What to see in Bodrum, Turkey: popular tourist destinations

What to see in Bodrum

What to see in Bodrum

The most interesting places in and around Bodrum to see on your own or with a tour: wild beaches, a knight’s castle, ancient ruins and even one of the seven wonders of the world!


Mills and Lookout

The first thing to see in Bodrum are the 18th-century stone windmills, as much a symbol of the resort as the white houses. It is written that they worked until the 1970s and are now abandoned. The mills themselves look nice, but not as interesting as the scenic views around them! From the hill we admired Bodrum, neighboring Gümbet, the fortress, the bay and the islands. It’s quite a popular place, but we were lucky to walk alone. I suggest meeting romantic sunsets here.

The mills are located on a hill between Bodrum and Gumbet. The coordinates are 37.025627, 27.41464. The best way to get there is by car, because the road goes uphill all the time. And even better is to take a sightseeing tour of Bodrum, during which you will see all the most interesting things!

The mills of Bodrum on the Gümbet hill. It is written that they were in operation until the 1970s. The views from the observation deck are beautiful!

The Castle of the Hospitallers

St. Peter’s Castle is a remarkable fortress in the center of Bodrum. It is also home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The place deserves attention: knightly coats of arms, mosaics, curious ancient decorations, beautiful views and luxurious peacocks will definitely impress you. Especially interesting are the world’s oldest shipwrecks, which are more than three thousand years old. But during our visit the most interesting expositions were closed and when buying the ticket no one warned me about it, so I was very disappointed.

The entrance costs 90 liras. I advise to visit in the morning or closer to the evening because the castle has a lot of open space and walking in the heat will be excruciating. The towers with exhibitions are air conditioned. Entrance coordinates: 37.032143, 27.428622.

The sculpture of a lion in the courtyard of St. Peter’s Castle. The walls of the castle.


In Bodrum, I advise you to see the rich marina. It is nice to walk around it, dreaming about your yacht. And the yachts are all as a selection – one more beautiful than the other. The marina is on the right side of St. Peter’s Castle.

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At sunset, you can stroll along the waterfront and Bodrum marina admiring the yachts.

Halicarnassus Mausoleum

The legendary Halicarnassus Mausoleum, built for Mausolus by his wife Artemisia, lies in ruins due to an earthquake in the 13th century. We looked at the ruins from behind the fence because we came too late, but even that was enough. The once magnificent tomb, 45 meters high, is now just a pile of pathetic stones that the Hospitallers didn’t hesitate to use in building the castle. If it’s important for you to tick off the fact that you’ve been to the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you can come.

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Admission costs 17.5 liras. The mausoleum in high season is open from 9 to 19 hours. The coordinates are 37.037909, 27.42402.

What to see in Bodrum

Statue of Artemisia, the wife and sister of Mausolus (laws allowed it back then). It stands on the square in front of the Maritime Museum.

Old City

In Bodrum I really wanted to see the Old Town. I expected to see a quiet and chamber quarter, you can get lost in the streets, just like in Marmaris, Greece or Spain. But the Old Town of Bodrum is some kind of fiction, a place commercial and noisy. There are only a few instagram streets and places with graffiti, cozy hotel courtyards, nice cafes and bars, but that’s all. Yes, you can take beautiful pictures and it’s nice to be there, but there’s no Old Town feel at all.

The old town is right behind the castle and to the left of it if you stand facing the sea.

The streets of Bodrum Old Town. The buildings in Bodrum are beautifully twined with bougainvillea.

Viewpoint and Local Life

If you want to see local life, interesting stories, seals, unlined houses and quiet streets, go towards the mausoleum. And from there, go up to the observation deck and you’ll see the city as if it were in the palm of your hand! Here you can watch the sunset and watch the evening lights come on.

Viewpoint coordinates: 37.039518, 27.422598.

Bodrum seals that are fed by locals. Non-tourist Bodrum.

The wild beaches of the Aquarium.

This is the place we liked the most in Bodrum. Be sure to go see it! It is still little known among tourists. The Aquarium is called a few wild beaches on the peninsula near Bitez, where the locals come or come on yachts. An easy hike (3-5km depending on the beach), and you enjoy privacy, beauty, and clear water! Except the beaches are wild and there’s no infrastructure, and there’s also plenty of trash left over from picnics. The entrance is stony, so rubber slippers will be handy.

You can only get there on your own from Bodrum by cab or on foot. We came with our car. The coordinates of the beginning of the trail to the beaches are 37.022187, 27.383236.

