Weekend in Tallinn in Estonia for 22 000 rubles per person

Prices in Tallinn : how much money you need in 2022 – Travel Budget

30€ is the minimum budget for a day in Tallinn . This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes). In summer, because of rising housing prices, the minimum budget is 35 €.

The budget is not including flight and insurance costs. Before Kovid and the February events a round-trip ticket from Moscow could be found for 10-12 thousand rubles. Slightly cheaper during sales (subscribe to the Telegram channel @samokatus not to miss them).

You can pick up insurance on the services of Cherehapa or Compari.ru, prices start at 1 € per day.

Open borders map:

What are the coronavirus restrictions in Tallinn in 2022?

As of mid-March 2022, Russian tourists are allowed to enter Estonia, but with reservations. You need a valid Schengen visa, a certificate of complete vaccination (“Sputnik V” is suitable) and justification for leaving the Russian Federation if you are traveling by land. Children under 12 years old do not need tests and certificates.

As of March 15, the Estonian government announced the abolition of coronavirus restrictions.

Visa / Money

To enter Estonia, you need a Schengen visa . Schengen visas are short-term (type “C”) and long-term (type “D”). A short-stay visa entitles you to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days within six months from the date of entry into the EU (90/180 rule). It can be issued for no more than five years.

Estonia itself in March 2022 stopped issuing tourist Schengen visas for citizens of Russia, but if you have any Schengen multivisa, you can enter the country.

Obviously, it is better to go to Estonia with euros. Rubles can be exchanged, but it is difficult and at an unfavorable rate.

How much does it cost to get from Tallinn airport to the city?

Tallinn Airport is located 4 km from the city center, so if you have a great desire, you can walk. You can reach by transport in the following ways:

  • Bus No. 2. Ticket from the driver costs 2 €.
  • Streetcar number 4. Ticket sold at the driver and costs 2 €.
  • A cab to the city center costs about 7 €.
  • Individual transfers (from 24 €) can be booked at KiwiTaxi or Intui.Travel.

How do I get around the city?

How much does public transport cost?

Public transport in Tallinn is represented by buses, trolleybuses and streetcars.

  • A single ticket bought from the driver costs 2€.
  • Through the Pilet.ee app, you can buy a QR ticket for one trip for 1 €.
  • If you get an Ühiskaart card (deposit 2 €), a one-hour ticket costs 1.1 €. A ticket for 24 hours is 3 € and a ticket for 72 hours is 5 €.

You can also use Google Maps to plan your routes.

How much does a cab cost?

Cab fares depend on the company: the price varies from 2,5 to 3 € per ride, and from 0,5 to 0,8 € per kilometer. It’s cheaper to order a cab over the phone than to pick one up at an airport, bus station or port. Uber is about half the price.

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How much does gas and parking cost?

A liter of gasoline 92 in Tallinn costs on average 1.95 €. The first 15 minutes of parking in the city toll zone of Tallinn are free. In the Old Town (Vanalinn) an hour of parking costs 6 € and is charged around the clock. Parking in the Südalinn area is also chargeable around the clock but costs 4.8 €. In the other city centers it costs 1,5 € and you can park on the street at 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and on Saturdays.

How much does it cost to live in Tallinn?

Hotels: In the off-season, prices for twin rooms in cheap guesthouses and hotels start at 25-35 € (e.g. Center Hotel, Mere Avenue or City Hotel Tallinn by Unique Hotels). Rooms at three-star hotels start at €40-€45, including downtown options with good ratings (e.g. Go Hotel Shnelli, Taanilinna Hotel or Hotel St. Barbara). From 50 € to 55 € you can find a room in a four star hotel (e.g. Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel or St.Olav Hotel).

Prices go up by 25-50% during the summer. For 35-45 € without an early booking you can find only options in guesthouses farther from the center (for example, Oti Guesthouse , Kelluka Guesthouse or Kaunis Guesthouse).

Hostels: You can find hostels for € 10-12 during the summer and € 7-9 at other times (e.g. Mere Avenue or Katus Hostel). Old Town Alur Hostel or Old Town Munkenhof have the best price, reviews and location.

AirBnb: An apartment near the Old Town can be rented for 25-30 €. In the Old Town you can rent a room for 20-25 €, if you book in advance you can get a room near the center for 15-20 €.

