Weekend in Jakarta, Indonesia. A quick guide to restaurants and hotels

10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia

10 Best Restaurants Jakarta, Indonesia

10 Best Restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Among Jakarta’s endless activities, one of the best ways to experience its diverse character is from the dining table. From authentic traditional fare to global cuisine; the dramatic mishmash of cultures translates well into a lively culinary scene.

Jakarta’s cuisine reflects, if not reinforces, its role as a melting pot of Indonesia’s many cultures. Approaching the city’s energetic urban souls, the best restaurants have a unique take on food as an experience and know how to satisfy not only the taste buds but also the desire to enthrall with new perspectives and adventures. Whether you want to try a variety of dishes from different ethnic groups in the country or eat in familiar international cuisine, here are the best restaurants in Jakarta.

Restaurant, Seafood, Barbecue, $$$


The best place to try Thai seafood | © suriya yapin / Shutterstock

This seafood restaurant serves the freshest crab, lobster and various fish. Wise, diners will be crammed on a stylish deck overlooking the ocean, illuminated by the sea breeze and greeted by a glorious view. With the fish market concept, diners can choose their seafood straight from the fish tank and talk to the chefs about how they’d like to enjoy their meal. Because of the restaurant’s popularity, branches are opening in Jakarta, but the seaside bandarka Jakarta in Ankola probably combines the most charm because of the beautiful setting.

Jalan Kavasan Visata Ankol, Ankol, Jakarta, 14430, Indonesia


Kid-friendly, Family-friendly

Bar, Restaurant, Japanese, $$$


OKU Japanese Restaurant | © Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

If you dress up for anything you like (or two) a bright cocktail that looks like your thing, you’ll love OKU, the luxury Japanese bar and lounge at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. In addition to its generous quality and setting, OKU reverberates with a relaxed, casual atmosphere inspired by Japanese Zen principles. And speaking of the best of both worlds, the place also has a gourmet restaurant offering excellent Japanese cuisine that will be great, with drinks before or after dinner.

12:00 – 3:00 18:00 – 22:30

1 Jalan M.H. Tamrin, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia


Sophisticated dining, stylish, relaxed.


Oiistar serves five unique kinds of ramen, with Italian and French inspiration.| © Neil Conway / Flickr

Brainchild of renowned restaurateur Chris Janssen, this restaurant carries both the authenticity and novelty for which his establishments are loved. From a sweet spot between casual and fine dining, Le Quartier offers unpretentious French fare with premium quality and presentation. Speaking of the best of both worlds, the ambiance is what you want: sit by the elegance of the fine chandeliers or settle for the more casual, quirky side of the room according to your occasion and preference.

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Posted by Le Quartier () on March 4, 2018 at 10:49 pm PST

34 Gunawarman, Jakarta, Indonesia



Plataran Dharmawangsa’s wooden interior | © Plataran

Run by the reputable Plataran brand, this restaurant has its own signature luxury and elegance. Housed in a charming traditional Javanese Jogla house, with a luxurious modern interior design that blends seamlessly with the ambiance, it creates a sweet blend of culture and grandeur. Think delicate wood carvings, batik tiles, gleaming chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling glass that looks out over the fiery garden outside. The menu offers dishes, gourmet Indonesian fare from traditional dishes to desserts, and invigorating cocktails.

6 Dharmawanga Raya, Jakarta, Indonesia


Traditional, stylish, romantic, gourmet dining


Interior of Lara Jonggrang | © Tugu Hotels

Inspired by the ancient folkloric princess of the same name, Lara Jonggrang creates a mystical, ethnic and romantic atmosphere that blends with imperial traditional dishes. Many of the interior pieces are authentic, from ancient artifacts, materials from old temples, great statues, etc. D. If that doesn’t make you feel like Javanese royalty, wait until they serve you a royal feast of centuries-old recipes with a theatrical presentation and authentic, juicy flavors.

4 Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia


Calm, traditional, romantic.

As Indonesia’s first molecular gastronomy restaurant, Namaaz Dining fascinates (and confuses) many culinary enthusiasts. The menu changes every few months, but each season brings a different Indonesian product, mentally reconstructed as something very different. We’re talking cheesy beef soup in the form of a donut and tea, or a traditional soto pictured as a pencil and a piece of paper. This truly unique experience enjoys a generous, intimate setting as the restaurant hosts very limited daily guests.

