What to see in Greece: 10 places worth visiting

What to see in Greece: 10 places worth visiting

A combination of history, culture and legends. Greece is one of the countries with the largest number of beaches, many of which are unspoiled and some of the most beautiful in Europe. For Greece the most important attractions are undoubtedly the many islands, more than 1000 inhabited and 5 times more if we also combine the small islands without inhabitants. Here is what to see in Greece, including cities, islands and incredible places. These are the destinations that we recommend for holidays in Greece.


Among the most beautiful places in Greece we mention the impressive Corfu, the nearest in Italy large island, less than 100 km in a straight line from Santa Maria di Leuca, extreme point of Puglia. Winding shores welcome visitors to an incredible place consisting of entire virgin forests and small towns, where silence reigns supreme. Do not miss the alabaster beaches, such as Pelekas and Halikounas.

But in the hinterland it is the Mediterranean bush that gives it its typical wild and unpolluted features among the long expanses of firs and cypresses.

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A warm and welcoming environment that blends with the typical atmosphere of a seaside village. Nafplion is a magnificent town overlooking the Argolic Gulf, a small bay located southeast of the Peloponnese, in the Aegean Sea.

Nafplion, located in a hilly area, is especially recommended for couples because of its relaxed atmosphere. It is one of the most luxurious resorts in the area with an almost endless row of prestigious villas, many of them very recent.

The town was dominated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by the Venetians who built the emblematic fortress of Palamidi. To access the citadel you have to climb a flight of more than 800 steps that will take you to the west entrance. Your efforts will be rewarded with a breathtaking view that allows you to admire the entire Argolic Gulf.

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We move north from Nafplion. Here, about 1 hour away, we will find the city of Corinth, located between the historic regions of Attica and Peloponnese, the protagonists of the Peloponnesian War, which took place around the 5th century B.C. . Corinth is remembered for its strategic location on the Isthmus of the same name, which in antiquity was an important reference point for the superpowers of the time: Sparta and Athens.

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At that time Corinth was under Athenian rule and, with its extraordinary fortifications, represented an important battleground for the final victory over the Greeks of Athens. Today one can admire Corinth for its beauty, culture and historical evidence.

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Mount Athos

Mount Athos is an incredible pseudo-church state located along a narrow peninsula east of Thessaloniki. The independent Republic of Mount Athos, as it was once called, is the center of Eastern Orthodox monasticism and one of the most unique and incredible monasteries in the world. Regulated by an autonomous government, even though it was never sovereign, it has belonged to Greece since 1923. Its independence goes back to the 10th century and its political concept is comparable to that of the Vatican. More than 1,500 monks live in the structures built in the 10th century.

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Mount Athos


Mycenae, known for the story of the mythological creature Cyclops, is a must-see destination in Greece. The ancient polis is also remembered as one of the most important sites of King Agamemnon, the undisputed protagonist of the Trojan War.

Located in a small hilly valley, the now vanished city – once one of the most prosperous and powerful places of the ancient world – is now one of the most visited archaeological parks in the world, also because of the very well-preserved historic structures (given the bloody wars that destroyed much of the city).

The destruction of this magnificent site took place in the fourteenth century B.C., the period of its greatest splendor. At that time the Atreidi dynasty ruled and built numerous monolithic fortifications whose remains can still be admired today.

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Like Mycenae, Delphi was also one of the most glorious urban centers of the ancient Hellenic world. In contrast, Delphi was the world capital of the polytheistic religion: kings and emperors for centuries sought to go there to contact the gods and get help from them.

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Today it is of course famous for its archaeological park dedicated to ancient cult buildings. It is impossible not to mention the famous Temple of Apollo, in the basement of which you can still admire some of the rooms where some of the most important rites of the Greek religion took place.

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Definitely closer to mainland Turkey than to Greece, the island of Rhodes has always been one of the most famous in the world for a peculiar work: the Colossus of Rhodes.

The now lost Colossus of Rhodes represents the sixth wonder of the ancient world, a symbol that demonstrates the military, political and economic power of the small island.

Today, crowds of tourists flock to Rhodes to enjoy the essence of Greece: sea, beach and entertainment. If you go to the heart of the island, you can enjoy some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the whole country. In a typical Mediterranean context, there are many points that offer incredible views of the sea.

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Thessaloniki, the country’s second largest city by population, is a splendor of modern Greece characterized by an ever-expanding commercial port. Thessaloniki has become an increasingly popular destination for students thanks to its university, the most popular in the country.

After a devastating fire, Thessaloniki was almost completely destroyed at the beginning of the last century. Thousands died in this sad event, and beautiful ancient structures collapsed.

The area of the Upper Town, called Ano Poli, has been saved , from which you can enjoy, albeit partially, the characteristic classical and Balkan architecture. The White Tower of Thessaloniki, the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the exceptional restaurants, some of the best in the country, are also not to be missed.

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Much more than an island, Crete is the beating heart of Greek history . Just think of Minotaur and Knossos, now the most important archaeological park in Greece, despite its almost complete reconstruction, and the suggestive cities that still retain their distinctive charm.

