What the weather expects tourists in spring in sunny Cyprus.

Weather in Cyprus in spring

This weather map is fully interactive. You can switch months as well as zoom and move the visible area of the map to see other resorts.

Weather in Cyprus by Month

Where should I spend my holidays in Cyprus during spring?

This table will help you determine which resorts in Cyprus are the warmest in spring, to find out where it rains less and where there are more clear days. Do you want to know where the warmest sea is? We also provide information on water temperatures in the seaside resorts.

Resort name March weather air / water temperature April weather air/water temperature Weather in May air / water temperature
Ayia Napa 17.8°C 17.3°C 21.2°C 18.3°C 25.1°C 21.1°C
Larnaca 18.3°C 17.2°C 22.3°C 18.2°C 26.5°C 20.9°C
Limassol 18.0°C 17.1°C 21.9°C 18.1°C 26.1°C 20.4°C
Nicosia 17.9°C 17.1°C 22.7°C 18.2°C 27.7°C 21.4°C
Paralimni 17.6°C 17.3°C 21.0°C 18.3°C 25.0°C 21.2°C
Paphos 17.5°C 17.1°C 20.8°C 18.0°C 24.5°C 20.7°C
Pissouri 17.5°C 17.1°C 20.8°C 18.0°C 24.5°C 20.4°C
Polis 17.2°C 17.0°C 20.3°C 18.1°C 24.0°C 21.2°C
Protaras 17.6°C 17.3°C 20.9°C 18.3°C 24.8°C 21.2°C
Famagusta 17.9°C 17.3°C 21.7°C 18.4°C 25.9°C 21.3°C

* Sunlight hours is an indicator that shows the average number of hours per day that direct sunlight reaches the surface of the earth. The figure is affected by both the length of daylight hours and cloud cover during the day.

Weather in Cyprus by season

Tourist reviews of the weather in Cyprus in the spring

In May 2019 vacationing with my family in Cyprus. I must say that in the previous year we were there in the second half of June. The heat was wild from six in the morning. It was easier to breathe only by 8 pm. But in May absolutely other situation. The sun tender in the morning and hot enough in the afternoon, that it would be easy to bathe and not to be frosty. And in the evening a pleasant freshness forces to throw a jacket on his shoulders, but how nice to breathe. If Cyprus, then only in May.

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Very much I like on Cyprus. Was in Protaras from 22 to 28 May 2019. The weather is very comfortable, the air warmed up to 30-32 degrees. Even at 5 pm it was very hot. The water is already warm around 22 degrees. Bathing every day. The beaches are good along the coast, mainly bays, there are 2 large beaches in the center. Sunshine was during all period of stay. The nights were warm too, about 18 degrees. Had a super vacation!

In May 2019 we were in Cyprus in Polis. Had a good holiday, the weather contributed to it. The water temperature on the beaches was a bit cold and was 21-22 degrees, that is, it was quite cold. For 10 days of rest two days were rainy, but the rain was not very strong. The air temperature averaged 25 degrees during the day and about 20 degrees at night. At this time in Cyprus, the length of the day is 13 hours. There was a light refreshing breeze the whole time.

I was in Cyprus for the first time, on this wonderful island, Paphos airport greeted with beautiful weather. Holidays from March 22 to April 2. Weather nicer 25-30 degrees. Mediterranean Sea was cool 18-20 degrees. Bathing did not risk but here on to sunbathe, here yes. In the pool that at hotel, water was warmed up from 14-00 and till evening, bathed. On the 26th, the wind started blowing in the morning. By lunchtime, it got stronger. And at night it was so howling. The wind was sandy. Then rain. And in the morning the sun, as though there was nothing. And till the end of rest weather only pampered. I think next season I will go a little later, on April 22nd for ten days. When the bananas will ripen and the orange will blossom.

We do not like hot weather and scorching sun, so we prefer to relax in more comfortable months. We arrived in Cyprus in the second half of May. For the whole vacation the daytime temperatures ranged from 24 to 31 degrees, quite comfortable. Nights also warm from 17 to 21 degrees, sometimes it was possible to put a jacket on. Water pleasant, but were with children, therefore we started to bathe closer to a dinner, when the temperature reached 22 degrees. As a special heat was not well tolerated excursions and walks, it too has given much time. Rains with thunderstorms have visited us in last two days of rest, but they were short-term, therefore spoiled our mood. This year we plan holidays in Cyprus in October, a lot of fruit will ripen and the weather is similar to May.

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