When to go to Bangkok: climate, best times and tips

When to go to Bangkok: climate, best times and tips

High tourist season in Bangkok

The beginning of the high season in Bangkok is in December when the air begins to warm up to +30.4 ° C, and the sea to +27.8 ° C. The peak season is in December with maximum number of holidaymakers and good weather. At the end of the high tourist season in Bangkok, which ends in March, the air temperature is +33.8 ° C, water – +29.0 ° C, and tourists become fewer.

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The rainy season in Bangkok

The so-called beginning of the rainy season in Bangkok is in July with 8 rainy days and 89.4 mm of rainfall per month. The rainiest season is in October with maximum rainfall for the year of 13 days. The end of the rainy season in Bangkok is in October, when the heavy rainfall ends with a norm of 205.8 mm and gradually the weather will be drier.

The best months to travel

The best season for holidays in Bangkok begins in December, January, February when the most comfortable holiday and velvet season with an average air temperature of 30.4-31.8°C, and water 25.6-27.8°C and some rain.

Beach season in Bangkok

The beach season in Bangkok lasts an average of 12 months with an average water temperature of +29.2°C. The beginning of the high beach season in Bangkok begins in December and ends in November. The opening and ending of the season based on water temperature are shown in the chart.

Low season in Bangkok

When the low season starts in Bangkok and there are fewer tourists is marked on the chart. The least comfortable weather for holidays in September.

Weather in spring

The average air temperature in spring is +31.1°C, and the water temperature is +26.7°C. In general, the weather in Bangkok in the spring on the charts, rainy days 2, comfort rating at least 4.9 out of five points.

Summer weather

The average summer air temperature is +35.6°C and water temperature is +30.3°C. In general, the weather in Bangkok in summer is on the charts, with 9 rainy days and a comfort rating of at least 4.4 out of five points.

Fall Weather

The average air temperature in the fall is +32.4°C and the water temperature is +30.3°C. In general, the weather in Bangkok in autumn is on the charts, rainy days 23, comfort rating at least 4.5 out of five points.

Weather in Winter

The average air temperature in winter is +32.4°C and water temperature is +29.5°C. In general, the weather in Bangkok in winter is on the charts, rainy days 29, comfort rating at least 4.3 out of five points.

When is the best time to travel to Bangkok?

The capital of the most exotic country in the East, and at the same time the largest metropolis of Thailand, an important commercial, cultural, economic and financial center of the country, once called the “City of Angels” and the “Venice of the East”, is located on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River near its inflow into the Gulf of Thailand. Read our article on Tour Calendar to find out why the best time to visit this glittering city is from November to April.

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Bangkok is one of the leading Asian destinations and one of the most visited cities in the world, the flow of tourists does not stop in winter and summer

Bangkok is one of Asia’s top destinations and one of the most visited cities on the planet, with an unrelenting flow of tourists in winter and summer

Tourist season in Bangkok

Bangkok has long been grabbing stars from the tourist sky, becoming one of the most popular destinations in Asia and the Pacific, attracting 11.5 million people annually from around the globe. If you are lonely, want to party hard, immerse yourself in an unusual subculture or experience the origins of Buddhism – come to the noisy, vibrant, full of contrasts million-strong city of Bangkok, which never stops bustling with life. Leisure in the Thai capital – a potent cocktail of “smiling” service, luxury hotels with stunning spa centers, exciting nightclubs, cheap shopping, a rich “sightseeing” and the ancient cultural heritage. Nothing is impossible in Bangkok: from gastronomic adventures and unbridled fun to the search for enlightenment and recovery. The “all at once” tours to Bangkok are a “must have” for every self-respecting travel agency, because the duration of the tourist season here is all 365 days a year.

High season

Bangkok is the main air gateway to Thailand. Some arrive in the capital as transit tourists immediately “flowing” to numerous beach resorts of the country, others decide to stay in the city for a few days to see its main sights, while others come here purposely – for business reasons, shopping, or just to party. The largest concentration of tourists in Bangkok is observed in the period from November to April, when almost all Russian expanses are covered with snow, and here, on the contrary, the weather is the most favorable. By the way, our compatriots in the capital of Thailand can be met quite often: in high season in the airport Suvarnabhum are checked in about 300 thousand Russian citizens, who are the undisputed leaders in the inbound tourism market of the country. Malaysia, China, Japan, Britain and Korea also provide a large number of foreigners. There is a perception that you can buy a tour to Bangkok for next to nothing. This is true only in part – if we are supposed to stay in one of the worst hotels of the city, or we are talking about low season. After all, the main cost of the tour goes not to pay for agency services (although their commission is not small), and on an expensive flight. Besides, 4* and 5* hotels during the “hot season” somewhat raise their prices, especially on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays. So you should be ready to pay a lot of money for a winter vacation.