The Ancient Fortress City of Kaifeng, China

42 Gunawarman, Jakarta, Indonesia


Fine dining, Stylish, Romantic.

The gorgeous and elegant building of the colonial hotel will be the first pleasant treat in your dining experience. The second will be the beautiful interior, with sweet decorations in every corner that bring together a lively rustic feel and luxurious atmosphere in one place. Expats and locals alike love this restaurant for serving decent versions of traditional dishes from around the archipelago. In addition to its elaborate and delicious courses, Bunga Rampai is also a popular spot for tea and partying.

Subhanallah … lezatos – Day 8 #bukber

Posted by Lospaditya () on June 19, 2017 at 4:21 am PDT

35 Jalan Cik Ditiro, Menteng, Jakarta, 10310, Indonesia


Fine dining, Stylish, Romantic.


Restaurant, European, Steakhouse, $$$


Grilled beef steak with chimichurri sauce | © AS Food studio / Shutterstock

First thing first; the second you arrive at the glorious 46th floor Plaza, you’ll be stunned by the prospect. From the stylish and glamorous interior, the view extends to 360-degree views of Jakarta. The gorgeous skyline of daylight or the romantic lights of the city are just a matter of time, and at the highest level, there’s no time to be harmed. From a delicious steak for lunch to a great wine list to accompany dinner, you’ll never have an excuse to pop on high every time.

11:00 – 15:00 18:00 – 23:00

28-30 M.H. Tamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tugu Kunstkring Palais.

Restaurant, Asian, Indonesian, European, $$$


Tugu Kunstkring Paleis interior | © Tugu Hotels

Housed in one of Jakarta’s charming colonial buildings, dining at this luxurious restaurant won’t just be a culinary treat; it’s also a fascinating cultural experience. The mix between European Baroque style, earthy Javanese furniture and even Oriental decorations neatly represents the heart and soul of the city, a melting pot of different cultures that have left their marks during certain periods of its rich history. A fascinating variety is also captured in its menu, which includes traditional recipes influenced by Dutch, Asian and Indonesian cuisine.

1 Jalan Teku Umar, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia


Calm, Romantic, Sophisticated Restaurant


Oiistar serves five unique kinds of ramen, with Italian and French inspiration.| © Neil Conway / Flickr

Brainchild of renowned restaurateur Chris Janssen, this restaurant carries both the authenticity and novelty for which his establishments are loved. From a sweet spot between casual and fine dining, Le Quartier offers unpretentious French fare with premium quality and presentation. Speaking of the best of both worlds, the ambiance is what you want: sit by the elegance of the fine chandeliers or settle for the more casual, quirky side of the room according to your occasion and preference.

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34 Gunawarman, Jakarta, Indonesia


GIA Restaurant and Bar is a slice of Italy in downtown Jakarta, because when you crave traditional Italian food with such an authentic setting, so is the food. From elegant Italian marble, a European-style open-air bar, exquisite pasta dishes on the table and wine selections, this restaurant composes “Italian” at its best. Strategically located in the heart of Jakarta’s business district, this hotel is perfect for business lunches and romantic dinners.

Jakarta Travel Guide


The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is located at the northwestern end of the island of Java. It is a huge city with incredible contrasts of wealth, modern cool neighborhoods that seem even more modern than many Western cities, and terribly poor neighborhoods.

Jakarta sprouted from time immemorial, primarily as a trading port, and was inhabited mainly by Sundanese traders who shipped spices from here on ships to the rest of the world (especially a lot of pepper, and by the way, it is one of the most popular selling points to this day). Over the years and even centuries, the city changed hands in a constant struggle for control of the lucrative spice trade. Eventually it ended up in Dutch hands and was renamed Batavia for a couple of hundred years. This led to the birth and development of a distinct language and culture separate from the Sunda. read full

The Cathedral of Pisa

When is the best time to rest in Jakarta?


The best time to visit Jakarta is from May to September, when it’s more or less dry, but still hot. Jakarta is located close to the equator, so the temperature does not vary significantly in different months of the year. The weather is hot and humid all year round, with an average temperature of 30º C.

In general, Jakarta experiences two seasons. One is from October to April, which is the wet season, and the other is from May to September, which is the dry season. During the rainy season, especially in January, it is not recommended to visit Jakarta, because the average rainfall is 400 mm, which is 7 times more than in July, say.

