When to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia

When to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia

High tourist season in Dubrovnik

The beginning of the high season in Dubrovnik is in June when the air begins to warm up to +25.5°C, and the sea to +21.8°C. The peak of the season is in July with the greatest number of vacationers and good weather. At the end of the high tourist season in Dubrovnik, which ends in September, the air temperature is +24.0 ° C and the water is +24.0 ° C. The number of tourists becomes less.

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Rainy season in Dubrovnik

The so-called beginning of the rainy season in Dubrovnik is in November with 5 rainy days and 111.0 mm of rainfall per month. The rainiest season is in February with maximum rainfall for the year – 8 days. The end of the rainy season in Dubrovnik is in February when the heavy rainfall ends with a norm of 120.4 mm and the weather will gradually become drier.

Best months to go

The best season for holidays in Dubrovnik begins in July, August, September when the most comfortable and velvet season with an average air temperature of 24.0-29.7°C, and water 24.0-26.2°C and little rain.

Beach season in Dubrovnik

The beach season in Dubrovnik lasts on average 5 months with an average water temperature of +23.6°C. The beginning of the high beach season in Dubrovnik begins in June and ends in October. The opening and ending of the season based on water temperatures are shown in the chart.

Low season in Dubrovnik

When the low season in Dubrovnik begins and there are fewer tourists is marked on the chart. The least comfortable weather for holidays in January.

Weather in the spring

The average air temperature in the spring is +11.4°C, and the water temperature is +15.4°C. The overall weather in Dubrovnik in the spring is on the charts, the rainy days are 21, the comfort rating is at least 2.8 out of five.

Weather in the summer

The average summer air temperature is +17.1°C and the water temperature is +16.4°C. The overall weather in Dubrovnik in summer on the charts, rainy days 16, comfort rating at least 2.9 out of five points.

Weather in the fall

The average air temperature in the fall is +27.6°C and the water temperature is +24.3°C. The overall weather in Dubrovnik in the fall is on the charts, rainy days 2, comfort rating at least 4.6 out of five points.

Weather in winter

The average air temperature in winter is +20.2°C and the water temperature is +21.2°C. In general, the weather in Dubrovnik in winter on the charts, rainy days 14, comfort rating at least 3.3 out of five points.

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When is the best time to go on vacation in Dubrovnik?

“The Pearl of the Adriatic,” listed by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful cities of the Renaissance, Dubrovnik is a European luxury resort in Southern Dalmatia surrounded by an amphitheater of stately mountains. Read our article on Tour Calendar to find out why the period from mid May to mid October is the best time to visit the most attractive city on the Croatian coast.

Dubrovnik is a European-class luxury resort, still affordable for many Russians

Tourist season in Dubrovnik

The center of the Dubrovnik Riviera, which is surrounded by a necklace of 12 Elafiti Islands, does not need any advertising. Every year, during the season, which lasts from mid-April to October, millions of tourists from Russia and Western Europe come to the resort. This is the most exquisite corner of Croatia, described by Bernhard Shaw as a piece of paradise, where there is a place for both the deepest solitude and raucous idleness. The secret of Dubrovnik’s breakneck popularity is in its uniqueness: besides beach recreation, visitors can enjoy staggering landscapes, 13-centuries of history, international festivals, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and first class service.

High season

Summer is the peak tourist season in Croatia and Dubrovnik is literally turning into a tourist mecca. Compared to other resorts in the country, the greatest number of tourists come here to swim and admire the beauty of the city. In June, charter flights from some cities of Russia and Ukraine to Dubrovnik are organized. At this time in the streets of the city, in addition to the Croatian and Serbian, you can hear Russian (of course) and Italian speech. Italians, having luxury resorts on the Adriatic Sea, are visiting Croatia more and more often because of the high ecological purity of these places. In summer, on the streets of Dubrovnik you can also meet the stars of Hollywood, for which this resort is a favorite vacation spot and also a work “platform”. Among other things, Dubrovnik is the most expensive Croatian resort, and 10 of the 16 five-star hotels on the beach are concentrated here. However, demand exceeds supply, and that is when the problem of shortage of rooms begins to emerge. Therefore, advance booking of hotels or early booking of tours is highly recommended.

Low season

Once the beach season comes to an end, the number of tourists in Dubrovnik decreases rapidly. Some hotels and restaurants close for the winter, and the resort actually “goes into the shade”. After all, at this time of year, the greatest number of travelers goes to the ski resorts. But some part of the tourists, tempted by cut in half prices in 4* and 5* hotels and the abundance of historical sights, when coming to Dubrovnik choose only the deep off-season period. Its appearance at this time is fundamentally different from its summer role: less touristy and at the same time more natural. Tranquility and serenity are synonymous with a holiday in Dubrovnik in the low season, which comes to an end in late March.

