When is the best time to go to Milan, Italy?


The Cathedral, Milan's main tourist attraction

Milan : when is the best time to go, how to get there and what to do? The main sights, when the sales are, a brief history. Learn more about what to expect in Milan in 2022.

Milan is the largest city in northern Italy, second largest in the country after Rome. In many ways it is antagonistic and different from other Italian cities, as if it lives in a different system of values, in a different dimension. And it belongs more to Europe as a whole than to Italy itself.

This is its advantage – but also its disadvantage. It’s no secret that a significant number of Italians don’t like their northern capital.

Perhaps the reason is in the local rationality and deliberateness. Much more than is customary in emotional Italy. Or, maybe it’s because Lombardy’s capital is where all the country’s financial flows converge. Money, as it is known, no one likes to share.

This “coolness” is hardly worth sharing with foreign tourists, because there is so much to see in Milan. And the world-famous Italian sales are not why it was chosen as the capital?

When best to go

We will not reveal a secret if we say that the period from June to mid-September is the best time to visit Milan. When the weather just doesn’t whisper “you did everything right” and your fellow tourists are eager to knock the jelato cone out of your hands.

Not on purpose, of course. They simply have to squeeze past you while you stand in a stupor, gazing at the Coliseum of Milan for the first time in your life.

May, which seems to be perfect for all sorts of trips – for example, across Tuscany, in Lombard case is not the best option – the region is too wet. Similarly, in late autumn, apparently in solidarity with Venice in November, it is better not to go to Milan. At least without an umbrella.

December is nice, though somewhat chilly. But January in Milan is characterized by the driest weather of the year. However, but the temperatures are in the range of +6-+10. February can even be freezing, and in March comes early spring.

What to do

Milan is the capital of world fashion. Here are based such famous companies as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gianni Versace. Milan Fashion Week, the most famous event in the world of “haute couture” is held regularly twice a year.

Also twice a year the city holds grand sales. During which you can buy designer clothes for half or even a third of the original cost. Usually the famous Saldi’s start on January 5th , and the second time in July.

Once a year in the Lombard capital and held a furniture show – the largest in the world.

It is also home to 2 great Italian soccer clubs: AC Milan and Inter Milan, who hold their matches at the 80-thousandth San Siro. The town of Monza, 15 kilometers to the north-west, is the venue of the annual Formula 1 race in September.

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But most still go to Milan not for (not only) soccer and buying fashionable cheap clothes. But in order to visit the following


  • The famous Duomo, a cathedral that has been built and decorated for nearly 5 centuries. The fourth largest Catholic church in the world was designed and built in the flamboyant Gothic style. And it makes an unforgettable impression with its white-stone tracery
  • the Galleria Victor Emmanuel II, connecting the square in front of the cathedral and the square where La Scala, Milan’s famous opera house, is located. The gallery itself is home to many different stores, boutiques and cafes, as well as a 7-star hotel. The only one in Europe so far!
  • The Sforza family castle, Castello Sforzesco, at Piazza Castello, 3 Santa Maria delle Grazie church (Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2), which houses one of the most famous frescoes in the world, The Last Supper by the great Leonardo
  • The early Christian basilica of St. Ambrose (Piazza Sant’Ambrogio), now enclosed in a building dating back to the 11th century
  • the art gallery in Palazzo Brera (Via Brera, 28), which also houses the local art academy. There are paintings almost exclusively by Italian painters: Raphael, Tintoretto, Mantegna, Caravaggio, della Francesca

The Torre Velasca, with its 106 meters high skyscraper, is a sight to behold. Erected in the heart of Milan, minutes away from the airy Duomo.

The majina, which emerged in the mid-20th century, clearly contrasts with the surrounding low-rise buildings. And the resemblance of the structure to traditional Milanese fortress towers can hardly serve as a justification for its construction.

Piazza Duomo, Milan - the center of the city

Where to go

Capital of Lombardy, the largest and most economically highly developed region of Italy, lying between the Alps and the valley of the Po, Milan is that bridge that connects Italy to the rest of Europe.

This bridge is wide and beautiful. In fact, in addition to the metropolis itself, its construction rests on such beautiful cities as Brescia and Mantua, Pavia and Cremona.

It is unlikely that any tourist will “forget” to see Bergamo. The more so because it is usual for travelers who economize on airfares to arrive at the airport.

Let us mention the chain of beautiful Alpine lakes, which are the glory of Lombardy – each of them worthy of a long visit. Few people in the area would not want to visit Lake Garda. The coasts of Como, Lago Maggiore and Iseo are dotted with mansions of the wealthy and fashionable hotels.

Prices 2022

A single ticket for any mode of transport (90 minutes) costs an impressive 2 €. That’s a reason to buy the Milan City Pass for 11.50€ !