Where to stay in Jakarta?


Gentlemen, in such a huge city like Jakarta, there is no problem with resettlement. The options are a dime a dozen!

It’s no secret that you should choose a hotel/hostel/ghosthouse in the city center: Central Jakarta or Pusat. There is a backpacker area called Jalan Jaksa ( Jalan Jaksa, where Jalan = Jl. = street / avenue). And, if you are concerned about security, try to stay in at least a 3-star hotel. If you can afford an upscale hotel, try Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta, Hotel Grand Hyatt and other “star” hotels – much more comfortable, but also more expensive. It’s even cooler to stay near shopping malls like Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia – both shopping, entertainment, and dining.

You can choose the area of Kemangwhich is one of the best places to stay. There are several hotels that are surrounded by clubs, bars, restaurants, stores, and boutiques. This is a great place to stay for foreign tourists! Let’s learn more about the specific hotels that are located in the city center, which have earned the best ratings and reviews from tourists from all over the world.

Five-Star Hotels

Everywhere you look, everything is very decent and all the world’s networks.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski 5*

Kempinski Hotel Indonesia 5* has 6 world class restaurants, luxurious spa, rooftop pool, floor to ceiling windows, flat screen TV, fitness center, BMW and even a helicopter rental service. The whole package! Downtown is a short drive away. It’s not far from the center of town, but it’s also very easy to get to the airport.

Going on holiday with kids


There is no doubt that Jakarta is as perfect for a vacation with kids as any Indonesian resort. It’s as beautiful as it is fun! Problems with buying things for the baby (diapers, food, pacifiers, toys) here, too, will not get up. After all, this is the capital, come on!

But family hotels are worth talking about separately. After all, not all hotels, as they say in the ads, are equally useful. But seriously, if you’re flying to Indonesia with young children, then you can certainly imagine what it’s like. For example, when you elementary want to lie on a massage table, both at once. Or go on an excursion that is completely uninteresting for children. With whom to leave the child? With a nanny! Fortunately, many hotels in Jakarta provide this service, for a fee, of course. And it’s also great if the hotel has a children’s corner or children’s club, ideally with children’s animators. In short, here are suitable hotels for holidays with children.

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta 5*

This is basically a very cool hotel. It is located in the business district of the Golden Triangle Mega-Kuningam. You will be offered apartments with home theater and Jacuzzi, very cool, with LCD TVs, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine (praise heaven!) and dryer. All together you can go for a swim in the pool. The hotel has a restaurant with

Aldabra. The kingdom of giant tortoises.

Asian and international cuisine. There are babysitting services. A family room will cost you somewhere around $170.

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia 5*.

A luxurious hotel with everything you could want.

Useful Information


Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, an economic, cultural and political center of the country, the most populous city not only in Indonesia, but in the whole of Southeast Asia.

It is a city with heavy traffic, a city quite dirty, with a noisy and exciting nightlife and lively shopping districts. It’s the center of a mix of Indonesian culture and cultures from all over Asia and beyond. That’s what Jakarta is like!

First you need to know what districts Jakarta is divided into and what’s there:

1) Central Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat) is the heart of Jakarta. Here you’ll find the administrative, government, and financial centers, as well as Jakarta’s symbol, the 132-meter Monas (National Monument) located in the world’s largest city square, Medan Merdeka. Here is situated the presidential palace, government building, Istiklal Mosque (the largest mosque in Southeast Asia), the Gothic Jakarta Cathedral, and the National Museum of Indonesia. There are other museums in this part of the city, such as the National Gallery of Indonesia or the Planetarium. A number of Jakarta’s exclusive shopping malls are located in this area. And a small street called Jalan Jaksa is a pedestrian street with lots of budget hotels and restaurants for travelers who have to save. read completely

How to get there?


How to get to Jakarta:

By plane

All international and almost all domestic flights take place at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, 20 km northwest of the city. A ticket from Moscow to Jakarta costs about 15,000 rubles minimum. Mostly, of course, more expensive, and by the dozen. As far as I know, all flights are connecting flights, mostly in Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore or Guangzhou. Anyway, prepare for at least a 13-hour flight. From Moscow to Jakarta fly Transaero, Singapore Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates and good old Aeroflot. There are flights every day (thanks to Emirates!). They fly from all the airports in Moscow, but mostly from Domodedovo. There are three terminals at Sukarno-Hatta airport, which also have subgroups of terminals.

