What to see in Stockholm or 6 sights of the Swedish capital

What to see in Stockholm – top attractions

The most visited city in Sweden – Stockholm, the sights of which annually attract over 3 million people. There are over 70 museums, 50 parks and dozens of churches – a whole week seems not enough to walk around all the interesting places of the capital. In fact, many places worth visiting are in walking distance from each other, so if you plan your trip well, you can get acquainted with all the highlights of the city. In this article, you’ll find information on what to see in Stockholm in a day, descriptions and photos of the main attractions, their addresses, opening hours, and ticket prices.

What to see in Stockholm

Tip: To quickly plan a walk in the capital, use the map with Stockholm sights in Russian at the bottom of the page.

An important know-how

To save money, buy a Stocklolm card

Sweden is a rather expensive country, so sightseeing there can be quite a blow to your budget. If you want to see as many of Stockholm’s beautiful places as possible and save money at the same time, buy a Stocklolm card. This tourist card allows you to use public transport for free (unlimited rides for a day or more) and to enter each of Stockholm’s museums once.

Important: Before you buy a card, calculate whether it is profitable for you. If you want to visit only a few attractions in Stockholm and will move between them on foot, the purchase may be worthless.

For more information on the Stocklolm card, see this page.

Stockholm Old Town

Take a photo of the Boy Staring at the Moon

Boy looking at the moon

The historic center of the capital – dozens of houses with colorful facades, hundreds of narrow streets and thousands of curious tourists. Here you can see the change of the royal guard (every day at 12 o’clock), take a photo of the Boy looking at the moon, visit the palace complex, buy a beautiful souvenir and try traditional Swedish cuisine in one of the restaurants.

The most important day of the year! Many tourists tend to come to Stockholm on June 6. On this national holiday, the day of Sweden, not only organize a lot of interesting events, but the main parade with the royal family.

Old Town of Stockholm was founded in the 17th century, today there are more than 10 attractions.

The oldest district of Stockholm is a symbol of the capital and the decoration of all Swedish souvenirs. Tall and colorful houses – the visiting card of the Stortorget square, but besides them you can look at the beautiful fountains, visit many stores and several restaurants.

Address: Stortorget, Gamla Stan.

The Great Square

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Stockholm

The center of Stockholm’s Old Town is adorned by the most important religious landmark of the city – the Cathedral. One of the oldest churches in Sweden was built at the end of the 13th century and today it combines Baroque, Gothic and Neo-Gothic features.

The modest exterior of the church is noticeable only because of its tall bell tower with a black clock, the symbol of Stockholm. The most interesting things are inside: the unusual combination of brick, gold and carvings, the black altar, ancient stained glass windows, the majestic organ, the ancient royal box, dozens of sculptures and the main attraction of the church – the wooden statue of St. George and the Dragon. In the summer, every Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m., there are classical music evenings, tickets for which are sold at the entrance.

Tip: To save 60 crowns on a visit to the church, go inside during the service.

  • The large church is located at 1 Traangsund.
  • See a list of events to be held at the cathedral at www.svenskakyrkan.se/.
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The official residence of Sweden’s monarchs is open to tourists daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission to the two-story majestic building costs 160 kronor and allows you to visit the treasury with royal regalia and the museum in the palace basements, stroll through the lush gardens and see the royal apartments. The attraction is on Slottsbacken Street.

Royal Palace in Stockholm

Parliament Building (Riksdag)

The palace where the Riksdag sits can also be included in the list of Stockholm attractions for 1 day, as it is only a 5-minute walk from the royal residence. Tourists are not allowed inside, but it is worth seeing the building, as it is one of the few examples of neoclassicism in Stockholm. The entire facade of the palace is decorated with symbolic sculptures:

  • At the top of the pediment is a statue of Mother Svea, with a man and a woman leaning toward her on each side, signifying vigilance and deliberation, the main criteria for parliament;
  • The middle level of the building depicts representatives of all the civil estates;
  • The center of the palace is adorned with sculptures of the kings who played the most significant role in the history of Sweden – Gustav II Adolf and Gustav I Vasa.

Södermalm district

Just outside of the Old Town is another picturesque landmark in Stockholm – Södermalm. It is a large neighborhood, connected to other parts of the city by numerous bridges, each of which is a real work of art.

