What a tourist can see in one day in Kharkov, Ukraine

What a tourist can see in one day in Kharkov, Ukraine

Freedom Square is the main square in Kharkov. The size of “Maidan Svobody” (as this sight is called in Ukrainian) is about five times larger than Red Square in Moscow. So to visit Kharkov and not to visit the largest square in Ukraine would be illogical.

Intercession Cathedral in Kharkov

Kharkov has a lot of orthodox sites, but the main one is rightfully considered to be the Intercession Cathedral, which is located on University Street and belongs to the Holy Protection Monastery of the same name. The monastery is one of the oldest stone buildings in modern Kharkov.

Assumption Cathedral in Kharkov

Assumption Cathedral is one of the most visited Orthodox attractions in Kharkov. The temple stands in the center of the city, at the intersection of University and Kvitka-Osnovyanenko streets. If historians are to be believed, the cathedral was built in the middle of the 17th century.

House of State Industry

House of State Industry is located on the main square of Kharkov – Svobody Square. This building, which was built in the late 20s of the last century, is impossible to walk past even today. Everyone who sees the State Industry House for the first time is impressed not only by its gigantic size, but also by its architectural style.

Kharkov Water Museum

It only seems at first glance that we know everything about water. And what can be interesting about it? It just flows. Kharkov Water Museum denies these conservative opinions. It turns out that you can talk about water for hours.

Museum of Kharkov eminent citizens named after K.I. Shulzhenkov K.I. Shulzhenko

Kharkov is the hometown of the famous singer Klavdia Shulzhenko. That is why it is no coincidence that the museum dedicated to her life and work is located exactly here. The museum has several expositions that tell about the creative path of the singer. One of the rooms fully reproduces the interior of her house.

Museum of Ceramic Tile and Sanitaryware

Despite its understated name (what can be interesting about sinks and faucets?), the museum has some interesting displays.

Museum “Space” in Kharkov

This museum is the first one opened in Ukraine, devoted to cosmonautics and ufology. You may be skeptical about the museum saying that aliens don’t exist. But a lot of people have thought that we are not alone in the universe after all, after looking into the museum.

Police Museum in Kharkov

You often see these kinds of museums in big cities. The Militia Museum in Kharkov has been open for 40 years and tells the story of local law enforcement agencies.

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Museum of Sex and Sexual Cultures of the World in Kharkov

Rare city in the world can brag of such a museum. In Ukraine it is the only one that is engaged in educational and awareness-raising activities in the field of sexual relations. Fortunately, humanity has enough experience to share.

Holocaust Museum in Kharkov

The only museum in Ukraine that tells about the persecution of Jews during World War II operates in Kharkov. It presents documents and materials about the life of prisoners in Auschwitz, the torture of Jews, mass shootings, and trials of Nazis.

Gorky Park in Kharkov

Gorky Park is the central park of Kharkov, where you can not only take a walk along the beautiful alleys and paved paths, but also go crazy with extreme attractions, have fun at the dancing grounds, and even show your physical preparation at various sports facilities.

Mirror Stream fountain

The ‘Mirror Stream’ fountain, also known as the ‘Glass Stream’, is a well-known symbol of Kharkov. The water complex is located on Sumskaya Street, near the Victory Garden and another famous sight in the city – the National Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Mykola Lysenko.

Kharkov Dolphinarium

After a brisk walk along the sights of Kharkov, it’s high time to have a rest and recharge your batteries with some new emotions. And you can do that if you visit the dolphinarium “Nemo”, located on 35 Sumskaya Street. Tourists are welcome here at any time of the year and are ready to surprise visitors of all ages.

Kharkov zoo

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Kharkov is, visit the local zoo and enjoy the experience. The Kharkov zoo was founded in 1895 and has been running ever since, except during the Second World War.

Kharkiv Maritime Museum

A maritime museum in a dry city seems like nonsense. However, there is an explanation for this fact: the exposition is based on the private collection of Alexander Yakimenko, a man who loves the sea. And as you know, nothing can stop a person who is passionate about his passion.

Kharkov planetarium

The second biggest planetarium in Ukraine and, in the opinion of many visitors, the first one in technical equipment and variety of educational programs, Kharkov planetarium is a real center of fascinating science about stars, universes and galaxies.

Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Nikolai Lysenko

National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Nikolay Lysenko is one of the leading theaters not only in Kharkov, but also in the whole Ukraine. Today this cultural institution is located on Sumskaya Street, in front of the fountain complex “Mirror Stream”.