The Aquarium is a place you can come to on foot or by boat. The clearest water and beautiful islets – isn’t it Greece? A drone view of the islets near the Aquarium. It is cold to swim here in the middle of May!

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Gumushluk is a very cozy place with fish restaurants. I read in the review that this place is for gourmets. Tables of some cafes are right by the water. Still the village is interesting excavations of the Kariyan city Mindos and the island of Rabbits, which you can walk to by wading.

What else to see in Bodrum

In Bodrum you can also see the ruins of the Mindos Gate, the restored amphitheater and the Ottoman shipyard at the pier (Milta Shipyard). The amphitheater did not impress us, but the shipyards and the gate we did not have time to visit.

Where to go from Bodrum

To see the surroundings of Bodrum, it is better to rent a car. That’s what we did: we walked around the city’s sights and rented a car on Localrent to travel around the country. Read about our experience renting a car in Turkey.

From Bodrum you can take a car to see the picturesque ruins of ancient cities: Ephesus, Didymus, Miletus and Evrom. The Temple of Apollo in Didim is the largest temple in Ionia, whose giant columns can shock you. Ephesus is the most beautiful and spectacular ruins that everyone should see. Miletus is a large and once glorious city, the jewel of Ionia, and Euromus is interesting with its well-preserved temple of Zeus. I talked about these and other places in my article about the 18 most beautiful ruins in Turkey.

If you can not rent a car, from Bodrum you can take a tour to Ephesus, it has good reviews.

In Pamukkale – a spa resort with 2200 years of history – you can go from Bodrum with a tour or independently by car. Snow-white travertine, pleasant mineral water, beautiful ruins – you will love it at the resort!

Take a boat trip to Dalyan, Karaada and Orak islands – the Aegean Sea is best viewed from a boat, and it’s nice to swim in the cleanest water. If you have Schengen, you can take a ferry to the islands of Kos and Rhodes.

Where to go from Bodrum

Here I am standing among the columns of Apollo’s temple in Didymos – appreciate the scale! The Celsus Library in Ephesus is the most beautiful building and a tourist attraction.

14 amazing sights of Bodrum


Turkey is a hospitable country with many resorts. In this article I will talk about the popular tourist destination Bodrum. I will write about what the city is famous for. Why it is worth visiting. How to see one of the wonders of the world. I will describe the main attractions and help to lay the route. The ancient city is rich in its historical heritage. Tourists strive to visit every landmark in the area to get a feel for its flavor.

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What sights you can see on your own

Experienced tourists want to save money and go on excursions on their own. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet and simple navigations, it is possible to visit sights without overpaying for guides.

Bodrum Turkey

The population in the city of Bodrum was 35,795 people.

In Bodrum, you can go on your own:

  1. Windmills can be seen anywhere in the city. You can get to them by shuttle bus. Unfortunately, they only reach the foot of the mountain, from where you will have to walk on your own. The way will take 30-40 minutes on foot, so be prepared in advance and buy comfortable shoes.
  2. On the ancient historical monuments such as the Mausoleum of the King and the castle of St. Peter is better to go with an experienced guide. You will learn the history of the places and understand their historical value.

Guide and tour group services increase the price of visiting the sights. Therefore, if you want to save money, read information about the site on the Internet and go to it on their own, using rented vehicles. When looking around the city, do not forget about the surrounding area.

Where to go with the kids

Bodrum is a unique resort, because it will find entertainment for both active young people and couples with children.


Bodrum has a lot of entertainment for children and adults

You can go with children to:

  1. Aquapark – admission to which under 7 and from 60 years of age is completely free. Children under 14 years are allowed to enter the water park only with adults.
  2. Dolphinarium – swimming with dolphins costs 35 euros.
  3. Lunapark – a lot of attractions from quiet to the most adventurous will please children of all ages.
  4. Yashi Park – active sports are presented in the park. Paintball, driving radio-controlled cars, karting will be great fun for kids.
  5. Gumbet Bay is a place where all tourists go. Here you can feel like a real diver by diving to the seabed. The cove is located between two promontories. On the territory of the beach there is a large number of entertainment services. You can both have a quiet swim in the sea, and take part in extreme water sports. This entertainment is suitable for teenage children.


In Bodrum in the summer the weather is more comfortable than in cities of the Mediterranean coast

Where to go in Bodrum at night

Restless young people will rejoice in the Turkish resort. It is where the maximum number of nightclubs are gathered.

