What is worth seeing in Nice, France?

What to see in Nice in 1 day – 16 the most interesting places

The old French resort is often visited by tourists passing through. But you can discover the charm of Nice only if you have gathered information about the sights in advance. Then you can plan your time and visit the places the description of which interests you. What to see in Nice in 1 day by yourself? You can do quite a lot.

Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais, Nice

This place should be seen first. The promenade is the “soul” of the city. It is very long – about 7 km, and you can walk just a part of it, but you can see a lot. The embankment was built in the 19th century. The desire to have such a zone for walks was expressed by the British, who bought plots of land near the sea. Today there are always a lot of people, both locals and tourists. They come here to walk, breathe the sea air, “to see others and show themselves” – as the proverb says.

The promenade stretches from the Bay of Angels to the airport. Here are the main tourist attractions of Nice. You can also see the remarkable beauty of villas and hotels. The promenade remembers many famous people. Friedrich Nietzsche, members of the ruling Romanov dynasty, and now you can meet here the stars of theater and film. And of course, there are cafes and restaurants, where you can eat, and stores where souvenirs are sold.

Park “Phoenix”.

Parc Phoenix, Nice

A beautiful place that can be seen not only as a local landmark, but also as a place to relax. The park is located by the sea and covers an area of about 70 thousand m2. It is at the same time a botanical garden, a beautiful zoo and a zone for promenade. It presents 20 climate zones – and therefore gathered the plants growing in these zones. Tourists will see ferns and olives, cacti and citrus trees, cypresses, agaves and more.

Visitors are impressed with the tropical greenhouse, which can be viewed all year round: the plants are under the dome. There are many orchids, as well as flowers and vines that naturally grow in the jungle. A huge number of walking paths, beautiful scenery, air infused with the scent of flowers – all this is “Phoenix”. Here you rest your body and soul. The pond, which is located under the open sky, is inhabited by swans, pelicans, a variety of ducks.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens, Nice

Another place you should definitely go to if you like scenic views. The park is located on a hill. From here you can admire the Var River and the Esterel Mountains. The botanical garden also features different climatic zones. But the plants here are not only ornamental. There are also aromatic, medicinal and even poisonous species. The latter are worth getting to know for the sake of avoiding them in nature. Scientists study the plants in the botanical garden – their life cycle, from the first sprouts to withering.

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In this way, nature has the most natural look possible here – you can see both young plants and old ones. It is very interesting to see trees and shrubs from North and South America, from Australia and Africa. Particularly impressive are the exotic sage species with very beautiful flowers. Entrance to the botanical garden is free, if you want you can arrange a tour.

Massena Square

Place Massena, Nice

This square, located in the center of the city, will make you think of Paris. It’s hard to leave, you want to walk around and see everything. It appeared two centuries ago. And immediately became very popular. The reason is its location: between the old part of Nice and the street that leads to the train station. The square once bore the name of King Charles Albert. French troops under Marshal Massena occupied the city in 1792.

The marshal himself was a native of Nice. Hence the new name. The river Payon, which once divided the square into two parts, now flows underground, encased in a metal pipe. Piazza Massena is paved with stone slabs, the light ones alternating with the dark ones, so that the surface resembles a chessboard.

It used to be a car-passenger road; today it has a light streetcar line and a pedestrian-only zone. The fountain of the Sun, surrounded by bronze figures symbolizing the planets, is an eye-catcher. Tourists take pictures next to another composition – on seven pillars there are seated men representing the continents. And this composition is called “Dialogue in Nice”.

Albert I Garden

Jardin Albert I, Nice

To visit this garden – do not go far. It is located between the Promenade des Anglais and Place Massena. It’s hard to believe that such a quiet and harmonious place can be found in the center of the city. This beautiful garden is not impressed by the diversity of plant species, the main place here is occupied by palms and roses.

However, everything here is very thoughtful and sophisticated, because it is one of the oldest gardens in the country, it was laid out in the 19th century and got its present name in 1914. It was Albert the First who became famous for his determination, firmness of spirit and faith in victory during the First World War, when France was fighting Germany. At first there was only a park, then sculptures and fountains began to appear.

There is a music kiosk – it was put here in the middle of the 19th century, when Nice became part of France. Beautiful fountain Triton, attract attention busts of famous people, unusual and beautiful is the Arc de Venet made of black metal. Its height is 19 meters, and it symbolizes the harmonious relationship between modern art and nature. You can come here with children – there is a playground for them. Numerous slides, merry-go-rounds, communication with peers – no doubt all this will please your child.

