What to see in Sweden?

What to see in Sweden?

Vadsten Abbey in Stockholm is visited by all, even by tourists distant from religion. The Catholic monastery has a rich history (it was founded in the middle of the 14th century) and for a long time has remained both a male and a female monastery.

Globen Arena

Globen Arena is a favorite attraction in Stockholm. And not so much because it is one of the largest spherical structures in the world, where prestigious competitions in various sports are held, as well as giving concerts of world stars.

Malmö City Hall

The town hall, on the main town square Stortorget, was built in the early 16th century as the city grew and the old building became insufficient. The construction was delayed, but it was completed by 1547, and as the city continued to grow, the town hall was rebuilt several times later.

Stockholm City Museum

A museum with a Russian trace, a confusing collection and obscene visual aids. That is roughly how one could describe the Stockholm City Museum, which, you must agree, is at least strange. But the explanation is simple: its collection is located in the palace on the square with the name “Russian Household.

Drottningholm Castle

“The Queen’s Island”, Drottningholm Castle is often called Versailles in miniature, and with good reason. The magnificent residence of the Swedish monarchs on the picturesque Lake Mälaren boasts luxurious interiors, its own theater and a fabulous Chinese pavilion.

Örebro Castle

The fairytale name of Örebro Castle is the citadel and the soul of the city of the same name on the Swarton River, located 180 kilometers from Stockholm, and one of the most visited attractions in Sweden. The history of the castle begins in the 13th century, and for the past seven hundred years it has kept a watchful eye on all those crossing the river to its mighty walls.

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Royal Palace in Stockholm

In the center of Stockholm, on the promenade of Stadholmen Island, rises a massive 7-story building with a guard of honor at the door, constantly surrounded by crowds of tourists – the Royal Palace, the residence of Swedish rulers. The history of the building dates back to the Middle Ages.

Royal Park in Malmö

When the Malmö defense system had lost its importance, it was decided to repurpose it, using the spaces and buildings for something useful. So Malmö Castle was given to the prison, and the space around it was soon ennobled and turned into a large public park.

The Nobel Museum

The Nobel Museum is dedicated to the Nobel Prize and its founder, Alfred Nobel, as well as the prize winners and their achievements. The museum opened in 2001 on the 100th anniversary of the prize and has since gained a lot of popularity – because everything here is admirable!

National Museum of Sweden

Do you want to visit Sweden’s largest art gallery? Then welcome to the National Museum, which is located in Stockholm. Here collected about 16 thousand paintings and sculptures and twice as many exhibits of arts and crafts.

Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmö

As is often the case, the idea came about by accident. The architect and sculptor Santiago Calatrava is a well-known personality in the world of contemporary architecture, and almost all of his projects become city landmarks.


If you are in Stockholm and have a few hours of free time, there is also the opportunity to “walk” all over Sweden! This would not be possible if it were not for Skansen, the open-air museum of Swedish culture.

Birka Archaeological Site

Birka Archaeological Zone on the island of Björkö is the most controversial attraction in Sweden. It is officially declared the oldest city of the Vikings, and the ruins of the fortress on the neighboring island of Hovgården – the residence of their supreme ruler.

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Architectural Museum of Stockholm

Only dull and utterly uninquisitive individuals might think that architecture museums are designed exclusively for professionals. Not at all! Where else but in the Museum of Architecture can you see the most bizarre and interesting buildings in the city and plan to visit at least a couple of them?

Berghia Botanical Gardens

The Bergius brothers were prominent 18th-century Swedish scientists, and Bjorn and Peter shared a hobby: botany. Their country estate Bergienlund was decorated with hundreds of plants, seeds and seedlings from distant countries were given by sailors they knew. The brothers bequeathed their brainchild to the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Wrangell Palace

Located on a small island in the center of Stockholm Wrangell Palace may not be the most prominent attraction of the Swedish capital, but behind its majestic walls and mighty towers conceal centuries of rich history.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan was once a separate city full of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets and archaic architecture. Today Gamla Stan or Old City, located on the island of Stadsholmen, is only one of the historic districts of Stockholm and has about 3 thousand inhabitants.


The church town of Gammelstad is a temple and a hotel at the same time. Sweden – a country of the north, between its villages are long distances, and the population is small. Even today it’s not easy to visit the nearest church and get home in the dark, and in the Middle Ages it was virtually impossible.