Sedermalm Island

Södermalm is known not only for its beautiful architecture, it is the main shopping and youth center of Sweden. In each street of the island there are several cafes, restaurants, nightclubs or stores, there are the best souvenir shops of Stockholm, a huge number of shops and design studios. Södermalm is such a large area that it is impossible to see all of its attractions in a day, so first of all, pay attention to:

  • Asymmetric Norwegian Church;
  • The beautiful Katharina Church of the 17th century;
  • The ancient cemetery where Sweden’s most famous people are buried – Anna Lind, Cornelis Vreesvik and others.

Monteliusvagen Lookout

Through the hills of Södermalm, the Monteliusvagen Walkway winds along a winding strip, known for its largest free viewing platform from which you can take beautiful photos of the main sights of Stockholm, Sweden. From here you can get a postcard view of the southwest side of the capital: City Hall, Old Town, Riddarfjorden Bay and the Council House.

View from the observation deck of Monteliusvagen

Jurgarden Island

Along with the old city, the huge island in the center of Stockholm is another starting point for sightseeing in the capital. There are so many unusual places and beautiful parks that it’s almost impossible to see them all in a day, so you have to choose what’s most interesting to you:

    See the largest ship of the 17th century, raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea more than 50 years ago, at the Vasa Museum. It’s Sweden’s most visited attraction, and its main exhibit is the Swedish flagship, which sank on its maiden voyage. Thanks to the work of scientists, the ship has been 95% preserved to this day. The address of the museum is Galarvarvsvagen 14 and it is open daily from 10 to 17. Entrance fee is 130 kronor and free for visitors under 18 years old.

The statistics do not lie! Jurgarden is visited by about 1.5 million travelers, in the season every day more than 15,000 people come to the island.

Rosendals Garden

Landmarks of the world: the Acropolis in Greece

Jurgarden is also called the “green island” because there are so many parks and gardens. One of them is Rosendals Garden, planted by the staff of the cafe of the same name. It is a complex of vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and an orchard, and sometimes wild animals drop in here. Look at the green beauty, located at 12 Rosendalsterrassen, is free. The cafe, which serves food made from the fruits of the plants planted in Rosendals, is open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Stockholm City Hall

Another item on the list of Stockholm’s top attractions for 1 day, is the city hall. A symbol of Sweden’s capital, it was built in the early 20th century and today hosts important negotiations, meetings of the city government, and banquets after the Nobel Prize ceremonies.

Stockholm Town Hall

Inside the building, there are two main halls: the Golden Hall, decorated with a mosaic of 18 million gilded tiles, and the Blue Hall. From the tower of the Town Hall (height 106 meters, the entrance costs 50 kroner) you can enjoy a panoramic view of Stockholm, and there is a museum with several dozen sculptures.

Golden Hall of Stockholm City Hall

Entrance to the Town Hall is 110 kronor, the price includes a guided tour. Pensioners are entitled to a discount of 20 kronor, students and schoolchildren 12-19 years should pay only half the full price. You can visit the attraction, located on Hantverkargatan 1, from 9 am to 4 pm (the last tour begins at 15) without weekends. The schedule of tours in different languages and detailed information about the visit to the town hall can be found on this website international.stockholm.se.


Completes the list of major attractions in Stockholm, Sweden, the city promenade Strandvagen. In the heart of the city you can admire the bay, take beautiful pictures, once again look at the unusual Swedish houses and birds resting peacefully on the water. Kilometer long promenade – a favorite place for a walk among tourists, and if you want to relax not only mentally but also physically, order a cup of coffee at one of the coastal cafes or restaurants.

Stockholm's waterfront

The sights of Stockholm take up a lot of your time, but in return you’ll fill your memory with unforgettable emotions and impressions. Have a great trip!

Attractions of Stockholm, described in the article are marked on the map in Russian.

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What to see in Stockholm

Stockholm's Old Town is a must-see

What to see in Stockholm in 2 or 3 days? Where are the main attractions of the Swedish capital, ticket prices and tours 2022. What to visit around Stockholm, how to get around easier, what to travel by and where to stay – Eurotraveler.ru’s article.

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia. But, despite this, not too pleased with Russian tourists. Usually have “to see” just one day of light.

This is natural, because the schedule of the ferry from Helsinki (for example) does not allow him to wait longer. And in the evening he will go back.

