Vietnam tourist – comfortable rest and vivid impressions

What do tourists think about holidays in Vietnam?

reviews of tourist excursions in Vietnam

Find out what tourists like and dislike about vacationing in Vietnam. We have collected their reviews and also share their experiences.

Vietnam – the jungle, rice paddies, exotic food and endless sandy beaches. Let’s look at the most popular resorts in Vietnam and give reviews of tourists and personal experience of a vacation.

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Reviews of holidays in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a big city with an active nightlife and developed infrastructure. It is popularly dubbed the “Vietnamese Sochi”. Here everything is simple and clear to Russian tourists: signs in Russian stores and menus, Russian-speaking staff, and even broadcasts at the airport in the great and mighty. In a word, almost total absence of the language barrier. Despite the large number of night spots, the atmosphere in Nha Trang is quite decent, the evening is a quiet stroll with children.

According to some tourists, in Nha Trang beach vacation is not very convenient: often, to get to the beach, you have to cross a busy road. And the beaches themselves are not impressed – loose sand of unimpressive color, although cleaned regularly. Of course, you can find a hotel with a beach, for example, a lot of laudatory reviews about the entertainment island Winperl, which is located near Nha Trang. But such hotels are most often located outside the city limits, and the rest in them will be more expensive.

Our review. We lived in Nha Trang for two winter months and with a clear conscience can recommend it to you for a holiday in 2022: a lot of inexpensive hotels, food and fruit, a good wide beach and a fairly clean sea. Also a lot of interesting sights in the area – you can take a tour or rent a bike. Groomed beautiful embankment, where there are simulators. Of the minuses – rather sharp entrance to the sea, sometimes there are waves. Some people find Nha Trang very noisy, but we did not think so, on the contrary, it was quiet, peaceful and safe.

reviews of vacations in vietnam nha Trang

(Photo: Malingering / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Reviews of holidays in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

Mui Ne and Phan Thiet are other russified resorts, fondly loved by our compatriots. These are former fishing villages with sandy beaches and hotels, located along the coast. Of entertainment – cafes, water scooters, wind and kitesurfing. Many consider these resorts a good place for a quiet holiday with children, but others, on the contrary, do not advise to rest there with small children, as in winter the sea often blows in the afternoon and waves rise, which are more suitable for wind and kitesurfing, but not bathing.

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According to reviews of tourists about rest in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, the disadvantages are slightly inflated prices and lack of animation. In Mui Ne products will have to buy in small stores, large supermarkets are in the neighboring Phan Thiet. The center of town in Phan Thiet is located far from the resort area, it is better to move by transport. Another disadvantage – Mui Ne is popular with young people, so in the evenings it can be noisy. According to tourist reviews, despite all the minuses, Mui Ne and Phan Thiet – one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam among our compatriots.

Our review. We lived in Mui Ne in January: we ate delicious seafood, saw the sights and rode a bike. It’s a small village, and there’s almost no entertainment, so there’s nothing to do there for more than a week. The beaches are clean only near the expensive hotels, and the sea is more suitable for kiting and surfing.

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reviews of tourists on vacations in Vietnam

(Photo: ruben i / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Fukuok vacation reviews

Phu Quoc is the most expensive and respectable resort in Vietnam, according to tourist reviews. Tall palm trees, beaches with pure white sand, clear turquoise-colored water, mind-blowing relaxation and overpriced for Vietnam. For comparison, a room in a hotel in Nha Trang will cost almost twice cheaper than the same on Fukuoka. There is no shopping, and national colors, too, except for the dancing in folk costumes. This is a typical resort in the European style, if at all it is appropriate to speak of Europe in an Asian country. Everything is comfortable, but without the zest.

According to reviews of tourists, Fukuok is actively built, its infrastructure is developing: there are new hotels, stores and restaurants, asphalted roads. However, the minus of such a large-scale construction are noise and overkopatnye roads. However, it confuses very few people, as almost all tourists are lazy lying on the beach and move in a cab. If you decide to explore the island, rent a bike, the benefit of rental stations are many and it is cheap.

Our review. We spent almost a month on Fukuoka. We agree with the reviews of tourists: a lot of construction, dusty and dirty, noisy. The attractions are few, but the beaches are good. It is worth to come here in 2022 if you want to live in a beautiful resort, eat cheap fruits and seafood and enjoy stunning sunsets.

