What to eat in Pantelleria, Italy: 10 typical dishes

10 reasons to visit Pantelleria

Pantelleria doesn’t seek to flaunt itself: seeing its beauty and getting to know its heart is the task of the traveler. Collected 10 reasons to come to the island.

You will find the coolest beaches on the slopes in Martignana, Balata dei Turki, Farallone and Arco del Elefante. It is a must to go around the island by boat to admire the curves of the coast and the natural coves with beaches of pebbles and fine gravel in places where the coast, cut up and down, does not allow to reach by land.


Since prehistoric times the inhabitants of Pantelleria have been actively trading. The reason for this was of course its central position in the Mediterranean and its rich reserves of obsidian. The oldest settlement here dates back about 5,000 years ago and belongs to the Sesiot culture, which was involved in farming and fishing. The huts of the ancient settlement of Murcia are still preserved and accessible to visitors, as is the necropolis of Cesi, one of the largest archaeological monuments of the entire Mediterranean.

On the hills of San Marco and Santa Teresa it is possible to see the ancient acropolis – what remains of the ancient capital of the island, founded by the Phoenicians in the second half of the 13th century BC and conquered first by the Carthaginians and then, during the Punic Wars, by the Romans. The remains of a forum, walls, several public buildings and water cisterns covered with shards, have been excavated. During the excavations, archaeologists made several important finds; three of them – imperial portraits of Julius Caesar, Antonia the Younger and Titus Vespasian – are on display in the Castel de Pantelleria.

If you love wine, you should definitely go to Pantelleria! In November 2014, the low bush variety “dzibibbo”, which is grown here, was included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. You can visit the many wine cellars, see the local wineries, take part in the annual wine festivals, and taste the famous sweet wine of Passito di Pantelleria.

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Those who have seen the underwater kingdom here tell us that Pantelleria is a diver’s paradise! Because of its volcanic origin, the island is characterized by dark hues, and the lack of sand in the shallow waters provides excellent visibility, so that diving underwater becomes a magical adventure.

Magnificent cliffs, majestic cliffs that are lost in the rich blue of the sea depths, shoals of bright colors and a huge concentration of fish that surround you from the first meters underwater. Those who are passionate about underwater photography and archaeology will appreciate Cala Gadir Bay.

Trekking and mountain biking

The 150km of trails winding through the island make it possible to see the natural beauty of the island from unique vantage points. Trekking or mountain biking in Pantelleria, you will get to know the biodiversity of the island.

You can choose coastal areas or inland areas of the island, including the Parco della Montagna Grande. Here you will find forests, vineyards, olive groves and terraces where capers are grown, a typical landscape of Pantelleria.

The Thermae

An outdoor spa resort? At Lake Specchio di Venere (Mirror of Venus), it’s possible! On the road that runs through the hills, there is a place where you can admire the mountains, the lake and the sea at the same time. Specchio di Venere is one of the most beautiful places on the island of Pantelleria, welcoming but preserving its natural pristine. How nice to wash off the salt in the bubbling fresh water after swimming in the sea of unreal blue! When the lake dries up, along its perimeter there is a belt of mud, saturated with sulfur, which has healing properties. It is worth spreading it all over the body and let it dry: the result surpasses all expectations!

There are no sun beds, no hotels, no umbrellas. Only one trading kiosk, moreover, not badly hidden. A giant thermal pool, where you can swim with flamingos (if you come in the fall). The island is of volcanic origin, so there are many geysers, hot pools and thermal springs.

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The most famous thermal resort is called Cala Nika, in the southwest of the island. Here come to the surface several different composition of thermal springs. The Sataria Grotto is an ideal place for total relaxation and the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. But the thermae of Gadir should be mentally prepared: the water temperature there reaches 60 degrees Celsius. This is the most real thermal baths, located directly in the sea. Another unusual place is Benicula sauna on the slope of Montagne Grande mountain overlooking the sea. The hot steam is relaxing and you can sit on natural lava benches with a panoramic view of the natural beauty of the area. The nearest settlement is the village of Siba.