Food and Drinks


This is how you can characterize the food in Jakarta:

– Sanitary standards are often not too well respected in Jakarta. Street food – I mean real street food – can give you a stomach ache. It can be even worse. Many street food dishes are served with warm, spicy sambal (a paste-like spicy mixture with various seasonings and shrimp sauce) and raw vegetables as a side dish (which is typical of Sundanese cuisine). So many people blame sambal for their sick tummies. But in general, an unusual combination of foods for us – voila: you feel sick.Although in practice – it’s usually not even the food itself, but the conditions of their preparation. For example, in dishes, which are washed in dirty water or not washed well enough. As for the food, many tourists suffer after a dense meal of noodles, nasi goreng and even bakso, but can never get sick after ayam goreng or pechel lele. Maybe the frying process is the secret: hot boiling oil kills all the bacteria. Or maybe it’s just luck. Or a strong stomach.

– As a rule of thumb, average average restaurants and cafes are no better in terms of safety. But you’re much less likely to get poisoned if you dine at a “restaurant with walls,” but even then, that’s not certain. At least the restaurants in the malls (and the more expensive ones, like the Padang restaurants) are safe. Thank you for that. Oh, by the way, Padang cuisine – is a mix of culinary traditions.

What tours are worth visiting in Jakarta?


Jakarta is full of activities and attractions. But if you are a nervous person or if you prefer to be delivered-told-told-chewed, you should rather ask local guides for a tour. There are many of them, and a lot of travel agencies in Jakarta. Of course, there are a lot of Russian-speaking guides on Bali. Balinese successfully learn Russian and are happy to meet our compatriots. But in Jakarta there are also a couple of “our”.

Best places to visit in Gijon, Spain

Speaking of local Russian-speaking guides. That’s who you can write in advance and ask what the deal:

This is a driver-guide who leads tours on any island in Indonesia, although mostly in Bali. He speaks Russian, and, not bad so. The only condition is to book an excursion by e-mail in advance (at least one week in advance). Man busy. And then he will come to your hotel, you discuss the tour and on the appointed day will ride up to stare at all the attractions. Here is his website and email: albertgidnabali.blogspot.com.

You can also contact Mr. Ari Ketutu,personal driver, photographer, tour guide. He also arranges weddings. You can write to him here.

You can also read and ask around here.

I told you, not so much with Russian speakers. I think this is… read in full.

What to see in Jakarta?


Jakarta is huge, noisy, dirty in some places, but very interesting. You can be sure that a week will not be enough to explore this interesting city properly. But here are a few things you must see while in Jakarta.

1) The National Monument

The main landmark of the city and a symbol of Indonesia’s struggle. The monument is located in central Jakarta and it is the coolest thing to see after sunset. It is a 132-meter tower in the center of Medan Merdeka Square. It costs about 2,500 rupiah to enter and 7,500 rupiah to reach the observation deck (which is 115 meters high). Construction of the tower began in 1961 and was completed 14 years later. On the top of the monument is a bronze sculpture “Flame of Independence” – in the form of fire, covered with real gold (which there as much as 33 kg). At the base of the monument is the Museum of Indonesian National History, where you can learn about the events of Indonesian history. What’s interesting: the monument symbolizes the unity of lingam and yoni (symbols of male and female). The monument and museum are open daily from 08.00 – 15.00 during the week, except the last Monday of each month.

How to have fun?


You just can’t get bored in Jakarta. It’s such a big sleepy city! So this is what you can do in Jakarta:

Going to the beach in Ankol.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people have to pay to go to the beach in Jakarta. Supposedly the beach is a public place, and therefore free for everyone! But come on. Ankol is a beach and park area with a Dufan amusement park. Just don’t imagine that this is a beach with white sand and clear water. Unfortunately, Ankol is a pretty dirty beach. But still, it’s very cool to enjoy the sunset there while sitting in a cafe after visiting Dufan. If you’re into photography, you won’t find a better place for mind-blowing photos.