Engelsberg Works

The Engelsberg iron works is a witness and participant in the Swedish industrial revolution in the 17th century. High-quality metal was smelted here until 1916. Today, production has been stopped, but all the workshops and machinery have been preserved and are even in working order.

Gripsholm Castle

Standing on an island in the middle of Lake Mälaren, the charming Gripsholm Castle stands apart from other castles in Sweden just by the bright crimson color of its walls. In its 400 years of history Gripsholm has known many glorious times and has always been a favorite residence of the Swedish kings.

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The capital of Sweden, Stockholm occupies 14 islands on the shores of Lake Mälaren and the Straits of Norström. In Sweden’s largest city there are 75 museums and 100 art galleries, so you won’t get bored here.

Stadsholmen Island

Here is the historic part of town, Gamla Stan. This is a place for walking: the cobblestone sidewalks loop between the Royal Palace, the Antique Museum of Gustav III, the Palace Church and St. Nicholas Cathedral (13th-15th centuries) – the coronation place of the Swedish monarchs. It is worthwhile to walk around the area and see the Armoury, the Royal Mint, the Treasury building, the Tessin Palace (Slottsbakken) and the Stockholm Stock Exchange on Sturtoriet Square.

Riddarholmen Island

Only 200 meters separate Stadsholmen from the neighboring Knights’ Island – Riddarholmen. But there is no direct bridge between them, so you have to go through another island – Helgeandsholmen. There is a government building (Riksdag) and the Museum of the Middle Ages in Stockholm. The island of Riddarholmen is also very small, but there are quite a few attractions: Wrangell Palace (now the Swedish Court of Appeal), Stenbokk Palace (now the Supreme Administrative Court) and Bunde Palace (Supreme Court).

The island of Djurgården

Djurgården is the most visited tourist area of the capital: here there is Royal Palace Rosendaal, grandiose forest park, Skansen open-air museum, ABBA band museum, Unibakken museum dedicated to the children’s literature of Sweden, Vasa museum in the ship that sank in the 16th century, then raised and restored.


The district of Kungsholmen (“King’s Island”) is home to the town hall where the Nobel Prizes are awarded annually.


Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. It is near the sea, along the coastline scattered along a hundred picturesque islands. It was founded in the 17th century, there are many ancient buildings and the remains of fortress moats: Gothenburg was an important fort, which often attacked the enemy ships. You can walk for hours through the extensive art gallery. Music lovers won’t miss the opportunity to visit the Stora Theatern opera house.

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In the center of Götaplatsen Square is the Poseidon Fountain. Against the backdrop of the historic town hall, the Krunhyuset Artillery and Christina Church, the bright red and white skyscraper of Gothenburg Utkicken looks ultra-modern.

Bjorko Island

Bjorko Island, 50 km from Stockholm, once contained the remains of the country’s first city, Birky, so historically and archaeologically inclined tourists are eager to see the remains of an ancient fortress, city ramparts and Viking burials with their own eyes. The first capital of the Swedish state, Sigtuna, founded in 980 AD is also situated nearby. Here you can see the Tower of St. Lars, the Gothic Church of St. Mary, the excavated ancient streets and the Rosersberg Palace.


The symbol of classical European education – the University of Scandinavia – is located here. In the list of must see for tourists includes the Gustavianum building, the Gothic cathedral, St. Trinity Church and Uppsala Castle. It is interesting to visit the museum of wax figures “Vase Vinettes” and the house-museum of Carl Linnaeus “Hammarby”, the furnishings of which remain unchanged since the 18th century.

5 km to the north of the city there is Old Uppsala – the religious and political center of ancient Sweden, here you can see the Old Uppsala Church and the burial mounds of the 4-12 centuries. 3 km to the southwest is the mound of King Bjorn, or Haga Hill, where the remains of noble Scandinavians are buried, another 4 km to the north – and you can see the “boat” burials of the 6-9 centuries, the so-called cemetery of Valsgerde.

Jukkasjärvi ice hotel

With the onset of cold weather in Sweden there is a unique attraction: the inhabitants build an ice igloo, or Ice Hotel, of 1,000 tons of ice and 2,000 tons of snow. This hotel has a church, a golf room, a movie theater, and an Ice Absolute bar. The guests of the unusual hotel sleep in sleeping bags on a pillow made of spruce boughs and reindeer skins, and during the day they ride on dog sleds and snowmobiles.

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