Where can I go as a group?

Where to go for a vacation with friends in Russia: top 10 best routes according to KP

Check out the prices of trips for three days and plan your mini-vacation or weekend.

We’ve gathered options for three days – plan your mini-vacation!

Work responsibilities are so tightly embedded in your schedule that there’s hardly any time left for friends. What to do? Urgently plan a big company trip – this way you can not only socialize with everyone you haven’t had a chance to meet in a long time, but also have a shared experience. Below you’ll find ideas for where you can go on vacation with friends in 2022 and an approximate budget for the trip. Here are the top itineraries according to KP.

The best routes to travel with friends in Russia in 2022

1. Dombai: a ropeway and a trout

Despite the fact that this resort is more familiar to fans of skiing, there is something to do in the warm season as well. For example, a ride on the cable car to see the breathtaking view of the mountain panorama, take a few pictures against a background of pastoral landscapes and breathe the healing air.

The ropeways in Dombaj work year-round. Photo: globallookpress.com

Dombai is quite generous for active entertainment – you can go to the Trout Lake and admire its transparent smoothness. However, it is forbidden to fish here. For this purpose, it is better to go to the town of Teberda, to the trout farm. Another option of pastime is a walking excursion to the waterfall “Devil’s Mill”.

What to do in Dombai :

  • see Chuchur waterfalls;
  • drive to Alibek Gorge;
  • drive on quadrocycles.


Plane Moscow-Mineralnye Vody-Moscow – from 6829 rub.
Bus Mineralnye Vody – Teberda – about 500 rub. Teberda – Dombai – from 274 rub.
Hotel From 1500 rub.
Other 1500 rub. per day

Total: about 17 000 roubles for three days.

2. Karelia: nature reserves and canyons.

This region is perfect for spending a vacation with friends. Here you can combine active rest with meditative contemplation and slow conversation.

In the Ruskeala Mountain Park, you can gather kairns. Photo: globallookpress.com

A large company will be fascinating to explore Marble Canyon, which is located in the Ruskeala Mountain Park, climb to the top of Mount Paaso or go canoeing.

What to do in Karelia :

  • Explore Ladoga Koyonsari;
  • go on a trip to the Ladoga skerries;
  • get to the White Bridges waterfall (or Yukankoski).


Plane Moscow-Petrozavodsk-Moscow – from 4713 rubles.
Hotel From 1000 rubles/day
Other 4000 rubles/day

Total: about 20 000 rubles for three days.

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3. Ufa: honey and rock music

In Ufa be sure to take pictures at the fountain “Seven Girls”. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

If you’re going anywhere with a motley crowd, Ufa is one of the most diverse cities. It has Lutheran churches and Orthodox cathedrals, Muslim mosques, and many quaint monuments, art galleries, and theaters. Ufa has a noticeable mixture of rock and classical music, cuisine – for example, you can taste a traditional beshbarmak or order a plate of Pomor fishing soup and much more.

What to do in Ufa :

  • Go on a tour of “Ufa Historical and Modern”;
  • Find the sculpture “House of Marten”;
  • Take a picture of the fountain “Seven girls”.


Plane Moscow – Ufa – Moscow – from 4398 rubles.
Hotel From 1600 rubles/day.
Other 2000 rubles/day

Total: about 15 200 rubles for three days.

4. Vladimir: time machine and kurnik

Distance from Moscow to the city is about 200 km. You can get there in about two and a half hours by train. The leisurely rhythm of Vladimir and its sights will take you back in time, where on Georgievskaya Street there is a filer (an officer of the criminal investigation police) standing in bronze. You can also look into the forge of the Borodins, where they work with ancient technology, and even briefly reincarnate in the master.

During the spring flood you can reach the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl only by boat. Darya PANKINA

And not far from Vladimir, on the bank of the river of the same name, stands the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. Since 1992, it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located in a picturesque place, this church has long been a favorite place of photographers and artists.

Back in Vladimir, you can stroll through the center of the city and taste dishes of Russian cuisine – kurnik, cutlet zhadarskaya, homemade stuffed cabbage rolls and smetannik.

What to do in Vladimir:

  • find the Golden Gate and the Kozlov shaft;
  • See the Cathedral of the Assumption;
  • Have a walk along Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street.


Train Moscow-Vladimir – from 524 rubles.
Hotel From 1000 rubles/day
Other 1500 rub. per day

Total: about 8000 rubles for three days.

Cruises along the Golden Ring

You can see ancient cities of Russian Volga Region and the heart of Russia – the Golden Ring – during a river cruise on a motor ship. The programs last on the average 5-8 days and sometimes include also health improving procedures: on many vessels there are massage rooms, and sometimes the whole SPA-zone.