If you don’t have an AirBnb account, you can get 35€ for your first booking by registering through this link.

So a good budget accommodation in Tallinn will cost you 10-15€ per night per person.

How much for a connection?

Telia has a better price for mobile internet: 1 GB for 10 €.

A way to save money is to order a DrimSim card for travelers back in Russia. What do we like about Drimsim:

  • Cheap Internet. ~10 € per 1 gb in many countries (except for the rarely visited by tourists third world countries, a detailed list of prices)
  • The SIM card will already work on the plane: you can immediately order a cab or write to the hostess.
  • Charging is based on megabytes, i.e. for 100 mb you pay ~1 €. If you want to go to a country with cheap internet for more than 3-4 days, it is worth buying a local sim, if less, then it is worth looking at the travel sim.

The card will cost 10€ to ship and if you buy it here you will get 7€ to your account as a gift. The minimum top-up amount on the Dreamsim is 25€. You have to take that into account.

Australia is the largest island, but the smallest continent

In Estonia 1 GB of Internet from Drimsim costs 10€.

How much does a meal in a restaurant cost?

  • Lunch at a cheap café: 8-12 €. For example Boheem Kohvik.
  • Fast food :
    • Kebab 4,9 €, for example Square Kebab.
    • Pancakes 6 €, for example Kompressor.
    • Whole pizza 4,9 €. For example Pizza Grande.
    • a cup of cappuccino 3,5 €. For example Epic Coffee. A selection of coffee shops.
    • A glass of beer 3,9 – 5,5 €. For example Hell Hunt. A selection of bars.

    How much does food cost in the supermarket?

    Prices in Tallinn for products in the supermarket are 66% higher than in Moscow. At the same time, some dairy products, vegetables and fruit will cost slightly cheaper.

    How much does entertainment cost?

    There are several free tours in Tallinn. If you are willing to pay for a tour, interesting options can be found on Tripster and Sputnik8.

    Citutour has three Hop-on Hop-off bus routes, a 24-hour ticket costs 25€, a 48-hour ticket costs 28€, and a 72-hour ticket costs 29€. Their competitor CitySightseeing also has three routes, with a 24-hour ticket for 25 € and a 72-hour ticket for 28 €.

    A visit to the TV Tower observation deck costs 10 €. Climb up the Town Hall tower for 3 €, the Dome tower for 5 €. A ride on the SkyWheel costs 10 €.

    If you buy a TallinnCard you can save money. In its cost includes travel on public transport, admission to museums and attractions (about 40), and discounts in restaurants. The basic card for 24 hours costs 34 €, the option with a guided tour – 48 €. 48 and 72 hour options are also available.

    How much do souvenirs cost?

    In the Old Town there is a huge selection of souvenir stores and stores, in general, the further from the central square, the lower the prices. On average, prices are as follows:

    • Basic souvenirs: postcard 0.5 €, magnets 2 €, mugs 4 €.
    • For specialities: Kalev chocolate from 2,5 €, Vana Tallinn from 4 €.

    Tallinn museums

    On average, an entrance ticket to a museum in Tallinn costs 4-6 € (including the main art and historical museums). One of the most expensive museums is the Estonian Open Air Museum (ticket 10 €).

    How much more expensive is Tallinn compared to Moscow?

    Prices for holidays in Tallinn are higher than in Moscow. Food in cafes and restaurants is about 70% more expensive, supermarket food 66% more, and the prices of cabs and public transportation more than double. Read more at numbeo.com.

    When to visit Tallinn?

    In terms of weather, May is the best time to visit, because it’s already warm, but there still isn’t much rain. July and August, while the warmest months are July and August, are also the rainiest. But this period sees the city’s major events, such as the Medieval Days and the Days of the Sea, as well as the Õllesummer Music and Beer Festival.

    In the fall there is a marathon and film festival. Tallinn is also worth a visit at Christmas because of the fairs and concerts. All in all, Tallinn is worth a visit for two days.

    Total. So how much will I spend?

    • 7-15 € for accommodation, at least 10 € in the summer.
    • 4-5 € for transportation.
    • 18-22 € for food.

