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Top 10 Best resorts in Vietnam for recreation

Compiled a review to help travelers who want to find and go to the best resorts in Vietnam. From the article you will learn where it is most comfortable to vacation with children, when to go on vacation, what infrastructure to rely on and other useful information.

Rating of resorts in Vietnam

Vietnam with each year is becoming more and more popular tourist destination. Travelers are attracted by the mild climate, picturesque landscapes, good opportunities for beach, sightseeing and sports recreation. But where exactly to go in Vietnam? The National Tourism Union made a rating of the best Vietnamese resorts. At their description and I want to stop.

On March 15, 2022, the Vietnamese authorities announced the full opening of the country by air, sea and land!

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Nha Trang

Nha Trang - The best resorts in Vietnam

A coastal city in the southern part of the Republic, Nha Trang is considered the beach capital of Vietnam. It features azure waters, endless sandy beaches, green mountain ranges and hectares of fields of wild flowers.

It is perfectly developed tourist infrastructure. The number of clubs, bars, entertainment complexes exceeds a few dozen. The price for a cocktail starts at 150 rubles.

Restaurants and cafes in Nha Trang too a lot. A hearty meal in a cafe or restaurant for two and consisting of three courses will cost an average of 800 rubles, in a first-class restaurant – 1500 rubles.

Overnight accommodation is represented by:

  • cozy bungalows;
  • cheap hostels:
  • hotels of different categories – from affordable 3* hotels to luxurious 5* complexes.

Nha Trang – the most favorite and comfortable place to relax with children. Wynperl Park is a must-visit place. You can visit Yang Bei Eco-Park, National Oceanographic Museum, Hong Meow Island and Hong Lan. In Nha Trang there is something for everyone to see and do. The hotel complexes have children’s hobby clubs, playgrounds, and restaurants have children’s menus. You can come here even with a newborn baby!

Getting from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang can be done by the following means of transportation:

  • bus route # 18 (ticket – 250 rubles, travel time 50 minutes);
  • Minibus (minibus);
  • cab (travel about 900 rubles, 35 minutes).


  • The average cost of the tour: (7 days with a flight from Moscow and accommodation in an all-inclusive hotel) ~ 130,000 rubles for two people;
  • Distance to Cam Ranh Airport – 36 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: from January to August;
  • Beaches: Sandy;
  • Traveller reviews of Nha Trang: 98% positive.

Phan Thiet and Mui Ne.

Phan Thiet

Vietnam’s resort of Phan Thiet is located in the southeastern part of the country. It is a port city with a beautiful waterfront and harbor where ships and yachts from all over Asia are moored. There are few sights to see here. This is a great place for a relaxing family vacation with children. There are no big nightclubs and entertainment centers, noise and bustle.

The prices are lower compared with Nha Trang. Coffee on the street is only 60 rubles, fruit salad (100 g) – 100 rubles. In Phan Thiet are often Russian-speaking tourists, many locals know Russian, at least in general.

Mui Ne – another small resort in Vietnam. It is also in the southeast, not far from Phan Thiet. It is called the “Russian Village.

Mui Ne

80% of holidaymakers here are Russian citizens. In hotels, souvenir shops Russian-speaking staff, the restaurants offer our usual dishes and drinks. Compared to Fantier there is more entertainment. You can ride a jeep on the dunes, rent any kind of water equipment, visit the ancient Buddhist temples.


  • The average cost of the tour is. ~ 100 000 rubles for two people;
  • Distance to Cam Ranh Airport from Phan Thiet – 208 km, from Mui Ne – 190 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: December to May;
  • Beaches: Mostly fine pebbles;
  • Tourist reviews of Phan Thiet and Mui Ne: 96% positive.
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Da Nang

Da Nang

Da Nang stands in the center of Vietnam. The 5th most populous city in the country. The second unofficial beach capital of the Republic and the starting point for a tour of the hills of Banh. There are magnificent grottos and caves in which you can see the rare Buddhist shrines.

