What weather awaits tourists in spring in sunny Cyprus

The Months of Cyprus Climate and Weather

An island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is ideal for lovers of luxurious beaches, exotic bays, ancient sights and mountainous landscapes.

Climatic zones of Cyprus

The island has an intense Mediterranean climate, which varies slightly from region to region. Some of it is mountainous and some is flat.

Along the western part of the island is the Kyrenia mountain chain that separates the coast from the mainland. Because of this beaches are protected from the winds of the land. Also, the mountains do not allow the cold sea wind to penetrate into the central parts of Cyprus in winter.

The south-west of the island is completely closed by the Troodos mountains. The temperature is always lower here, and this is the only place where you can see the full winter.

Dry and hot summers with cloudless skies and calm seas are typical of the whole country. Relative humidity of 50-60% allows you to tolerate the heat +38°C well. In summer, vegetation almost completely burns out, and rivers and streams in the mountainous areas dry up.

There are whirlwinds on the open coasts, accompanied by columns of dust and sand in the summer. It does not rain continuously until late October, and most of it falls in the highlands. They become the main source of drinking water.

Limassol, Famagusta and Larnaca are characterized by frequent morning fogs, but most often in the cold season. In the north of Cyprus, this is a rare phenomenon.

Winter is mild, with an average temperature of +16 ° C, so even in this period the meadows are green, and in March begins blooming wild poppies, irises and anemones. The snow falls only on the slopes of Troodos, because there are the highest peaks above 1000m. It snows from December till April. The humidity in winter can reach 80%.

In Cyprus, the winds are variable and the difference in temperature between land and sea, causing significant land and sea breezes. These are most felt on the coast, where they bring an increase in humidity and a drop in temperature. In the east of the island, the winds are southwesterly in winter and northwesterly in summer. There are rarely storms and most of the time there are moderate winds.

Weather in Cyprus

In the summer, the average air temperature is +35 ° C, the water gets as warm as +27 ° C. During the night, the temperature can be cold only in the high mountains.

Autumn is marked by a long velvet season, lasting almost two months. The air and water temperature allows you to swim and sunbathe, and only in the evening the thermometer can drop to 13 º C. Towards the end of autumn the rains begin. On the beaches is desirable to be in the daytime, because in the mornings and evenings is cool. At the end of November, the winds scour the sea, so it is not comfortable to swim and it is cold to get out of the water.

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In winter it’s +18ºC during the day and +9ºC at night. In the mountains the thermometer rarely gets above freezing, but there is frequent snowfall and by January there is enough for the slopes. The mountains in Cyprus have an average height of just over 1000 meters, so there are no freezing temperatures even at night. At the foot of the mountains and on the coast the winter is relatively windless and warm.

Spring is a unique time of year in Cyprus. In March people go skiing, and in April they gradually make their way to the beaches. In May the beach season officially starts. While in early spring it may be +18 ºС, at the end of spring it’s already +28 ºС, and the sea is as warm as +21 ºС.

Tourist seasons in Cyprus

High season (end of May – beginning of November).

This season coincides with the most successful time for beach and sightseeing. Unlike other resorts on the Mediterranean Sea it lasts 2 to 3 weeks longer than at other resorts due to the geographical location of Cyprus to the south. Despite the peak of the beach season in July and August, May, June, September and October are considered more comfortable, as the weather makes you feel more comfortable and doesn’t suffer too much from the heat of the sun. Prices in high season reach a maximum for all services, and comfort is broken by overcrowded beaches and a large number of tourists at the attractions, which force you to stand in queues.

Low Season (late November to early April)

The season is not popular only for beach lovers. For excursions, shopping, meeting the New Year’s holidays, it is suitable because of the warm winter. Despite the lower prices on tours, accommodation, services, at the end of December there is a surge, due to increased demand for travel. People come here to celebrate the New Year, breathe the sea air, and some go skiing.

What to take to Cyprus

In summer, warm clothing is not necessary, so it is worth taking more light clothing made of natural fabrics with long sleeves to protect the exposed areas of the body from burning. Your head should be covered with a hat or baseball cap. Don’t forget high UV protection cream and sunglasses.

