When to go to Bordeaux, France: climate, best times and tips month by month

Bordeaux weather by month

Bordeaux’s tourist season: When’s the best time to visit? When does the beach season start and when does it end? When is the best time to go with children? Bordeaux – weather by months and resorts: average sea and air temperature, humidity, locations with the driest climate, precipitation and daylight hours by month, sunrise and sunset times, average annual water and air temperatures on the map of Bordeaux. When is the cheapest time to travel to Bordeaux? High and low seasons. Holidays in Bordeaux in spring, summer, autumn and winter – reviews of tourists about the weather and not only.

Water and air temperature by month

Average air temperature Air temperature during daytime Air temperature at night Water temperature
Jan. 6 C° 10 C° 2 C°
Feb. 7 C° 12 C° 2 C°
March 9 C° 15 C° 4 C°
Apr. 11 C° 17 C° 6 C°
May 15 C° 20 C° 10 C°
June 18 C° 24 C° 13 C°
July 20 C° 26 C° 15 C°
Aug. 20 C° 26 C° 15 C°
September 18 C° 24 C° 12 C°
Oct. 14 C° 19 C° 9 C°
Nov. 9 C° 14 C° 5 C°
Dec. 6 C° 11 C° 2 C°

Precipitation, humidity, and daylight hours by month

Precipitation Rainy days Humidity Dawn Sunset Average daylight hours
Jan. 72 mm 90 % 08:34 17:48 10 ч
Feb. 61 mm 80 % 08:03 18:28 11 ч
March 63 mm 75 % 07:15 19:10 13 ч
Apr. 71 mm 75 % 07:17 20:47 14 ч
May 78 mm 70 % 06:33 21:23 15 ч
June 66 mm 70 % 06:16 21:48 16 ч
July 56 mm 70 % 06:31 21:43 16 ч
Aug. 59 mm 70 % 07:04 21:06 15 ч
September 74 mm 75 % 07:40 20:12 13 ч
Oct. 83 mm 85 % 08:08 19:07 11 ч
Nov. 85 mm 90 % 07:58 17:34 10 ч
Dec. 83 mm 90 % 08:31 17:23 9 ч
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Is the climate in Bordeaux dry or humid?

The average annual rainfall in Bordeaux is 872 mm. This type of climate can be classified as moderately humid.

When is the best time to rest in Bordeaux?

There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on the purpose of the trip, the vacationers and budget constraints.

Beach season in Bordeaux

The best season for a beach holiday is June, July, August and September, as the water is already warm enough and you can swim. But it is worth noting that the opening of the beach and swimming season is in May, and the end – in October, as in these months the sun is usually enough for a nice tan, and the toughest people swim and swim.

Thus, the beach season in Bordeaux lasts from May to October, that is 6 months.

High and low season in Bordeaux

“High” and “low” season, as such, in Bordeaux does not exist. The number of tourists increases, usually during holidays and vacations. So if you want to save money, it is advisable to visit Bordeaux at a different time.

Bordeaux weather by month

The climate is normal for travel by season. The weather in Bordeaux by months is quite warm, as the city is located in the middle latitudes. The comfortable annual average temperature is +19.3°C during the day and +10.4°C at night. This is a popular city for travel in France. Below you can find information about the climate and weather in Bordeaux in winter and summer.


Best months to travel

High season in Bordeaux in May, October, June with excellent weather of +21.2°C. +26.0°C. During this period, this popular city has the least amount of rain, about 1 day each month, with 39.6 to 43.9 mm of precipitation. The number of clear days is from 15 to 16 days. The climate by month and temperature in Bordeaux are calculated based on recent years.

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Air temperature in Bordeaux by month

The warmest weather in Bordeaux by month and in France as a whole is in September, June and July up to 28.4°C. The coolest months are December, January and February with temperatures averaging 8.3°C. For those who like night walks the figures range from 4.2 ° C to 15.8 ° C.

Number of rainy days and precipitation

The rainiest periods are October, April, December when the weather is bad for 5 days with up to 66.8 mm of precipitation. For those who hate humidity, we recommend June, August and September with average rainfall of just 1 day a month and a monthly rainfall of 24.3 mm.

Rating of comfort rest

Bordeaux climate and weather rating is calculated by months, taking into account the average air temperature, rainfall and other indicators. For the year in Bordeaux, the rating ranges from 3.0 in February to 5.0 in October, out of a possible five.

Climate Summary

Month Air temperature during daytime Air temperature at night Sunny days Rainy days (precipitation)
January +11.4°C +6.8°C 6 4 days (66.8mm)
February +12.5°C +7°C 11 3 days (48.8mm)
March +15.6°C +6.8°C 14 2 days (26.0mm)
April +18.8°C +10°C 13 5 days (52.0mm)
May +21.2°C +9.8°C 15 4 days (39.6mm)
June +26°C +13.8°C 16 1 day (43.3mm)
July +28.4°C +15.8°C 21 3 days (32.9mm)
August +25.6°C +14.8°C 19 1 day (24.3mm)
September +25.8°C +13.8°C 19 1 day (38.5 mm)
October +21.2°C +11.5°C 16 4 days (43.9mm)
November +17.3°C +10.8°C 11 3 days (48.9mm)
December +8.3°C +4.2°C 10 5 days (49.8mm)

Number of sunny days

The greatest number of sunny days is in August, September, July when there are 21 clear days. These months are great weather in Bordeaux for walks and excursions. The least amount of sunshine is in January, December, February when the minimum number of clear days: 6.

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