What to do in Ibiza, Spain?

Ibiza – the island of delights

Ibiza is the most fashionable resort in Europe. Sun, sea, freedom, round-the-clock partying, turning into a “break” and a relaxing family vacation – all this you will find in Ibiza, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is part of the Balearic archipelago and belongs to Spain.

Holidays in Ibiza

The island is not too small and interesting enough from all angles not to bore you, but it’s not too big either, so you’ll feel right at home a few days after you arrive. It has all the ingredients to make a truly chic vacation: landscaped, well-equipped beaches or wild places for swimming, tennis courts, golf courses, an ancient fortress, narrow stone-paved streets, but most enticing – the fact that the island just dotted with bars and restaurants. The marvelous nature with pine, cactus and palm trees, combined with the atmosphere of unrestrained entertainment makes a stay on the island a continuous holiday.

The holiday season in Ibiza begins in March and April and lasts until November. However, even in winter, the resort is full of tourists. In the summer there is no unbearable heat: a mild sea breeze makes the rest in the hot summer months quite comfortable.

During the day you can go diving, windsurfing, fishing, visit spas, buy souvenirs at the “hippie market” or just stroll among the dandies of Europe. The evening should begin with a beautiful sunset at the world-famous Cafe del Mar, and then give in to the fun in the many nightclubs in Ibiza.

Nightlife and partying in Ibiza is a cocktail of European youth clubbing and traditional Spanish nightlife. The main tourist center of the island is the Playa d’en Bossa area, where the inimitable spirit of Ibiza prevails. It is in Playa d’en Bossa where the mega-club Space (the largest nightclub in the world), the legendary Amnesia, Privilege and Pacha are located. Every season the world’s most famous DJs perform in Ibiza.

Ibiza nightlifeClubs Ibiza

The beaches of Ibiza are another of the island’s treasures. The trendiest beach is Playa de las Salinas. Here you will find not only the beautiful sand and blue sea, but also a lot of people with a very attractive appearance, coming here especially to show each other their perfect bodies. And for those looking for solitude and a break from the madness, head to Cala De Portinatx, which is located in the north of the island in a quiet fishing town.

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Ibiza Town, the island’s capital, is home to most of the island’s architectural and historical sites. Here, behind the ancient fortress walls, on a hill above the entrance to the port, is the Old Town (Dalt Vila), where it is so pleasant to stroll through the narrow, up and down streets, where the shiny cobblestone sidewalk and ancient walls of intricately decorated houses preserve the atmosphere of a bygone era; the panoramic views from the walls are unreal – everywhere there is grace everywhere, as far as the eye can see: the sea splashes, the sun shines, the mountains are bathed in bright green pines; and when the moon rises, it’s time for nighttime romance.

Holidays in Ibiza

Sometimes it’s breathtaking to see how the scene seems to be theatrical, but the scenery and the feelings it evokes are very real! In the Old City one can find the magnificent Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral, the Museum of Modern Art. Below the walls of the Old City stretches the historic port area of the capital, where literally at every step you can find a stylish bar, an authentic restaurant or trendy boutique.

Ibiza resorts

San Miguel is a resort for “exclusive” recreation. There are luxurious palaces surrounded by natural landscapes and protected areas. In the picturesque surroundings you can take a walk, if you are not embarrassed by the abundance of steep climbs and descents. Portinach is a fully equipped mini-resort, ideal for families and the main point of sightseeing tours of the island. Santa Eulária des Riu is a favorite destination for families and the elderly. There is a superb palm-lined promenade stretching along a wide sandy beach (perfectly safe for children), excellent hotels and apartment complexes for rent.

The town of Santa Eularia is particularly famous – here you can visit the most colorful restaurants on the island, offering a choice of delicious local, Spanish and international cuisine. The coastal areas farther away from the city of Santa Eularia (Cala Pada, S’Argamassa, Es Cana, etc.) are of particular interest to romantically inclined travelers, there are many beautiful secluded bays and coves with crystal clear waters and delightful small beaches, fringed by low mountain ranges with lush greenery. The only river on the Balearic Islands flows here. A short distance from the resort town, a small place called Punta Arabi hosts a weekly hippie market selling beads, bracelets, ksivnitsy and other ‘pretty things’.

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Talamanca is a traditional place of rest for young people and all lovers of nightlife. Playa d’en Bossa – a youth resort with many popular clubs, night bars and discos, operating both on the beach itself, as well as in the capital of the island, which can be reached by cab in 5-10 minutes.

Sant Antoni is a resort area in the west of the island of Ibiza. May and June as well as September and October are particularly popular with families with children and those who want to enjoy long walks, swimming in the shallow waters of the bay and relaxing on the comfortable beaches. July and August are chosen by all those who want to “go wild” in the fiery nightlife.

We have devoted a separate article to gay culture in Ibiza.

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Ibiza is the party capital of the world and the island of paradise beaches

Tourism reviews for Ibiza

World famous party and disco island, beach paradise, diving and shopping – all about picturesque Ibiza! Want to go to the famous party island in 2022? Learn about the best hotels, beaches and attractions in the Spanish resort.


Tourist reviews of Ibiza

The world-famous island resort is like a colorful kaleidoscope. Luxurious beaches and views, vibrant DJ shows and concerts of world-class stars, huge dance floors and water parks, noisy bars and nightclubs!

According to reviews, “pan-European disco” in Ibiza is so popular that in the summer the local beaches are filled with crowds of tourists. For the island has a reputation that only young people can rest here. But this is not so! On Ibiza willingly go parents with children, elderly travelers and fans of diving.

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The Balearic island offers much more than the famous nightclubs. It’s the place to go for some of the best beaches in Europe, as well as historic villages.”