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Beach season in Dubrovnik

The height of the swimming season in Dubrovnik is in the summer months

The beach season in Dubrovnik begins in early May, when the weather outside is very warm. During the midday hours the sun burns well. This is the ideal time for sunbathing: the tan is even and the risk of burns is minimized. Of course after 2-3 hours lying on the sand you will definitely want to take a dip in the sea. However, the water temperature in the last month of spring does not exceed +18 ° C, so not everyone will enjoy such a bathing, but it will be refreshing. June is the “start up” of the official swimming season, when the sea temperature is no less than +22 ° C. For children, perhaps, the sea will be quite cool, but for everyone else it is not a bad temperature. During the high season, in July and August, the scorching sun heats the Adriatic to +24 °C…+26 °C. During these months, various water sports are especially popular, especially diving and surfing.

The velvet season in Dubrovnik

The velvet season in Dubrovnik lasts most of September

Dubrovnik is the southernmost point on the Adriatic Riviera in Croatia, so it is very warm in September. The first month of autumn, which falls in the “velvet season,” is the best time to vacation on the sea coast. Because of the mild climate there is a very pleasant hot weather, allowing at least three weeks of swimming. But be aware that in September there is a chance of heavy rainfall, so it’s best to choose a hotel with an indoor pool. The first days of October can be both overcast and sunny. The weather tends to change several times a day, so it is almost impossible to predict its mood. However, the average daily temperature in this month is significantly lower, although some days the thermometer reaches +24°C … +25°C. You should not expect a beach holiday in October but if you get a few days that are very warm, it will be a nice bonus.

The best time for excursions

The end of spring, the beginning of summer and the first two months of autumn are ideal for discovering the historic and natural sights of the resort

The end of spring, the beginning of summer and the first two months of autumn are ideal for discovering the historical and natural monuments of the resort

In Dubrovnik you will find the oldest synagogue in Europe, the architectural splendor of the Old Town, dozens of museums and historical monuments, one of the largest national parks in the country – the island of Mljet with luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, as well as more than a dozen magnificent Elaphiti islands, each of them extraordinarily beautiful. Absolutely everything in Dubrovnik is pleasing to the eye, so the sightseeing program at the resort will be very informative. Experienced guides advise to spend at least 5-6 days on it, and the more the better. In summer in Dubrovnik it is hot enough, so it is impossible to stay under the open sun for a long time. It is best to plan sightseeing in the period from the second half of May to mid June and from early September to late October.

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Cruise season

The navigational season continues during the warm period of the year, from March to November.

During the cruise season, which lasts in the port of Dubrovnik from late March to early November, the influx of tourists to the resort amounts to more than half a million people. Passenger ships arrive from 62 countries around the world. Especially popular are cruises from Venice and Rome with calls to Athens or Greek islands, from Odessa via Turkey and from Barcelona via France. In summer from the port of Gurj there are pleasure boats to the nearest islands, the trip takes about 30 minutes. It takes an hour and a half to get to the national reserve on the island of Mljet.

Religious season

Pilgrims are a separate category of tourists, of which there are many in Dubrovnik

In addition to being the epicenter of spa life, Dubrovnik is also a popular pilgrimage destination, where synagogues and Catholic shrines peacefully coexist. Particularly noteworthy is the Church of St. Vlasije, the patron saint of the city, in whose honor festivals are organized every year. Especially many tourists come to Dubrovnik on the eve of religious holidays. Thus, during the Catholic Easter, the city is visited by at least 15,000 people.

Time of holidays and festivals

Dubrovnik is known for the fact that it organizes international festivals and holidays which attract the cultural community from many countries in the world

Dubrovnik is known for putting on international festivals and celebrations that draw the cultural community from many countries around the world

Centuries ago, Dubrovnik was the leading cultural center in the Balkans. Today, in continuation of the good tradition, there are many interesting events, the most grandiose of which take place in the high tourist season. The main summer event is the summer festival “Dubrovačke ljetne igre”, which lasts from the first decade of July to mid-second decade of August. Every year since 1950 it has been an endless succession of musical concerts, theatrical plays and performances of folklore ensembles. More recently in July the “Festival of Opera” has been held in the atrium of the Princely Palace. February 3 is the Day of the City, when St. Blaže is honored. Shortly after that date opens February Carnival, a colorful period in the life of the city that usually lasts until early March. April welcomes the Libertas film festival. September is the traditional time of jazz and wine festivals.