It is a fashionable resort with first class hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. Prices here are high, but there are plenty of opportunities for recreation. Ancient churches are next to skyscrapers in high-tech style. The architecture of the city is so diverse that it is difficult to single out a single ensemble. The resort is a huge modern amusement park “Asia”, surfing and diving clubs, authentic bazaars.

Public transportation is well developed. The most accessible way of movement between objects – a motorcycle cab. A trip inside the resort will cost a maximum of 200 rubles. You can rent a car, but note that the driver’s license in Vietnam are not valid, you need to get a local one. The thing is troublesome, it takes about a month.


  • A one-week tour for two with a flight and all-inclusive accommodation ~ 110,000 rubles;
  • Distance to the International Airport Da Nang – 1 km;
  • Seasons for recreation: February to May;
  • Beaches: Sandy, with a wide beach line, clear water and fine sand;
  • Tourist reviews about holidays in Da Nang: 99% positive.
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Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Located in the northeast of Vietnam and consists of 3,000 islands, rocks and caves. A great place for a vacation from the advertising “Bounty”! There are hectares of rainforest, emerald clear water. Wonderful scenery – the main argument for vacationing in this part of Vietnam.

Popular are boat tours with a view of the bay “from the inside”. There are many proposals, the difference between cruises in the route, class of service and price. Another attraction – kayaking on the river with a tour of the grottoes and quiet lagoons.

The main city of the bay is Halong . It is built on an artificial dam. It has the largest selection of housing, places for dining and souvenir shopping. Here you will find clubs, massage parlors, tennis courts. The resort is growing rapidly, and is good for outdoor activities.


  • Tour for two people for 7 days with a flight from Moscow and accommodation in a hotel on the system “All inclusive” ~ 115 000 rubles;
  • Distance to Haiphong Airport Kathbi – 73 km;
  • Seasons for recreation: April to May and September to October;
  • Beaches: Pebble and rocky;
  • Tourist reviews of holidays in Halong Bay – 95% positive.



A beautiful well-developed city in the central highlands of Vietnam. It is a sought-after vacation destination for the whole family. The resort is located on a picturesque lake shore, surrounded by pine forests and waterfalls. It was built by the rich French to escape the summer heat. The city itself on the number and types of entertainment resembles the exquisite French Alps: you can go horseback riding, play golf or tennis, ride a yacht.

Dalat is a famous medical complex. It has massage parlours and spa centers. The price of an hour-long session of herbal massage is about 7000 rubles.

There are many street food stalls in the city. A glass of hot, invigorating coffee is only 50 rubles. A snack (chicken sandwich) will cost 70 rubles. There are first-class restaurants offering European and Asian dishes in the center of the resort. For a dinner with wine you will pay on average 450 rubles per person.

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Children should check out the entertainment centers “Crazy House”, “Prenn” and the contact zoo.


  • A trip for two (7 days). ~ 105 000 rubles;
  • Distance to the Luyen Khuong Airport – 30 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: May to October;
  • Beaches: Mainly sandy;
  • Tourist reviews for holidays in Dalat: 97% positive.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

Colorful island in Vietnam near the coast of Cambodia. Known for its snow-white sandy beaches, luxurious hotel complexes, and picturesque nature. This is a luxury resort. The main part of the island occupied by impenetrable wild jungle. Of entertainment here is everything you could want:

  • nightclubs and casinos;
  • golf courses and tennis courts;
  • Diving centers and water equipment rentals.

Restaurants and cafes serve great dishes of fresh seafood and fish. Rice with mussels costs 230 rubles and red fish soup – 300 rubles. On average a dinner for two will cost 700 rubles.

There is a large gastronomic market in Fukuoka. You should visit it at sunrise when they sell fresh lobsters, crabs and lobsters. The average bill for a dish is 500 rubles. The price includes rice and vegetables.


