When to go to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt: climate and best time

The season for holidays in Egypt – 2022: when is the best time to go?


The Red Sea is knocking again on our “where to go” lists. So let’s take apart the season in Egypt: when is the best time to rest, so as not to freeze (and it happens).

Beach and Sea in Egypt

A trip to Egypt is an expectation of the hot sun, the warm Red Sea and all the delights of the climate, which is so lacking in Russia. But is it always beach season? And if not, when is it better to go to Egypt to rest?

All these questions are answered in this article. Let’s find out what to expect from Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh in different months, and whether there is a “low” season here at all.

In April 2022 they again launched charters from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Keep in time for the best prices on tours to Egypt – they have already appeared on aggregators:

Now the price tag for late spring (the best time on the Red Sea!) – from 100,000 rubles for a one-week tour for two.


The beginning and end of the season in Egypt

Conventionally, the season in Egypt by months is divided into:

  • “cool” – from November to March
  • and “hot” – from April to October.

Even in the cold months the water temperature in the Red Sea does not drop below +20 ° C – and this year’s winter in Egypt is surprisingly warm with +22 … +23 in the water! – so you can swim in theory all year round.

Remember the three ideal months: May, October and November. This is the best time to travel to Egypt.

Although in general it is always relatively warm here, these months are the high season for holidays in Egypt. April is still not hot enough, summer and September are too hot. From December to the end of March is low tourist season, and for good reason: the wind blows from the desert khamsin, which turns +25 ° C in the thermometer to +15 ° C to the senses. However, this does not scare Russian tourists, many of our holidaymakers come here to rest in the off-season.

I traveled to Egypt in November and December: during the daytime I was glad that there was no stuffiness, which I hate so much, and in the evenings there was a pleasant fresh wind. The locals wore hats at that time.

Can I fly to Egypt now?

Pyramids in Egypt Beach Holiday in Egypt

You can. This is one of the countries that are now open to Russians. To enter Egypt in 2022 everyone who is 12 and over needs either a psr-test in English with a qr-code and a validity of 72 hours, or a certificate from the State Service in English (but since the second dose of satellite must be at least 14 days). Visa on arrival in Sharm is free, but in Cairo and Hurghada it does not work – there will take, as usual, $25 per person.

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The good news is that after six years there are again charter flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Look and choose tours to the Red Sea on the desired dates at the aggregators – tour operators have already posted proposals:

In case of an incorrigible desire to fly on your own, you can read my text about the trip with all the details about traveling in the country under new conditions, and you can immediately look for airline tickets on the search engine Aviasales – you need flights EgyptAir (Moscow-Cairo or Moscow-Sharm/Hurgada) or Russia on the route Sochi-Cairo.

A direct flight to Cairo from Moscow or Sochi, and then to the Red Sea by bus? Or a direct flight to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh? It’s up to you – I chose the second option. We book and pay by Russian card hotel on the Island – and here you have your individual tour.

Weather in Egypt by month

If you schedule the weather in Egypt by degrees in each month, you get about this table.

When to fly to Egypt?

Jan Feb March apr May June July Aug September October Nov Dec
Daytime, °C +21 +20 +23 +26 +30 +32 +33 +34 +33 +30 +24 +22
Nighttime, °С +16 +15 +18 +20 +24 +26 +28 +28 +28 +25 +20 +17
Sea, °С +23 +22 +22 +23 +24 +26 +27 +30 +29 +28 +26 +24

*indicates average temperatures.

Red bars – too hot

Blue bars – cool and sandy winds

It turns out that in Egypt there are 5 comfortable months of the year, when it is good to relax, go on excursions and swim in the sea. Let’s now understand: what holiday, say, in January will be different from the rest in May – because at the temperatures from the table and the Russian standards in the country is always warm!

Egypt in December, January and February

Beach on the Red Sea Red Sea Coast in Egypt

Despite the +23 ° C in the forecast, in Egypt in winter take with you sweatshirts and jeans for the evening.

What do I need to know about winter Egypt?