It gives you not only free travel in all transport lines, including those from the airport, but also free or discounted access to museums, trips on the sightseeing bus and much more! Learn more here – milanpublictransport.com/milan-transport-tickets.

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A snack at a fast food place will cost at least 7-8€ per person. Pasta plus pizza at an inexpensive restaurant will cost 15 €. Are you in the mood for a romantic dinner? Cook from 50-60 € for two.

As for hotels, in unpopular December you can find a room at a decent enough establishment for 55-60 € per night. And not on the outskirts, but in pleasant proximity to the central station – Hotel Mythos. If you stay in an apartment (B&B Antico Cortile), located at a considerable distance from the heart of the city, you can save even more…

(Brief) History

Milan was founded by the Celtic Insubers, around 396 BC. In 222 it was conquered by the Romans, and just a few centuries later the city became the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (286-402).

In the Middle Ages, Milan played an extremely important role in all Italian and European affairs. It served as a center of gravity around which the interests of world powers revolved.

Whoever owned or negotiated with the Duchy of Milan gained a huge advantage. In the blink of an eye it changed the political balance of power in Europe.

The wealth and influence that never left this city allowed it to grow and decorate itself. To become the trendsetter of European fashion and one of the financial centers of the Old World.

Today, about 1.3 million people live in Milan itself. About 3 million more inhabit the suburbs of the metropolis.

Ironically, but Lombard metropolis is somewhat underrated by foreign tourists – for the year it is visited by about 2 million people. This is incomparably less than the number that come to see Rome every year. And 2 times less than the number who want to see the museums of the Vatican.

How to get there and transport

Getting to Milan these days is not the same as it was during the days of the Sforza dukes who ruled here in the 15th and 16th centuries. The city is connected to the rest of the world by both high-speed rail – from Milan to Venice it takes three hours – and by regular trains. Less speedy, but noticeably more impressive in the memory, as there is no whizzing by outside the window.

Malpensa international airport 25 kilometers to the north-west serves more than 20 million passengers a year. The airport Linate, due to its proximity to the capital of Lombardy (about 8 km south-east) handles mainly domestic routes.

But the airport Orio al Serio in Bergamo specializes in “low-cost” flights from all over Europe. The main number of citizens traveling to Milan with tourist purposes gets there.

Note that in the capital of Lombardy there is quite an extensive network of metro. It consists of 94 stations and stretches for almost 84 km. This is the largest such system in Italy.


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When is the best time to go on vacation to Milan?

The largest city in northern Italy, the capital of the province of Lombardy and one of the most stylish cities on the planet, is located in the heart of the Padana Plain, on the banks of the river “Po”. Milan has long been a popular tourist destination, coming here almost all year round. This is the home of high fashion and haute cuisine, home to skyscrapers and impressive old architecture, art galleries and world-class museums. In this article, Tour Calendar will tell you why it is better to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Milan in late spring and early fall.

Milan is the epitome of all that is chic and sophisticated about Italian culture.

Milan’s tourist season

Tourist season in Milan lasts almost all year round, because the weather has little effect on the purpose of visiting this fashion giant. First of all, it is worth saying that Milan has a reputation as a city-legislator of high fashion. Here reigns the mecca of true shopaholics and lovers of luxury. Fans of opera singing and painting come to Milan from time to time. But despite this life in Milan heats up all year round. You should keep in mind that in winter it is too cold and foggy for long walks, while in summer it is very stuffy.

High season in Milan

Milan’s high season falls during the summer months, when the weather is very hot, exacerbated by high relative humidity. The city is landlocked, so there are no invigorating breezes, but instead there is hot asphalt, scorching sunshine and stuffiness. But as the reality shows, many tourists are not afraid of this. But the locals, on the contrary, leave the city during their vacations, spending time on the lakes or going to the Mediterranean resorts.

Low season in Milan

The relative low season is in winter when there are frosty days and high humidity. It is relative because of the coming New Year’s holidays. In January the coveted shopping season starts. In February the whole fashionable world gathers here, as well as those who are not indifferent to the Italian fashion.

Milan Fashion season.

Milan's haute couture week attracts up to a hundred thousand fashionistas

Milan Fashion Week has long been on everyone’s lips. This grandiose event takes place four times a year, following on from the shows in New York and London. Famous designers present women’s collections “spring-summer” in September and “autumn-winter” in February. Men’s lines are shown in June and January. A special, magical time when the city lives in high spirits. Huge screens set up in the main squares broadcast fashion shows for those who could not afford to be at this “feast of life. Impromptu fashion shows are staged in the streets, and even in subway stations. In the elite establishments of the city on this occasion there is a succession of parties for the cream of society.

Milan’s sale season

When it's on sale, Milan becomes a true mecca for shopaholics.