  • A one-week trip with a flight from Moscow and accommodation in an all-inclusive hotel is 130000 rubles;
  • Distance to the international airport “Phu Quoc” – 20 km;
  • Seasons for recreation: from November to March;
  • Beaches: Sandy, with light gray sand;
  • Tourist reviews of holidays in Phu Quoc: 95% positive.


A small resort in the northwest of the Vietnamese Republic, each year more and more travelers are interested. It is a well-known center of mountain tourism. The city is built at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. It has a unique terrain and relief and beautiful landscapes. It is worth to come here if you want to see the authentic Vietnam, explore the non-tourist attractions, immerse yourself in Asian culture.

In Sapa, there are many markets where local craftsmen sell their exclusive products. These are souvenirs, clothing, glassware and ceramics. The prices are affordable.

The social infrastructure is well developed, there are hostels, hotels and restaurants. Of architectural monuments there are several temples and museums. Of natural sites – Tha Bak Waterfall, Ham Rong Pass, Mount Fansipat.

It is not easy to get to Sapa, and this is the main reason for the negative reviews. There is no airport nearby, transport links with other cities are poorly developed. The settlement is most often reached from Hanoi, which is 400 km away.


  • A one-week trip for two. ~ 95,000 rubles;
  • Distance to Neubay airport – 400 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: May to October;
  • Beaches: rocky;
  • Tourist reviews of holidays in Sapa: 94% positive.


Vung Tau

Vungtau is a port city in the southern part of the state. Its unofficial name is the “Vietnamese Riviera”. The oil capital of the country.For many years the city was part of the French colonies. This left a mark on the architecture and lifestyles of local residents.

The resort can boast luxurious sandy beaches. They are full of villas and hotel complexes. The most famous coasts are the Silkwood, the Fore Coast and the Rear Coast.

Among the many attractions worth noting:

  • Hai Dang Lighthouse;
  • Hon Ba Temple;
  • Villa Blanche.

You can go with the “inspection” of the local markets.

Vungtau has a large Russian-speaking community. It has an entire neighborhood allotted to it. There you will find an Orthodox church, library, stores and cafes.

There is no public transportation in the city. You can take a cab or rent a bike (car). The mess on the roads, as in major tourist cities, is not observed.

There are many hotels in Vungtau, the cost of accommodation starts from 1000 rubles per day.

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  • A trip for two with a flight from Moscow and accommodation in an all-inclusive hotel ~ 100 000 rubles;
  • Distance to Ton Sonnyat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) – 92 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: May to October;
  • Beaches: Sandy, with fine pebbles;
  • The reviews of tourists about rest in Wungau – 94% positive.



Hanoi is the capital of the Republic of Vietnam. It is known for its ancient architectural monuments and colorful historical center. The city perfectly combines Western progress and Eastern charm. There are many attractions and relatively few tourists. Make time for a visit:

  • Lake of the Returned Sword;
  • Ethnographic Museum;
  • Zoo;
  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

The local cuisine is close to that of South China. The main snack is Fo-Bo soup. The price for a portion is 120 rubles. Catering facilities are represented by family cafes with bright interiors and upscale restaurants. Dinners in buffet style are widespread. The average cost is 600 rubles.

Hanoi is not famous for noisy nightclubs and luxurious entertainment complexes. Most bars close at midnight.


  • A one-week trip for two. ~ 120,000 rubles;
  • Distance to Neubay airport – 40 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: May to October;
  • Beaches: pebble;
  • Tourist reviews for holidays in Hanoi – 94% positive.

Con Dao

Con Dao

This is an archipelago of 16 picturesque islands. Tourism here has recently begun to develop. There is enough land, but most of it – the jungle. You can spend your time interesting and useful during the inspection of the following objects:

  • Kondao National Park;
  • Canshao Prison.

On the archipelago there are two dozen beaches. Diving and sport fishing are developed.


  • One-week tour for two. ~ 95,000 rubles;
  • Distance to the airport Con Dao – 7 km;
  • Seasons for holidays: December to April;
  • Beaches: Sandy;
  • The reviews of tourists about rest in Candao – 92% positive.