Kharkov Art Museum

Kharkov Art Museum is the main museum of Kharkov and one of the most important museums in Ukraine. Here you can see the paintings of famous artists such as Ilya Repin, Karl Bryullov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Shishkin and many others.

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Kharkov is a beautiful city in every respect, especially when it comes to local attractions. First off, Kharkov, unlike other places visited by tourists, has not one, but more than ten universally recognized symbols. So the first must see is Freedom Square, which is considered the largest square in Ukraine. To imagine its size you should multiply Red Square in Moscow by five. On “Maidan Svobody,” as Ukrainians call the square, there is another famous landmark of Kharkov – the House of State Industry. If historians are to be believed, this was the tallest building not only in the Soviet Union, but in all of Europe, which housed representative offices of major industrial enterprises.

A sightseeing tour of Kharkov would not be complete without a visit to Gorky Park, the Dolphinarium, the zoo, and the “Mirror Stream” fountain.

The main Orthodox attractions of Kharkov are the Pokrovsky Cathedral at the Holy Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery and the Assumption Cathedral. Both churches, despite their centuries-long history, remain active today and are always open for tourists and believers. By the way, you can attend organ music concerts in the Cathedral of the Assumption (read more about these sights in the articles above) in addition to traditional worship services.

To see the largest collection of paintings by Ilya Repin, just visit the Kharkov Art Museum.

By the way, besides the works of the artist, there are also works by K. P. Bryullov, I. K. Aivazovsky, I. I. Shishkin, V. I. Surikov and other equally famous painters. It is worth finding time to visit Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater named after Nikolai Lysenko. It was the first opera house that appeared in Ukraine, and today it is also one of the leading cultural objects. It should be added that the Kharkov Theater also offers performances in Russian.

A sightseeing tour of Kharkov would not be complete without visiting the central city park named after Gorky. Here you can spend a full day with fun and enjoyment for both adults and tourists with children.

Other popular attractions in Kharkov are the zoo and the dolphinarium. Each complex is open year round and welcomes visitors of all ages. Finish your tour of Kharkov with a visit to the most famous fountain in the city, the ‘Mirror Stream’. Let us tell you a secret: in the evening it is especially beautiful and gives passersby an LED performance.

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Kharkiv in One Day: Hiking Tourist Route

It is almost impossible to get to know the city, and especially such a megalopolis as Kharkov, in just a day. There is a huge number of attractions, iconic places and buildings, legendary streets and squares, that even the citizens of Kharkov can discover their native city again and again.

In our article we would like to offer a walking tour of Kharkov that will include the central part of the city and almost all of its major attractions.


1. Constitution Square

The starting point of our route is Constitution Square. It is very easy to get here – you can find the like-named metro station here.

It is the oldest square in Kharkov, which literally consists of sights. Here is located one of the most beautiful monuments of the city – a monument of Independence of Ukraine. There is also a favorite sculpture among the citizens of Kharkov – the violinist on the roof. And a large 16-meter thermometer has long been one of the unofficial symbols of Constitution Square in particular and of Kharkov in general.


The main architectural “highlight” of Constitution Square is the four buildings in a row (№ 22, 24, 26, 28), the architect of which is the famous Kharkov citizen Alexei Beketov.

And, of course, everyone who comes to Constitution Square should pay attention to the building of the legendary Kharkov Historical Museum named after Sumtsov. Sumtsov. It is the most important museum in the city, its collection consists of more than 200 thousand items.

You can also visit the Kharkov puppet theater, the confectionary “Vedmedmedik”, tanks and Polovtsian babes.

2. Pokrovsky Cathedral

Behind the Historical Museum there is one of the main sacred places of Kharkov – Intercession Cathedral.


Cathedral of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin or Intercession Cathedral is a valuable monument of Ukrainian architecture of the second half of the 17th century. In the Church of the Intercession there is the majestic shrine of Slobozhanshchina – the Ozeryanskaya Icon of the Mother of God.

Shevchenko Theatre

Next our route will take us through the central street of the city – Sumskaya street. And the first stop will be the Kharkov Theatre named after Taras Shevchenko.


This cultural institution has a rich history – it was created on the ruins of the theater “Berezil”, which was directed by Les Kurbas. Here played Natalia Uzhviy and Leonid Bykov.

Nowadays Shevchenko Theatre is one of the most popular and often visited theaters in Kharkov. The bulk of productions there are in Ukrainian.

