famous legendary Loch Nessie monster, which locals affectionately nicknamed Nessie, in honor of the lake, where it lives.

On the lake is the only natural island of Fort Augustus and many artificial islands. Not far from the body of water is a museum dedicated to the mysterious inhabitant of Loch Ness. The expanse of the deep lake has unique climatic features.

When the lake is illuminated by the bright sun during the day, in the evening the water surface is covered with a thick fog. This phenomenon creates a mysterious atmosphere and excites the imagination with unimaginable speculations.

Lake Loch Ness (LochNess) is located 37 kilometers from the city of Inverness in Scotland. The trip by rail takes 12 hours. Buying a round trip ticket can save you money. After that you should take a regular bus (local transport is pretty rare) and go to Drumnadrochit, a village on the lake.

But it’s better to book a bus tour around the lake at one of the local travel agencies – it’s much more convenient.

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The fastest, but the most expensive way to get to this unique place – buy a plane ticket to Edinburgh, and from there by train to Inverness. There are flights from London directly to Inverness.

You can rent a car, but this option does not seem convenient, because the roads here are narrow, the serpentine is difficult to drive, and for gasoline have to pay a lot of money. In addition, the left-hand traffic for our motorists will be unusual.

The monster of Loch Ness.

The opinions of scientists and ordinary people, concerning the mythical Nessie, are quite different and unusual. Some people believe that this ancient spirit, prowls the shores of the lake. Others compared the fact that it was Scotland where a large number of flying saucers were observed, and many years ago one of them flew into the lake, and the huge mysterious creatures are aliens from other worlds.

Skeptics assure that the mystery is just a made-up myth to lure the masses of tourists to Scotland for the economic benefits of the country.

Scientists, comparing many facts, attribute Nessie to the descendants of dinosaurs who survived the Ice Age, hiding in deep underwater caves.

To this day, rumors of this natural wonder attract tourists from all parts of the world. There are countless hiking trails near the lake. Travelers still hope to see the mysterious monster which has been living in the deep and murky waters of Loch Ness for centuries.

Roman legionaries were among the first to discover the reality of the Loch Ness Monster’s existence. They had no way of interpreting the sculpture carved in stone by the locals. The stone sculpture looked like a huge seal with flippers and a long neck.

Later, in the XVIII century, during the construction of a military road, blasting operations woke up two slumbering monsters, which are very frightening to workers.

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The real Loch Ness fever began in 1933, when Hugh Gray first took a picture of the Loch Ness monster. The reality of the photo checked quite a few instances, but still there are different opinions about the authenticity of the picture.

The local residents assure that they really have met the huge monster. According to the collected data, eyewitnesses describe Nessie as a large reptile, more than 15 meters long, with a black-brown hue of skin covered with large scales. It has a small head, large eyes, a long neck, seal-like flippers and a huge torso, with two humps ending in a massive tail. Many people sought to disprove and get to the bottom of the truth, not only for profit, but also for the advancement of science.

One such pioneer was Robert Raines. While engaged in the creation of modern radar and sonar, he decided to solve the mystery of Loch Ness. The scientist went to Scotland, set up a tent near the lake and walked every day along the lake shores with binoculars, peering into the smooth surface of the lake.

After a long stay at the lake, Raines went home and told his loved ones that he had indeed seen the Loch Ness monster. Some time later, Robert Raines returned to the lake with two trained dolphins named Susie and Semmi. He attached video cameras to the dolphins’ bodies and launched them into the lake, hoping to capture Nessie on film, but unfortunately, the water turned out to be too murky and the attempt ended in failure. Later many tried to repeat similar experiments on Loch Ness but nobody managed to discover the existence of the mythical monster.

Perhaps Loch Ness hides an enigmatic inhabitant in countless mysterious caves and passages where Nessie hides, because the lake was formed when a giant glacier fell and created numerous fractures and cavities at the bottom of the reservoir. It is possible that an entire family of Nessies lives in the lake, because people have often seen not one, but several of the floating creatures.

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Nessie-like monster appearances have been observed in many large lakes of the planet located in Canada, China, Japan, Argentina, Ireland and Great Britain. According to eyewitness accounts, unidentified creature, which for description matches the Loch Nessie-like monster, has appeared quite often in those places.

