What mistakes do we make when we travel?

23 mistakes that almost all tourists make, depriving themselves of a truly vivid experience

Very often, tourists return from vacations dissatisfied. Something did not like it, something angry. Sometimes it is objective circumstances, and sometimes it’s just far-fetched little things. Together let’s list all those annoying mistakes that tourists make when traveling.

So, here’s what NOT to do:

1. Trying to book a “package” hotel on your own to… save money

We regularly get questions from tourists who for some reason think it is cheaper to book a hotel themselves (on Bookings, Agoda, etc.), which is mostly sold through tour operators. Remember: large “package” hotels and even “all-inclusive” somewhere in Turkey is always cheaper to buy through tour operators. The only exception may be small hotels in the city, which tour operators do not buy in bulk. If you want to go to a large “package” hotel, then buy a tour and do not waste time looking for it – it will not be cheaper! You can only save money by waiting for sales.

Independently people book hotels to organize a better holiday and choose not a “package” hotel, but better and more comfortable – it can be both cheaper and more expensive than the tour. Or go to rest on the days for which the tour operators do not have tours (for example, 1-2 days or more than 14 days).

Lemon Villa Hotel

For example, this boutique hotel in Turkey, you can book only by yourself:

Hotel Lemon Villa

2. Buy a tour and then be upset that the vacation was spoiled.

The plane is delayed, the hotel does not give quite the room that you expected, there is nothing to see outside the hotel, tours from the tour operator are expensive and boring, and on departure day they bring you to the airport a few hours before registration, actually taking the day off… – this is the standard set that is included in a package tour. Some “package dealers” on the forums argue importantly about which tour operator is better or how to choose a travel agent. What difference does it make? If you entrust your holidays to tour operators, then be prepared to get a “complete package” with all the troubles. And the travel agent does not really matter if you bought the tour in a kiosk on the street or on the Internet, it is a complete package, an “assembly line,” where no one is interested in your individual needs. You have to be prepared for this, at least morally. And do not pay attention to old planes, delayed flights for a day, bad food, bankrupt tour operators and other “little things. Do not spoil your mood.

Tip of the day. Even in Turkey to go on their own is much more interesting than the tour – it is qualitatively different rest!

Remember: you want a good holiday – organize it yourself! Excellent rest in the “packages” does not happen. No matter how much you pay for the tour, you will still have to stand with everyone else for hours at check-in at the airport, fly in an old plane, and on the last day they will take away a few hours of rest in order to get to the airport early. On the way to the hotel you will be forced to listen to horror stories of guides, how terrible it is to move around the country by yourself and why all excursions you must take only from them… However, for packaged tourists invented a lot of myths.

Interesting cities in Izmir and Iznik

3. treat the trip as the last in life

…and try to squeeze as many places and sights into one trip as possible. Tip: It is unlikely that you will have time to see everything that is written in the guidebooks. And great! You have a reason to come back and see something else. No need to force yourself into a time limit, we’re on vacation :).

4. Try to plan everything in advance.

Tourists sometimes explore a new city on the run

Pictured: if the entire trip is planned in minutes, the tourist is guaranteed stress … Paris

I once heard the reasoning of a woman who had planned a trip to Spain so that she had half a day to see Valencia! Valencia! Half a day!

Surely there are tourist monsters capable of creatively recycling all the bus and train schedules, distances to major attractions, weather forecasts, hotel reviews, to end up with a FTR (reinforced concrete travel plan). One question remains, “Why?” It seems to me that the most important thing in travel is to feel free… Travel planning is certainly useful, but still leave time for something unplanned. Go to a cafe just for fun, take a walk in a beautiful unknown park that came across the way, just sit on a bench in an unfamiliar street and give yourself at least half an hour to look around and feel the new city.

5. Hope that everything will go according to plan on the trip

The flip side of believing in the perfect plan is stress and frustration that things don’t go according to plan. And it definitely will, I assure you! Before you travel, ask yourself, is it worth it to make up your own limits and then be nervous that things aren’t going “right”? There is nothing worse in travel than “unreasonable expectations.”