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tourist reviews about Phu Quoc Vietnam

(Photo: hughderr / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

When it’s best to go on vacation in Vietnam

In winter, the south of Vietnam is ideal for a beach holiday: on the island of Phu Quoc it’s +30°C during the day, +26°C at night, the water is +28°C, the sea is clean and clear. Mui Ne and Phan Thiet are not far behind: daytime +32. +34 ° C during the day, +24 ° C at night, sea +26 ° C. In Nha Trang a couple of degrees cooler. Tourists often meet the New Year in resorts. If you are planning a trip, read more about holidays in Vietnam in winter.

From April to May the weather is dry and warm along the coast: the water is +25. +28 ° C, +30 ° C and above during the day. In May it will be very hot in the south: +33 ° C and above during the day, walks and travel will have to be done in the early morning hours until 11 or in the evening after 19. In summer it is better to rest in the center of the country, for example, in Nha Trang during this time it is easier to breathe because of the sea breezes.

reviews of Vietnam

(Photo: hughderr / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Reviews of activities and excursions in Vietnam

The best time for beach and sightseeing holidays in Vietnam is the dry season. The itinerary of trips depends on the chosen holiday destination: from Mui Ne is convenient to visit the Red Canyon, Ho Chi Minh City and Dalat with its temple complex and flower garden. From Nha Trang – Cham Towers, Cape of Lovers and Long Son Pagoda, Yang Bay Waterfall, Dalat, Halong Bay and the northern islands. Excursions start from 400 rubles. Dalat, temples, islands – 1500-2000 rubles, a trip to Halong Bay – 20 thousand rubles.

You can ride elephants or play golf (700 rubles), go kitesurfing, fishing, snorkeling or diving. For instance, a 40 minute diving trip to Fukuoka costs about 5 thousand rubles and snorkeling is 4-5 times cheaper. Visit a spa – from 700 to 1000 rubles, go to a trendy nightclub in Nha Trang – 700 rubles.

As for excursions in Nha Trang, not all should be taken – some are much cheaper and more interesting to visit on their own, if you know how to ride a bike. We are not advocates of group visits to attractions, as it is often expensive and does not bring any pleasure. For example, we recommend visiting Yang Bay Eco-Park and Wynperl Fun Island, Po Nagar Towers, Long Son Pagoda, Cathedral, Ba Ho Waterfalls and mud and mineral baths – basically, the things you can easily get to on your own. But the tours to the northern and southern islands are better to buy from a tour operator. Tourists are advised to choose English-speaking guides, because it’s much cheaper.

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Gourmets should try the Vietnamese coffee (we are big fans of it), the secret of its special taste is not in the variety of beans, but in the technology of the drink. As for the food, the Vietnamese cuisine can offer both exotic items such as fried crocodile, shark and ostrich, and quite harmless mussels and shrimp.

Speaking of prices, they are quite affordable – except that in Fukuoka is somewhat more expensive. You can have a dinner for two in a cafe for 300-500 rubles, in a restaurant – 1500 rubles. Fruit is cheap – you can buy any exotic fruit for 50-100 rubles per kilo. If you want to try all tropical fruits, we recommend to study our guide on fruits with descriptions, prices and names in Vietnamese.

And of course, what’s a vacation without shopping? Tourists buy pearls and silver, leather, silk and cotton products, cosmetics, medicine, tea and coffee. A very popular souvenir for friends is a distilled snake or some other critter in a bottle.

How to rest in Vietnam

(Photo: Malingering / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Tourist reviews of Vietnam’s beaches

The beaches in Vietnam are sandy, with white or yellow sand. Beaches with white sand on the island of Phu Quoc, the most famous of them Long Beach and Bai Sao, they are also considered the best. Beaches in Halong Bay in their characteristics inferior to them – despite the stunning scenery around, the sand is imported, and the water is not as crystal clear.

Another famous resort, which earned the recognition of tourists because of its beaches – is Mui Ne. Between the village of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet stretches a long sandy strip of beaches – Mui Ne Beach. This beach is loved by both family vacationers and those involved in water sports.

In Nha Trang city beaches are clean, well maintained, well equipped and crowded. On the beach working cafes and scurrying traders. However, the entrance to the water is not good everywhere, here and there you can find a pebble. According to reviews of holidaymakers, the beaches in Nha Trang are not suitable for children – the depth usually begins close to the shore. In early winter, the water in the sea is turbid and choppy because of storms, so to swim is better to come in spring or summer.

