What to see in Ålesundn, Norway?

What is worth seeing in Ålesund?


Norwegians call Ålesund the most charming city in Norway and they are not entirely wrong. Its unreal beauty of the city is obliged to a fire which in 1904, almost completely destroyed the old buildings, but the locals literally ashes built a new, extraordinarily beautiful city, with its unique architecture. Even if you just wander the streets you will still get a huge delight from what you see.

Olesund is actually a small town on three islands surrounded by the sea, which have a lot of fish stores with a huge variety of the freshest seafood, where the tags state not only the date, but also the place and the name of the fisherman.

Not every big city can boast an aquarium, but the Olesund has one, and it is called “Atlanterhavsparken Olesund Aquarium” and incidentally he is considered the largest in all Scandinavia.

Do not be lazy and take a tour of the bird island Runde. You will be impressed because you have not seen so many birds in his life (just the species here alone, at least 230).

To get to this wonderful place can be taken by bus (fare from Oslo 90 euros).

And by the way it is not necessary to buy a tour.If you know even a little bit of English, and the Norwegians know it thoroughly, you can always negotiate and consult with ordinary people. The Norwegians are very hospitable and open people!


Aalesund (or also Aalesund) is on the west coast of Norway. It is a small town, where hardly more than 40 thousand people live, but it is very popular, firstly, because of its large port, and, secondly, perhaps, because it was built in the style of “art nouveau”. That is, the houses and buildings Olesunn – with smoother lines, rounded window frames, more glass and metal, all beautifully and artistically processed. And the town, in fact, is old. It was founded back in the 10th century, and back then it was a fishing village. At the beginning of last century, Olesund was almost completely destroyed in a terrible fire, and all the residents were literally left homeless. So they decided to rebuild the town, and, for that matter, to be creative. By that time, Art Nouveau was very popular in Europe, so it was decided to build all the houses in the same style. Most of the houses in the city were built between 1904 and 1907, and the German Kaisers sponsored all this beauty.

You can see what the town looked like before that terrible fire at the Olesund Museum (look at Rasmus Rønnebergs gate 16). You can also visit the Art Nouveau Center (“Jugendstilsenteret” at Apotekergata 16) – there you will learn how buildings were built in this unusual style, and how the furniture and interior decoration looks like in the same style. This center is quite interesting, by the way. It is located on three floors. So you can also see multimedia exhibitions, something like “art nouveau and society, the dream and reality”. There are also permanent exhibitions: “Craft and Architecture”, “From Ashes to Art Nouveau” and “Beautiful Art Nouveau”, where you learn about this style in Europe as a whole.

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There is also a series of cultural lectures at the museum that discuss topics related to the “Art Nouveau” era in art in the broadest sense. The place is really interesting, I think you should go for sure. Also at the museum is a store where you can buy porcelain, blankets made of 100% wool, books about Art Nouveau art and style, postcards and local foods. Stop by the cafe for a cup of coffee, Norwegian waffles, locally made jams, and delicious homemade pies. Oh yes, try the Queen Maud Cake and the chocolate cake here. The children will not be bored either, there is a playroom for them.

The center has an opening schedule: September-May: Wed-Sun 11:00-16:00, Monday closed (sometimes in May works on Mondays for tourist groups). June, July and August: every day 10:00-17:00.

Entrance fees to the museum: adults -NOK 75 (9 euros), children/students -NOK 40 (5 euros), families- NOK 150 ( 18 euros). Groups – NOK 60 (7 euros).

Three kilometers to the west of Olesund is Atlantic Park (Atlanterhavsparken). It is considered one of the largest aquariums in all of Scandinavia. The park is located in the picturesque Tueneset, on the shores of the ocean, with a truly fantastic view of the islands and the boundless ocean. The park between land and sea was built in 1988. In the park you can learn more about the flora and fauna of the fjords, and admire the inhabitants of the sea depths, which are just floating in the water and have no ears, as they say, to watch them – the water is pumped directly from the ocean into the aquariums. If you can, visit this center at 1 p.m., when they put on a fish and crab feeding show for tourists. The park is surrounded by an area with hiking trails, fishing spots, and a beach where you can swim or dive.

From the center of Ålesund you can get there by almost any bus, either the Aquarium Bus or by cab. The Aquarium Bus is open during the summer season (May 1 to the end of August) and you can get there from the bus stop near Rådhuset Town Hall from Monday to Saturday at 11, 12, 13 and 14 o’clock. From the Park, the bus leaves at 12:15, 13:15 and 14:15. The trip takes about 10 minutes. By the way, if you sail through Olesund on a cruise, you can buy the Atlantic Sea Park Package, which includes a transfer to and from the harbor + ticket to the park itself. It costs 100 NOK for children (3-15 years) and 200 NOK for adults. Of course, it is better to get there yourself.

It is also quite accessible on foot from the city center. Walk either along the Nedre Strandgate or the Kirkegata, then pass the Steinvågsbroa bridge and continue along the main street until you see a big sign that says “Atlanterhavsparken”, then follow it to Tueneset. The path will take about 40 minutes at a leisurely pace.