In the off-season the main attribute should be an umbrella or raincoat, but too warm things are not needed. Warm sweaters, jackets with hoods, waterproof shoes are enough. At night it can get very cold, so you need to take this into account when choosing clothing.

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In winter you may need a ski suit if you’re going to the mountains, and don’t forget the hooded jacket and waterproof shoes. It’s always wet here, so the air seems colder than it really is. Swimsuit does not hurt, even in winter, as the hotels have pools.

Weather in Cyprus by Month


The coldest month on the island. Daytime +16°C, nighttime +8°C. The water temperature reaches 16°C. The water is not so pleasant to be near, the wind blows from the sea, the waves are rough, the sky is overcast and it often rains. There are few sunny days, so tourists prefer to entertain themselves indoors.

Troodos is the most popular place for tourists this month. Here come sledding, snowboarding and skiing, playing snowballs. Due to the fact that in the mountains you can see the sun more often than at the bottom, skate in T-shirts, sunglasses and do not forget to put sunscreen on your face.


Cypriot winter is warm only on the plains, but in the mountains it is real, with snow, skis and sleds. On the plain, +20°C is the maximum temperature, but for most of the month the thermometer does not rise above +17°C. In the evening sharply colder to +7°C. The water is warm up to +16 ° C, so no one comes on a beach holiday this month. Most of the time the sky is overcast, it rains, sunny days no more than a third of the month. This weather is a great chance to see the sights of the island. Accommodation and food prices are now as low as possible, and the weather is warm. Due to the strong sea waves, boat trips are not safe, so it is better to explore the land. The best way to see Cyprus is to rent a car and visit all its corners by yourself.

The average temperature is +17°C, but sometimes there can be cooler and warmer temperatures. Sunny weather leads to a rapid warming of the sea water and the first holidaymakers appear on the beaches. In the evening the thermometer can drop to 8°C. Most tourists prefer to sunbathe on the beaches and swim in the heated outdoor pools of hotels.

Skiers have the last chance to ski in the Troodos mountains before the snow begins to melt actively.


It rains only a few days a month in Cyprus, with clear skies most of the time. The air temperature is +22°C during the day, +13°C at night. The sea is warm to +18°C, so you can swim. The water is clean and clear after the winter months, as the winds subside and the sea calms down.

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+27°C is the air temperature, +22°C is the water temperature. The perfect time for a beach holiday. It’s not quite hot yet, the water is warm, you can go on excursions and combine them with a beach holiday. Rainy and windy days are rare. The sea is calm most of the month.

It’s +28°C during the day and +34°C in the evening. Cloudless skies and scorching sun are occasionally covered by clouds, there will be heavy but brief showers with a squally wind, but an hour later everything dries up and nothing reminds you of rain, except stuffiness and high humidity. The sea is warm up to +23 ° C, and given the large area of shallow waters on many beaches, the temperature on the shore can reach +26 ° C.

Important: in shallow waters there is a possibility to step on a sea urchin, so it is recommended to wear special rubberized shoes for swimming.

The weather is dry and hot with no rain and no wind. The temperature is +35°C during the day and +26°C at night. The coolest weather in the Troodos and Paphos mountains is a couple of degrees cooler than the rest of Cyprus. Bathing in the steam milk is not a pleasure, so tourists prefer to go to water parks and baths. Diving, boat trips and cruises around the islands are the best things to offer vacationers, as the heat is easier to bring on the water.


Being in the sun is hard, there is a chance of getting heat stroke in just 10 minutes. The temperature breaks all records: the air +40°C, the water +27°C. During the day most stores and cafes are closed. It does not rain, the sky is cloudless, so the beach can be seen only in the early morning and close to evening. The mountainous area is the only place worth going in August. The heat is not as intense there.


It’s +30°C during the day and +23°C at night, the water on the coast is warm up to +26°C. The skies are always clear and the hot sun still prevents you from going on long excursions.


The “Velvet season” is in full swing. It’s +27°C during the day, +18°C in the evening, the sea cools down slowly and only to +24°C for now. There can be heavy rain with thunderstorms a few days a month, but this is a plus as it brings long-awaited freshness and clears the air of dust.


The daytime temperature is +23°C, the nighttime temperature drops to +12°C, the water +21°C. The best time to swim is in the first half of the day, because after dinner there is a sea wind and the sea is often rough. For the end of the month there is frequent rain.