In Milan the sale season “Saldi” occurs in mid-summer and just after Christmas. During this time the discounts are up to 70%. The influx of tourists during this period is huge, so we advise you to buy tickets a few months in advance. In 2013. Winter sale season will be held from January 5 to March 5, and the Summer – from July 7 to the last days of August (45 days).

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Theater season at La Scala

December 7th is a special day for opera lovers

The world opera house La Scala opens its concert season on December 7, the day of St. Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan. This is a momentous occasion not only for all of Italian secular society, but for opera lovers everywhere in the world. In St. Petersburg, in particular, this day’s premiere is being broadcast in one of the city’s cinemas with the support of the Italian Consulate General. Tickets sell out in the blink of an eye. Russian tourists have to work hard to get tickets online.

On a holiday note

A high street in Milan during February Carnival.

Despite the business appearance of Milan there is a sufficient number of festive events. Some are of a religious nature, some are oriented towards tourists. The most striking event is on December 7, the day of St. Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan. January 6 is notable for the festive procession of the Volhov for the “Annunciation”, in March for the “Oggi Aperto” the doors of private palaces and museums inaccessible during the year open, in spring (the date changes from year to year) the carnival “Carnevale ambrosian” is held during the Shrovetide week, in April, near the San Francisco Monastery, there is the Fiera dei Fiori flower show, in May, the Milano Cortili Aperti, which opens its doors to some closed palaces, and on August 5, the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary.

The climate in Milan

Milan has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons and a wide range of temperatures. In other words, the city’s climate is varied and often brings weather surprises. Milan has the second-highest humidity level in Europe (about 75%), experiencing fog and smog 343 days a year. In winter the high humidity results in colder temperatures, while in summer it leads to unbearable stuffiness. Milan also gets the fourth position in the category “The hottest capital in Europe,” and the sixth place is awarded to the city for the “Most days with temperatures below 0 ° C”. The rainy season in Milan falls in the fall and spring. On average, there are about 49 thunderstorms per year.

Milan in spring

Milan gets lots of weather in spring

Spring in Milan is a short season. In spring, the winter chill quickly fades: March sees air temperatures reach 14°C, April to 17°C, and May to 21°C. May sees more precipitation than April – nearly 2 weeks. In general, the springtime in this city is much sunnier than the fall.

Weather in March April Weather Weather in May
Average temperature +8 +11 +15
Daytime temperature +14 +17 +21
Night temperature +1 +4 +9
Rain 8 days 14 days 14 days
Humidity 65% 70% 70%
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Milan in summer

Milan can get pretty hot in summer - stay hydrated!

Summers in Milan are hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 22°C to 29°C in the shade. In high summer, the 70% relative humidity makes it hard to breathe. If in July it can rain sporadically, then in August their intensity increases significantly. But despite this and thunderstorms, very typical at this time of year for Milan, the level of solar activity remains at a maximum of about 10 hours per day. In summer the rooms in most hotels will be occupied for months in advance and the cost will be fabulous.

Weather in June Weather in July Weather in August
Average temperature +20 +23 +23
Daytime temperature +26 +29 +29
Night temperature +13 +16 +16
Rain 12 days 10 days 11 days
Humidity 70% 65% 70%

Milan in Autumn

A typical autumn park in Milan

The first month of autumn in Milan is an improved version of summer. The heat sinks to a daily high of 25°C, and the sun diminishes its activity to six hours a day. The average daily high is now 18°C in October and 12°C in November. At night without a warm jacket is impossible. During the fall in Milan, there is a large amount of precipitation. Rains occur regularly and take up half of the days of the month.

Weather in September Weather in October Weather in November
Average temperature +19 +13 +7
Daytime temperature +25 +18 +12
Night temperature +12 +8 +1
Rain 10 days 12 days 12 days
Humidity 75% 80% 80%

Milan in winter

Unpredictable winter weather in Milan

Winter in Milan is characterized by cold weather, often accompanied by sub-zero temperatures at night. The weather changes quite dramatically: clear skies may be replaced by fog, and sunny weather by heavy rain. However, the amount of precipitation is less in winter. Sometimes there are piercing, icy winds. Daytime temperatures range from 6°C to 8°C.

December Weather January weather Weather in February
Average temperature +2 +1 +3
Daytime temperature +7 +6 +8
Night temperature -3 -4 -3
Rain 10 days 8 days 6 days
Snow 2 days 3 days 3 days
Humidity 80% 80% 70%

What are the prices for vacations in Milan?

Learn the current prices for vacations in Milan on the leading sites for the selection of favorable tours, excursions and airline tickets.

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As you can see, the rains in Milan are almost unavoidable. So when guiding you to determine the most ideal time to vacation in this city, you need to consider the likelihood of hot weather. Based on these considerations, Tour Calendar advises you to consider months such as May, very early June and September.

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