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Low season

Between May and October, Bangkok is visited by a relatively smaller number of tourists. This is due to the rainy season and quite high temperatures, giving in the complex not the most comfortable conditions for stay in the capital, which, in addition, has no sea beaches. Although it should be noted that the number of “summer” tourists in the past few years has become much more, especially Russians, for whom the financial issue is not in last place. Indeed, in low season holiday in Bangkok, and in the whole of Thailand, is much cheaper. This is primarily due to falling airfares – demand naturally decreases, so airline owners have to cut prices to achieve maximum occupancy of aircraft. “Can tourists for the sake of 30%-40% savings can turn a blind eye to bad weather, then what is the beauty of vacation?” – you ask. The fact is that the concept of tropical rains is actually more frightening with its loud name than the consequences. Few people know that the showers in the capital are within 15-60 minutes, usually after sunset. During the day, if precipitation does fall, it does not last long, and the ground dries out within half an hour. The only possible unpleasantness associated with the weather is flooding. But as the experience of the past years shows, not all parts of the city are flooded, and the water level is not as high and, moreover, not as dangerous as it is described in the horrifying news media. So, given the fact that people do not come to Bangkok to lie on the beach, and with cultural and educational purposes, low season is a good option for a budget trip.

Best time to go sightseeing

The most favorable time to explore the tourist sites of the city - is in the winter, also not bad in this respect late fall and early spring

The most favorable time to see the tourist sites of the city is winter, but late autumn and early spring are also not bad in this respect.

Excursion programs in Bangkok are so diverse and exciting that each of them reveals more and more sides of the city. For example, river cruises on floating restaurants or boats on the ancient channels – a great opportunity to feel the true atmosphere of Asia, to consider the smallest details of the ancient quarters and visit the floating market (the latter can be safely equated with a full Ethnographic tour). Tour through the ancient temple complexes and eastern shrines will reveal to you the true soul of the seemingly soulless and bustling Bangkok. With the culture of the country you will learn the numerous museums and the National Gallery of the city. A separate tour program includes a visit to the Royal Palace with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, ending at the stunning Jewelry Center. One of the original ways to express the view of the capital is a trip to the “sky train”, which opens all the beauties of Bangkok from the bird’s eye view. But remember that whatever itinerary you have chosen, if the weather suddenly go bad, then most likely the impression of the tour is not the most impressive. To avoid this, try to plan a cultural program in late fall, winter or first half of spring, when there is minimum precipitation.

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Discount and Sale Season

Exact dates of sales in Bangkok there is no, we can only talk about approximate time frame: it's 2 months of summer and the Chinese New Year's Eve

There are no exact dates for sales in Bangkok, the only approximate time frame is the 2 months of summer and Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Thailand is a true shopaholic’s paradise. Here you can buy absolutely everything – from Thai trinkets and brand clothing to jewelry with emeralds and diamonds. In contrast to the boutiques and shopping malls in the street shops you can and should bargain, if you want you can knock down the prices by 20%-50%. But in stores you should expect sales, which are often held on the eve of the Chinese New Year (dates are determined by the lunar calendar), on public holidays, and in the two-month summer period, the date of which becomes known a few days before the start of discounts. The latter is called “Amazing Thailand Grand Sale,” its distinctive feature is the distribution of discounts on jewelry, spa services, lunches and dinners in cafes and restaurants.

Time for festivals and celebrations

All year round in Bangkok are various festivals and holidays, a lot of activities take place in the fall period

Festivals and celebrations take place in Bangkok year-round, with many taking place in the fall.

Bangkok rightfully deserves the title of the cultural capital of Thailand. The annual number of holidays and festivals, celebrated in the city, so huge that you can easily lose count. Event tourism is very well developed, and the most high-profile events (of which there are many) collect a hundred thousand people, including foreigners. Public holidays: January 1 – official New Year’s Day, second Saturday of January – Children’s Day, January 16 – Teacher’s Day, new moon (late January – February) – Chinese New Year, full moon of the third lunar month – Buddhist holiday “Makha Bucha”, March 13 – National Thai Elephant Day, April 6 – Chakri Dynasty Day, April 13-15 – Thai New Year “Songkran”, May 5 – Coronation Day in Thailand, August 12th – Birthday of Queen Sirikit, August 18th – Science Day, December 5th – Birthday of King Rama IX, October 23rd – Memorial Day of King Rama V, December 10th – Constitution Day of Thailand. Highlights of the local calendar of events are Loi Krathong in honor of the Goddess of Water (on the full moon of the 12th lunar month, November 10, 2012), Thai Beer Festival (November through January), Oath of Office Ceremony (December 3), and Vegetarian Festival (October).

