When to go to Athens, Greece. Climate and best time to visit

Rest in Athens.


Athens – the capital of Greece and a popular tourist center. Many people come here to see the monuments of ancient Greek and Roman history, visit museums (there are about two hundred), to tour the “sacred triangle”, which combines the Acropolis, the temples of Aegina and Cape Sounion.

Recreation in Athens is available to everyone, because well-developed infrastructure of the capital is designed for different needs of the guests. This article contains information about the city: the best time to go, what to do, what the prices are, where to stay, and how to get to Athens.

When to go on vacation

Since a trip to Athens is mainly excursions and sightseeing, it is better to rest in the city in spring or in the second half of autumn. Because of its Mediterranean climate it is hot in summer and rainy in winter, so the autumn and spring months are a great time for leisurely walks.

Where to vacation

Athens is divided into seven districts. The most popular is the historical center of the Acropolis, where the key attractions, luxury hotels and expensive restaurants are concentrated.

More affordable accommodation prices are presented in the Plaka district, where most tourists stay. Here you can find hotels in different price categories, museums, the Metropolis Cathedral (Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and the ancient chapel of the Tower of the Winds.

In the area of Monastiraki there are also inexpensive hotels (from 20-30 euro/night), markets, including flea markets. The area is known for the fact that there is an ancient mosque and the temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Kolonaki district (the most expensive in the city) attracts nightlife lovers, with many clubs and restaurants. In this area there is a hill Likabet (Likavitos), which can be climbed by cable car or on foot. At the top is the picturesque church of St. George.

Psiri is the oldest and smallest district of Athens and is located in the center of the city. It’s a corner of “real”, not touristy Greece, where migrants live. The streets are full of small cafeterias, junk shops, markets and stores and musicians play in the evenings.

Things to see

The Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens

Parthenon, Acropolis (Photo: Christo Anestev | Pixabay license)

Athens is visited to explore the historical heritage of Greece, to see the architectural monuments of the old city, to visit museums that house valuable objects from the 3rd-2nd millennium BC.

The main sights of Athens
  • The Acropolis
  • Parthenon
  • Temple of Zeus the Olympic
  • Temple of Hephaestus
  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus
  • Athens Agora
  • Dionysus Theatre
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Athens Entertainment
  • Cable car ride up Lycavitos Hill
  • Walk in the National Garden
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Zoological Park of Attica


Athens is such a colorful and interesting city that you could spend months wandering around it. We recommend going on excursions organized and led by local residents – experienced guides and tour guides. You can walk around Athens and museums, taste Greek cuisine, go to Meteora, Cape Sounion or take a moped ride on the Athenian Riviera.

Athens sightseeing tour

A walking tour of the city, during which the guide will show the main sights and talk about the history of Greece and Athens.

Gastro Walk in Athens

A walking tour where the guide will explain what the local Greeks eat. The tour includes visits to family-owned bakeries and tavernas, and a taste of the food in the bazaar.

Order tours online

The cost of the tour depends on the size of the group, usually it is from 37 euros for 1 person. Select and order individual or group tour online.

Rest with children

Athens is interesting not only for adults but also for children. During a trip, you can take your child to the Children’s Museum, the Zoo, Adventure Park rope park, Allou Fun Park and VILLAGE amusement parks. Kids and teenagers will love visiting the water park Copa Copana, which is located in the suburbs of the Greek capital, Haidarion.

Staying with children is best in the areas of Plaka and Monastraki. Here are comfortable hotels that offer babysitting services, children’s menus, and game rooms. To combine culture and beach holidays, you can stay at the hotels in Glyfada and Paleo Filiro, which have landscaped private beaches.

The rest in Athens will not be expensive – prices here are much more affordable than in other European capitals. A week’s trip to the city costs on average from 30,000 rubles per person.

Hotels and apartments

Athens has a large selection of apartments, hotels, B&Bs and hostels. Tourists who prefer a high level of comfort should stay in the historic center, where expensive hotels are adjacent to the monuments. For a more economical vacation you can choose accommodation in Monastraki, Psiri and Plaka districts.

The cost of accommodation in Athens does not depend on season. In the hostel it will cost from 6,000 rubles per week per guest, in a hotel 4-5 stars – from 25,000 rubles for the whole year.

You can book rooms in hotels in Athens through the service Ostrovok.

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Apartments and apartments

In Athens you can find an apartment or a condo for your holidays in the private sector. The price starts from 1 500 rubles per day.

In Athens, there are cafes and restaurants for every taste, including Michelin. The apartment is situated in the old town of Athens and it has a restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes from Athens to the many cafes and restaurants that sell traditional Greek cuisine. While in the Greek capital, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of tasting moussaka, dzadziki sauce, grilled seafood, souvlaki, dolmates. Dinner costs an average of 700 rubles.

Popular restaurants in Athens

  • Kostas
  • Rebetiki istoria
  • Istioploikos Omilo
  • Scholarchio

You can go to the Central Market that is located between Monastiraki and Omnia squares. Here they sell olives, fruit, aromatic spices, sweets, cheeses and butter.

The address of the market in Athens is: Athinas 42, Athina 105 51 (Yandex Maps | Google Maps)

How to get there

The quickest and easiest way to get to Athens is by plane. The international airport serving the capital of Greece is located close to the city (17 km). You can get to the city from there by public transport (subway, buses, cabs) or by renting a car.


Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is located 17 km from the center of Athens. The airport hosts regular and charter flights from Russia, such as Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Aegean Airlines and others.