  • The wind is the main enemy of the beach vacation. If it blows, it is so that the sand in your teeth, and demolishes the umbrellas on the beach.
  • It is cool outside in the morning and evening after sunset – but in the afternoon is so hot that you can manage to burn in the sun. Provided there is no wind.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh is a couple of degrees warmer because of its location.
  • In Sharm and Hurghada are the so-called “winter” hotels – those that are protected from the wind, sheltered in bays (I’ll list below).
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In December in Egypt is still warm. It is no longer hot – in the air to +25 ° C, the sea has not yet had time to cool. Very rarely it may rain for a short time, the wind blows. This is the off-season, but prices for holidays closer to the end of the month go up – a lot of people want to celebrate the New Year in Egypt. So if you go on vacation in December, it is better to do it in the first half of the month (and the weather will be better).

In January, Egypt gets worse, the winds are more frequent. January is one of the worst months of the year, when the daytime can be only +17 ° C. Tourists, if they do bathe, either in wetsuits, or in and out, or in the pool. It gets dark at 5 pm. And why do we need it? – you ask. Look: the beaches are spacious, hotels and flights are cheaper, the sun and “all inclusive” in place all 31 days. But I still do not advise to go to Egypt with children at this time.

In February it’s still summer on the thermometer – it ranges from +16 ° C to +25 ° C, but the Egyptians are not fooled: they proclaim this month the coldest. All because the wind blows, the sea storms, the nights are cool and the temperature can drop to +10 ° C. Egyptian cities are literally covered with sand, and vacation during this period – only for those who are not afraid of the wind, and are willing to spend a little more time and effort to find a hotel.

So that you understand all seriousness of winds:

On the beaches put up fences, and the hotel at this time is not just any, and sheltered in the bay – then do without the down jackets on the sun loungers. If you do not want to shake out of your ears sand, take a closer look at these wind-protected hotels:

And here’s our acquaintance’s review of a winter holiday in Hurghada:

“The winter months are quite warm, but very windy, so sunbathing and swimming if the hotel is not sheltered from the winds is almost impossible. In addition, it gets dark as early as 5:00 p.m. on the street. All holidaymakers take out their jackets and shake as they walk to the restaurant for dinner. The only thing I wanted in those moments was to wrap up in a plaid, drink mulled wine, and watch a nice fall movie. And it was somehow unlike the usual seaside vacation.”

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Egypt in March, April and May

View of Cairo View of Pyramids from hotel

Egypt in spring is half winter, half summer. And it’s windy and warm.

In March, especially the first half, the wind still blows and the weather is very changeable: the temperature jumps from +18 ° C to +26 ° C, sometimes it may rain. In short, March in Egypt is like in Russia, the continuation of winter. The Red Sea has not yet had time to warm up, and freezes at around +22 ° C. Swimming is not very comfortable, the more so that on the coast there are such rare for Egypt waves – even surfing competitions are held. The list of “winter” hotels from the section above for March is still relevant!

In April, summer slowly enters into its own right: you can open the swimming season (in water +23 ° C) and not be afraid of the wind. Be sure to put spf in your suitcase, it gets up to +30 ° C during the day. The closer to May – the ideal month for vacation – the better the weather.

In May the best season for holidays in Egypt begins in the early days and – for those who can’t stand the heat – in the latter days ends. The conditions are excellent: +25 ° C … +30 ° C on the coast, the water in the sea is warmer every day (+26 ° C at its peak, the May Turkey does not boast!). Come on a family vacation with kids, with grandparents – no one will grumble. True, the prices in May may bite: in Russia for a long holiday, and hotels know that the empty in any case, will not stay, and raise the cost (so book in advance).

Egypt in June, July, August

Red Sea Beach in Shram El Sheikh

June is still bearable, but in general summer is a time when you should not go to Egypt.

In June, air conditioning in the room is a must in the hotel search engine. The air in Hurghada and Sharm warms up to +32 ° C, the weather is dry and hot, the beach season is in full swing. Tourists spend days at sea, it’s +26 ° C and above, and a couple of trips out – in the buses is still possible to live, not survive.