Ces Illetes beach, Formentera. Photo: iamdavid_10 / unsplash.com.

Ibiza’s best hotels

Despite its small size, every year the Spanish island receives hundreds of thousands of tourists. Prices in hotels 3-5* are high. Budget options for accommodation are available, but it is not easy to find them. If you’re going to taste the delights of nightlife, stay in Ibiza City. For a family vacation by the sea suit Portinach and Santa Eulalia das Rio. Search and book tours on Travelate, and hotels on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Ibiza, according to tourist reviews:

Apartaments B-Llobet Sun & Confort 3* – comfortable apartments 2.1 km from Ibiza’s historic center, Dalt Vila. A double room costs from 186 € during high season.

Sa Vinya d’en Palerm 3* is a nice hotel with an outdoor pool and bar in Saint Joan de Labrija. A room for two costs from 220 €.

Can Arabí 4* – original hotel surrounded by orange and olive groves. There is an outdoor pool, spacious patios and terraces. A double room with breakfast costs from 297 €.

Catalonia Royal Ses Savines 4* is a cozy adults-only hotel in Santa Eulalia del Rio. For a room for two with breakfast you pay from 359 €.

Ca Na Xica – Hotel & Spa 5* is a modern hotel with an excellent spa in San Lawrence de Balafia. A double room costs from 378 €.

W Ibiza 5* is a luxury design hotel in Ibiza with the best tourist reviews. The popular hotel is a 10-minute walk from the port of Santa Eulalia. A room for two costs from 436 €.

Hotels in Ibiza

Party at the Hotel Ushuaia Ibiza. Photo: iamdavid_10 / unsplash.com.

The beaches of Ibiza

The beach vacation in Ibiza is beyond praise! You’ll find wide and well-maintained sandy and pebbly beaches, cozy bays and secluded rocky cliffs with access to the sea.

Ibiza has places for holidays with children – Cala de Portinatx in Portinatx, Platja es Canar, Cala Llonga and Cala Nova. The beaches of Aigues Blanques and Platja des Cavallet are favorite nudist spots and Cala de Sant Vincent beach has a windsurfing school. Cala Benirras beach in Ibiza is on the list of the best beaches in Spain.

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Maksi-mum: “Platja d’en Bossa is the most famous and expensive vacation area framed by bars and restaurants. Go to the Bora Bora bar, the Space club, it’s really worth the money. Cala Benirras is a beach favored by hippies, here you can not only sunbathe but also sleep on the warm sand.

The panorama of Cala de Portinatx beach

Ibiza sights

The old town – Dalt Vila – has colorful cobbled streets, a fortress, cathedral, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Vacationers are taken on sightseeing tours of the island. According to reviews, in Ibiza tourists liked the beautiful cave Cova de Can Marça, local vineyards and pirate towers, which offer stunning views of the sea and the island. Find out what to see in Spain.

Renat S: “Es Vedra is a place with crazy energy. To get to the top point it was possible only when it was light. I would say – the edge of the world. It is a must-see.

Holidays in Ibiza

The colorful streets of Dalt Vila. Photo: samsolutt / unsplash.com.

Holidays for young people

Nightlife is concentrated in Ibiza City, the resorts of San Antonio and Talamanca. The places where there is always a party are the famous clubs Privilege, Space El, Divino and Pacha, popular discotheques, bars and restaurants. The price for entry to the club from 10 to 80 €. Drinks cost from 15 €.

In Ibiza, there is enough activity for recreation – biking, hiking, horseback riding, boat trips and yachting. If you like diving, visit the secluded Alla Dins beach. It is located in a closed bay and gathers a lot of fans of scuba diving. Renting equipment on the spot is expensive. It’s cheaper to take everything you need in town!

Svetlana: “Last year we vacationed in Spain, on the island of Ibiza. From the first minutes of stay on this island, you realize that everything is designed for young people and entertainment. In the evenings we would go to different beaches, swimming and sunbathing under the gentle sun, and at night we would go to some nightclub and hang out there until dawn.”

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Tourism Reviews of Ibiza

A club in Ibiza. Photo: iamdavid_10 / unsplash.com.

When it’s best to vacation in Ibiza

Ibiza has great weather all year round! More than 300 days of sunshine a year. Winter may seem cool, but temperatures rarely dip below +10°C.

The tourist season on the island lasts from March to November. In the spring, swimming is still early, although the first swims begin in May. In June, before the heat wave, Ibiza is perfect for families with children.

In July and August the thermometer rises to +33. +35°С. The water in the Mediterranean Sea is heated to +24. +26°С. At this time a lot of tourists, and prices are the highest in the year.

At the beginning of the Velvet season in Ibiza is very pleasant weather – in September it is +27 ° C. In October, it becomes easier to breathe, the sea is still warm. Even in November, the water temperature is +19 ° C, but the air cools to +16. +19 ° C, and the number of rainy days rises to ten. The beach season is coming to an end!

Victoria: “In October we spent a week on Balearics in Ibiza. Weather enjoyed every day: it was not hot and not cool. I advise you not to bring warm clothes. We did not need them. We managed to get burnt on the first day, although we were sitting under an umbrella. The sea is warm, the water temperature is almost the same as the air.

Conclusions: Is it worth to go to Ibiza?

Although the Balearic island has a reputation as a youth resort, Ibiza has a lot of places where tourists of all ages and parents with children are comfortable. Fans of delicious Spanish cuisine, diving and windsurfing will love their Ibiza vacation. If you like to shop, visit the boutiques of Santa Eulalia.

The main disadvantage of a holiday in Ibiza in 2022 – high prices for hotels, alcohol and food in cafes and restaurants. Vacations in mainland Spain will be cheaper!

Ibiza reviews

Ibiza. Photo: verstuyftj / unsplash.com.

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