Address of Eleftherios Venizelos Airport: Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04 (Yandex Maps | Google Maps)

Ticket prices to Athens
  • Moscow – Athens from 3 700 rub.
  • Saint Petersburg – Athens from 2 800 rub.
  • Yekaterinburg – Athens from 6 100 rub.
  • Krasnodar – Athens from 4 700 rub.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Athens from 6 800 rub.
  • Novosibirsk – Athens from 7 900 rub.
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Greece: season of holidays by months

Let’s tell you what months are the best to rest in Greece. Different seasons are suitable for different times. Read on to make a mistake.

Holiday Seasons in Greece

There is no boredom in Greece in any season. Summer is one of the best Mediterranean destinations for a beach vacation. Winter is a great time to go on excursions or enjoy all the benefits of ski resorts. Each month has its own characteristics. When is the best time to vacation in Greece and what weather awaits tourists?

    – The main ideas for exploring the country – to lie on the beach – to see the ancient marble quarries – to test the clean beaches and see the sanctuary of Apollo – to indulge in youth entertainment – to get acquainted with the birthplace of Hippocrates;
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When to vacation in Greece

Greece: when to go on vacation

Beginning in May, beach lovers come to Greece. In a couple of months there will be nowhere to find an apple on its shores. May is the best time not only for swimming but also for water sports, sightseeing and festivals.


In May, Greek hotels start operating – the season opens depending on the geographical location of the region. On Crete, where the water is warm up to +21 ° C and the air up to +25 ° C, you can sunbathe in the middle of the month. On Halkidiki, where the sea warms up to 19 ° C and the air up to +24 ° C, the season starts only at the end of May. Evenings are still cool and windy – you should wear appropriate clothing. But closer to June the temperatures rise. In addition to relaxing on the beaches, May and the lack of exhausting heat is a great time to tour the ancient ruins or trekking. Here’s more about May.


This month is one of the best times to travel to Greece. There are still few tourists and the temperatures are comfortable for all kinds of holidays: for excursions and for swimming. Daytime in northern Greece +27 ° C, on the southern islands – up to +30 ° C. The sea is heated to +23 ° C. The wind blows mainly in the Aegean Islands, where June is the beginning of the melt season. However, you can choose a resort that is less affected by them. Read more about June.


The two hottest months in Greece are accompanied not only by higher temperatures and a lively beach season, but also by a rich cultural program. In July and August there are interesting festivals in almost every region of the country. In the capital, the Athens Festival, which began in June, is in full swing.

The hot season brings temperatures up to +35 ° C. The sea warms up to +25 ° C. The heat is best in the north of the country (Thassos, Halkidiki). But in Crete and Rhodes, the thermometer can read +40 °C. No rain or strong winds, which can mitigate the heat, are expected until the end of August. Read more about July and August.

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With the arrival of September, Greece becomes even more attractive for holidays. The thermometer reads +27°C during the day in the northern regions and +29°C in the south of the country. The water warms up to +24 °C and does not start to cool down until the end of September, when the temperature will be +21 °C. The slight breeze helps to bear the midday heat. In Halkidiki, Athens and the northern islands the rainfall increases, sometimes turning into downpours. Then there are sunny days. In Crete the first rainfall is not until the end of September. The month is ideal for all kinds of holidays: you can windsurf, sunbathe, visit archaeological sites or go hiking. More information in a separate article.

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October is officially the last month of the tourist season in Greece (read more). At the beginning of the month many hotels in the north are closed, but in Rhodes and Crete, where you can swim almost until the end of October, they continue. The air in the northern regions during the day is +22 ° C, in the south – up to +26 ° C. The sea in the north cools to +20 ° C, in the south is still warm to +23 ° C. There is a noticeable wind, especially in the evening, when warm clothing comes in handy. If the weather is not suitable for a beach holiday, you can go on excursions or indulge in recreational tourism.

Low season in Greece

Low season in Greece: the weather by months

There are a lot of people wishing to see Greece in any season. But in November, there are fewer tourists.


In November, on the coast the wind increases, the water cools to +18 ° C, and the air temperature drops to +20 ° C. For a holiday at the sea this month is not favorable, so you can safely plan long excursions. Also November is a great month to visit resorts with health centers. For example, Loutraki, Vouliagmeni, Edipsos.


December is the start of the high season at the ski resorts – you can go to Seli, Kaymaktsalan, Pilio or Parnassos. The whole month passes under the sign of the approaching Christmas. The cities of Greece are actively preparing for the most important holiday of the year. There is a great Christmas atmosphere in Athens and Thessaloniki. The most popular destination is the city of Kastoria, where they sell fur coats and fur coats. Here you can not only buy a fur coat, but also take a walk through the streets of the fur capital. The average temperature in December is +10 ° C in the north and +17 ° C on the southern islands. In coastal cities there may be strong winds and precipitation (rain or sleet).

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The two coolest months of the year, despite the colder weather, attract tourists to Greece. The air cools down to +7 °C, sometimes heavy snowfalls or rains are possible. The weather is more stable in the Peloponnese and Athens – there is less precipitation than in Thessaloniki. In January and February you can continue to explore the mountain slopes in Greece, to visit the most significant attractions without crowds of tourists and to do shopping. There are sales throughout January in Greece that don’t end until February.


March has unstable weather – sunny days alternate with rainy and windy days. But from the middle of the month, the temperature rises. The average temperature is +17°C in the north and +19°C in the south. There is still time for skiing but the most popular time for excursions.


In all regions in April there is a warming to +20 ° C, but possible precipitation and winds, so warm clothing will be nice. In the beginning of the month will be limited to sightseeing or recreation. But already in the end of April you can sunbathe – best of all on Kos, Crete or Rhodes. You can find more details in a separate article.

When to go to Greece

If you choose the right time to travel, a trip to Greece will be memorable for a long time. The best time for a beach vacation is from late May to late September, and the most comfortable times for excursions are March-May and September-November. To conquer the ski slopes is better to choose December-February.

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