In July comes the scorcher, when even the sea can’t save you. It begins one of the two hottest months of the year. The thermometer jumps up to +40 ° C by the water, few people find that comfortable. July is definitely not the best time to look at the pyramids and go on excursions: in Cairo and the desert areas it’s 60 degrees Celsius. The only advice if you come to Egypt in summer: take a hotel with a pool and good air conditioning.

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In August the weather is not much different from July. Even the locals are exhausted from the heat. In such extreme conditions at least choose the resort of Dahab – here year-round fresh wind blows, it’s easier to endure the heat.

Our author Yasya says.

“The first time I flew to Egypt in the summer, and it’s nothing short of hell. Especially contraindicated for those who can’t stand the heat at all – on windless days the weather seems to reach +50 degrees!!! The sea will not help to cool down – when you dip, it feels like you’re going into a hot bath.”

Egypt in September, October and November

Our hotel in Egypt

The best time to relax: warm, sunny and no wind!

But be careful: Egypt in the fall, especially in early September, it’s HOT, stretching from summer – up to +36 ° C outside. But with the second half of the month and sunbathe well, and the sea to swim, and go on excursions.

In October, the beach season in Egypt continues: the day bakes to +30 ° C, drops to +25 ° C in the evening – this month is loved by Europeans and us Russians. The wind on the coast sometimes, but warm, rest it does not interfere. In general, it’s worth velvet season, which tourists are waiting so much.

November is the official start of the cold season. The locals wrap themselves in jackets and laugh at the resorts in T-shirts and shorts. But who else should laugh at who: it’s +23°C to +26°C outside. The sea is also +26 degrees. The weather is consistently sunny, but the wind can ruin everything – although November is different, and, for example, in 2020 it was a record hot and windless.

When is the best time to vacation in Egypt?

The Cairo Citadel

If we talk about the weather in Egypt by month, October and November are the most comfortable months. The water temperature is 27 degrees, the air temperature is 29 ° C to 31 ° C. Perfect! The best time for excursions.

In fact, the holiday season in Egypt is almost all year round – but in May, late December and September there are the most tourists. When the season starts, there are crowds of tourists at the pyramids, prices skyrocket, and that’s a big minus. But when it’s the best month in Egypt – November and October or April – there are not so many holidaymakers. You can rest easy in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, take cheap excursions, take beautiful pictures without unnecessary people.

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If we talk about what month is better to go with children, the same as without them. I do not think that the child and you will like the sandstorm in February and March, as well as in the summer heat to rest the whole family will not be good. So this time for a holiday with children is better not to choose.

What to see in Egypt?

The pyramids in Giza Mosque in Hurghada

Egypt is a great place to combine cultural and beach holidays. No matter what month you come to Egypt, there is something to see on a tour or on your own:

  • The Pyramids of Giza (in Cairo)
  • Egyptian Museum of Antiquities (in Cairo)
  • Luxor and Abu Simbel temple complexes (to see the ancient heritage of the pharaohs).
  • Bedouin villages (take them from Sharm and Dahab, with overnight stay and quad bikes for those who want)
  • Blue Hole (place of active diving near Dahab)
  • St. Catherine Monastery on Mount Sinai
  • The Colored Canyon (it is worth going in the “cold” months).

Our review and tips about Egypt

View of the pyramids in Egypt

Between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh I choose the latter: it seems to me more modern and developed. Plus, it’s warmer in the off-season. Honestly, in Egypt there are many things that can irritate – the intrusiveness of the locals, their constant desire to cash in on tourists, unkempt hotels with average prices, etc.

  • Be sure to haggle at the bazaars to bring the price down by 2 or 3 times.
  • Trust the internet more than local advice.
  • And don’t leave without tasting some delicious Egyptian mango!

I’ve been to Egypt twice and for a total of a month and a half. The desire to do it a third time I do not have. But, perhaps, I like a calm measured rest in one hotel, then I would go again.

When is cheaper to vacation in Egypt?

When the excitement ends for the May and New Year holidays, and then you have an opportunity to go to Egypt cheap. Summer and winter are equally cheap, but it’s better to go in the colder months than in the hotter ones, when you can’t get out of the hotel.

If you are tired of the grayness of the Russian weather, you want peace of mind and the warm sea with beautiful fish – Egypt will not disappoint you.

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