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Opera Theater

Opera House, Nice

You can see the opera house from the outside – the building itself is very beautiful. And if you have time – try to get to one of the performances. Some of the most famous artists of the world perform on stage. The theater is located in the city center, near the waterfront. It began to be built at the end of the 18th century, initiated by the Marquis Ally-Maccarani, a great lover of opera.

Almost immediately, the theater became very popular, both in Nice and abroad. Unfortunately, a century later, while the opera Lucia de Lammemoor was on stage, there was a fire that caused great damage to the building. It took several years to rebuild. The theater reopened its doors to the public in 1885. The old building is shaped like a horseshoe. It is symbolic – a horseshoe brings happiness.

On the walls you can see paintings and frescoes. The first performance, played after the reconstruction, was the opera “Aida”. In the 20th century, the area of the theater was expanded. And still fans of opera music come here to enjoy the voices of famous performers, masterfully made scenery and the atmosphere of the theater itself.

Hotel Negresco

Hotel Negresco, Nice

The famous hotel has long been a symbol of Nice. It was built in 1913 and it’s hard to name all the famous people who have stayed there since then. Among the guests of Negresco were Ernest Hemingway and Coco Chanel, the most famous artists and painters of the time.

Marlene Dietrich and Salvador Dali also liked the hotel. The beautiful white building looks like a palace. Its rooms and suites are unique – no two are alike. Various styles are represented here, from Louis the Thirteenth to modern times. Canopied beds sit beside flat-screen TVs.

The Negresco has excellent restaurants and bars – you can visit them and admire the interiors at the same time. You will have a feeling that you got in a museum. And, of course, the food and drinks here are the most refined. If something interests you – ask, the staff speaks Russian. Walking around the hotel, you can meet some of its famous guests.

Old Town

Old town, Nice

This is the most ancient part of Nice, it is a real labyrinth of narrow streets. Small restaurants, craftsmen’s shops, artists’ exhibitions – there’s nothing there! The best way to get around is on foot: a car will not get through and you will need to lift your bicycle up and down the stairs.

The old part of Nice is a triangle enclosed between the Castle Hill, the promenade and the Garibaldi square. This is where the city was in the 17th century. Women used to wash their laundry in the Pajón River, and there was a market, shops, and residences here. Until now, there are two parallel lives here – local people and tourists. The inhabitants of the old part of Nice go to bed relatively early and shut the windows.

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And in the morning the housewives go to the market, the shopkeepers open the doors. Tourists walk here until late at night. They are mesmerized by the beauty of the buildings, the romance of the narrow streets, the inexpressible charm of the ancient churches. It’s always cool here, even in the hot summer a fresh breeze blows. We can suggest visiting the Lascari Palace or climbing the Bellanda Tower, which is worth using as an observation deck.

St. Reparata Cathedral

Sainte Reparata Cathedral, Nice

A magnificent Catholic cathedral that is located in the old part of Nice. It is crowned with a Latin cross, which makes you think of Italy. The ornate facade is decorated in Baroque style and the dome is covered with tiles. The cathedral was built on the site of an old church dedicated to the same saint. It was consecrated at the end of the 17th century, but the facade was given its present appearance in the 19th century. The bell tower was added in the mid-18th century. Be sure to visit the cathedral, it’s very beautiful inside as well.

The rich decor, the dome symbolizing paradise, all make a great impression. St. Reparata is considered the patroness of the city. She was killed for her Christian faith in Palestine, and her body, resting in a boat, ended up in Nice with the help of angels. That is why one of the coves in the city is so named: the Bay of Angels. Above the altar, which appeared here in the 17th century, you can see the image of Saint Reparata. Also in the cathedral there are 10 exquisite chapels decorated with beautiful paintings and frescoes.

Flower Market

Flower market, Nice

The market is located on Cours Saleya Street. It opens early in the morning, but you should take into account that on Mondays they do not sell flowers, but various antiques. That’s also very interesting. On all other days you can wander around the market, enjoying the aromas of flowers, spices, fruit, fresh bread.

If you come here early in the morning, you can buy buds that haven’t bloomed yet, the freshest fruits and vegetables, buns just out of the oven. If you come here in the evening, you’ll get a great discount. Cut flowers, bulbs, seeds and sprouts are sold here. They offer a great variety of overseas spices. Nearby there are cafes and restaurants where you can eat.

Even if they sell the goods that interest you at the entrance, don’t buy them at once, walk around the market and bargain. There are so many temptations that you may be left penniless in a couple of minutes.