Vietnam resorts for holidays with children – where to go in December, January, February and March?

At the beginning of winter, the south of Vietnam is perfect for a family vacation. It is:

During this period it is hot, sunny and dry. Temperatures are stable and reach 28-30 degrees above zero.

In January, go to the center of the Republic. Da Nang or Hoi An are ready to offer you good weather, high level of service, informative leisure.

For travel in February, the south and the center of Vietnam are also suitable. A wonderful vacation awaits you in Fukuoka. In late winter, the sea there is calm, warm and clean. For a comfortable holiday for children have all the necessary conditions – from umbrellas on the beach to a special menu at the restaurant. March is considered a favorable month in terms of weather. The best conditions for a vacation with the whole family are created in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Candao.

15 Best Resorts in Vietnam

Despite its relatively small territory, the tropical island country of Vietnam has a long coastline with wonderful beaches washed by the South China Sea. Since it is part of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, its water is different in different places: somewhere very clean, somewhere warm, somewhere cool. As a consequence, the climate in different regions differs quite sharply in weather factors. This article presents the best resorts in Vietnam.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang, Vietnam

One of the most favorite tourist resorts of Nha Trang is located on the shores of the beautiful bay of the same name. Everyone who first arrives here, at first sight is conquered by the inexpressibly beautiful, just fabulous scenery. A harmonious combination of white velvet sand with delicate turquoise sea, with lush greenery of mountain forests and yellow-gray cliffs create an irresistible picture, worthy of admiration.

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There are plenty of quiet, calm coves with clear water, coral reefs, amazing shells. Comfortable stay in this paradise provides a favorable climate throughout the year, when almost always sunshine, the average annual temperature of +23 ° C.

Truong Son Mountains reliably protect the resort area from hurricane winds and storms, it rains much less than elsewhere. Unusually good local beaches with soft sand, equipped with paid (conventional prices) sun loungers and umbrellas. Owners of beach facilities organize water activities: swimming on catamarans, scooters and “bananas”. Nha Trang is a wonderful therapeutic resort, where mud and water treatment are practiced. There are a lot of ancient sights around Nha Trang.

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Rocks covered with sparse forests, framing the turquoise smooth surface of the sea, sand dunes, majestic pine trees, white stripes of beaches – this is a resort Phan Thiet, located in the south of Vietnam. A small town in recent years has developed a tourist infrastructure, not inferior to the level of large centers.

The area around the city is unique architectural and natural attractions, which can not be seen in other places: the lighthouse Ke Ga, the ancient tower Poschau (ruins), the Buddhist church on the slope of g. Taku (475 m), Pink and White dunes, etc. Not only fantastically beautiful views, good conditions in local hotels and beaches rejoice holidaymakers here, but also dry, hot climate, conducive to full beach rest.

In the autumn and winter months, when the sea rises high waves, it attracts surfers and kite-surfers (flying on the waves after the kite). Here in special schools may be trained beginners in water sports. Tourists in need of a cure visit the thermal center, organized near the hot spring Vinh Hao.

Da Nang

Da Nang, Vietnam

The fourth most populous city in Vietnam, Da Nang is not only a solid transportation hub with an international airport, railway and highway, but also a popular resort. Tourists are attracted here by a 40-kilometer-long white strip of sand stretching along cozy coves, where you can spend a relaxing beach vacation.

The large beach area makes it possible to make a choice both for lovers of riotous revelry and for fans of secluded quiet pastime. Perhaps nowhere else is there a bridge whose spans are made in the form of rings and a dragon’s head. In the city limits is very popular beach Mi Khe, with excellent infrastructure and a full set of all the entertainment attributes.

On weekends it is full of people of all ages, music and laughter until dark. One of the most elite beaches in Danang, China Beach, located 7 km from the city center, marked in the list of the best beaches in the world.