Dunia Fantasi is the big entertainment complex with the beach I mentioned earlier. It is the biggest amusement park in Indonesia (although who knows. After all, there is also Trans Studio Makassar and the park in Bandung. But one way or another – the park is really big). You can easily spend a whole day in the park. It’s like a mini vacation within a vacation in Jakarta. For some Indonesians who live on other islands, a trip to this park is like a dream come true. And it is better not to go there on weekends, because it will be too crowded.

What to buy?


Shopping lovers should spend at least one day in one of the many modern shopping centers of the bustling capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. You can check out all the tourist and cultural sites and then have a nice time in comfort, with cool air and no intrusive hawkers. There are about 175 shopping malls in Jakarta – in abundance, it follows! If you spent a lot of time visiting remote provinces and villages, the capital will quickly demonstrate the richness of Indonesia. Skyscrapers, impressive monuments, wide boulevards (always crowded) and large shopping malls can rival any major world capital.

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Jakarta’s shopping centers are the modern urban equivalent of traditional courtyards or markets with merchants of all kinds. Shopping in Jakarta takes many forms, from the most traditional pasaras (markets) to glitzy world-class centers with international designer stores. Most expatriates prefer malls because there is no need to haggle or deal with prying eyes. However, this is not a reason to overlook the colorful traditional markets – they are a separate story altogether, and a very interesting one!

Holidays with children in Jakarta?


Indonesians love children with all their devotion. No matter where you go, your children will instantly find friends among other children and adults. For example, it’s no surprise that some stranger will ask permission to take a picture with your little one. Everywhere you go, your children will get a lot of attention, and you can be sure that they will be entertained by everyone, because Indonesians are always happy to see happy children. Indonesia in general is a great place to teach kids how to interact with all kinds of people and learn more about a variety of cultures.

While the entertainment options in Jakarta may be different from what we have, it’s not hard at all to find something that you and your child will enjoy. A great resource for families with children is the Family Guide to Jakarta, both in print (you can buy the book in any bookstore, though it will be in English) and on their website. There you can find information about activities for children at cultural centers, medical aspects, as well as where to find specific products for the little ones.

The cost of services


Jakarta is quite expensive, but very useful for the tourist. I mean, everything you might need at all is at your fingertips. Everything for a tourist, a visitor to the capital. And now more about the services you can get in Jakarta.

Spas and massage parlors in Jakarta are in abundance. There are two main types of massage parlors in Jakarta:

  • Massage parlors that do not involve any sexual services and are often referred to as “family spas.” They are located mostly in South Jakarta, in shopping malls or in 5-star hotels.

*Massage parlors with “plus plus” services for men only. Almost all of them are located in the northern part of the city, inside large buildings called “whole entertainment complex”, or in other buildings like hotels, lobbies, clubs, restaurants, karaoke. Such massage parlors are extremely popular among Indonesians, and visiting them is a common practice. Going to such a salon is not even considered as treason on the part of a man. Such a thing!

Consider, however, the first option. Even though Jakarta is probably not a “massage paradise” like Bali or Thailand, there are a couple of good salons with traditional massage.


How to live in Indonesia – depends only on you. And how much to spend – depends on your preferences. Especially in Jakarta. The calculations you see below are approximate, but it can help when you’re figuring out how much to spend on the trip. By the way, did you know that life is very expensive in Jakarta? Yes it is! In fact, Jakarta is one of the top 5 most expensive cities in Asia. No, of course, there is very cheap food and drink and transportation, but still.

Here are Jakarta prices for the end of October 2014 (average prices).

Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant in the business district of the city – Rp 45,865

Lunch at a more expensive restaurant (three courses) – Rp 200,250

A combo at a McDonald’s or other fast-food chain restaurant – Rp 42,949

Street food – Rp 10,000 – Rp 25,000

Chicken fillet (1/2 kg) – Rp 19,849

Eggs (12 pieces) – Rp 20,137

Milk (1 liter) – Rp 17,987

Tomatoes (1 kg) – Rp 14,000

Local cheese (500 g) – Rp 46,177

Apples (1 kg) – Rp 32,144

Oranges (1 kg) – Rp 26,826

Potatoes (2 kg) – Rp 21,364

Lettuce leaves (1 sheaf) – Rp 10,273

Local beer in the supermarket (0.5 liter bottle) – Rp 24,440

Imported beer (Erdinger) – Rp 155,875, Bintang Beer – Rp 35,971, Budweiser – Rp 59,952 (in store)

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