What to see and do in Bangkok?

What to see in Bangkok in one day

In some areas, chic skyscrapers with rooftop pools shine in the sun. In others, tourists watch with curiosity as glove-less chefs make chicken paw soup.

Tourists change planes in Bangkok for holidays in Phuket, Samui or Pattaya. It is also a good way to get to other Southeast Asian cities, such as Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

The most popular attractions in Bangkok are located near each other. They can be visited in one day. I made up a 10-kilometer route that I walked myself in February 2019. The walk begins at the Grand Palace and ends at the Mahanakhon skyscraper. Along the way we will see the Lying Buddha Temple, the Morning Dawn Temple, Khao San Street, and the Golden Mountain Temple. Before your hike, stock up on water and apply 50 SPF sunscreen to exposed areas of your body even if you never get sunburned: the sun is merciless here.

How to get from Bangkok’s airports to downtown. Bangkok has two airports: Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. If you have a connection in Bangkok, check the arrival and departure airports: they may be different.


The Grand Palace, or Grand palace on the map, is the main attraction in Bangkok. The palace used to be the residence of kings. Now it is a temple complex, inside of which is a square of grand proportions and buildings unusual for Europeans.

A separate attraction of the Grand Palace is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It houses a statue of the Buddha of the green mineral, which is considered the mascot of Thailand. The area of the temple is decorated with mythical half-animal-half-people, everything looks very rich and bright.

The national currency of Thailand is the baht.

Wat Pho (Temple of the Lying Buddha) is located next to the Great Palace. It has a statue of Buddha, which is 46 meters long. I liked the reclining Buddha more than any other Buddha I have seen. His feet are painted with a mother-of-pearl pattern, similar to fingerprints – it looks grandiose.

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On the territory of the temple are placed beautiful stupas – Buddhist buildings, around which the Thais make a ritual circumambulation

On the perimeter of the temple placed hundreds of different statues of Buddha, brought from the northern provinces of Thailand

The temple area is very photogenic: it consists of several tiers, and the surface is lined with Chinese tiles with a floral pattern and small statues, as if supporting the tiers. It looked to me like a huge beautiful shawl.

Khao San Street is the most famous and atmospheric pedestrian street in Bangkok. If this is your first time in Thailand, you should definitely check it out. Crocodile meat on a spit is cooked here, ladyboys walk, and the callers invite you to a peep show. There’s an excellent night market nearby with great street food. If you’re planning to party, get there by 8-9pm . You can grab a bite to eat or buy souvenirs here at any time.


I usually get grilled calamari or chicken at these places: in my opinion, these are the “safest” dishes. My friend likes experiments, so he bought skewers with weird fish balls and soy sausages. Everyone is alive, no one was hurt.

In Bangkok, you should try the grilled crocodile. The steak costs 300 ฿ (633 P ) and tastes like chicken.

Exotic. If you want colorful entertainment and have time, go to the floating markets near Bangkok. Usually all of them move on boats: the sellers and the buyers.

The most famous market among tourists, Damnoen Saduak, is located 100 km from the city. There was filmed a movie about James Bond – it is a noisy and unusual place. Damnoen Saduak is reached by bus or sightseeing tour, and move through the market on a boat. The market is tourist-oriented, so the Thais mostly sell souvenirs, fruit and handicrafts of local craftsmen.

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Amphawa Floating market is popular among locals. No souvenirs are sold here, but fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables are available. The market can be reached by boat or on foot along the canal. The market has many cafes with local food and seafood.

Heat. During the season, the temperature in Bangkok can reach +36 ° C . If you can’t stand the heat, check out the Siam Paragon or Aikon Siam shopping center or the Bangkok City Library. In the library visitors are given a voucher for an hour of free internet, but it can not be extended even for money. Entrance to the library is free.

Attractions in Bangkok

This article provides a ranking of the top attractions in Bangkok in 2022 with photos, videos and descriptions. The best attractions in Bangkok are reflected on the map. You will also learn about what to see in Bangkok on your own in one day and discover Bangkok for children.

Bangkok can rightly be called the cultural capital of the country. Beach holidays are not developed here, so travelers flock to the capital primarily to explore the great and multifaceted culture. If you are wondering what to see in Bangkok in one day, you should definitely start sightseeing from the unique centuries-old temples of Bangkok, which are not only historical and religious, but also architectural value.

The iVenture Attractions Pass for several Bangkok attractions of your choice allows you to save up to 50% on ticket prices. With it you can attend master classes, Thai boxing, a cruise on the Chao Phraya River, watch a show with dolphins and much more.

The country’s main religious shrine, which is only allowed to be touched by the king, is at the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Keo). The complex is adjacent to the Great Royal Palace, the dazzling beauty of which leaves a strong impression. Until the middle of the last century, the palace was the residence of the royal family, and the complex now serves only for official and state receptions. The palace complex also includes the textile museum of Queen Sirikit.

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In past centuries, the Emerald Buddha resided in the Wat Arun (Morning Dawn Temple), which still graces the historic center of the city. The facade of this imposing, 80-meter-tall religious edifice is exquisitely decorated with porcelain and ceramics. A 3-meter-high pure gold Buddha can be seen at the Golden Buddha Temple (Wat Traymit). The discovery of the shrine was due to a very unusual event: during the reconstruction of the temple, a piece of the plaster statue broke off, and under the plaster was hidden a Buddha made of gold from the Middle Ages.

The largest figure of the main deity (46 meters) is in the Lying Buddha Temple. The temple is one of the oldest in Bangkok (built in the 12th century). The Lying Buddha appeared in the temple much later. Another attraction that can be seen from afar is Wat Saket or Golden Mountain Temple. In the golden stupa of the temple there is a part of the ashes of the Buddha.

You can get a closer look at the modern city by visiting the legendary Kaosan Street. It is there that the most popular entertainment, cafes, stores, and bars are located. In 2000, Kaosan Street gained worldwide popularity due to the release of the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, as it was from there the main character began his journey. You can get a bird’s eye view of the city from one of the observation decks in Bangkok, which are located on the Bayok Sky, MahaNakhon and other skyscrapers.

The Bangkok Oceanarium Siam Ocean World in the Siam Paragon is considered one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Its inhabitants are thousands of representatives of the underwater depths, which can be found exclusively at marine exhibitions. In turn, a unique safari park in Bangkok allows you to see predators and mammals in their natural habitat.

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To learn more about the culture, should not miss the show performances of the theater “Siam Niramit”, which managed to earn prestigious theater awards. The stage recreates the historical events of ancient Siam, and the costumes and decorations fully reflect the national colors.

If you come to Bangkok with a child and for entertainment you have not much time, it is worth rushing straight to “Siam Park” or “Dream World” – the largest amusement parks in Thailand. Of course, to visit such large parks is worth allocating a whole day, but even a short visit will not leave any little traveler indifferent, because the sites of this scale in the world is rather small.

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