What to see in Strasbourg, France?

Strasbourg sights: what to see in 1 day?

Attractions in Strasbourg

The great thing about Strasbourg is that it’s all mixed up: there’s French houses and German houses, there’s foie gras and then there’s shukrut (German sauerkraut with meat). And that’s just the way it is. So walking around Strasbourg, this true capital of Europe, is a pleasure! Book a guided tour of the city, and then you’ll hear plenty of interesting stories.

For a walk around Strasbourg, we recommend buying the Strasbourg City Pass, which includes a walk on the river streetcar, free visit to one of the museums of the city, various discounts and much more. Learn more and buy the card at this link.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral

One of the most famous and beautiful cathedrals in France, the main attraction of the city. Its construction began in 1277 and was officially completed in 1318. But when you look at the cathedral you will see that nothing is yet finished: it has only one tower and the second one has never been erected. In the summer evenings you can see a light and music performance on the walls of the Strasbourg Cathedral (beginning at 21:00).

And the cathedral is famous for its astronomical clock, which is located inside the church. Masters have tried and the clock show not only the time or year, but also the signs of the zodiac, the location of the planets, and much more. And every hour there is a small puppet show.

View from the observation deck

On the roof of the cathedral instead of the second tower is an observation deck, where for 6 euros anyone can climb and admire an excellent view of the city and a classic example of late Gothic.

Address: Place De La Cathédrale

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 11:40am and 12:40pm to 7:00pm, Sunday 12:45pm to 6:00pm.

Little France

Little France

This is a very beautiful district of Strasbourg by the canal. Here are preserved whole streets of medieval half-timbered houses and ornate buildings in the Baroque style. The district got its name at the time when Strasbourg was owned by the Germans. The reason for the name is not an architectural feature. At that time, many young girls of easy virtue worked here. And this kind of occupation in Germany was considered “native French” (it’s always fun to attribute vices to opponents). Today Little France is just a very nice tourist spot, where you can take a ride on the river streetcar, eat at a cafe on the terrace by the canal or just take a little walk through the fairy tale.

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Covered Bridges

Covered bridges

A cascade of three tower-fortified bridges built in the mid-13th century, they were once an important part of the defensive system of the Free City of Strasbourg (then essentially an island). The entire complex is perfectly preserved, and you can walk across the bridge.

Kleber Square

Cleber Square

Kleber Square is considered the central square of Strasbourg. It is the largest square in the city center and is located in the heart of the commercial district. It is named after General Jean-Baptiste Kleber, who was born in Strasbourg in 1753. A statue of the commander stands on the square, and his remains are buried beneath it. Kleber Square is surrounded by former barracks, and in the old days it was more than once transformed into a parade ground for military parades and parades.

Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg was founded in 1973 and opened in its new building in November 1998. It is one of the largest of its kind in France. The museum houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, multimedia art and design created between 1870 (the Impressionist era) and today. International exhibitions are constantly held here. The museum of contemporary art also has a library, multimedia classrooms, a cinema and a cafe.

Address: 1 place Jean-Hans Arp

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00 to 19:00, Thursday 12:00 to 22:00, Sunday 10:00 to 18:00

Guttenberg Square

Gutenberg Square

The square is named after the first printer Guttenberg. Every nation, French and Germans alike, consider him their inventor. It even went so far as to change the book in the hands of the monument during the wars: the words in it were printed in German, then in French. Today it is the common heritage of Europe and the world.

There are a lot of stores around the square, which attracts fans not only of architecture, but also shopping.

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European Parliament

Strasbourg, along with Luxembourg and Brussels, is the capital of the European Union. And several institutions of United and Continental Europe are located here.

Everyone is familiar with the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg. It was created by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in 1950 to oversee compliance by the Contracting Parties. The European Convention on Human Rights is one of the most important conventions adopted by the Council of Europe. All 47 member states of the Council of Europe are contracting parties to the Convention.

The Council of Europe is right there, not far away. There is also a Russian flag here, since the country is a member of this body. Also in Strasbourg is the European Parliament. MEPs from all 28 EU countries meet here one week of each month.

All buildings besides the political have both cultural and architectural weight. You can sign up in advance for a guided tour of the Euroinstitutions. And there are several embassy streets next to them. They are also worth a walk and assess which country has the best mansion.

Address of the Human Rights Council: 1, Boulevard Leblois, 67000 Strasbourg, France

European Bridge

Bridge between France and Germany

The bridge over the Rhine that connects France and Germany, symbolizing friendship and the future. It was opened not long ago by Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. There are parks on both sides of the bridge, and the bridge itself is certainly of architectural value. And where else are you going to walk from one country to another so easily! For an even more enjoyable experience we suggest renting a bike, which will greatly increase your mobility and add variety. Find out more information and rent a bike here.

Christmas market

Christmas Market

Strasbourg has its largest and oldest Christmas market every year. You can read more about it in our article “Strasbourg – Capital of Christmas”.

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In addition to all of the above, Strasbourg is full of other places and museums for all tastes. For example, the Beer Museum. We focused your attention on the main and major attractions of Strasbourg. And the rest … walk around and enjoy the city. This is not France and Germany. It’s a separate fabulous country – Alsace!

Also, watch a video about the sights of Strasbourg and download a city plan with streetcar lines and landmarks below this article.

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