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Bangkok Climate

Bangkok lies in a humid tropical climate zone, which defines its subequatorial climate. The year-round weather in the city is characterized by high temperatures with slight seasonal variations. March to May is the hottest time of year, with tropical rainfall from May to October, while November to March is the driest time of year.

Bangkok in Spring

In the spring in Bangkok is very green, but unbearably hot!

Spring in Bangkok is the most grueling time of the year, when the thermometer often reaches +37…+40 ° C in the midday hours. The rainfall is only for 3-6 days of the month, and it does not last long, so the rains do not bring relief. The evenings are also stuffy. Daylight time reaches 13 hours, the sun rises very early and during the night the air cools down only to +25 … +26 °С. The level of solar activity is at a maximum, it is very difficult to stay outdoors for a long time. In general – not the best season to visit the city. Nevertheless, exactly in spring nature is refreshed with new colors, and in parks and gardens begins the active flowering season. By the way, in April, when the capital of an incredible heat, there are grand celebrations on the occasion of the Thai New Year, one may say, the saving rituals which is to pour water on each other.

March Weather April Weather May Weather
Average temperature +30 +31 +30
Daytime temperature +34 +35 +34
Nighttime temperature +25 +26 +26
Water temperature +29 +30 +30
Rain 5 days 8 days 17 days
Humidity 70% 75% 75%

Bangkok in Summer

In summer in Bangkok there are heavy rains almost every day, the daytime temperatures can be very high

It rains almost every day in Bangkok during summer, and the temperatures can go through the roof during the day.

The southeast monsoon hits the country during summer, and Bangkok, like other cities in the country, gets a generous amount of rain. It usually rains in the afternoon and at night, its duration varies from a quarter of an hour to an hour. In addition, showers are often accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms. As the summer season progresses, the volume of precipitation increases, and by August, precipitation occurs almost every calendar day. Fortunately, they are not fraught with any dire consequences, and most tourist sites remain available to visit. In exceptional cases some domestic and international flights are cancelled. As for the temperature regime, in the summer in Bangkok is still quite hot weather, though not as extreme as in the spring. But not in the best way acquires a high level of humidity, which makes the air unpleasantly sticky.

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Weather in June Weather in July Weather in August
Average temperature +30 +30 +30
Daytime temperature +33 +33 +33
Nighttime temperature +26 +26 +26
Water temperature +30 +30 +29
Rain 18 days 19 days 21 days
Humidity 75% 75% 80%

Bangkok in Autumn

Early fall in the city is marked by cloudy weather and a slight drop in temperature, and in November it almost returns to normal

The city’s early fall is marked by cloudy weather and a slight drop in temperature, and in November it almost returns to normal.

The first half of fall sees a dramatic increase in precipitation, with September being the unchanged leader in rainfall. At this time there is also a decrease of sunny hours, nevertheless the daytime temperature remains at around +31 … +32 ° C, but in the evening the air steadily cools down to +24 ° C. On the threshold of the end of the rainy season, to be exact – in November, the thermometer column goes down to +23 °С in the twilight hours. The air becomes drier, so you can breathe more freely and easily. This month is the beginning of the tourist season.

Weather in September Weather in October Weather in November
Average temperature +29 +29 +28
Daytime temperature +32 +32 +31
Nighttime temperature +25 +25 +24
Water temperature +29 +29 +29
Rain 22 days 16 days 5 days
Humidity 80% 80% 70%

Bangkok in Winter

Bangkok enjoys beautiful weather in the winter, with almost minimal precipitation

Winter is truly a luxurious time of year in Bangkok. The monsoons have long since “curtailed” their powers (no more than 1-3 rainy days), and the weather, despite high temperature highs and increasing amounts of solar heat, brings a breath of invigorating coolness. It’s all about the normalization of relative humidity, as well as cool evenings: the daily average monthly temperature range from December to February is about 10 ° C to 12 ° C, which, you must agree, is not bad. The warmest winter month is February.

December Weather January weather February Weather
Average temperature +26 +27 +28
Daytime temperature +31 +32 +33
Nighttime temperature +21 +21 +23
Water temperature +28 +28 +28
Rain 2 days 2 days 2 days
Humidity 65% 70% 70%

What are the prices of holidays in Bangkok?

Learn the current prices for vacations in Bangkok on the leading sites to choose the best tours, excursions and airline tickets.

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Bangkok is a tourist destination year-round, but the best weather conditions for a carefree vacation reign at the end of fall, winter and the first two months of spring. Tour-Calendar hopes that with us planning a trip to the capital of Thailand will be simple and effective!

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