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Tips and advice for tourists

Vietnam has a lot of interesting things for the tourist. For excursion lovers, it is a treasure trove of surprises: ancient cities and temples, mountains, jungles and amusement parks. Plus amazingly delicious coffee, fresh seafood and fruit abundance all year round. A huge plus – affordable prices. Not a bad way to save on vacation in Vietnam in 2022, you can go in the off-season or early summer.

The Vietnamese are very positive people, friendly and inclined to compromise. As elsewhere in Southeast Asia, there love children, but do not be afraid of the excessive attention to them, the Vietnamese – well-bred people and impose with a manifest display of sympathy will not.

According to feedback from tourists, not everything is rosy – on vacation in Vietnam, there are also disadvantages: the service is still ambiguous and not good in all places. Some are annoyed by the huge number of bikes on the streets. The Vietnamese carry them crazy loads, from furniture to a bunch of live pigs, while the drivers do not consider it necessary to give way to a pedestrian. From unused to cross the road a little scary, and the poor tourist has to wait for crowds of people to run over with them for company, or even directly to ask for help from local law enforcement officers.

Vietnam tourist – comfortable rest and vivid impressions

In Southeast Asia, on the border with China, Cambodia and Laos, a narrow strip of Indochina peninsula stretches Vietnam. This country of majestic mountains, picturesque parks and nature reserves, where there are thousands of species of rare plants and animals. The whole territory of Vietnam is on the coast of the South China Sea.

Vietnam Tourist - comfortable rest and vivid impressions - Photo 2

Vietnam tourist – comfortable rest and vivid impressions

The climate is divided into dry winter and humid summer. In the north of the country it is subtropical, with hot summers and cool winters. In the south, the temperature is constant, with no sharp fluctuations. The air is always warm up to 26-28 degrees.

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Attractions of Vietnam

Located in the north is the capital of Vietnam. The city of Hanoi has a rich historical and cultural heritage. In the Vietnamese language, it means a flying dragon. It is the symbol of the city. Myths and legends of the capital are connected with it. Hanoi is famous for its picturesque parks and lakes, ancient monuments and ancient temples.

Vietnam Tourist - comfortable rest and colorful impressions - Photo 3

Attractions of Vietnam

The temples An Truong Vuong and Quan Thanh with their unique sculptures as well as the ancient tower Cat Co. Beyond the city begins the largest national park in Vietnam. This is a true rainforest, evergreen jungle. In Hanoi there is a working mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh City, which is open to the public. It resembles the architecture of Moscow, but larger in size.

Vietnam Tourist - Convenient Rest and Exciting Impressions - Photo 4

Attractions of Vietnam

There are many interesting places in Vietnam, attracting tourists, but the most visited is Halong Bay, where gathered in a single landscape of 1600 islands of the most bizarre forms. On the mirror-like surface of the sea are islands rocky and wooded with mysterious caves and exotic plants.

Vietnam Tourist - comfortable rest and bright impressions - Photo 5

Attractions of Vietnam


Vietnamese cuisine deserves special attention. The locals eat only natural products without subjecting them to a long thermal processing. Main meals are rice and seafood . They can offer exotic dishes: fried grasshoppers, bird’s nest soup, monkey brains. The cafe offers soup made of eel, pancakes made of rice noodles, and many other original dishes. The restaurants offer Asian and European cuisine.

Vietnam Tourist - comfortable rest and bright impressions - Photo 6


Accommodation and entertainment

Vietnam has a developed network of hotels located along the coast. Here any tourist can choose an accommodation to his liking. There are budget hotels, guest houses, which do not require much money. You can stay in luxury hotels that meet the high demands of fans of comfort and luxury.

Vietnam Tourist - comfortable rest and bright impressions - Photo 7

Accommodation and entertainment

Vietnamese love colorful spectacles and festivals. There are festivals of various themes: fruit, flower, and sea. Fireworks festival is very interesting. Elephant riding, crocodile farm, diving, fishing and other entertainments are very popular.


There are many souvenir shops and markets scattered throughout the country. The most popular items are silk, crocodile skin products, costume jewelry, and handicraft items. In jewelry stores you can find a lot of fine products made of gold, silver, inlaid with precious stones.

Vietnam Tourist - comfortable rest and bright impressions - Photo 8


Vietnamese people are emphatically polite. Always respectful to foreign tourists. Can give a souvenir, or ask to take a picture with him as a keepsake. Here every vacationer will feel the warmth and hospitality of the locals.

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