What is hidden from the eyes of tourists in Thailand

The whole truth about the horrors of the kingdom of Thailand

Ladies and gentlemen – only today and only now the whole truth about the horrors that await the Russian tourist in the kingdom of Thailand. There are so many myths and legends about it that I just can not go by – I have to scare everyone more, more and more!

In my wanderings on the Internet came across a phenomenal creation, which, if I had read it earlier, has forever repulsed me from this beautiful country. But as it happens, in my wanderings around the world, I ended up in Thailand a little before I saw it.

And so – a death knell, debunking myths and legends about a particular country. Well, and the restoration of historical justice, so to speak. In italics I single out the text of a seasoned traveler, the usual font will be used for explanations.

You decided to have a rest and you think where to go this time. You come across a prospectus about Thailand, you look with interest at the smiles on Asian faces, elephants and flowers, you read about exotic food, sea excursions and anticipate a pleasant holiday in a fabulous bounty, you see yourself and your family sitting in a soft lounge chair in the shade of palm trees, and already distinctly hear the soft surf at your feet.

Pssh… Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. I’m going to change the picture.

Thailand is a pretty big third-world country on the edge of the universe. These impoverished natives are lucky enough to have at their disposal palm trees and the sea, and now they live off this random gift of fate, peddling it to tourists from different countries. What lies behind the seductive beauty of advertising posters?

And it hides the fact that the average income of Thais is lower than the average income of the Russian, however, thanks to government support, any, even a poor Thai has a place to live and his car (in rural areas). So do not whirr about the fact that the poor run away in droves and grab hands – this is from Egyptian opera.

First of all, it is widespread unsanitary conditions. In any case you should not go if you are used to clean food. Even in the expensive restaurants there is no control of sanitary and fire supervision for how and what is prepared there. An expensive restaurant? Just behind a nice facade will be a dirty kitchen, where unwashed Thai beggars will cook on an open fire your seafood pulled from dirty buckets, and wash your plates in the same common bucket. I’m not even talking about the cheap eateries where it’s just scary to go. Recently, the deadly E.coli bacteria appeared in Thailand. In a nutshell – be prepared to sit in the junk for days, and stock up on medication.

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I agree about cleanliness. Thais don’t have the same passion for hygiene as outsiders. Flying here would have had a stroke – but what can you do. After a couple of days to the indifference and unwashed hands gradually become accustomed to and stop paying attention to them. As for getting poisoned – here you know, gentlemen, here’s the thing – the Thai food is times sharper, it’s almost impossible to get poisoned. But to get an upset stomach because of the unusual food – as much as possible. Therefore it is recommended to eat the majority of dishes not just for fun, but with rice, which, incidentally, a wonderful adsorbent.

If you don’t want Thai food, you can go to the chain restaurants, where all the international standards are respected.

Take all the medicine you can take, because there is no medicine in Thailand. For Thais, there is a free $1 visit, and they are treated accordingly. Soviet tattered hospitals will seem like paradise compared to Thai hospitals filled with leper peasants with soggy stumps, strapped with rags and rags.

There’s nothing wrong with Thai medicine. Health care there is organized according to the American system, and thanks to reform, the poorest segments of the population have access to medical care. Private clinics are fabulous, Thai surgeons and dentists come from all over the world, and government clinics are also quite normal. As for leprosy, then the author used data for the 60s of the twentieth century, then yes – there were about 100 thousand patients.

As for medicines of all – first I advise to get acquainted with what you can bring into Thailand, because otherwise you risk becoming familiar with the Thai prisons.

Theft is rampant. Never leave anything more or less valuable without constant supervision, and remember that what does not seem valuable to you, seems valuable to the natives. A towel or sunscreen will be stolen from you faster than a video camera. At the airport you are likely to get your suitcases gutted, on the bus and your luggage is almost guaranteed to climb, the maid is happy to steal your brooch from your room.

Bangkok - the birthplace of floating markets

No matter how many times we’ve been to Thailand, we’ve never been robbed. Keep track of things should be like in any country in the world, as for your sunscreen – Thais do not care about it. They do not use it anyway – they have a different culture of skin care, the main thing there is whitening, not protection (although recently began to change). But the cream and towel – do not worry.

Remember that in Thailand you are nobody. In case of any conflict, the Thais will protect the Thais and will cheat you for money at any opportunity. You were cheated? Something stolen? Or worse, did you get into a fight with a Thai? No one to complain. The police will charge you even more money than the Thais demand, not to mention lawyers. It could even go to jail!

Well, that’s the truth. You don’t like it? Well, I think it’s okay. You have to protect your residents (I wish we could do the same).

Lichen dogs will walk on your beach, if there is one at all in your hotel. Often instead of the beach – the sharp coral, which can cut your feet, and in this climate, any wound will heal and fester for a month. The sun burns so that you burn for ten minutes under direct rays. The sea is full of creepers, from plankton and small jellyfish, the scars of which will remain on your body forever, to stingrays-killers, which are sharp thorns shred leg, if you step on them under water. Think snakes and scorpions, and especially scorpions that can easily crawl under your door. Do you need one?

