What can and should you see in Paris when you visit the city? Beginner’s Guide

What to see in Paris in one day

Paris is the boulevards, and also the spire of the Eiffel Tower, which is visible from every corner of the city.

There are hundreds of museums, cathedrals, parks and stores. It may seem that to explore the city not even a year is not enough. But to make a first impression of Paris, a day is enough.

I made a route of 12 km. In a day it is easy to walk, even at a leisurely pace. It’s enough to see the main points of the city and to feel its atmosphere.

Champs-Elysées is the largest avenue in Paris, which runs from the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre. On the Champs Elysees there are always street performers, so it is always noisy and crowded.

The Louvre is accessible only after standing in a long line. A quick look at a small part of the exhibits will take a few more hours. If you have only a day in Paris, it is not worth it. Instead you can relax in the Tuileries Garden, which is adjacent to the Louvre.

The Pompidou Center is a contemporary art museum that stands out brightly against the classic Parisian architecture. The creators took out all the supporting structures, pipes, elevators and stairs, so the building seems to be turned inside out. Usually famous artists’ exhibitions are held here, but if they are not, you can just look around the center from the outside.

Notre Dame de Paris is on the small island of Cité. It is believed that this is where the first inhabitants of Paris settled. At the entrance to the cathedral there is an archaeological exhibit where you can learn about the history of the founding of the city. Entrance to Notre Dame is free. It is worth spending time on it if only for the stained glass windows beneath the cathedral’s ceiling.

This article was written before the fire at Notre Dame de Paris on April 15, 2019. The frame of the building was saved, but the roof and spire collapsed

The Alexander III Bridge is directly across from the House of the Invalids. From it you can view the city from the river. The bridge is considered the most elegant in Paris, but to me it seems too pompous. Although it still warms my soul to think that in the center of France there is a place named after the Russian Tsar.

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres.

It is worth a ticket to the Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral of the House of the Invalids and a tour of the Opera.

It is best to go to the Eiffel Tower in the evening, when the many tourist groups disperse and only individual visitors remain. After sunset at the beginning of each hour the tower twinkles for a few minutes – during this time you get beautiful pictures. To get to the beginning of the twinkle, I suggest climbing the tower in the middle of the hour. When there is no long line, it takes 20 minutes to get there.


Food – It is better to avoid restaurants in tourist places: they are likely to be expensive and not very tasty, and the waiters can be rude. For a meal in the Latin Quarter, it’s a student neighborhood, and the prices are reasonable. On our itinerary it was from Notre-Dame-de-Paris to the Maison des Invalides.

The traditional French dishes are onion soup, snails in garlic sauce and raw ground beef – tartare. One dish costs 10-15 € (770-1150 P). As for drinks, I recommend to try “Kir Cassis” – a white wine with black currant syrup, usually costs 3-4 € (230-310 P ).

Safety. There are many pickpockets and crooks in tourist spots and the subway, who first “give” you something and then demand money for it. There were times when my friends living in Paris had their bags and cell phones ripped out of their hands in the subway. So be aware of your surroundings and don’t walk into dense crowds.

Mikhail Kenegesov


The Montmartre Hill is the highest point in Paris. At the top of the hill is the Basilique Sacré-Coeur, one of the most popular attractions in the French capital.

I would start my morning with Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur, and then go down the map and wherever the legs take you ))) House of Invalides as a museum with a bunch of knives and guns probably only interesting for boys :) The food prices in Paris are a pain, most of the acquaintances confessed that they snacked on supermarket snacks and fruits.

In my opinion, the Pompidou Center is a bit of a fan. I liked the Musée d’Orsay much better. It was also worth going a few meters off the proposed route to see the Hôtel de Ville, a very beautiful building. And if you have time, it’s worth stopping in Montmartre at the Basilique du Sacré Coeur.

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The best thing to do in Paris in one day is just to walk around the city and have lunch at a cafe you like, without any plans or museums. Just figuring out “your” or “not your” city so you can come back later.

Alan Galiev

Belleville in the 20th arrondissement, Grevin Wax Museum, Montparnasse Tower.

From all of the above mentioned cathedral, the tower (for once), and maybe the Louvre (if you have too much time, which is unlikely). If you already have at least a little experience wandering around Paris, it is better to spend time on the boulevards, cafes, gardens. And definitely on foot. And the benches, sitting on which you can just watch the life of this incredibly cozy city, from which you do not want to leave. And another thing that immediately strikes the eye: 80-year-old grandmothers who will give 100% handicap to our 50-year-olds.

Julia Vieira

We were in Paris for 1.5 days, and I can recommend a boat excursion from the company vedettes de paris. If you book your hotel on bookings, they send you a discount for the boat trip. It’s 1 hour long, and I can tell you it was amazing-rolling down the Seine, seeing all those sights from the water! In the Latin Quarter you can walk in the Luxembourg Garden, but it’s open until 5pm. Take that into account when planning your itinerary. I must also say that on Boulevard Saint-Germain there are a lot of nice restaurants with good prices and good food!

