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10 countries worth visiting in 2022

Every year Lonely Planet publishes a Best in Travel list of the best countries, regions and cities to travel to. A beautifully designed hardcover edition can be purchased on the official website. In the meantime, we will tell you about the countries you must visit in 2022 (if they are opened for Kazakhstani citizens, of course).

Cook Islands

The islands are at the top of the list of countries to visit in 2022. They are a self-governing state in the Polynesian Pacific Ocean, which is located in the northeast of New Zealand.

The islands are of volcanic origin, so there are many mountains in the territory, where hiking tours are organized. Beach lovers can relax on the wide sandy beaches or swim in the natural pools of the mountain river Papua. Extremes can climb volcanoes – such as the ancient volcano Rangimotia on Mangaya Island, visit the Makatea bird forest, go to pearl farms, pick pineapples, vanilla and coconuts at Lake Tiriara and go fishing in Arutanga.

What’s worth keeping in mind when planning trips to the Cook Islands?

This is one of the most pristine Polynesian archipelagos: it has not yet had time to be spoiled by mass tourism. That is why there is no usual vacation with All-Inclusive service or popular fast food outlets.

From July to October you can watch the migrating whales on the Islands: buy a fishing tour and go water hunting.

The archipelago – namely Aitutaki Lagoon – has a well-developed pearl fishery. Only to go pearl fishing, you need to get permission from the authorities.

There are not many national holidays and festivals for recreation: in the second week of February there is the Cultural Festival, when a competition in the making of quilted clothes “tivayevae”. The third week of April is the Te Mire Kapa dance festival, and in July the Song Quest music festival is celebrated for five weeks. The main festival of the year is Cook Islands Independence Day.

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Food prices are quite high; about one and a half to two times higher than in Almaty, which is not unimportant for those who plan to vacation with their families.

The main pluses of recreation in the Cook Islands – snow-white beaches, visa-free regime and relatively cheap prices for accommodation.


Norway is a country of the Scandinavian Peninsula, known for its incredible nature. Coming here, you can see the picturesque fjords surrounded by mossy rocks, northern lights and polar day, pristine lakes and dormant volcanoes, mighty glaciers and waterfalls.

The infrastructure is well-developed here: there are hiking trails of varying difficulty. Almost every hiking area is equipped with hotels and guest houses in the best Nordic traditions.

This is the best country for those who come with a tent. There is a law according to which you can put a tent anywhere: the only condition is that it does not disturb anyone.

Safety regardless of the city: the police, ambulances and other social institutions work well here. By the way, the rules of the road in the country are strictly enforced.

Eco-friendliness. In Norway the trash is properly recycled: if you turn in a bottle, it will be rewarded.

It’s very expensive here. Even staying in a hostel is not cheap. Norway is one of the five most expensive countries, and Oslo is one of the most expensive capitals in the world. If you do not come to the country for the gastronomic discoveries, then buy in supermarkets (such as Rema 1000 or Coop) and cook yourself.

The locals are introverts: talking to the first person you meet and asking for help may not be so easy.

To get around you’ll need a car to fill up with gas (a liter of gasoline costs 300 tenge and more). We recommend taking an electric car to save on gasoline.

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The weather here is unpredictable: better bring a waterproof jacket and backpack, even if you come in summer.

Below is Ptushkin’s vlog about Norway, if you haven’t seen it yet.

The Island of Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island nation in East Africa in the Indian Ocean. While vacationing here, you can see many unique natural wonders in the form of waterfalls under water, extinct volcanoes and mountain peaks.

The island has a lot of architecture that has been preserved since the colonial era. Be sure to visit the colored lands of Chamarel, where blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red and yellow patterns in waves decorate the dunes of solidified volcanic rock. Also worthy of special attention are the extinct Tru-o-Serf volcano in the town of Cuirpipe, the hammer-shaped Le Morne-Braban Peninsula, and the Grie-Grie Cliffs.

What should tourists remember before traveling to Mauritius?

Tourists do not need vaccinations, despite its location in Africa: the country has no outbreak of malaria or ebola. There are also no poisonous animals, insects and plants: a definite plus for leisure.

It is very comfortable: the temperature of the air and ocean is pleasant for recreation all year round. Sometimes cyclones rage on the island, so check the weather before you go.

The flight to the island is quite long: for example, from Moscow a direct flight takes 12 hours. There are no direct flights from Almaty, you can fly with a connection from Istanbul. The flight from Istanbul to Mauritius takes about 10 hours.

Mauritius has great beaches: go to the north-west or south of the island for white sand and turquoise water. For example, the beach at Trou aux Biches or Flick en Flac. They, by the way, are free.

Mauritius is pretty boring: no partying (only in the North) or historical sites, and the underwater world is pretty limited.

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Belize is a small state in Central America, which was called British Honduras until 1973.

First of all you should go to the national parks of the country: Guanacaste and Blue Hole, which are located in the capital Belmopan. There are also many places in the country that have been preserved from the ancient Mayan people: for example, the caves of St. Herman, where sacrifices were made. Travelers can relax at Key Caulker Beach and be impressed by the Great Blue Hole, a huge sinkhole in the middle of the ocean.

You can always come here for a winter vacation: it’s warm. In winter the temperature does not drop below 21 ° C, and in summer – 25 ° C.

In Belize you can do incredible diving and snorkeling, because the Barrier Reef is located just off its coast.

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