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5. Kolomna: Kremlin and marshmallow

Another city that is quite close to Moscow can be a good option for a trip with company. It has everything a tourist needs – historical attractions, a warm atmosphere of the city and delicious food.

Kolomna’s Sobornaya Square is home to several architectural monuments at once. Photo: Mikhail Frolov

Explore the Kolomna Kremlin, take a few photos on Sobornaya Square and then try a real kalach in the museum that is dedicated to it.

What to do in Kolomna:

  • See St. John the Baptist Church, one of the oldest in the region;
  • Visit the museum of marshmallow and the “House of the samovar”.


Bus Moscow – Kolomna – from 319 rubles.
Hotel From 1100 rubles/day
Other 1300 rubles/day.

Total: about 8000 rubles for three days.

6. Sochi: arboretum and churchela

Well, if you have plans to travel long distances, you can look at this seaside city. It is often called the “southern capital of Russia,” because it has a well-developed infrastructure, and there is entertainment for the widest range of tourists. For example, there is an amusement park with 23 different attractions, the Sochi Arboretum and the Fisht Stadium, built for the 22nd Winter Olympics.

The Arboretum Park is often referred to as the “green heart of Sochi.” Photo: globallookpress.com

Near Sochi there are caves. The oldest of them – Akhshtyrskaya. And after the tour, you can go to one of the restaurants of Caucasian cuisine.

What to do in Sochi:

  • Visit the park “Berendeyevo Tsarstvo”;
  • To get to Svirsky waterfall;
  • Volkonsky dolmen.


Plane Moscow-Sochi-Moscow – from 7203 rubles.
Hotel From 3000 rub./day
Other 2500 rubles/day

Total: about 24 000 rubles for three days.

7. Irkutsk: Buryat cuisine and Baikal

Not only the city itself is rich in attractions, but also its surroundings. So, 70 km from Irkutsk is the deepest lake on the planet. Near it there is a house of the seal – this charming pinniped, which lives only on Baikal, and 40 km from the lake – the Tunkinskaya Valley, known for its healing springs.

Baikal is considered the deepest lake in the world. Photo: globallookpress.com

After exploring the surroundings, you can explore Irkutsk more closely. Check out the local museum of local history, find the Decembrists museum and try the huge dumplings that resemble yurts, as well as buhler – lamb chowder.

What to do in Irkutsk:

  • Find the famous nunnery, one of the oldest in Siberia;
  • Visit Victor Bronstein’s contemporary art gallery;
  • see Irkutsk Datsan – Buddhist temple complex.
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Plane Moscow-Irkutsk-Moscow – from 14 860 rubles.
Hotel From 1000 rubles/day
Other 1500 rub. per day

Total: about 22 500 rubles for three days.

8. Yekaterinburg: gems and monuments

Capital of the Urals has long ago won the attention of tourists. Some come here for color, others – to buy jewelry made of semi-precious stones, and still others plan to get to the natural park “Bazhov places”, feel like masters of the Copper Mountain and visit the local “Sahara” – Berezovsky sands.

Vysotsky Business Center is the only skyscraper in Yekaterinburg, one of the most modern and stylish buildings in the city. Photo: Alexey BULATOV

But Yekaterinburg itself has something to surprise travelers as well. For example, these are unusual monuments – to the invisible man, the keyboard and the townspeople. History lovers will not be bored here. There are Shartash stone tents, which have been known since time immemorial. And also Shigir idol – the oldest sculpture in the world. You can find it in the local history museum.

What to do in Yekaterinburg:

  • Go to the men’s monastery Ganina Yama;
  • Go up to the observation deck of business center “Vysotsky;
  • Visit the Church on Spilled Blood.


Plane Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Moscow – from 4,639 rubles.
Hotel From 1000 rubles/day
Other 1500 rub. per day

Total: about 12 500 rubles for three days.

9. Nizhny Novgorod: quay and crayfish

You can make excellent photos on the embankment against the background of numerous attractions. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

In this charming city on the banks of the Volga you can have a great weekend. Take a stroll along the waterfront, order river fish and crayfish in one of the restaurants, take pictures against the backdrop of the many sights.

What to do in Nizhny Novgorod:

  • Find Pushnikov’s chambers;
  • Visit the Stroganovs’ Estate;
  • Visit the House of Peter the Great.


Train Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod – from 1499 rubles.
Plane Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow – from 3098 rubles.
Hotel From 1300 rub./day
Other 1000 rubles/day

Total: about 9500 rubles for three days.

