When should I go to London, England?

When is the best time to go to London?

When is the best time to go to London?

In recent years, Britain is attracting more and more tourists from all over the world, but not always England welcomes travelers with clear skies and warm weather. To avoid a bad holiday, you should study the local climate and choose a season to your liking.

This time of year is accompanied by cold and short days. Nevertheless, winter in London is much milder than in Russia. The average temperature ranges from -5 to -10 C, the snow falls unevenly across the country and melts quite quickly. The most unpleasant time for a holiday may be February: in this period the streets of London are particularly wet and foggy.

Despite this, winter is still quite popular season among tourists. The increased interest in the winter months, especially December, is due to the magical pre-Christmas atmosphere that many vacationers want to catch.


This season is considered the most favorable to explore London. Nature is just “coming to life,” but numerous tourist groups have yet to fill the streets. The warm air and low humidity will make your vacation as comfortable as possible.

However, all of these characteristics are difficult to attribute to March. In early spring the weather on the streets remains unstable. Heavy rains combined with a freezing wind can turn into a cold, ruining the impression of the trip forever.

Be more careful in the summer, because London’s temperate climate can offer many surprises to holidaymakers. Temperatures are usually in the range of +20 to +25 C, but even in the middle of the season it can get very cold.

The first two months are considered the most seasonal, so you should book rooms in advance. In summer, there are a lot of events in London that will brighten up your vacation and help you feel the local traditions.

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Autumn is by right considered the least favorable time for tourist trips to London. In the second half of the season walks will inevitably be accompanied by cold winds, fog and incessant rain.

However, the good time for a holiday in the capital will be September: in early autumn on the streets is still warm summer, but the main flow of tourists is already leaving the city. Also this period is considered a “low” season: prices for accommodation are more affordable, lines to the attractions of London are reduced, the streets are gradually emptied.

Britain is a great place to visit at any time of year. Regardless of the season, its capital will bring a lot of positive emotions and will be long remembered by anyone.

When is the best time to go to London?

Tower Bridge

Usually, everyone who wants to travel around Europe choose summer, and this, of course, the warmest time of the year and in London. But the British capital can be interesting at any time of the city.

In the cooler time of year there are fewer queues to see the sights and it is easier to book a good hotel room.

Summer in London

Summer in London

The temperature in summer is usually in the range of +20° to +25°, sometimes dropping to +15° or rising to +30°. In summer there is a huge number of street concerts, rock and pop festivals, theatrical performances, show concerts and many other entertainment events in the open air. In sunny weather, the city’s parks are usually crowded with numerous tourists, just walking families or locals trying to get a tan lying on the grass. The most popular summer events include Her Majesty’s official birthday celebrations (June 12), the Wimbledon tournament in late June, Notting Hill Carnival in late August, and other events. June and July are the most seasonal months for all hotels in all areas of London, and so it is advisable to book your accommodations several months in advance if you want to save a good deal.

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Autumn in London

Autumn in London

Autumn in London may be rainy and cooler, but it is no less enjoyable for tourists, as you can fully enjoy the coolness of autumn after the hot summer. Many tourists leave the city, and it gives an opportunity to find hotels cheaper, and the queues at the major attractions of the city becomes noticeably smaller. In Autumn there are such famous events as London Fashion Week (September), Regent’s Park Festival of Art (October), with about 170 contemporary art exhibitions from all over the world, London Film Festival (October), Jazz Music Festival (November) and many other traditional celebrations.

Winter in London

London in Winter

In winter in London, you can hope for more indoor entertainment, as freezing winds and short days make it hard to enjoy outdoor walks. Shopping lovers know that in winter there are huge seasonal sales in all clothing, accessories and technology stores. Beer and whiskey lovers can have a great time at the many pubs, where large numbers of people gather daily, usually stopping by after work or school for a couple or three pints of fresh beer. You can easily find pubs anywhere in the city.

Christmas in London is very quiet and quiet because almost all establishments are closed for the holidays, and even public transport. On New Year’s Eve you can just stroll around the streets of London and enjoy the lights. Thousands upon thousands of people gather in the city center to enjoy this masterpiece of colorful lights and accompanying music. But you must be prepared for the fact that the way back can be very long and tedious because of the huge crowds of celebrants, and the limited number of public transport.

Spring in London

London in Spring

London is in full bloom in spring. Less rain and more sunshine. The clocks are changed from daylight saving time at the end of March, making the days longer and the nights shorter. In spring all the parks of the city come alive, and there are many folding chairs provided by the parks administration for all holidaymakers. In April and March there are sporting events – the London Marathon and the historic rowing competition between Cambridge and Oxford. The flower festival at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea attracts more than 150 thousand flora lovers. For theater lovers, the spring season begins with the Shakespeare Theatre and the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park.

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So, as we can see, London is beautiful at any time of the year, and can be a lot of fun regardless of the weather.

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