  1. Club Halikarnas is visible from afar, thanks to the bright laser beams. Until midnight, the institution gives free drinks at the bar.
  2. Catamaran Club is located on the shore of the ship, the entrance costs $20. There are 5 bars, a dance floor and a rousing DJ. The club organizes themed parties, entertaining tourists.
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Bodrum is an amazing place located on the Aegean Sea. Every year it attracts hundreds of tourists for different kinds of recreation: active, youth, quiet with children, peaceful. Every tourist will find entertainment to his liking and pocket. Attractions of Bodrum are part of the rich historical heritage of the world.

Ottoman shipyard

Once you are there you can feel the spirit of antiquity and then come inside and experience the world of modern art.

The Ottoman Dockyard was built in 1775 and it is still functional. In ancient times it was an observation tower which protected from the pirates.

The gate of Mindos.

The walls surrounded the ancient city of Halicarnassos. They were named after the city towards which they were directed. Today they are only ruins.

The castle of St. Peter

The castle of St. Peter – erected in 1402. At the beginning was a knight’s fortress. The castle became a model, as it was considered a reliable defense against enemies from the land and sea. In the 18th century, a military garrison was stationed in the castle, and in the 19th century it was used as a prison. During World War I, the French bombed part of the walls. Since 1961, the castle was used as a museum. It houses an antique ship that sank near the walls.

Zeki Murena Museum

The atmosphere of peace, tranquility and sublime art created attracts tourists to the famous home of the singer

Zeki Murena Museum is the Turkish Elvis Presley, as his compatriots call him, who were passionately in love with his works. The musician, composer, and singer has won nationwide love. The museum is the house where Zeki lived and worked. It contains stage costumes, paintings. On the street stands the performer’s favorite car.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology – collected the largest number of artifacts raised from the seabed. The museum is located in the castle of St. Peter. The valuables collected in the central hall are historical landmarks.

Port and Promenade of Milta Bodrum Marina

The Port and Promenade of Milta Bodrum Marina is a marina repair, maintenance and rental complex. You can walk around the harbor admiring the scenery or rent a yacht. If you do not know how to operate a sailboat, an experienced professional will take you for a ride around the immediate surroundings.

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Bodrum Amphitheater

In 2004 it was reconstructed, during which the main idea of the historical heritage has not been changed

Bodrum Amphitheater – North of Bodrum is ready to please with an ancient monument, an amphitheater. The amphitheater was built in the 4th century BC and is still functional. Another ancient amphitheater can be seen in the city of Fethiye.


People go to the mills to philosophize on the top of the hill at the historical site

Turks offer to go to a restaurant that is located next to the mills, they treat you to traditional Turkish cuisine

Windmills – built in the 18th century at the top of the hill. Most tourists go to the mills, located between the two bays. There opens up the most picturesque view.

Ancient Pedaza

Ancient Pedaza is the most ancient town of Bodrum. Only the historical ruins are left in its place. Experienced travelers go to the site to see how our ancestors lived.

Mausoleum in Bodrum

In the 19th century, archaeological investigations were conducted which found unique bas-reliefs and remains of the ruler Mosol, his wife, since then, the Mausoleum is considered a rare historical value

Bodrum Mausoleum – One of the Seven Wonders of the World. Mosol was a ruthless ruler who made money out of thin air. The townspeople suffered from taxes and extortions. Despite this, Mosol put his savings not only in his personal piggy bank, but also in the development of the city. Thanks to the ruler, Bodrum became one of the most prosperous and wealthy cities in economic terms.

Dedeman Water Park

Open-air playground, animators, lifeguards, safe slides and pools make the rest of the trip affordable.

Dedeman Water Park is one of the largest water parks in Turkey with a 20-year history. It has 24 slides, 10 rides, pools, jacuzzis, artificial rivers and ponds. Another water park you can visit in Turkey in Kusadasi.


Dolphinarium is a natural complex located on the territory of the bay itself. Dolphins feel most comfortable in it. The complex is located under the open sky, which adds to the naturalness of the performance.

Galikarnas Disco

Disco “Halikarnas” – travelers love not only cultural life, but also youth entertainment. Halicarnassus nightclub is built in the form of an ancient amphitheater.

Black Island

The island gets its name from the therapeutic black mud, which Cleopatra used to preserve the natural beauty and youth

The Black Island is 3 kilometers away from Bodrum. Despite the name, the coast is dotted with green vegetation. You can also visit the island of Sedir in Turkey from Marmaris.

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