When to go to Trapani, Italy. Climate, best time and tips

Weather in Trapani by month

Trapani season: When is the best time to relax? When does the beach season start and when does it end? When is the best time to go with children? Trapani weather by month and resort: average sea and air temperature, humidity levels, dry climates, precipitation and daylight hours by month, sunrise and sunset times, annual average temperature of water and air on the map of Trapani. When is the cheapest time to travel to Trapani? High and low seasons. Holidays in Trapani in spring, summer, fall and winter – reviews of tourists about the weather and not only.

Water and air temperature by month

Average air temperature Air temperature during daytime Air temperature at night Water temperature
Jan. 11 C° 15 C° 8 C°
Feb. 11 C° 15 C° 8 C°
March 12 C° 16 C° 8 C°
Apr. 14 C° 19 C° 10 C°
May 18 C° 23 C° 13 C°
June 21 C° 26 C° 16 C°
July 24 C° 29 C° 19 C°
Aug. 25 C° 30 C° 20 C°
September 23 C° 27 C° 18 C°
Oct. 19 C° 23 C° 15 C°
Nov. 15 C° 19 C° 12 C°
Dec. 12 C° 16 C° 9 C°

Precipitation, humidity, and daylight hours by month

Precipitation Rainy days Humidity Dawn Sunset Average daylight hours
Jan. 56 mm 82 % 07:22 17:14 10 ч
Feb. 45 mm 81 % 07:00 17:46 11 ч
March 45 mm 80 % 06:21 18:18 12 ч
Apr. 39 mm 76 % 06:34 19:45 14 ч
May 17 mm 74 % 05:59 20:13 15 ч
June 4 mm 72 % 05:47 20:32 15 ч
July 3 mm 72 % 05:59 20:30 15 ч
Aug. 11 mm 74 % 06:24 20:01 14 ч
September 41 mm 76 % 06:51 19:17 13 ч
Oct. 63 mm 79 % 07:08 18:21 12 ч
Nov. 68 mm 82 % 06:50 16:58 11 ч
Dec. 66 mm 82 % 07:17 16:52 10 ч
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Is the climate in Trapani dry or humid?

The average annual rainfall in Trapani is 458 mm. This type of climate can be classified as dry.

When is the best time to stay in Trapani?

There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on the purpose of the trip, the composition of vacationers and budget constraints.

The beach season in Trapani

The best season for beach vacation is June, July, August, September and October because the water is warm enough and you can swim in the sea. But it is worth noting that the opening of the beach and swimming season is in May and the end – in November, as in these months the sun, usually enough for a nice tan, and the most hardened swimmers and swimmers.

Thus, the beach season in Trapani lasts from May to November, which is 7 months.

High season in Trapani

October can be considered the high season – many beachgoers come to town and hotel prices go up.

February, March, April, December are the most favorable months for sightseeing. If you plan to visit museums and take the vagaries of the weather calmly, it is better and cheaper to visit Trapani at other times of the year.

When is the cheapest time to vacation in Trapani?

The low season in Trapani is January, May, June, July, August, September, November. Although sunbathing and swimming during this time of year is unlikely, a trip to Trapani during the low season is a great opportunity to see the sights without spending a lot of money. See our review “sights of Italy: The most interesting places in Italy” to know the best places to visit.

Weather in Trapani by month

In high season the air is +29.2°C and the sea +24.8°C. In the low season, the air is +14.0°C, water +14.7°C, precipitation 72.2 mm, 8 rainy days, total 14 sunny days. This is a city in Italy. Weather in Trapani by month, winter and summer is shown in the chart below. Beach season here lasts at least 5 months.

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The best months to travel

August, September, July is the best time to vacation. It is a good warm weather with temperatures ranging from +28.7 ° C to +30.0 ° C. It rains less than 0 days per month with 1.1 to 27.6 mm of precipitation. The sea in Trapani is also warm, with water temperatures ranging from +24.2 ° C to +25.3 ° C and bathing is a pleasure. The sunny days are the maximum for the whole year, from 25 to 31 days. The month-to-month climate and temperature in Trapani are calculated on the basis of recent years.

Air temperature in Trapani by month

The variation in daily temperatures throughout the year is 16°C, but due to the presence of the sea the weather in Trapani and the climate during the months of Italy is quite mild. The coldest month is December, when the temperature reaches 14°C. The warmest month is August with 30°C.

Water temperature in Trapani

Beach season here lasts 5 months: June, October, July, September and August. The temperature of the sea during this time of year is from 21.5 ° C to 25.3 ° C. The warmest days are perfect for swimming. The worst weather and water temperatures in Trapani are recorded in March at +14.7°C.

The number of rainy days and precipitation

Bad month to travel is February with an average of 8 days of rain. The maximum monthly rainfall is 72.2 mm.

Rating of comfort for vacations

The rating is calculated by months, taking into account the average air temperature, rainfall and other indicators. For the year in Trapani, the rating ranges from 3.0 in December to 5.0 in September, out of a possible five points.

Climate Summary

Month Air temperature during daytime Water temperature Sunny days Rainy days (precipitation)
January +14.8°C +15°C 18 6 days (61.6 mm)
February +16.5°C +14.7°C 14 8 days (72.2 mm)
March +15.7°C +14.7°C 19 4 days (49.7mm)
April +18.8°C +15.6°C 24 3 days (37.5 mm)
May +21.4°C +17.8°C 26 2 days (9.7mm)
June +26°C +21.5°C 27 0 days (5.1mm)
July +28.8°C +24.2°C 31 0 days (7.9mm)
August +30°C +25.3°C 30 2 days (1.1mm)
September +28.7°C +24.9°C 25 3 days (27.6mm)
October +25.3°C +22.8°C 25 6 days (51.3mm)
November +23°C +20°C 22 6 days (64.6mm)
December +14°C +17.2°C 18 6 days (54.9mm)
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Number of sunny days

July is sunny and very pleasant with 31 sunny days. This is a great time for holidays in Trapani.

Wind speed

Maximum wind speed in February reaches 6.7 m/s with gusts up to 9.9 m/s.

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