Along 4 km of the coast lined with luxury hotels and hotels, there are many restaurants and nightclubs. Nam Oh, located near the village of the same name – an example of remote beautiful beach for a secluded comfortable stay.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Generous bounty of pristine, untouched by civilization nature, endless ribbon of beaches, the amazing beauty of the scenery – this is the largest island of Vietnam – Phu Quoc (Pearl). Because of its inaccessibility, it has long been neglected by tourists, but in the late 20 th century. began to actively develop tourism infrastructure, an international airport appeared.

Today the whole island is a popular resort, with a wide network of hotels, restaurants and various entertainment venues. High tourist season in Fukuoka runs from the second half of October to May. 150 km of amazing sandy beaches, boundless sea gives to numerous lovers of beach pleasures.

The beaches of Long Beach, Ong Lan, Bai Dai, etc. are hugely popular. Irresistibly beautiful views, charming exotic of forests and parks, their rich fauna, a variety of underwater world, unique monuments of antiquity make a stay here useful and interesting.

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Explorers of the seabed, with coral reefs and strange fish have a lot of fun. For snorkelers, divers, surfers and other water sports enthusiasts, Fukuok is simply an earthly paradise.

Con Dao

Con Dao, Vietnam

There are 16 small islands (archipelago) in the south of Vietnam, almost untouched by tourists. The largest among them is Condao Island, where all the infrastructure facilities of the region are concentrated.

An airport, hotels, and hostels have made this truly paradisiacal place available to travelers who enjoy peaceful vacations away from civilization amid pristine mountains and forests, crystal clear emerald-blue water, and white sand.

Pleases and the underwater world with a variety of marine life: barracuda, giant turtles, dugongs and other exotics. Even those who have already “eaten the dog” in the sea adventures, here you will find something interesting to do. That’s just a boat trip along the islands of the archipelago, during which you can see unearthly landscapes, thickets of bizarre exotic plants, cosmic sunrises and sunsets.

Ride on motorcycles on serpentines of high-mountain roads to test their skills and admire the incomparable panorama that opens below. According to experienced athletes, Kon Dan Islands is the best place for diving, snorkeling and beach activities.

Champa, Vietnam

Grew out of a small village founded by the French in the 19th century as an escape from the heat among the high mountains and thick forests, the town of Sapa in northwest Vietnam is very beloved by leisure tourists. Of course, the natural surroundings are stunning, creating such views that make you “dizzy.

Due to the high altitude, the weather here is unstable, changing several times a day. Sapa and the surrounding area is a multinational district, home to several local tribes who have preserved their traditions and way of life. Extremely well-developed network of hotels, catering industry, travel agency services allows you to get comfortable here, but modern infrastructure erases the features of charming primordialism.

Tourists tend to travel every day to the surrounding area, going to the mountains, neighboring villages, to get acquainted with their inhabitants. There are interesting sights in the city itself, for which 1 day is enough to see. On the central square there is a church whose architecture and interior decoration will not leave anyone indifferent. A visit to the local museum provides insight into the history of Sapa and the life of local tribes.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Insanely beautiful creature of Nature, considered one of the wonders of the world – Halong Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin, has long been inhabited by curious tourists coming here from all over the world. The main thing that attracts them here is the uniqueness of seascapes, which turns the bay into a land of mysterious beauty beyond ordinary logic.

The abundance of small islands (over 3 thousand), majestic rocks, huge cliffs, covered with green velvet of tropical vegetation, surrounding the emerald surface of the sea. Cruise boats and ships with tourists ply the bay daily, exploring the bizarre natural sites and mooring at the most interesting spots.

To get a complete picture of all the wonders of the bay, a 1 or 2-night cruise is a must. You can contemplate the fantastic scenery passing by, sitting or half-lounging in lounge chairs on deck. On one of the islands tourists visit the karst cave Sung Sot Grotto, astonishing its stalactites and stalagmites, a bizarre combination of colors and shapes.

From the observation deck you can see all the charm of Halong. Exciting tour to the pearl factory. A lot of entertainment awaits tourists on the cruise, from kayaking and fishing to inflammatory national dances.

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