Attractions of Loch Ness

The main attraction of Loch Ness Lake is, of course, the lake itself. It is the second largest of all Scottish lakes and has more water than any other body of water in Scotland. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains, and the evening fog gives the natural object a mysterious halo, which attracts fans of everything unusual and uncommon.

Many tourists from all over the world come here in the hope of encountering the legendary monster that supposedly lives in the lake. Whether the monster really exists is not known, but there are eyewitness accounts and even photos, most of them, however, are fuzzy. There are also mentions of the monster in ancient chronicles.

In addition to a possible meeting with Nessie (so journalists dubbed the legendary monster), tourists come to visit the museum dedicated to him, to see the only island on the lake, as well as artificial islands, of which there are many on the lake.

The water in the lake is turbid and has an unpleasant smell due to the high content of peat. The lake is calm most of the time, and it was here that an attempt was made to set a world speed record on the water. But the pilot of the jet scooter was killed, and now there is another landmark on the shore – a monument to John Cobb.

Height above sea level: 16 m Area: 65 km² Volume: 7.4 km³ Most depth: 227 m Average depth: 132 m Salinity type: freshwater

Where does the Loch Ness Monster live? A lake in Scotland with a legendary history

In Scotland there is the lake Loch Ness can be safely called the most famous lake inhabited, according to the legends, by Loch Ness Monster. For more than a century it has kept curious tourists coming to the famous waters, although no evidence of Nessie’s real existence has been found .

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The Legend

Where does the Loch Ness monster live? A lake in Scotland with a legendary history

The Legend

A large number of people have long claimed to have seen the famous monster in Loch Ness . More often than not, these stories have been invented solely thanks to Scottish mythology and literature, which are filled with a variety of monsters from the water. The first mention of the Loch Ness Monster in Scottish legends was in 565 AD. When St. Columbus set out on a journey to the mountains near Loch Ness, he came upon a company near the grave of a man whose body was disfigured by many wounds. Legend has it that St. Columbus asked people to swim in dangerous waters. When Nessie reacted to the bait and appeared from the depths, he banished the monster by invoking the power of God. Nearly a century after these actions, a legend was written which has survived to the present day. It is it which is considered one of the main proofs of the real existence of the sea monster in the waters of Scotland. For a long time, references to Nessie in history remained a common thing, the monster no longer harmed people, only served to create superstitions and horror stories for children.

Where does the Loch Ness monster live? A lake in Scotland with a legendary history


The monster gained its greatest popularity in the 20th century, when the number of people claiming that the Loch Ness Monster existed increased significantly. The McKay couple claimed that while driving along the lake they noticed an incredible monster blocking their way. According to their description, the Loch Ness monster had an imposing torso, an elongated neck of considerable length, and they also claimed that it was impossible to see the limbs of the creature. This incident occurred in 1933. At about the same interval, history recorded the testimony of another eyewitness, who repeated exactly the external description of the monster written earlier.

Where does the Loch Ness monster live? A lake in Scotland with a legendary history


In the same year, a road was built near the lake, and an active search began. In November, Hugh Gray managed to surrender a picture of Nessie as it rose above the water surface. It shows the creature, typical of the known description, but experts have treated it with a considerable degree of mistrust. The photo was placed on the front page of Scotland’s leading newspaper, and it was he who prompted the hiring of a skilled hunter to search for confirmation of the Loch Ness monster’s existence. He succeeded in finding huge tracks along the shore, but critics confidently declared that the find belonged to a particularly large hippopotamus. The venture was deemed a failure and the hunter was relieved of his duties. On April 21 of the following year, the most famous photo of the monster, taken by one Dr. Robert Kennedy Wilson, who refused to sign his real name in the publication, appeared in the newspaper and still does to this day. Skeptics paid no attention to the details and realism of the photo, immediately claiming that it was a fake. In 1994, evidence for this was found: the picture showed a model of a famous monster. The doctor came up with this hoax after an unsuccessful expedition to Loch Ness Lake.

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Where does the Loch Ness monster live? A lake in Scotland with a legendary history

A huge amount of new information and material about Nessie has not stopped coming into the world, although it has been almost completely ignored. Everyone decides for himself to believe in the Loch Ness Monster or not. On the one hand, the monster should have already been discovered, given the time of its existence. And on the other hand, there is always the possibility of the presence of something mysterious and unknown, especially in the waters of Scotland.

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