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First of all we should mention Chania, located along the rugged coastal areas of the northern part of the country, with narrow streets leading the visitor to many small tavernas and with a magnificent promenade. Last but not least is Heraklion, the largest city on the island and also the capital, which shows the modern area of Greece, probably less impressive than the more historical.

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It is unthinkable not to mention the cosmopolitan and incomparable capital of Greece, Athens. Crowned by the Parthenon and the remnants of the Agora, Athens was the place where characters like Socrates and Plato, Euripides and Pericles composed their most famous philosophical works .

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Democracy also originated here with the arrival of Clystenus in the late sixth century B.C., and was also the most important place for Greek tragedies and comedies . Today Athens is one of the most important European metropolises and also the largest city of the country.

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Greece is a country of myths and legends. If you still have doubts about visiting this country, now the review of interesting sights in Greece will dispel them.


The Acropolis in Athens is one of the main sights in Greece

The Acropolis of Athens is one of the main sights in Greece

There are places in the city that you can visit for free, and the best guide will be a native. During the sightseeing tour you can see: The Acropolis, seen from the Philopappus Hill; the ancient Arches of Hadrian and the Temple of Zeus himself. A spectacular site is Syntagmatos Square, where Greek infantrymen march hourly. For a taste of local life, it is worth visiting the Monastiraki market and relaxing in the National Garden.


The heart of Thessaloniki - Aristotle Square

The heart of Thessaloniki – Aristotle Square

The capital of sweets and the city to the north, where all streets lead to the sea. From the morning it is worth enjoying the confectionery at the cafe on Aristotle Square. Thessaloniki is considered the capital of culture. There are many monuments and festivals are often held here. A beautiful sunset can be watched from the bar on the water, sipping wine.

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A view of ‘divine’ Olympus.

Picturesque paths among the beautiful flowers through the mountain gorges lead to the very top under the singing of rare birds on the height of 2917 meters. A truly divine place. Once here, you can understand why the gods were so fond of Olympus.

Greek Switzerland.

“The Greek Switzerland” – Lake Plastira.

This kind of holiday, as in Switzerland, is possible on Lake Plastira. Coniferous forests, mountain slopes and blue lake – this beauty of nature can be admired in the early morning in a stone house, and in the evening cozy by the fireplace.

The Palace of Knossos on Crete.

The Minthaur Palace in Greece on Crete

The Palace of Mintaurus in Greece on the island of Crete

The main attraction of Crete are the ruins of the palace of Knossos. According to legends, here once lived King Minos, who hid within the walls of the castle monster, known to the world as the Minotaur. The palace was a real labyrinth with intertwined corridors, intricate staircases and secret passages.

An ancient theater.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ancient building for choir singing and music contests

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ancient building for singing and music contests

No concert hall can match the sound quality of a Greek theater, many of which are well-preserved from ancient times. The voice of Sting or the symphonies of the Tchaikovsky orchestra are worth hearing from the stage of the Odeon of Herod Atticus. In Delphi, north of the temple of Apollo, there is a theater where you can still see a vivid performance.


Unforgettable views of the Greek island of Santorini

Unforgettable views of the Greek island of Santorini

In just 4 hours hike of 9 kilometers from Fira to Ia, you can admire the volcano, the sea and the beautiful villages. It is worth seeing the indescribably beautiful sunset at the ruins of the castle in Ia, at the lighthouse of Akrotiri or at the winery. White houses with blue doors like a postcard are the distinctive architectural style of Santorini. You can meet in the morning on the black sand beaches, in the afternoon you can taste wines at the wineries or look into the crater of an ancient volcano, and you can end a busy day by watching a movie in the open air.

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“Cosmic” Meteora.

Monasteries of Meteora

Monasteries of Meteora

Monasteries of incredible construction beautify the huge cliffs in Thessaly. The place looks as if the monasteries appeared from outer space. Once 20 monasteries were built on top of the cliffs by hermit monks who climbed to the top with winches. Today only 6 monasteries remain.


The main gate to the Palace of the Grand Ministers

The main gate to the Palace of the Grand Masters.

An old antique city. Surrounded by fortress walls, and you can enter through an ancient gate. Behind which from prying eyes the present Middle Ages is hidden. Cobblestone streets, arches made of stone, bright fuchsias in pots. As you stroll through ancient Rhodes, there’s a chance to hit a dead end, visiting cafes and souvenir shops along the way. The busiest place in town is Socrates Street. And parallel to it lies the street of the Knights. It leads tourists to the Palace of the Grand Masters. Once the palace belonged to the Order of the Knights. Carved furniture, beautiful tapestries, colored mosaics and ancient sculptures adorn the halls of the Palace.

Melissani Cave.

The Melissani Cave, an incredible landmark of Greece

The incredible landmark of Greece – Melissani Cave

According to legends, this cave was inhabited by nymphs. You can get inside by boat. Inside the cave, voices come together and it seems that the nymphs still surround people. And when the sun is at zenith and its rays penetrate through the hole in the cave’s vault, the water begins to glow fantastically turquoise in color.

It is worth at least once to visit Greece and see the fantastic places with your own eyes, and this amazing country will leave memories in the heart of every traveler.

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