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By the way, if you are still undecided about gifts for loved ones – you should look for them here. Amazing plants for sale at the Flower Market can decorate windowsills or home gardens of your friends.

Castle Hill

Chateau Hill, Nice

You can get to Castle Hill with the help of an elevator, a special little train or on foot. The height of the hill is less than 100 meters so that even children can “climb”. But you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of Nice. Napoleon the Third, who was here, claimed that he had never seen a more beautiful scenery. From here you can see the bay, the promenade, the port and the city itself.

The castle is not here, although it once was and played an important role in defending the city. In the mid-16th century it was besieged by French-Turkish troops, and later the Duke of Savoy restored and strengthened the fortifications. But the troops of Louis the Fourteenth in the early 18th century turned the castle into ruins. In 1830 a park was laid out on the hill – by order of King Charles of Sardinia. Felix. Over the years, this place became more and more beautiful.

Today there are many alleys, the trees provide shade, you can sit on one of the benches, breathing in the scent of flowers and pine. There are also cafes that always sell refreshments and sweets for children. There is also a beautiful large waterfall and remained ruins of fortress walls. You should also visit the cemetery on the hillside, where many famous people are buried. For example, Alexander Herzen.

Church of Notre-Dame-de-Nice

Notre-Dame-de-Nice Church, Nice

It is a relatively “young” landmark, the church appeared here in the middle of the 19th century, when Nice stopped being an Italian city and became a French one. The new authorities wanted to add something elegant and sophisticated to the cityscape. So the prototype of the new cathedral was Notre-Dame de Paris, one of the main symbols of Paris. The cathedrals are indeed similar, but of course there are enough differences.

The church, located in the center of Nice, is in neo-Gothic style, its towers rise 65 meters high and are visible from anywhere in the city. Between the towers is an elegant Gothic rosette. The stained glass windows, depicting one of the main Christian feasts, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, are also beautiful. Music concerts are also often held in this church. Perhaps you can go to one of them.

Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port

Notre-Dame-du-Port Church, Nice

Another beautiful church is the Church of the Immaculate Conception, built in the mid-19th century. Its location – on the shore – also determined the composition of the parishioners. For services began to come fishermen and their families who lived nearby. Today the church is very popular with tourists. It was built in the classical style – the portico, large columns … Here you can see a very beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary, as well as look at a series of paintings “The Way of the Cross”. Presumably, their author is Emmanuel Coste. There are beautiful palm trees growing near the old building.

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Cruise port.

Cruise port, Nice

This is the real sea gateway of the city. The piers are next to the beautiful promenade. Yachts and luxury cruise ships dock here. And the water is so clean you can go fishing. Nice, since its formation, needed its own port. Its construction began in the mid-18th century under Charles Emmanuel the Third. And it took almost 150 years to build the port facilities.

There appeared swimming pools, breakwaters, to the future port had a convenient road from the year. Later, the area was expanded, and a lighthouse appeared here. It was destroyed during World War II, and later rebuilt. Its current height is 21m. In addition to the lighthouse here you can admire the very picturesque yachts and fishing boats, as well as the old buildings surrounding the port. There is also the church of Notre-Dame-du-Port. There are many monuments nearby.

MAMAC Museum of Modern Art

MAMAC Museum of Modern Art, Nice

This museum, if you visit it, will remain in your memory forever. It was opened in 1990. Presented here are the works of contemporary artists. The architects of the museum gave it a form of four towers connected with each other by passages of glass. The height of the towers reaches 30 meters. Many tourists are not even able to find the entrance at once.

Pictures and sculptures presented here, amaze the imagination. Funny aliens, the Loch Ness Monster, a dress made from empty bottles and much more. If you come to Nice with kids, be sure to take them with you.

Marc Chagall Museum

Marc Chagall Museum, Nice

Its full name sounds unusual “National Museum “The Biblical Message of Marc Chagall”. It has to do with the fact that Chagall gave France 17 paintings, which are illustrations of the Old Testament. In addition, you can see here and other paintings of the artist. The museum was opened in the summer of 1973 at the initiative of the writer André Malraux.

The building is made of stone and is surrounded by a garden. Three rooms contain paintings of religious content, in the first room – in cool colors, in the second room – in warm, in the third – mixed. There is also a concert hall and a store where reproductions of Marc Chagall’s paintings are on sale.

As you can see, there are a lot of attractions in Nice and if you do not have time to see everything in 1 day – will be a reason to come back to this wonderful city.

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