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You can also go to an ethnographic open-air museum – Sunnmøre museum, which is located 4 kilometers to the east of Olesund, at Museumsvegen 1. The museum area covers 120 hectares. This museum was opened in 1931, and you can admire about 50 historical buildings, which existed in different periods of history of the city – from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Most impressive for tourists is the collection of Viking boats used both for fishing and for the transportation of goods, people and animals. Also in the museum you can see the churches, outbuildings, rural and fishing cottages that were once built in different areas of Norway.

Working schedule of the museum: October 1 – May 1: Tuesday – Friday 10:00-15:00 a.m., Sunday 12:00-16:00 p.m;

May 1-October 1: Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00 and Sunday 12:00-16:00

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to open events where children and adults are taught various craft techniques, cooking, they’ll even teach you how to haul nets in coastal waters or chop wood, basically everything that every Norwegian in those days knew how to do.

In addition, in the late 14 – early 15 years, scheduled to open a new exhibition, where you can see the results of archaeological excavations in these areas.

And plus, there are different traditional events, holidays and festivals, to become a part of which, of course, would be very interesting.

The city of Olesund – the real Norway

Olesund (Norway) is an Art Nouveau style city located on the west coast of the country. The Norwegians themselves consider Olesund the most beautiful city in the country. Surrounded by fjords and mountains, this small town attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is visited by all those who want to see a true and original Norway.

Olesund, Norway

About the city

The city is located between two fjords – Hurond and the impressive Geiranger. Both fjords are part of the world heritage and are listed by UNESCO. Olesund is interesting in that it is not a coherent city in our usual sense. It is located on seven Norwegian islands. The city’s population is just over 42 thousand people.

Photo of Olesund

In order to better understand why the formation of the city gave exactly what we see now, it is worth diving into history. Since the mid-15th century, on the site of today’s city was a fishing settlement Borgesund. Obviously, the main factor in its appearance was a convenient location and close proximity to the fjords.

The Venice of Scandinavia, Olesund, Norway

Already in 1823, the village was renamed Ålesund (Aalesund), and by 1848 it has grown so much that received the status of the city. A momentous event for the city occurred in 1904 – there was a major fire. And given that most of the city buildings were wooden, the disaster destroyed almost the entire city.

In just three years, Olesund was rebuilt. New Art Nouveau and Norwegian Art Nouveau houses made the city incredibly charming as we know it today. Olesund continues the tradition of Borgesund and is now Norway’s largest fishing center.

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The sights of Olesund

The sights of Olesund (Norway) is not as famous as, for example, the tourist spots of Paris, but many people come here just to see them. The measured life of the city does not involve too noisy and too active pastime. So what sights worth seeing in Olesund?

Fjellstua Lookout

The site is located at the top of Mount Aksla in Ålesund. The rock overhangs right above the town. To get to the top, you have to walk the 418 steps of the staircase, which begins in the city park. If you are not ready for such an exertion, you can also go up by transport. At the top is a summer restaurant and the Fjellstua Viewpoint itself, which offers an incredible panorama.

From a height of 160 meters you can see all the islands of the city and their colorful houses, and the surrounding mountains and fjords take the breath away even of avid travelers. The observation deck can be safely called a calling card of Olesund. The view from it is printed on souvenirs and in guidebooks. Everyone who has been here has a photo of Olesund from Fjelstua Lookout.

Alnes Lighthouse

About 20 minutes from Olesund is a small village called Alnes. The main occupation of the inhabitants of the village is fishing, so everything here is organized for the work of fishermen. The lighthouse can be safely called a symbol of the village and its main attraction. In addition, it refers us to the history of Olesund, as it is made of wood.

Visitors have the opportunity to go up to the top of the lighthouse and admire the view from there. This is usually also where tourists can get a snack and a drink.

Hotel Brosundet

Located in the center of the historic part of town Hotel Brosundet is not to be missed. The building with Scandinavian interior will help you to plunge into the real world of Norway. Although the hotel is traditional, it offers very comfortable rooms. The Brosundet is close to almost all the historically important places of the city.

If for some reason you could not stay in the hotel, you can visit a local bar. The Brosundet offers an impressive range of drinks and an atmospheric break by the fireplace.

The price for a night starts at 180 euros.

Aalesund Church

The massive stone church was built in 1909 by architect Sverre Knudsen. This parish church accommodates about 800 people at a time.

The structure is finished in marble, which gives it an even more imposing appearance. The interior decoration is on an impressive, for a Protestant church, scale. The distinctive feature of the church in Olesund is the organ, the largest in all of Norway.

It regularly holds services and concerts attended not only by locals but also by curious tourists. The doors of the Aalesund Church are always open.

Where to find: Aspegata, Aalesund 6004 Norway.