10. Sevastopol: antique city and windsurfing

Balaklava bay is considered to be the best bay for yachting on the Black Sea coast. Photo: Anna SADOVNIKOVA

There are sights for every taste. Do you like antiquity? Then you will enjoy a walk around the ancient Chersonese, and in the evening you can watch a play at the Antique Theater. Do you love the sea? Then visit the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet and get to the Balaklava Bay. And if you want to go windsurfing, ask the instructors of the local school.

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What to do in Sevastopol:

  • Take a walk along Seaside Boulevard;
  • Visit the Sevastopol Sea Aquarium Museum;
  • Visit the Inkerman Cave Monastery.


Plane Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow – from 7,350 rubles.
Bus Simferopol-Sevastopol – from 381 rubles
Hotel from 1300 rub./day
Other 1500 rub. per day

Total: about 15 500 rubles for three days.

Consult with your friends, choose the route and hit the road!

Places in Moscow where you can go in a big company

Where to go with friends? Active entertainment and intellectual fun – we have tried to collect options for all tastes in one list!

Recipes for summer vacations from KudaGo

  • This summer will be the best: the top places and events of the season
  • Eat, drink, dance: party in the sun and in the shade
  • Take all the summer has to offer: discounts and the best deals
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  • Summer in the city: unusual routes for walks

VR-Real virtual reality arena

VR-Real 6+ virtual reality arena

Become the protagonist of an exciting action movie with high-end graphics and free movement! In the VR-Real arena you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual world and experience new sensations.

Lasertag Club “The Bear” 6+

Large-scale indoor area is suitable for events of any level. Here you will find experienced instructors, always ready to help, and exciting quests with a variety of game scenarios.

Ribbon Maze

Ribbon Maze 0+

Creators of this unusual maze, answering the question of what inspired them to create this project, say that even as a child they were fascinated by the famous Möbius strip. According to the idea of the organizers of the attraction, dense wall of ribbons should cause the illusion of infinity of this bizarre space.

Le Mans karting club

Le Mans karting club 6+

Do you want to drive a car along the wide Moscow roads but you have neither driver’s license nor a car? Or would you like to have a fun corporate party for drive lovers? There is an idea for every situation – Le Mans karting club, which invites both big and small racers.

Work Shop Loft

Work Shop Loft 6+ for creative people

The loft areas of the co-working space have convenient conditions for trainings, workshops, seminars, parties, celebrations and photo shoots. But it is also possible to hold parties, celebrations, concerts, weddings, corporate parties, and professional photo shoots. The rooms are designed for companies up to 40 people.

GINDA art studio

GINDA art studio 0+

Here you can make a real projector from improvised materials and night light fixtures with the mosaic technique, model your own microcosm and create vintage clocks with three-dimensional stencils.

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DOM Cultural Center

Cultural Center “HOUSE” 12+

This inconspicuous at first glance two-story building not far from the center of Moscow is the cradle of the capital’s underground, where the representatives and connoisseurs of something special gather.

Chinese Pilot Zhao Da Club

Club “Chinese Pilot Jao Da” 18+

Absolutely reckless and creative place. Each visitor is given a leaflet “17 episodes from the life of Zhao Da,” and the highlights of his life are depicted on the walls of the club. The name, design and programs on offer all suggest that you have found yourself in another reality.

LaserLand chain of entertainment centers

Network of entertainment centers LaserLand 6+

LaserLand is one of the largest laser tag venues in the capital. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology that turns laser fights into cyber sports. There are also bowling lanes, slot machines and a children’s amusement park. The centers work in the usual mode with increased control of disinfection measures and personal protection of employees.

Samokat bowling club

Samokat Bowling Club 0+

“Samokat” is a little more than just a bowling club. In addition to your favorite game you will find here a laser shooting gallery, slot machines, children’s playground and karaoke bar.

Karaoke club “Spotlight” 18+

Feel like a star on stage with professional sound, a rousing host, stylish backing vocalists and a home-like atmosphere.

Rink in Krylatskoe Sports Complex 6+ Temporarily closed

Closed skating-rink with artificial ice for those who appreciate space and speed.

Museum of illusions

Museum of Illusions 0+

The format of this interactive museum attraction involves photography, and visitors here become part of the installations.

Water amusement complex “Moreon” 0+

Eastern Europe’s largest water amusement complex “Moreon” unites under one roof entertainment for children and adults. The complex has a water park with a summer terrace, sauna complex, SPA-space in the style of the island of Santorini, bowling with special lanes for children and a fitness center with a pool and panoramic windows.

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