    Useful links

    • Prices in Tallinn on Numbeo
    • Tallinn is ranked 75th out of 137 on the Backpacker Index (the higher the ranking, the cheaper)
    • Wikitravel about Tallinn (English, Russian)
    • Tallinn travel guides: 34travel, Spotted by locals : 1 EUR = 60.2 RUB
    • Telegram-channel @samokatus – the main Telegram-channel with all deals and sales of airlines, hot tours, promo-codes, discounts and everything else.
    • The best bank cards for travelers:
      • Tinkoff All Airlines is the best bank card for travelers (average cashback on all spending ~4%). Only until December 31, you can get 4,000 rubles of cashback for any airfare. Apply for the card How to get 10 euros from GoEuro (now Omio)” . They can be spent on any purchase: flights, trains, buses, etc.
      • Drimsim is a sim card for travel. Get 7 euros as a gift for mobile Internet on your trip. – In Telegram, Vyber, FB Messenger and Slack you can set up a bot to search for anomalously cheap prices. Convenient setup through the mobile version of the browser and push directly to Telegram. You can choose “anywhere” or something specific and set the size of the discount (for example, 40% of the average price). In short, fire bot – better than email subscriptions by a factor of 100.
      • List of 50 useful applications for travelers

      Airfare Moscow – Tallinn:

      In our project, we describe “Travel Budgets. We already have more than 200 cities ready. If you want to help us in this difficult task, you can fill out a small form with questions for the city you know well.

      And if we helped you save money or find something interesting, we’ll be glad if you support our project:

      An overview of food prices in Estonia in 2022

      Picturesque Estonia is famous for its amazing nature, stunning sights and unusual souvenirs. For centuries, people have been coming here for the purest of healthful air, unhurried walks and respite from the bustle of the city.

      ↑ Grocery Prices

      To help you plan your budget, we’ve made a table with food and accommodation prices in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in 2022:

      Groceries and food in catering Price in Euros Price in rubles
      Dinner for 1 person at inexpensive restaurant 11 € 980 ₽
      Lunch for 2 at a mid-range restaurant 50 € 4 454 ₽
      McMeal at McDonald’s 6 € 534 ₽
      Cappuccino at a coffee shop 2,9 € 258 ₽
      Milk (1 liter) 0,8 € 71 ₽
      Loaf of fresh white bread (500 g) 0,9 € 80 ₽
      White rice (1 kg) 1,5 € 134 ₽
      Chicken eggs (10 eggs) 1,7 € 151 ₽
      Local cheese (1 kg) 7,3 € 650 ₽
      Chicken fillet (1 kg) 5,7 € 508 ₽
      Beef ham (1 kg) 11,4 € 1 016 ₽
      Apples (1 kg) 1,42 € 126 ₽
      Bananas (1 kg) 1,1 € 98 ₽
      Oranges (1 kg) 1,8 € 160 ₽
      Tomatoes (1 kg) 2,3 € 205 ₽
      Potatoes (1 kg) 0,8 € 71 ₽
      Onions (1 kg) 0,54 € 48 ₽
      Lettuce (1 head) 1,1 € 98 ₽
      Water (1.5 l) 0,85 € 76 ₽
      Bottle of Wine 7 € 624 ₽
      Local beer (0.5 l) 1,3 € 116 ₽
      Imported beer (0.33 l) 1,7 € 151 ₽
      Cigarettes (20 pieces) 4,95 € 441 ₽
      Rent of a 1-bedroom apartment in the center (per month) 588 € 52 377 ₽
      Renting a 1-bedroom apartment in a residential neighborhood (monthly) 455 € 40 530 ₽

      Smokers might want to check out TobaccoBox, where one pack of LM cigarettes costs €4.50 = 401 RUB, and a 10-pack costs €45.00 = 4008 RUB.

      ↑ Supermarkets

      There are several large grocery store chains in Estonian cities: Rimi, Prisma, Maxima, Selver, Comarket, Grossi, Saastumarket and Konsum.