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The water temperature is higher than the air temperature +18 ° C, so tourists rest in indoor pools with sea water. In the Troodos mountains there is snow and the temperature is around zero, but the ski season opens towards the end of the month. “The highlight is that after skiing in the mountains you can go down to the foot and walk barefoot on the beach.

Spring weather in Cyprus: blooms and sunny days

The Weather in Cyprus in March

Cyprus in March is a beautiful sight – it’s the blooming season on the island! The meadows are carpeted with flowers and the fruit trees are dressed in a fragrant profusion of buds. In other words, beauty in its entirety.

The weather in Cyprus in March is still capricious and a reminder that winter reigned in the island not so long ago. The winds are still chilly, so it’s not advisable to go out without a light jacket. The sun can reach 20 degrees during the day, but the temperature drops to 17 degrees by sunset. At night it can cool down to +14, and in the mountains – to +5, so warm clothes in Cyprus in spring is simply necessary.

The water temperature in March in Cyprus is still unacceptable for swimming – only +17 degrees, but for hardened people it will seem pleasant. Unless, of course, there will be strong waves, and in March they are not uncommon. So with bathing, if possible, it is recommended to postpone.

Rains in Cyprus in March are also quite frequent (compared to the summer period), but forecasters predict that the weather in Cyprus in spring 2019 will be dry.

April is the season, open up!

April Weather in Cyprus

April already gets hot in Cyprus, especially toward the end of the month. If in the first half of April the daytime temperature consistently rises above +20 (on average +23-24 degrees), in the second half you can already start to languish from the heat. Because in the daytime in the sun the air sometimes heats up to +30!

However, you should take into account that the average daily temperature in Cyprus in April remains low – no more than +17 degrees. And all because of the cool nights, when the wind from the sea brings freshness, and the air cools to +15-17 degrees. So in the daytime in April you can sunbathe, and in the evening you can wrap up in a warm blanket and drink warm drinks.

The sea temperature in Cyprus in April is no warmer than +19 degrees, so swimming at this time of year – not a pleasure for everyone. But to sunbathe – please, but you must use sun-protection means, as the power of ultraviolet rays in the second half of spring in Cyprus is at its maximum. Hence, you need to take care of your skin and eyes (without good sunglasses in Cyprus – no way).

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By the way, in April in Cyprus, despite the fact that the season has not yet started, almost all establishments that were closed for the winter start working. These are some hotels, amusement parks, water parks, pet farms, as well as some attractions.

May is the beginning of the tourist influx

May Weather in Cyprus

The weather in May in Cyprus is hot, but the nights are still cool. If during the day the thermometer in the sun can easily show +35 degrees, in the evening after sunset there will be a breeze from the sea and the air temperature will drop to +19. Therefore, clothes with sleeves and pants are still needed in May.

The water temperature in Cyprus in May rises to acceptable levels for swimming – up to +22-23 degrees. But if there is a strong wind, the waves can spoil the pleasure of swimming a bit. However, such annoying “mischief” nature of Cyprus in May presents not every day.

Sunbathing and swimming in May in Cyprus is possible, but be careful – the sun here at this time of year is the strongest, and it is easier to get burnt. So when you leave home, do not forget to wear sunglasses, creams and cover your head from the sun.

The rain in Cyprus in May is a rare phenomenon. Even if the bad weather comes, the clouds will quickly dissipate and the rainfall will be brief.

Spring in Cyprus – for the energetic and the thrifty

Spring in Cyprus

What to do in Cyprus in spring, early or late? From March to the end of April is relevant active pastime: walks in the air, visiting museums and attractions, sports. In these months of travel, airline tickets and hotel reservations are very cheap, so you can have a great vacation for a reasonable amount of money for those who do not seek to beach holidays.

In May prices are already higher, especially “cool” they are raised by Russian tour operators on May holidays and by the end of the month. But in the middle of May you can manage to rest inexpensively and still catch the beach season.

Still, Cyprus is good at any time of year, and the spring in Cyprus is one of the amazing seasons. To live here or to spend a vacation is a pleasure: the weather is mild and sunny, and the Cypriots are exceptionally friendly people.

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