6. Go only on excursions, attractions, and recommended places

Tourists get tired of sightseeing

In the photo: a rare tourist reaches the end of the tour:)

Culinary Italy

Tours – it’s good, but imagine the situation as a whole: people are brought to the same place, they are fed them dubious stories “ancient times”, then give 5 minutes to selfies, taking photos on the general background of the type. And that’s it! How can these sights become part of your life? What can they change about you? If only you buy tours, it is not a package from travel agencies, but an unusual individual tour – so you can really learn something new.

The main mistakes of tourists. Crowds of tourists in Prague

In the photo: the crowd of tourists in Prague

Or the other extreme: the tourist plans his or her own route, develops the WFP, which includes only the sights. Such a tourist gets tired very quickly, remembers almost nothing and does not feel much. Only tons of typical photos from the series “I’ve been here!

Travel gives us joy. And after all, joy is the purpose of life. We don’t live to eat or make money. We eat and earn money to be able to enjoy ourselves. That is the meaning of life, and that is what it is given for. George Mallory.

Besides sightseeing, try making your own personal discoveries: a hidden garden, a gorgeous view from a hotel rooftop, a boat ride on a lake, a half-hour spent in an unknown cathedral, etc.

7. To eat where everything is written in the native language and understandable

A common mistake of tourists is to limit themselves to tourist Russified “catering”. So you run the risk of not trying anything of the real local cuisine. And it’s not just about the food, it’s also important and the atmosphere of institutions and the people who work in them. By the way, try to become a regular customer of some small and nice cafe. Good service and a constant charge of positivity are sometimes much more important than the typical “understandability” of the Russian-language menu. The same applies to the recommended “eating places” – it’s boring! How long can you eat “veep’s knees” and “tom-yams”? Everyone has different taste preferences, try to find something of your own.

8. Avoid public transportation by taking a cab exclusively

Sure, you can take a cab and think you look like Johnny Depp in The Tourist. However, the place you are already in will pass for you.

Tourists and public transport

Pictured: tourists waiting for the streetcar. Budapest

Instead of a cab, try taking the local streetcar or bus, getting off at an unfamiliar stop and walking back to your hotel. I agree, it’s not very efficient, and there won’t necessarily be any sights on the way – but it’s interesting!

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9. Do it the way the guides tell you to do it.

More often than not, tour guides are businesslike, intimidating tourists by stifling their will to have a good vacation. “You can change money only at the hotel”, “Never turn off the avenue, you will be robbed”, “Why do you have to take the train, you know what the fines are there…”, “Why do you have to go there yourself – it’s more fun in a group and on our bus”. Remember that guides advise only what is profitable for them. In addition, even a good guide may have different ideas from yours about what is interesting. Look for what is right for you! As an example, the story of how a man listened carefully to the guide, and … did things his own way – went to the Salvador Dali Museum on their own.

10) Saving on a good travel insurance

It happens that for health reasons, a tourist can lose his entire vacation. However, a tourist who doesn’t care about health insurance and ends up losing both his vacation and a lot of money for medical treatment looks like the wrong tourist, to say the least.

11. Look like a tourist.

This is not a matter of aesthetics, it’s a matter of safety. The tourist who from the first day of his trip dressed in souvenir shirts, toting handbags and bags with photographic equipment and wandering in the most crowded tourist areas, every minute pulling that card, then a wallet – it is a real challenge to the local criminals.

12. Looking down on the staff

Tourists with staff

In the photo: Waitress takes an order from a tourist in Paris.

The bourgeois attitude may be to cherish some complexes of its owners, but it is guaranteed to add problems during the vacation. I’ve seen the owners of boorish manners get longer service in restaurants and “mistakes” in the bills.

13. Trying to save money on small things

For example, if you decide to spend a few days in New York City in Manhattan, do not try to save money and settle in dubious hotels – cheaper than $ 150 per night normal hotels in Manhattan does not exist. With that kind of “savings” you are guaranteed a bad experience. I don’t understand people who spend a thousand dollars on a flight and then save $30-50 on a hotel to stay up all night chasing bedbugs and cockroaches… Of course, the impression of New York will be ruined. If you want to save so much money, it is better to rent a room in an apartment in New York. But hotels with a rating below 7.5 in NY – it is guaranteed a spoiled holiday or you are an absolutely unpretentious person to cleanliness.