Lisbon's best sights

Such an order of things, however, is a natural regret!

Because Sweden’s capital is beautiful, original and just great. And there is a lot of interesting things to do for tourists. Which simply can not be squeezed into a program of a short visit – just a tour of the old city will take 3 hours!

How to get there

Ferries to Stockholm port come from a number of cities on the Baltic Sea. From St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga. Cruise ships do not stay in the harbor longer than daylight hours. And, therefore, the most correct choice from the point of view of an inquisitive tourist – a regular flight.

For example on ships of Tallink Silla Line, the largest in the Baltics. Read about technical level, cabins, routes, terminals and parking in the article Silja Line ferries.

International flights are served by Arlanda Airport. This is if you disdained the ferry and flew by plane to save time.

Terminal – hotel

Getting from the port of Värtahamn to the central part of the Swedish capital on foot is difficult. That is why you can buy tickets for the Tallink-Silja Shuttle bus on board the plane. Its schedule is carefully docked with ferries.

Upon arrival you and your suitcases simply go to the bus. A special attendant loads them into the “hold” bus.

This transportation “solution” looks like the easiest way to get to the city center. But rather expensive: 60 CZK for an adult ticket and 40 CZK for a child ticket (prices in 2022).

An alternative is to walk to the nearest metro station Gärdet. At the ticket office you buy an SL Access card (valid for 6 years) for 20 crowns, put money on it and go to your destination.

The ticket costs 31 kroner for an adult and 21 kroner for a child aged 7-16. If you buy a single ticket from a machine, you pay almost 50% more (44 kronor).

    (city center: T-Centalen and Gamla stan stations)

Note that on weekends and holidays children under 12 years and up to 6 in the company of adults can ride on public transport for free!

Note that the Stockholm subway in some places very unusual . And so do not be surprised that it takes tours. And the participants are mostly left in awe.

The subway is worth seeing in Stockholm at least once


There are a lot of hotels here. Mostly not cheap, not everything depends on the location. For example Scandic Ariadne in the port, where ferryboats land, is not very expensive compared to the central location. But it’s still a half-hour drive away from the key sights of Stockholm.

That’s why we recommend what we’ve tried out for ourselves: the Downtown Camper by Scandic at Brunkebergstorg 9. Four stars, fairly quiet location, excellent unobtrusive service, early check-in subject to room availability, hearty continental breakfast.

  • The hotel went through renovation not so long ago. So the condition of the furniture and rooms are very good.

The main thing is that the Old Town of Stockholm is a 5 minute walk away! And the hub of the subway station T-Centalen – just two! Equally literally on the way out the door you can stroll along Drottninggatan Street, where there are an abundance of cafes and restaurants.

Interesting places in Stockholm

Note right away that this list isn’t meant for those who come here on a Baltic cruise – you won’t see much during the time the ferry lasts in the port (usually from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Except for one or two sights…

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Stockholm City Hall – the municipality building and one of the most recognizable landmarks of Stockholm, it is visited by at least every second tourist.

From the Town Hall Tower you have a wonderful view of the city. A solid addition to this is the opportunity to see the hall where the annual banquet for Nobel Prize winners is held.

Old Town

Gamla Stan is the second most famous of Stockholm’s attractions. With a purely Scandinavian love of order, the center of the old city is laid out on four separate islands.

And Stockholm’s Royal Palace and the Great Church, Storshirkan (also the Church of St. Nicholas, which is known to favor travelers and sailors) next to it literally catches everyone’s eye.

But to find Storriet, the oldest square in the city with houses of XV-XVI centuries, and the Nobel Museum, you will have to go deeper inside.

To find the place where the spire of the German Church (Tiskasirkan) grows so prominent, or the Knight’s House, where the Swedish nobility gathered to solve problems (the prototype of the Parliament), is like a quest.

It is not easy to find and street Morten Trotzig, the narrowest in this part of Europe (only about 90 cm wide).

  • However, slowly wandering through Gamla Stan is a joy! It’s so cozy, quiet (despite the abundance of tourists) and peaceful.

Riddarsholmshirkan, whose openwork spire can be seen from many points, is the oldest church in the city. And the burial place of most Swedish monarchs.