Sunnmorsalpane Landscape

The ski resort of Olesund is open to visitors from December to April. For lovers of outdoor activities this place can seem like a real paradise. First, the scenery that opens from Sunnmorsalpane is something incredible. And secondly, the level of organization of recreation resort is at a high level.

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There are all conditions for you to spend your time in comfort: pistes of different levels of complexity, comfortable elevators and, of course, the opportunity to spend your leisure time with a cup of tea in a pleasant atmosphere.

Since 1998 the park is one of the largest and most unique seawater aquariums in Northern Europe. Every year it is visited by about 130 thousand people. Visitors can observe and learn about the life of marine animals in their natural environment.

Fish in an aquarium

The aquarium with 4 million liters of water is full of cod and halibut, catfish, moray eels and salmon. Every day at 1 p.m. (in summer additionally at 3:30 p.m.) divers conduct their feeding, which tourists can watch. There are also penguins and seals in the marine park. They are fed at 14:30 and 15:30 respectively. You can also see sea creatures in the open-air bay at the attraction.

  • Where to find: Tuenesvegen, Olesund 6002 Norway.
  • Opening times: In summer time, Sunday to Friday. – 10:00 to 18:00, Saturday 10:00 to 16:00, September to late May 11:00 to 16:00, Sunday 11:00 to 18:00.
  • Tickets cost 195 CZK for adults, 90 CZK for children.
  • Website: http://atlanterhavsparken.no.

What else can I do in Ålesund?

If you do not travel from city to city and stay in one place sooner or later there comes a time when all the most famous attractions are seen and you begin to look for alternative entertainment.

The first thing to do when you arrive in Ålesund is to visit the tourist center. Here you can find free guides and maps, bus, ferry and excursion schedules. The staff there will help you choose where to visit and plan your vacation.

Summer solstice celebration

Alternative activities in Aalesund, Norway include visiting local festivals and holidays. Each season is notable for its special events, so the likelihood that you get to one of them is quite high.

Also quite popular among the guests of the city is hiking. Considering that the infrastructure of Olesund is also designed for tourists, it is not difficult to find such routes. The most popular ones are:

  • Climbing Sukkertoppen Mountain;
  • climbing Mt. Aksla and visiting the park;
  • hike to Borgundgavlen.

In addition to hiking, do not forget about water walks. The variety of sightseeing routes in the fjords is sure to find something you are interested in.

When is the best time to visit Olesund?

Air temperature Olesund

Compared to the overall climatic picture of Norway, the climate of Ålesund is quite mild. This is due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream. But mild for Norway is not always comfortable for a resident of, for example, Europe or near Asia. So let’s talk a little about the weather in Olesund at different times of the year.

Winter Norway has a fairly harsh climate. The proximity of the fjords provides constant winds and high humidity. In winter, you should go to Olesund mainly for skiing holidays. Long hikes and bike rides are not available at this time of year.

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Spring begins here around mid-April, before which time there is mostly snow, and until May the ski resorts generally operate as usual.

Atlantic Sea Park

Atlantic Sea Park, Aalesund

The best time to travel to Ålesund is summer. Too high temperature here is not to be afraid of, in the summer months on rare occasions the thermometer will show above +20 ° C, on average – +13 … +16 ° C. But for walks, museums and other outdoor activities, such weather is quite acceptable.

Autumn in Norway can be different. But most often in October it is already quite cold and rainy, so with the beginning of the autumn period, the number of visitors to the city decreases significantly.

How to get to Olesund?

Transport system throughout the country is very well organized. Therefore, it is not difficult to get to the city of Olesund, Norway. There are several ways to get to the city, the most common is by plane.

Wigra airport

Only 12 kilometers from the city is the largest airport of the area – Vigra. If you are planning your vacation in Ålesundn, it is worth choosing flights that head here.

The airport receives flights from major European airlines: Norwegian, KLM, airBaltic, WizzAir and Scandinavian Airlines. Therefore, you can get to Olesund from most major European and Scandinavian cities.

Bus to Ålesund

Another popular form of transportation among travelers and locals is the bus. Thanks to the excellent state of the roads in Norway, even many hours of travel by bus is not too tedious. And given the breathtaking views on the way, many people don’t mind driving across the country at all.

Learn what cities are connected, the bus schedule, and buy tickets on the website of the Norwegian carrier – frammr.no.

Ferry to Ålesund

An alternative way to get to the sights of Olesund is by ferry. You can take the ferry from Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Kirkenes and Hammerfest. Such a trip, although a little longer and more expensive, but you can enjoy the amazing views of the fjords.

You can also take the train to Olesund with an onward connection by bus or cab. The nearest train station is 108 kilometers away in Ondalsnes. For tickets and schedules, see the official website – www.vy.no.

A trip to Olesund, Norway, is a great way to spend a vacation and enjoy the Scandinavian beauty. The city is suitable for a solo trip, as well as for a trip with the family.

The prices on the page are for May 2020.

Video: the charm of Aalesund, life and infrastructure in small towns in Norway, shooting from the air.

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