Yaroslav Romanov

If you want to hate Paris at first sight, do as the author advises. What’s the point of going from museum to museum when you only have 1 day? Except for the Louvre, maybe (the grounds are really beautiful, and you can spend an hour taking pictures in different locations and angles). You shouldn’t try to visit EVERYTHING, even if you’re there for a whole week, there should still be mystery and a slight understatement. Of course, I would add to this list the Montmartre district and the church on the mountain, the Luxembourg Garden, the La Défense district if you are interested in modern business architecture, a walk – a normal leisurely or a quick walk on Lime scooters – along the promenade or the city quarters. The Eiffel is both overrated and underrated at the same time. Going deliberately to it, let alone paying money to climb it, let alone dining on it, is sheer nonsense. It’s worth to come to the tower after a long interesting walk in the city closer to the evening, to take a couple of bottles of wine on the way (don’t take a little, after 10 it’s impossible to buy alcohol in stores, and the black marketeers will offer you the cheapest wine for 10 euros)), plastic glasses, jamon, cheese, salads or sandwiches, make yourself comfortable on the grass on the Mars field – make yourself some seats and an improvised table from the packages. And then just enjoy yourself. After 10 the tower will turn on the lights, and at 11, when you have already played wine, and the tower will flash the lights, the magic begins)))). That’s how one remembers Paris, and that’s how one falls in love. But they definitely don’t fall in love with the paid climbing arches/towers/other objects. And above all, leave the museums for bad weather, for winter, for a long stay in the city.

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What can and should you see in Paris when you visit the city? Beginner’s Guide

Everyone is well aware that Paris is a city of romance, love, culture, architecture of truly world importance. But not everyone is ready to accept the information that in Paris there are a lot of Arab-Muslim and other communities that openly ignore European norms, values, rules, and procedures. This applies not only to the norms of behavior, but also to culture, the rules of handling even domestic waste. Few people know that on weekends, holidays, and after holidays, Paris as a major European city, as a historical and cultural site of world significance has little in common with the view, with the ideas that we have from our school years.

What can and should be seen in Paris, visiting this city? New Visitor Guide

What can and must be seen in Paris when visiting the city? A guide for the new tourist

After the holidays, even after ordinary weekends, Paris is literally filthy, vomited, littered … And the fault for this is not only bad, uncultured, wrong Arabs or Muslims. A significant role in such a state of the French capital played by Parisians and residents of other French cities. About this you will not hear from an ordinary guide, who will try very quickly to lead you through the main cultural, historical, architectural sights, of course. But you can hear about it from our young artists, whose works are in great demand in the European market, who regularly visit not only Paris, but also many other European cities, traditionally considered a model of culture. They include young rap singers, as well as many other artists. Yes, the French also have their own peculiarities of everyday culture, culture of behavior. And the laws, rules, norms do not always play a decisive role here.

Despite this, when visiting Paris, you as a tourist should definitely pay attention both to its main sights and little-known to the general public places.

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What can and should be seen in Paris, visiting this city? New Visitor Guide

What can and must be seen in Paris when visiting the city? A guide for the new tourist

Traditionally Paris is called the capital of fashion, culture, romance, and entertainment. Paris is able to surprise, delight, and amaze you as a tourist at any time of year and in any weather. The most beloved place of tourists in Paris is well known to all Eiffel Tower. Over the history of its existence, it was visited by a total of about 300 million tourists. Near the Eiffel Tower literally around the clock there is a huge number, a whole crowd, the sea of people.

To climb the Eiffel Tower , taking a bird’s eye view of the beauty of the French capital, you will need to pay only 13 euros . But close to the Eiffel Tower itself, that is below you can stay for free as long as you want. The area under the most famous French monument is called the Champ de Mars. In the 18th century the Champ de Mars was the place of regular parades for cadets of French military academies, which include, for example, Military School or Military College, National Military College (former Collège Henriques), Saint Cyr, a number of other military, military institutions, institutions. Today here every day rests, strolls really thousands of tourists. Indifferent, that is, without emotions you as a tourist will not leave and the Louvre, which is objectively one of the richest, most complete, large museums in the world. After all, it has more than 300 thousand unique exhibits . And a giant glass pyramid or Pyramid of the Louvre , finally built in 1989, initially displeased a huge number of Parisians and residents of other cities in France. As it, in their opinion, essentially spoiled the traditional architectural ensemble of the French capital. But today the Louvre pyramid is the central entrance to the main museum of France. Where thirty, forty years ago in the center of the French capital was laid lawn, today is laid granite, specially brought from Britain .

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What can and should be seen in Paris, visiting this city? New Visitor Guide

What can and must be seen in Paris when visiting the city? A guide for the new tourist

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, also known as Notre Dame, Notre Dame de Paris, or Notre Dame de Paris is another obligatory place to visit in the French capital.

Notre Dame de Paris is the main Catholic church in France. It was here that Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned, giving him the title of Emperor of France. Entrance to the shrine today remains absolutely free for all comers. But for this reason it is almost always necessary to stand in long lines to get inside the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris.

Moreover, for the newcomers in the French capital will not remain indifferent numerous Parisian bazaars, local flea markets, where, if you are lucky, you can find an unusually valuable rarities, including paintings . After all, even many once unknown paintings by French and internationally renowned artists were acquired literally by accident at these flea markets, in endless scatterings, seemingly useless, useless junk.

What can and should be seen in Paris, visiting this city? New Visitor Guide

What can and should you see in Paris when you visit the city? Beginner’s Guide

Among the obligatory places to visit for both young people and mature, mature, wealthy and not so wealthy tourists should be included the numerous nightclubs, bars, restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, snack bars, where people literally from all over the world come on purpose. Because these institutions are generally recognized citadels of a particular direction. List, the actual location, hours of operation, routes to such institutions today can be easily found on the Internet and in any online tourist guide.

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