Riddarsholmshirkan was founded in the XIII century, that is, in fact, is the same age as Stockholm. But most importantly – it has preserved very many features of a completely natural northern Scandinavian Gothic.

You can go inside and see all this splendor!


We recommend spending half a day just to walk through the crowded, shopping, and restaurant center of Norrmalm. For example, on Drottninggatan, the city’s main shopping artery. Go to a restaurant or a café and try some purely Swedish food: simple though it may be, it’s delicious!

Or stroll along Sveavegen Street, also in the center – there are plenty of stores there. It is not unreasonable to cast a glance at Sergel’s Square – it is very recognizable due to the silver cigar-shaped construction of incomprehensible.

In the lower tier of the square is the entrance to Stockholm’s central subway station . And several “fast food” establishments, such as the very good Burger King.

It’s also worth a visit to a museum: the National Museum of Sweden, for example, has the largest collection of paintings in the country – including by Swedish artists! The building can be seen from Slottsbacken, in front of the main facade of the Great Church and the Royal Palace.


Stockholm is a bicycle city. A little short on the number of two-wheeled vehicles on the streets to its counterpart, Copenhagen. But clearly set up for serious competition!

It’s easy to rent a bike and explore the neighborhoods by pedaling: Parking for your two-wheeled friend won’t be a problem – it’s common! We especially recommend exploring the Södermalm district. Where is not only very Swedish-beautiful, but also very shop-like?

Bike rental prices, like everything here, are impressive: www.rentabike.se/cyklar.html

Rest in Azerbaijan


This is Stockholm’s main park and the second most popular tourist destination. You can get to it from Gamla Stan by boat (the pier is on the right hand if you walk from the Slussen junction). And from the port (Frihamn), where the ferry from St. Petersburg is moored, you have to go by subway and then walk (Karaplan station).

Attractions on the island are pond-full. This is the well-known Skansen, and the museum of Astrid Lindgren Unibakken (almost a must-see attraction for families with young children). Also:

  • The Nordic Ethnographic Museum
  • and the Vasa Ship, dedicated to the ancient battleship raised from the bottom of Stockholm Bay and reconstructed

If you’re in summer or early autumn, you can visit the amusement park Gröna Lund Tivoli (hurry up, because works only until the end of September and then on weekends).

This entertainment is interesting for children. And to a lesser extent – their parents. Forced to splurge on, in general, unnecessary in a foreign trip expenses.

At least from the outside tour around the palace of Rosendaal, where Napoleon’s Marshal and the first king of the Bernadotte dynasty (and currently reigning in Sweden), Karl-Johann lived. The Valdemarsudde Manor on the lake shore is also beautiful… and especially well viewed from the water by tourists arriving on the Viking Line ferries.

What to see in the vicinity

At least one day in Stockholm is worth spending visiting any of the out-of-town attractions. For example, the royal palace of Drottningholm.

Ships to this still-active royal residence depart from the pier near the Town Hall. The visit will take most of the day, and you can buy a tour with meals on board.

Drottningholm Palace near Stockholm can be visited as part of the tour

The open and reconstructed Viking settlement of Birka, now carefully protected by UNESCO, is another famous countryside attraction.

In summer, costume shows are given for tourists . Colorful and interesting: bearded men in chain mail swim in drakkars and mutually mutilate each other.

Pleasantly intriguing ancient Gripsholm Castle, which has preserved its appearance during the mature Swedish Renaissance. Monarchs were born here, palace intrigues were woven, prisoners of “blue” blood were kept here…

  • Gripsholm is located at a considerable distance from Stockholm. But definitely worth a visit!

On the quay-boulevard Strandvegen you can find steamboats on a different route. Not only taking tourists around the Stockholm skerries, but also taking them to the Baltic Sea itself. You can admire the austere Vaxholm Fortress, which once closed off access to the Swedish capital to the enemy.

The possibility of a trip to the island of Gotland can and should be considered by tourists visiting Stockholm. Of course to go here, to the “clear” Middle Ages, to the streets and houses of Visby, should be at least a couple of days. Just know – this trip is not in the category of unrealistic.

The train or bus from Stockholm takes just over an hour to the port of Nynashamn. The ferry takes more than 3 hours.

By the way, Gotland is the sunniest place in Sweden. And for sure the most environmentally friendly: there are still working windmills. And what stone dogs live near the coast of Forö…


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