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Climate in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is situated in a zone of dry subtropics and is influenced by the Mediterranean type of climate. Because of its southernmost location among other Croatian resorts, the weather here is the warmest all year round with 2600 hours of sunshine. Summers are hot and dry, and winters are mild and humid. The water temperature in the coldest month does not drop below +15 ° C.

Dubrovnik in the spring

The beginning of spring in Dubrovnik can be cool and overcast, but from mid-April the weather stabilizes and the number of warm sunny days increases

The beginning of spring in Dubrovnik can be cool and overcast, but from mid-April the weather stabilizes and the number of warm sunny days increases

In March, there is a gradual warming, the ground warms up and there is a slight decrease in rainfall. Evenings are still cold, so warm jackets or coats are needed at this time of day. In early spring, Dubrovnik begins the active flowering season. It is an incredibly beautiful sight, which will always be remembered by those who come to the city during this period. In April the number of sunny hours increases, the daylight hours become longer and the thermometer crosses the +15°C mark. Precipitation in mid-spring is still falling, but in much lesser amounts, so it is time to open the season of excursions. As a rule, May is early summer in terms of climate, despite the continuing light rains. In the beginning of the month the beaches open, but the water is still too cold for swimming.

Weather in March April Weather Weather in May
Average temperature +11 +14 +19
Daytime temperature +15 +18 +23
Nighttime temperature +7 +9 +14
Water temperature +14 +15 +18
Rain 13 days 13 days 10 days

Dubrovnik in summer

In summer the thermometer goes over the top, fortunately, the situation is made a little easier by the occasional rain and the life-giving breeze from the sea

In summer the thermometer is off the scale, fortunately, the situation is somewhat relieved by occasional rains and refreshing breezes from the sea

Summer in Dubrovnik is hot. June rapidly “takes the course” to high temperatures: during the day – up to +27 ° C. However, the difference with water, which in this month is only +22 °C, is quite significant. In the evening the thermometer drops by about 7 ° C. In some years, by the way, the first summer month was cool with heavy rains, so do not exclude this option. The weather in July and August is identical: very hot, but there is a pleasant breeze from the sea, bringing with it the brackish air, to which adds the tart smell of pine needles on land. Once the sun goes down there’s no need to rush home, the evenings are quite warm.

Weather in June July weather Weather in August
Average temperature +22 +25 +25
Daytime temperature +27 +30 +30
Nighttime temperature +17 +20 +20
Water temperature +21 +24 +25
Rain 7 days 6 days 7 days
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Dubrovnik in Autumn

In the autumn it is very warm in spite of the rain. The air doesn't really begin to cool down until mid-November.

In the fall, in spite of the rain, it is very warm. The air really starts to cool in the middle of November.

In Dubrovnik in the autumn, as it should be in the Mediterranean climate, it is very warm. September is the velvet season, absorbing the best gifts of summer. As October approaches, the weather turns nasty and the rains become more frequent and the sea cools down. But you can still spend some warm days at the beach – if not swimming, then sunbathing. November weather brings frequent fogs and rain for most of the month. It is quite cool during the day.

Weather in September Weather in October Weather in November
Average temperature +22 +18 +13
Daytime temperature +27 +22 +16
Nighttime temperature +17 +13 +9
Water temperature +23 +20 +17
Rain 8 days 10 days 13 days

Dubrovnik in Winter

The winter in Dubrovnik is moderately cold and it often rains. However, there are plenty of sunny days at this time of year. In the evening the thermometer is usually close to 0 °C, so in the morning there may be ice crusts on the roads. But there is no snow here. Dubrovnik is a subtropical paradise, so it is very green in winter, blooming citrus trees are a joy to behold. And their fragrance is not even worth talking about, it is so fragrant! At the end of February the gentle scent of almonds is in the air, heralding the imminent arrival of spring.

December Weather January Weather February Weather
Average temperature +10 +9 +9
Daytime temperature +13 +12 +12
Nighttime temperature +6 +5 +5
Water temperature +15 +14 +14
Rain 13 days 13 days 12 days

What are the prices for holidays in Dubrovnik?

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If you’re going to Dubrovnik for a beach vacation and want to avoid the heat, you should plan your trip for June or September. For those who are not afraid of high temperatures, Tour-Calendar recommends visiting the resort in summer, when there are many interesting events in the city. Optimal time for excursions is the second half of spring, early summer and autumn.

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