4. House of the Golden Fish

In the side street behind the Shevchenko Theatre there is the second Kharkov house with chimeras, which is called the “House of Golden Fish”.

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The Kharkov engineer and architect Ginzburg stylized the reinforced concrete structures of the building as fish and newts. In addition to the decor of the building itself, in the 70’s there was also a swimming pool with the “original” name “Goldfish” on the first floor.


Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre, which has two auditoriums, was built over 20 years. Today the repertoire of the theater includes opera performances in different languages, classical and modern ballets.


Special attention should be paid to the area of fountains in front of the theater – a composition of water jets and light illumination, which looks especially beautiful in the evening.

6. Mirror stream

Opposite the KNATOB there is the first generally accepted symbol of Kharkov – the “Mirror Stream” fountain-bulb.


The pavilion is a chapel, which is located almost in the right square between Sumskaya, Zhen Myronositsy, Skrypnyk and Chernyshevskaya streets. The place, where the monument was erected, has a rich history – there used to be the cemetery, the wooden church and the trolleybus park.

7. The garden named after T. Shevchenko

On the right side from the Kharkov National Opera and Ballet Theatre there is one of the most popular resting places of Kharkov citizens – Taras Shevchenko Garden. The garden was laid out in 1804 by the founder of Kharkov University V. N. Karazin. N. Karazin founded it in 1804.


On the territory of the garden there are some monuments – to Taras Shevchenko and heroes of his works, to Archangel Michael, to a soccer and to the 50th parallel. Also the garden can “boast” of its fountains – cascade stairs and light fountain on the main avenue.

8. Zoo

Shevchenko Garden neighbors with the Kharkov zoo, which is considered one of the oldest zoos in Ukraine.

The zoo in Kharkov was opened in 1896. Today there are more than 400 species of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, among which there are rare ones included in the Red Books.

9. Liberty Square

The next point of our route is a place that must be visited by every tourist and guest of Kharkov – it is Freedom Square.

Freedom Square is the largest square in Ukraine and the sixth largest in Europe. If you look at it from a bird’s-eye view, the square looks like a chemical flask.


10. Karazin National University

The architectural ensemble of Freedom Square includes two buildings of Kharkov Karazin National University.

The main building, located on the left side of the square, was built in 1929. Near the main entrance to the university building there is a monument to its founder V.N. Karazin, as well as three pedestals to Nobel Prize winners: Ilya Mechnikov, Lev Landau and Semen Kuznets.

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On the right side of the square there is the Northern Building of the KhNU, construction of which began in 1930. However, the university itself started functioning here only in 2005. In 2010 there were erected the monuments to the historian D. Bagaley and the mathematician A. Lyapunov.

11. Gasprom .

Between the buildings of the Karazin Kharkiv National University the House of the State Industry or Gosprom is situated on the Liberty Square. It was the first Soviet skyscraper and for a long time was the highest building in Kharkov.

The House of the State Industry occupied 60 thousand square meters of floor space. The construction of the House of State Industry started with the help of human and horse power and primitive tools, and by the end of the construction works were mechanized by 80%.

12. Monument to the Founders of Kharkov

From the Freedom Square we will move towards one of the main avenues of the city, the Avenue of Science, at the beginning of which there is a monument to the mythical founder of the city of Kharkov, Cossack Kharko.


This monument is the first equestrian monument in the city, and the sculpture of horse underneath Cossack Kharko, according to the sculptor’s plan, has all the physiological features appropriate to a horse in full size.

13. Avenue of Science

Next our route will continue along the Avenue of Science. Here are situated three popular Kharkov universities – Kharkov National Medical University, Kharkov National University of Economics and Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics.

The buildings of all three universities are striking for their grandeur and elegance. They do not cease to complete the architectural ensemble of universities and today. Recently a clock tower was built on the building of KNEU, which has already managed to be nicknamed as Kharkov “Big Ben”, and a monument to the programmer was set up near the main entrance of KNURE.


14. Sarzhin Yar.

The finishing point of the tourist route is Sarzhin Yar. Until the 1960s there was the end of the Avenue of Science.

sargeen yard

Sarzhin yar is a gully more than 12 km long, at the bottom of which flows the river Sarzhinka. This place is one of the favorite vacation spots among the citizens. Here you can easily get away from the summer heat or city bustle, and taste the cleanest mineral water in the city from a natural spring Kharkovskaya-1.

What else can you see: botanical garden, a wooden church in honor of the Mother of God icon “Comfort”, and Sarzhina baths.

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