Where can you get unforgettable impressions?

Gift certificate for impression

Flyboard – feel like superhuman! Now the force of gravity has no power over you – soar over the water, cut the waves, have fun and enjoy a real extreme vacation.

Perfect present for those who dreams to fly – unforgettable paraglider flights for one or two!

Certificate for dinner on the River Palace motor ship

Dinner for two on board of the River Palace restaurant is a romantic and delicious date accompanied by complementary views of Moscow in the evening.

cruise on the River Palace motor ship

The River Palace motorboat is a unique place where style meets comfort, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views of the Moscow River and the sights of the capital.

Discover the wonderful world of natural essential oils. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health, happiness, beauty.

Boeing 737 simulator

Professional simulator repeats 100% of an airliner cabin and transmits all feelings, which the crew feels during a real flight. Don’t miss your chance to try yourself as an airplane pilot.

Surfing in the only professional wave in Moscow

Full feeling of the tropics, beach mood and a wave height of 1.4 meters – plunge into the sea vacation in the capital. Present your Surfing certificate to your friends and relatives who appreciate active rest, miss the sea and crave vivid emotions!

Aviator school in Moscow

Go to the flying school and open the door to the world of aviation. Learn the secrets of aviation, try your hand as a pilot, meet legendary people and become part of the wonderful world of aviation.

Restaurant amici osteria

1000+ wines will surprise even a sophisticated connoisseur of the noble beverage. The gift voucher is a ticket to a world of vintage wines and rare chateau champagnes.

Wine boutique in Moscow

Discover a world of exclusive vintages and cigars in a boutique wine shop. Find your favorite wine or trust the professionals to try a new one. Give a certificate to amateurs and gourmands. A good drink will always come in handy.

Popular Gifts

Floating in Moscow

Would you like to feel your body absolutely weightless, to feel universal tranquility? Then try floating in Moscow – in this state the stress goes away, it is replaced by a feeling of harmony not only with oneself, but also with the whole world around! Do not deny yourself this pleasure!

16 of England's most beautiful places to visit, Great Britain

Hot air balloon flight in Moscow suburbs

Nice romantic date for couples or funny adventure for your friends – all this is a hot-air balloon flight for two!

Unforgettable vacation and a lot of positive emotions for the whole family or a big company – from 10 to 100 minutes of buggy riding by Crazy Driver.

Active recreation for the whole family or couples in love outdoors, a great mood and a lot of impressions – horseback riding, horseback riding and sledding!

Buy certificate modeling portfolio

Individual photo session at a professional studio – gorgeous photos, great mood and priceless experience!

It is easy to make life brighter – to make an unexpected, and thus a doubly pleasant gift!

One of the most interesting and informative ways to spend time with your sweetheart, friends or family.

Skeet shooting

Stand shooting develops marksmanship, dexterity, and allows you to keep your body in excellent physical shape. Therefore, the gift will appeal to anyone who likes to try something new and is not afraid to feel the power and might of weapons in their hands.

Visit the water park Caribia

You can plunge into the crazy energy of recreation at the sea without the cost of travel and accommodation. Water park is a paradise island in the modern world, which gives bright emotions, positive mood and health benefits.

Unusual entertainment, which many have not even heard about. Surprise in the modern world every day is becoming more and more difficult, especially in the field of cooking. Molecular cuisine is a combination of traditional dishes with modern trends.

I-Fly hot air diving photo

You can experience the sensation of free fall as you would experience a parachute jump from 4000 m in the complex of aero tubs “I-Fly”. There are 2 aero tubs located in the very center of Moscow, within walking distance from the metro station Kurskaya.

Riding on horses is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of chivalry, to meet the beautiful animals and rest in the fresh air with your loved one.

Madrid's Royal Palace is a symbol of greatness of the Spanish monarchy

Culinary master classes in Moscow

Why buy a certificate for a cooking academy class? To taste a rich and flavorful steak, expand your wine horizons and learn the secrets of proper cooking of meat dishes.

Test drive Tesla electric car

The five-door luxury liftback is rightly called the best electric car in the world. Elegant streamlined forms at speed create a feeling of flying car. Minimalistic interior and spacious interior will give full comfort and true pleasure of a test drive.

Buy Universal Gift Card FurPur

Lost in a huge list of gifts and can’t choose the right one? FurPur universal card comes to the rescue! Leave the choice to the birthday boy and surely you will not go wrong with a gift.

Thai massage studio

A massage is a universal gift. It will be appreciated by the girls who take care of their bodies. Men will enjoy a few hours of complete relaxation and stress relief. Experience Thai philosophy, restore physical condition and replenish moral energy.

Gifts for women

A professional recording of your own song is a welcome surprise and a dream come true for creative individuals.

Chocolate wrapping in Moscow

A chocolate wrap is a very effective spa procedure that makes your skin supple, velvety and smooth from the very first time!

The answer to the question “What does a woman want?” can be searched endlessly and never find it. But one thing every man should know for sure – spa and recreation will always delight the beautiful half!