Cities of the central coast of Vietnam

14. Taking pictures all the time.

Tourists who take too many pictures

In the picture: the tourists who always take pictures don’t see anything…

It is possible that your entire trip will be thoroughly documented by your camera, but you personally get nothing: no memories, no fun. However, some people take pictures to make a little money on the trip.

15. Always be in touch.

If you go on vacation, why do you have to deal with the picture every minute on the phone? Train your smartphone to be a silent companion, and to do this, turn on the magic “airplane” mode more often.

16. Overloading yourself with shopping.

Tourists spend too much energy on shopping

In the photo: tourist shopaholics warming up in an outlet

Buy crystal and shoes in the morning, and then run around with this stuff on all excursions, sweating and pale… This is probably the best way to ruin your vacation. If you’re going on a shopping spree, don’t hesitate to take a day off and head to one of the best outlet stores in Europe.

17. Stay at only one hotel during the trip.

Even if you come on a tour and your stay is already paid for, indulge in a little day trip to a nearby city. It does not matter if you have to spend the night there in another hotel. The main thing is to book a hotel at least a couple of hours before arrival, so you do not waste time looking for a hotel in the area.

After a while you will realize that it was this unplanned trip and was the most memorable event of the entire vacation. It’s trips like this that are where truly free travel begins!

18. Trying to fill each day with “activities.”

There’s no reason to fill every day of your vacation with tourist hustle and bustle. After all, it’s a LEASE! Spend a day without any plans or excursions. Lie on the grass in the park, swim in the pool, read a book in a cafe, look at the local fishermen.

Tourists resting in a park. Madrid

Pictured: tourists having a good time in Retiro Park, Madrid

Happiness consists of just such quiet and pleasant little things. Maybe in a year you will remember those moments, not the sights or the tours, and you will realize how happy you were.

“Travelers” are an endangered species, not to be confused with “tourists,” that migratory locust that swoops in in a dark cloud, devouring everything around, irritating the ear with the incessant grinding of its chewing jaws, clings to monuments as if they were edible, concealing their color, sees nothing, except the only eye of its camera, and flees away, leaving space for the next flock to ravage. The traveler, on the other hand, even if he has only a few hours to spare, moves leisurely, looking at faces, catching smells, trying to comprehend the beating of the very heart of the city; walking through the streets, he thinks, compares, and in order to compare, he remembers; he finds even time to dream. He merges with the city for the brief moments he spends in it. Maurice Druon

19. to be afraid of being funny

Sometimes tourists are very important, thinking that they have no right to look silly – they’re respectable grown-up men and women. Not for nothing! They deprive themselves of their freedom. Why not relax? After all, you’re in a foreign country, and for a short time, so it’s normal to make mistakes. The advanced tourist treats their mistakes as a fun learning game. This attitude helps to travel with a positive attitude:).

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20. Watch only Russian channels.

Binding yourself to Russian channels you risk spending your vacation in a twilight state of mind. It is much more positive to refuse from the TV at all, or watch local channels. It broadens your horizons and makes you feel the atmosphere of an unfamiliar city.

21. Dress uncomfortably and out of place

When tourists dress uncomfortably and inappropriately

In the photo: Tourist fashion is sometimes very severe…

Graciously tapping the Prague cobblestones in stilettos or importantly walking into a restaurant in wet beach shorts are great options to worsen your karma during your vacation:)

22. Travel not for yourself, but for VKontakte, Instagram, etc.

Taking millions of selfies in the hope of getting a few likes from people you don’t know on Facebook or Instagram… Why? While you’re at it, the real journey is passing you by!

23. Grumble at anything out of the ordinary.

You’re bound to encounter a lot of unfamiliar and incomprehensible things when you travel. Try not to be annoyed by it, thinking that all our usual stuff is better. We do not travel to prove to someone that we live better or worse. We travel to bring something new and interesting into our lives, to learn something.

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