Village Life

Dammuso stone houses are the most common type of housing on the island of Pantelleria. They have a special design that makes them suitable for local conditions: strong winds, heat and lack of water. Rainwater from the convex roofs collects in the cistern, and the thick walls provide good insulation. Dammuso are often neighbors of yardinu: small plots of land surrounded by a circular wall of volcanic stone. Inside the wall, protected from the wind, fruit trees grow.

Good to eat.

Tender “amari ravioli” filled with ricotta and mint leaves are worth trying. The local pesto pantesco sauce is made from raw tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil, and hot peppers. The sauce is used to dress pasta and serve it with fried fish and boiled meat.

Fish couscous served with vegetables and beans was brought to the island from nearby Africa. The traditional Easter cookie cannatheddro comes from the Middle East.

Mustazzola is of Arab origin. It is a layered pastry filled with semolina, honey and must, cinnamon, candied orange and other spices. Be sure to try the sweet ricotta and cinnamon ravioli, the sfinci, a type of pancake covered in honey, and the cassatheddi A type of succulents, usually with ricotta and pasticciotti Custard cupcakes .

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Fishing on the island will give you an unforgettable experience! Fishing is usually done from a boat in the coastal waters. During the day you’ll learn about different fishing techniques: trolling, roping, trolling.


On Pantelleria is interesting even in winter. The local carnival lasts for 3 months. Once a week, there are dances in different places, and the climax of the carnival is “Fat Tuesday” with a procession of masked men and a string of carts.

The most popular Italian dishes

Italian cuisine has long and justifiably earned worldwide recognition. However, Italian cuisine is not just about pizza and pasta, as is commonly believed. When people think of the most delicious and popular dishes invented by Italians, lasagna, tiramisu, tortellini, or spaghetti come to mind most often. In fact, the concept of Italian cuisine includes a huge number of amazing dishes with amazing and unforgettable taste. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Italian dishes and see if you’ve tried all of them or if you still have something to look forward to.


Parma ham prosciutto

Parma ham, also known as prosciutto (prosciutto). Prosciutto is usually served as an appetizer or as part of a meat platter before lunch or dinner. Italians like to put this product on slices of bread or grissini (breadsticks). In summer, the residents of sunny Italy do not deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying prosciutto with watermelon on skewers, as well as this type of ham with honey, which together gives a wonderful combination of sweet and salty.

Minestrone Soup


A huge number of different soups based on beans, vegetables, potatoes, pasta or rice. Among the ingredients that are invariably present in different kinds of minestrone are onions, beans, carrots, tomatoes and celery. This dish is served as a first course or as an alternative to risotto or pasta.



Small pasta dumplings with a wide variety of fillings. Given the wide range of ravioli, it’s no surprise that this Italian dish is very popular all over the world.

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Chicken Parmesan


Chicken Parmigiana is truly a classic Italian dish that has become especially famous in the United States. And no wonder: this terrific chicken won’t leave anyone indifferent.



Gelato, an original and almost the sweetest product of Italian cuisine, is quite popular among tourists, who come to Italy. And justly so: the taste of real Italian gelato is unmatched by any ice cream.

Parmesan cheese


Did you know that in Italy (as well as in all Europe) Parmigiano cheese is protected by copyright. It is forbidden to produce it outside of Parma. The product receives a certificate of quality only after 12 months, subjected to rigorous testing by specialists. It is worth noting that this type of cheese served the creation of a unique profession of a cheese listener.



Many people think of pasta when they think of Italian cuisine, but in addition to pasta, this country also reigns over rice. Risotto, like pasta, is one of the most popular and favorite Italian dishes.



Lasagna is a classic Italian dish, made with parmesan, ham, mozzarella, ricotta and beef.


Spaghetti Pasta

Wherever you go in the world you will find spaghetti. While there are many kinds of pasta, pasta is probably the most preferred. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare, and comes in many varieties.



What other dish of Italian cuisine should come first if not pizza? One amazing fact about this dish: real Italian pizza does not contain a lot of cheese and tomato paste. Pizza is so ingrained in the lives of Italians that they often eat it as a snack before a meal.

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