To have an ideal figure, not spending a lot of time and effort is possible with corrective spa programs. They will help to achieve the desired figure, cleanse the body and fill it with healthy ingredients.

Hot air balloon flight for 2

A nice romantic date for a couple or an opportunity to make a serious step in a relationship – all this is a hot-air balloon flight for two!

Choose a trip to your own SPA country and enjoy the boost of energy and vivacity.

Cruise along the Moskva River and dinner in the Moscow City

Excursion “Meet the skyscrapers of Moscow City” is a boat ride with dinner and an unforgettable experience.

Tianjin and Guiyang - Chinese cities with distinctive culture

Enjoy a relaxing massage, learn your inner world at creative lessons, discover new sides or conquer the sky. A world of experiences open!

Gifts for Men

Helicopter flight in the Moscow suburbs

A flight in the Robinson R44 helicopter will make you forget everything for a while! An unforgettable adventure is waiting for everyone. What kind of adventure? It all depends on which certificate you are the certificate holder.

Buy the certificate for sewing a men's shirt

A shirt is an easy and affordable way to quickly change your image. If a suit, jacket or pants can be worn for one week, it is the shirt that allows you to look fresh and new every time.

Choose your weapon and learn to shoot with professionals!

Spa treatment for men in Moscow

Feel like a true emperor. 2 hours of real rest, relaxation and recuperation.

Touch the sky, become part of it and dissolve in it! A gift for true lovers of freedom!

Get a closer look at the art of brewing and taste freshly brewed beer.

Riding on a tank with a shot

You can have a corporate party and get closer to your boss or organize an unforgettable birthday party with a tank ride, weapon shots and a 10 meter high pyrotechnical explosion. Choose the program and get ready to become a member of the combat crew!

Riding and driving a tank

Walk around the military park, admire the military equipment, and then climb into the hatch of the tank, take the place of the crew and with trepidation and excitement go along the country road and even shoot – adventure in the spirit of a war movie!


Survey flights on YAK-18T in Kolomna and Beloomut

Comfortably ensconced in the passenger seat on board, the propeller turns ever faster, the plane accelerates, takes off the ground and lo and behold… you can’t find the words for excitement. It will be unforgettable!

Take a step towards the unknown and experience inexpressible sensations, experience nirvana, fly over the ground and land as a fearless man – this is what awaits everyone who gets a gift or buy a parachute jump for yourself!

Bursa - one of the largest cities in Turkey

Have you exhausted all the options how to surprise your loved ones or tried all kinds of extreme entertainment? Then the flight on the jet plane – that’s what you need! Dead loop, barrel barrel, spinning speed up to 700 km/h, real emotions and extreme impressions!

Buy a flight in an airplane in the Moscow region

SportCruizer/ZodiacCH650 two-seat planes are a great option for an aerobatic flight. Take to the skies and feel all the power of an iron bird!

Piloting a Beechcraft picture

Have you ever flown a Cadillac? If not, then flying Beechcraft will be a real adventure. After all, this plane has earned this nickname among American pilots.

Flying on the flight simulator in Moscow

Feel like a real airplane pilot, perform complex stunts and missions – all this and more the lucky owner of a flight on Airbus A320 flight simulator will get.

Zero gravity flight photo

Adoration to space as a gift – an unforgettable experience of exploring new spaces. Feel yourself an astronaut, be a hero and a discoverer!

Visiting the Baikonur Cosmodrome photo

An amazing adventure where you can watch the launch of a space rocket is guaranteed to be remembered for a lifetime!

Buy gift certificate online or with delivery

Original gifts from FURPUR

FURPUR is your personal assistant in choosing an original present for any occasion for your dear person. The more entertainments and gifts appear, the harder it is to choose the one, the impressions of which will remain in the memory of its owner for a long time. Stop giving socks, razors, pots and other material gifts. Give emotions, impressions and unforgettable feelings.

Our catalogs are constantly updated with new services, original gifts and sets for men and women. We have you choose an unusual gift based on your financial capabilities and preferences of the future certificate holder. A gift certificate is valid for 8 months. That is quite enough for the certificate holder to find a convenient time and use the gift.

Furpur will help, advise and deliver any gift-impressions you choose straight to the place of your convenience in a gift envelope the next day after placing the order or, if necessary, on the day of the order by the evening. And if the gift is needed very urgently or you can’t give it in person, then choose an e-certificate, the surprise will come to the recipient by e-mail within 5-10 minutes after payment on the site.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowsky, Jerusalem, Israel

You can pay for a gift certificate with a bank card on the website, Qiwi payment system, cash to the courier or in the office of the company.

Bright gift envelope with a printed certificate in sunny colors or a colorful e-certificate is absolutely equal and contains a unique number, expiration date and information about the service.

Our managers are always ready to help you. If necessary they will tell you how to activate certificate, tell you about the terms and conditions of the service and answer any questions you are interested in.

FURPUR is gifts-impressions for nice people. That means – suitable for ALL!

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