When to go to Strasbourg, France: climate, best times and tips month by month

Find the best time to visit Strasbourg 2022

Every day we collect and analyze data on Strasbourg vacation deals and show trends in the travel market. You can always find three types of deals online: last minute, normal and pre-booked. But which one is the cheapest when traveling to Strasbourg? Is it true that hot trips are always the most lucrative to Strasbourg?

When is it the warmest?

Which month has the best weather?

Average monthly temperatures (day and night) in Strasbourg. Average annual precipitation (rain and snow) and wet weather days per month in Strasbourg. Warm, Sunny months for travel to Strasbourg

Strasbourg - Monthly average temperatures and Weather 2015 - 2022 Average temperatures in Strasbourg over the years. Average Weather in Strasbourg, France.

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When are the cheapest trips to?

These charts show the major trends in the travel market. When it’s worth choosing a standard trip, and when with advance reservations. These are average prices for departures from a European country. Prices are given as an example only and may vary depending on where you start your trip (for example, if you live in France and travel to Strasbourg the price will be lower). Please note that the price during holidays is affected by taxes, fees or due to currency fluctuations. But trends are always the same. The charts are based on data from the last 7 years. We analyze more than 50 million offers each year.

It is said among travelers that Strasbourg is a great destination for travel throughout the year, but definitely the best months in terms of weather are: June, July, August. If you are going to visit Strasbourg, remember that the hottest months are: July (day: 28℃, night: 16℃) August (day: 26℃, night: 14℃) June (day: 25℃, night: 13℃). The coldest month is January with temperatures between 0℃ at night and 5℃ during the day. In Strasbourg, the month with the highest chance of rain is: January – 61% November – 61% May – 59%. The stuffiest month of the year is June. The month with the highest humidity is July and the driest month is December.

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On a whimsical vacation to visit Strasbourg. When to visit Strasbourg

Strasbourg – beautifully, tucked in the region of Alsace, between France and Germany, is a gem of a destination. You will find French and German influences in its culture, heritage and cuisine. The architecture of the city of Strasbourg was designed with one goal in mind – to impress audiences even after centuries and that is exactly what it is to this day. There are countless Gothic cathedrals that will leave you speechless. On the other side of the cobblestone alleyways leading to the half-timbered houses will give you an idea of the cozy life there. Christmas markets in this quaint little town, all about ginger bread and good wine. Sweet contradictions and cross-cultural features are what you get absolutely in Strasbourg.

Year-round destination:

Strasbourg can be enjoyed all year round. If you are confident enough about your seasonal preferences, this place will not disappoint you. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the seasons, in Strasbourg, do exactly what they’re supposed to do and that’s exactly how they should be. Winters are cold, while summers are pleasantly warm. The springs are bright with new life, while autumn has lit up the city with fiery shades of leaves.

When to visit:

In terms of temperature, the hottest months of the year in Strasbourg are July and August. The high, average temperature during this time is about eighty degrees and the low temperatures average about sixty degrees. The coldest months are December, January and February with January usually seeing most snowfall. Rainfall throughout the year in Strasbourg, a slight increase in spring and a slight decrease in summer. As for the months account, late April and May are the most suitable time in Strasbourg. Temperatures are mild, rain is minimal, and the summer crowds still arrive.

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The best time to visit:

The busy tourist seasons are summer. Well, opinions may differ on whether there is anything special to see in the area during this time or not, summer is really the busy tourist season in Strasbourg. This is probably because most people who head to a vacation destination are away from their daily routine during the summer. On the other hand, winter, especially at Christmas, are no less busy as hundreds of tourists come here to enjoy the festivities. July and August are the hottest months in Strasbourg. The climate is hot and humid during these months, probably not the most pleasant, especially if you are on vacation there. However, these are the months when you can get the lowest prices and restaurant availability. December through January are the coldest months since January, seeing most snowfall. Rain is constant throughout the year with springtime showers and Summers seeing a slight decrease in rainfall.


Then again if you want to enjoy the local music scene, plan your trip in June when the International Music Festival is held. July and August also see many events like poetry readings, music concerts and choral performances. Throughout the summer you can enjoy festivals related to Voix Romane, in other words, hared German and French heritage places. If you want to stroll through the beautiful European Christmas market, December is the month to choose.

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