What is amazing about life in Greece – peculiar lifestyle and culture

Modern Greece. Features of life and traditions of the country.

Destinations for tourism are becoming more and more every year. One of the most popular is Greece. Interesting routes, affordable prices and, of course, the warm sea attract millions of people who want to visit modern Hellas. But before you go on vacation or permanent residence in the southern part of Europe, you need to get an idea of the cultural characteristics and traditions of the country. Learn more about the country where democracy, theater and the Olympics were born in this article.

The people of Greece are very hospitable and it’s not an exemplary trait to attract tourists. Hospitality reigns in every home and if you find yourself visiting a Greek family be prepared at least to treat yourself to a cup of coffee and do not refuse the traditional treats offered.

By the way, coffee is a traditional drink in the country, which likes to drink in the morning in the coffee houses, even the retired people and the drivers of public transport. Therefore, for tea lovers it will be very difficult to find a tasty oolong in the country.

Greeks love and honor tradition, so only in Greece there is a concept of “our tavern,” which implies a favorite family institution attended for decades, and sometimes even generations.

The pace of life

Greece resembles some Southern European and Mediterranean countries in its lifestyle. A long lunch break is an integral part of business life and is reminiscent of the Spanish siesta. The leisurely rhythm, mostly shaped by hot days, is felt in all spheres of activity, even in banking and tax institutions.

Many tourists who visit the country during their vacation forget that Greece belongs to the Levantine countries, so bargaining here is not only possible, but necessary. This tradition is actively supported by market vendors, who can sell their goods and drop the price for up to half an hour. Buyers who are willing to pay money for the goods without a dispute are commonly referred to as simpletons.

Development of speleotourism

In Greece, the entire population communicates in Greek and is happy to give advice to tourists on pronunciation. But a considerable part of Greeks are able to communicate in English, in some hotels the staff even knows German. In restaurants and taverns understand the Russian language, as among the hired staff are many natives of the former CIS countries.

The locals are very pleased to hear the attempts of foreigners, even if not entirely successful, to express their thoughts in Greek. Greeks respect any word in broken Greek, so do not be afraid to say something wrong, no one will judge you. It will be enough to say hello with a familiar “kalimer” to make contact with a stranger.


The people of Greece are religious and 98% of all believers are Orthodox Christians, 2% are Muslims, Jews and Catholics. Icons and images can be seen in every home, office and even public transportation. Some schools have the Law of God on their curriculum. The constitution does not forbid a change of religion, but local canons officially block a change of denomination. Almost 100% of newly married couples get married in Greece.

Traditions and Holidays

Traditions are respected and observed by all locals. On any Greek island you will find inhabitants who proudly wear the national dress. Traditional Greek dances are known all over the world and in Greece you can see them with your own eyes at any local festival: festivals, carnivals, panegyrics.

Holidays in Greece are loved by everyone and celebrated them in a big way. There are not many of them a year – 12. One of the most striking is Easter. Colorful processions are an integral part of the festivities and begin on Good Friday.

Each year in the capital of the country’s rock festival Rockwave, which brings together in the open air performers and foreigners from around the world. Alongside this, all tourists can catch the Sailing Regatta in August and the Wine Festival in July. The final holiday of the year is Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25.

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National cuisine

Traditional establishments in Greece are tavernas. It is in this institution where you can taste the national cuisine and the variety of red fresh wine, which is poured from oak barrels into liter decanters to customers and served with the main course. Some taverns specialize only in certain dishes that the chef prepares better than others. Kokoretsi (meatloaf) and brizoli (pork chops), souvlaki and moussaka are traditional. The dishes are usually flavored with lots of spices, but they are not spicy, but mild and spicy.

So be sure to try the delicious delights of Greek cuisine while in the tavern.

Taverns differ in status and price policy, but one thing is unchanged – the hospitality of the guest. As soon as the visitor sits down at the table in front of him the waiter covers the table with a snow-white tablecloth, serves fresh bread and sets the table.

Rest in Greece

In every city in Greece there is something to see. The whole country is wrapped in history and sights. So you can boldly take a guidebook in your hands and head to any city of Hellas.

Conventionally the country can be divided into island and continental part. There are more than 900 islands in Greece and some part of them is not inhabited by people. Measured beach vacation can be found on the islands of the Ionian archipelago. The most popular and developed among Ionian Islands is Corfu. There are a lot of places of interest and tourist attractions on its territory, including diving centers, nightclubs and bars.

The islands of Crete and Santorini are waiting for holidaymakers who prefer nightlife and a noisy holiday. Santorini is one of the most famous and popular islands in Greece. It is famous for its ancient chapels, museums and beautiful sunsets which are portrayed in booklets and magazines.The cleanest beaches are located on the peninsula of Halkidiki and are municipal, so you can get in for free.

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The only island on which entry of tourists is forbidden – is Athos. It is a monastic republic, and on its territory there are 18 monasteries. Pilgrims can enter the island only after obtaining permission from the prefecture of Thessaloniki.

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