What to do in Bulgaria: TOP-13 ideas for the most interesting leisure activities

What to do on vacation in Bulgaria? 7 Great Ways to Play

Not all Russians give preference to exotic countries and new resorts, someone remains a supporter of the good old options.

For example, more than half a million of our compatriots go to Bulgaria every year. But do not think that all of them are bored lying on the beach. Believe me, in cozy and inexpensive Bulgaria you will find entertainment for every taste.

1. Take a walk in the Stone Forest

Lure a little luck and admire a very unusual scenery can be found 20 kilometers from Varna, in a peculiar forest, which is called the “Beaten Stone”. Hollow stone columns are chaotically scattered on a huge territory and are a magical place for locals and a source of disputes and numerous theories for scientists.

The Stone Forest in Bulgaria, photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Stone Forest in Bulgaria, photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Some argue that the stone forest is the remains of the mangrove, some argue that it is the bottom of the ocean and coral thickets. Well, the tourists, not particularly penetrating into the arguments of scientists, enjoy an interesting spectacle and make wishes.

2. dance until morning at Yalta Club

What’s a holiday without partying and dancing? Find both, and also a lot of positive and interesting friends at Yalta Club in Sofia. This institution was founded in 1959, and now it’s one of the 10 best clubs in the world (according to British magazine DJmag).

Yalta Club in Bulgaria

Yalta Club in Bulgaria

The basic principle of Yalta Club is “be like home” – everything here is cheap, the visitors and staff are equally friendly, and a variety of musical directions can be heard from the stage.

3. Try the rose jam

Bulgaria’s Damascus Rose Festival, held in June in one of the local provinces, attracts tens of thousands of tourists.

Pink jam, photo by Klearchos

Pink jam, photo by delishis

If you have not been lucky enough to attend, however, do not feel bad. For one thing, roses will be in bloom all summer long and, for another, you can buy and sample products made from them all year round. Rose oil, perfume, and most interesting – jam made of rose petals. Some people like it madly, some say that it is like eating your own cosmetic bag, but indifferent is not left.

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4. Visit the local Atlantis

The old town of Nessebar, located on the island, itself is quite picturesque. However, people come here not only and not so much for the sake of the winding streets and old buildings, but in order to see the hidden underwater part of the city, sunk during an earthquake.


Streets, houses, monuments – all submerged to a decent depth, and from this became even more interesting to tourists. You can admire Atlantis during a boat trip, as well as up close and personal, that is, renting a scuba tank and descended into the streets of the underwater city.

5. Take a picture with a residential five-story snail

No visitor to Bulgaria is without such a photo, because when you see the world’s strangest house, be sure to capture it.

The world's strangest house, photo by Jehanzeb Afridi

The World’s Weirdest House, photo by Jehanzeb Afridi

The five-story snail, located in Sofia, has been under construction for almost ten years and has aroused curiosity at all stages of construction. But now, when it stands out against the background of the usual houses, it is a crime not to come to it.

6. Learn water sports

On the warm and unusually clean Bulgarian shores of the Black Sea you can quite actively spend time. There are full-fledged diving schools, where you can get an international certificate, there are yacht clubs, where experienced sea-wolves teach the beginners the basics of sailing, there are rowing, water-skiing and surfing courses.

Yachting, photo tim phillips

Yachting, photo.

By the way, the prices for training in Bulgaria are absolutely adequate and an order of magnitude lower than in Russia. However, it is worth remembering that training and entertainment are different things. That’s why if you are ready for a week of training expect the prices to be low, but if you just want to try it once be ready for the respectable number in Euros.

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7. Go on an excursion to a monastery.

And not just any monastery, but the one of Rila. It is a symbol of Bulgarian architecture and has more than a thousand years of existence. Even those who are not religious will find it interesting to walk around the richly decorated monastery or visit its museum and library, which contain unique works of art.

Rila Monastery, photo by Irin@

Rila Monastery, photo by Irin@

You can get to this UNESCO-listed site either with an organized tour or on your own.

Of course, you should not forget about the beaches of Bulgaria as well. The clean sea and excellent infrastructure will be a pleasant addition to a busy vacation, and lying on the shore, you can relax and choose entertainment for tomorrow from our list of win-win options.

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