Even a vet won’t be able to tell you if your dog has her herpes – they usually expose you with special lamps and take microscopic skin samples to detect it. As for the other horrors – do not climb into the water, where there is no specially equipped beach, and corals with stingrays – your feet will not be afraid. I, however, several trips to Thailand and failed to catch the proverbial stingray chopping his leg, but I keep hoping that at least one eye on him to look.

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You can’t get out of the hotel without security. Read the news – almost daily foreigners are killed or imprisoned, all the time some kind of riots, seizures of airports, border war with the Cambodians, in the south Muslims explode bombs, and the chaos on the streets would make you think three times before trying to cross any road. There are no traffic rules here, and don’t think that getting in a tuk tuk will save you from the mayhem on the roads. A tuk tuk is just as lawless, and you have enough adrenaline for another year. Remember the constant floods and earthquakes! Read the news – “Tourists in Puket are beaten, cheated, and humiliated”, “Russian citizens were injured in an accident in Thailand”, “In Thailand, seven tourists were poisoned with bed bug remedy”, “Russian tourist is missing in Thailand”, “Tourist in Pattaya swam over the buoys and got under the boat”… and so every day.

If you don’t swim out of the buoys, you won’t get hit by a speedboat. With the traffic rules in Thailand is normal (especially if you compare with Vietnam), well, as for not going out of the hotel without security … Well, where to get so many orans for all the tourists that?

There were never enough guards for me and I could not understand how I survived. Not only did I survive, but I wasn’t even attacked once… that’s not good. As for the floods and earthquakes, and the constant ones, I was shocked/ How did I miss them all?

Food is a separate story. Of the things that can be at least somehow eaten are roasted vegetables, and we don’t know what pesticides were used to grow them. Everything else just blows your mind – fried bugs, maggots or rotten fish – this is not a joke, but a normal daily meal. Or chili pepper salad with green bitter papaya with raw crabs eaten right off the shell. There are some adapted dishes, but they are still to be found. What-what, fruit, you say? Don’t you want rashes and swellings in the range?

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Did I write that chain restaurants in Thailand are a dime a dozen? As for the rash and swelling, you can get it from strawberries too, so it’s simple – don’t take everything in your mouth.

It’s expensive, just up to your neck. Yes, for the poor Thais themselves, all the prices are very different. But you, with a different set of eyes and not speaking Thai and even often English, will pay for everything three times, if not four times. The Russians living here, be sure to double the already charged price on excursions, and any cab driver will demand thirty dollars as soon as he takes you around the nearest corner.

To scam a sucker love in every country, as for the mass of the phenomenon – in Thailand, as elsewhere.

Maybe you’re going for a massage? You may think that the whole country is full of professional masseurs and on every corner will give you a competent massage. No, you will almost certainly leave with bruises from a woman who because of her age changed her profession from a prostitute to a masseuse, having learned to mimic a “massage”. Demand a certificate!

Look, come on, in the end let’s admit – for a massage need to go to a massage parlor, and for prostitutes – to prostitutes. If you’re looking for something cheaper – then narvetesb. There are plenty of chain massage parlors in Thailand, which operate in compliance with all standards.

Prostitutes will grab you by the sleeves and drag you into brothels, ladyboys will not let you pass, grab your testicles with one hand and steal your watch with the other, gays of all stripes will throw themselves at your feet from the back alleys, begging you to look into their eyes. The standard of living in this country is so low that, of course, no one ever gets checked out by a venereologist – so think a thousand times before you make any decision by looking into those eyes.

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Where? Where did the author find such a miracle. Why haven’t I ever been attacked by a woman, and why haven’t I ever been offered any favors by a man who has been turned into a woman?

Crowds of drunken foreigners will walk through the streets singing songs, flying cockroaches and rats in piles of leftovers in the street, immediately before your eyes will happen a motorcycle accident, but no one will pay attention to it – here it’s common, bullets whizzing overhead, and all this mess – every night! The air of Thailand – hot and humid, rotten, with dusk, not giving the long-awaited coolness, forcing the tiniest cuts do not heal, and bleed crusty, will not let you sleep. And the ubiquitous mosquitoes, from which there is almost no escape?

That’s terrible. Really awful, because the only thought that comes to mind is what the author consumed when he was in Thailand if he had huge cockroaches flying around and rats crawling. What quarters did he hang around in, maybe no further than the dumpsters?

The biggest insect we ever got was a dragonfly. Or a dragonfly. You’re not likely to see anything more terrifying unless you get high, stoned, or otherwise expand your consciousness.

If you do decide to go to Thailand, think thrice about your family, friends and especially children – is it worth exposing them to such a risk? Do not believe tour operators, who just want to make money on you – Thailand is good for hardened extreme people, a normal person of their own free will in this hell never go.

And at the same time – do not believe these writers Thai – a beautiful, hospitable country where you can relax on a buzz and not very expensive, where there are beautiful beaches with clean water (not everywhere), delicious fruit, which is different from the ones you buy at home and a lot of attractions.

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