      • Rimi is one of the largest grocery chains in the Baltic countries. These supermarkets are located in many parts of Estonia and are open from 8 am to 22-23 pm. There is a large selection of fresh vegetables, salads and baked goods. There are 28 stores in the country.
      • The chain supermarket called Maxima often offers customers many special offers and promotions, so Estonians also consider it one of the most democratic stores, along with Rimi. The supermarket is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Marked-down products usually have a yellow price tag that says “Kampaania”, while new products on sale are marked “Uudis” or “Uus toode”.
      • Selver is one of the largest retailers in Estonia, where prices are slightly higher than in other grocery stores in the country. The store’s opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. It has everything you need: water, chilled meat, dairy products, bread, fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood.
      • Food supermarket Comarket offers a wide range of fresh products. Working time: 09:00-22:00.
      • Most of the stores in the Grossi chain also provide basic necessities at fairly low prices and are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

      Don’t forget to bring Vana Tallinn liquor as a gift for friends and family. But when you buy alcohol in Estonian supermarkets you should know that they sell spirits only from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.

      ↑ Cafes and restaurants

      Fast food lovers will not be lost in Estonia. Burger King is the most popular fast food restaurant chain in the country lately. Other companies, such as McDonald’s, Shaurma Kebab, Barrel Street Food, Hesburger and others also operate on a par with this establishment. Big Mac at McDonald’s costs 4 €, ice-cream in a glass costs 1,5 €, bottle of water – 1,6 €. The approximate price of shawarma is 5 €.

      For lovers of better and healthier food there are canteens and restaurants. For instance, in the popular Baltic chain of restaurants and canteens Lido a tasty lunch (first + second + compote + dessert) costs 10-15 € per person.

      Those who choose to stay in Tallinn, can visit Korchma III Draakon . The institution is located in the center and is very popular among tourists. There is an atmosphere of Middle Ages in this place – there is no electric light, and served dishes are prepared from products that were known in XIV-XVI centuries. But you should be prepared for the fact that sometimes there are lines here. The average bill per person is 12 €.

      Fans of pancakes should definitely visit the pancake house Kompressor . Here you can taste pancakes with different fillings. The approximate cost of one big serving is 4,5-5,5 € (400-490 RUB). Tea costs 1,5 € (134 RUR) and beer costs 3,2 € (285 RUR).

      You can have a coffee at Reval Café . The cafe is located in the center of Tallinn and is open from 7:30 am. Here you have a chance not only to have a cup of coffee with a cake for 6,5 €, but also to order more serious dishes (salads, omelets, etc.). Prices for salads start at 7 €. Beer will cost 4,2 € (for 0,5 l).

      You can try dishes of national cuisine in Leib Resto ja Aed , which offers reasonable prices and a rich selection of Estonian delicacies. Tourists often come to Kruup , where old rustic recipes prevail, and to Talukõrts , which attracts travelers with its decor. Another popular place in central Tallinn is Till & Kummel. Dinner in these restaurants is 15-30 EUR = 1400-2700 RUR per person.

      ↑ Cab & gasoline

      Maximum fare per ride: 5,5 €, 1 km 1,1 €.

      1 liter of petrol in April 2022 will cost 1.9 EUR = 170 RUB, the cost is almost the same in different petrol station networks. The largest companies selling fuel are Statoil, Neste, Olerex and Aleksela; smaller companies are Kronung, Euro Oil and Lukoil.

      ↑ Housing Prices

      Those who want to rent accommodation should be prepared that renting a double room in a budget hostel will cost 29 € (2600 ₽). If someone prefers more comfortable accommodation, you can stay in a double room in a hotel for an average of 70 EUR (6,235 ₽), or rent an apartment for 45 € (4,000 ₽) per night.

      For those looking for the most budget-friendly option, a bed in an 8-bed room in a hostel for 9-10 € (800-900 ₽) will do. The average price for utilities in a small apartment is €122, or about ₽10,870.

      ↑ Salaries and pensions.

      Such prices can be explained by the salaries and pensions of Estonians. For example, pensioners receive about €582 each month, which is about ₽51,840.

      The country’s official press office states that the average salary in 2022 is 1,548 € (almost 137,890 ₽).

      Yandex Travel – a service where I now book accommodation before traveling in Russia and abroad: hotels, hotels, hostels and apartments. Options can be filtered by budget, location, rating and other parameters. You can pay for reservations with Russian cards, including MIR . As an alternative to Booking and Airbnb.

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