Vanuatu is a republic located on the Archipelago of the same name

Vanuatu is a republic located on the Archipelago of the same name

The Republic of Vanuatu is located on the Vanuatu Archipelago in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. In the archipelago consists of more than 80 islands, their surface is different, often mountainous. Vanuatu, the former Franco-British condominium of the New Hebrides, has preserved its exclusivity and distinctive traditions to this day. Although cannibalism is no longer cultivated here, Vanuatu, a true paradise for ethnographers. One of Oceania’s most breathtaking natural landscapes adds to the archipelago’s charm.

Location and Climatic Conditions

Vanuatu is located in a humid tropical and equatorial climate zone. Temperatures here range from 22-27°C. Typhoons pose a great danger during the rainy season. The surrounding sea provides exceptional conditions for snorkeling and diving to coral reefs. There have been many shipwrecks on the seafloor since World War II. Other activities include jungle trekking, sport fishing, sailing, etc.

Vanuatu is a republic located in the archipelago of the same name.

Location and Climatic Conditions

The archipelago of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific, in a zone of tectonic waves. The islands have active volcanoes (the most famous are Lopevi, Marum, and Benbow), fumaroles, and hot springs. A special feature is the volcano Gaua, the crater of which fills Lake Letas. There are various species of birds, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, geckos, turtles, bats, and the surrounding sea has an extremely rich life.

Features of the life of local people

Vanuatu is said to be one of the happiest nations in the world. The people are pleasant and in many places traditional customs, dances, ceremonies, clothing, etc., are still observed. Some rituals and ceremonies can be seen by foreigners. Typical arts and crafts include wood carvings, coral products, statues, bows and arrows, traditional clothing, masks, musical instruments, baskets, etc.

The village of Vanuatu has its own order, customs and provides a guarantee of a solid existence for all its inhabitants. They consider all the land as common property. And they are incredibly orderly and clean. They constantly sweep the floors of their huts and always wash their feet thoroughly before entering. When a visitor learns of the sincere and friendly nature of the Vanuatians, he does not want to believe that these people have engaged in cannibalism in the recent past. However, there are many incontrovertible documents about their savage habits. It is widely believed that the South Pacific Islands have increased meat consumption due to the scarcity of game and livestock.

Vanuatu is a republic located in the archipelago of the same name.

The peculiarities of life of local inhabitants

The Pacific island of Vanuatu is not only a great vacation destination, but also the cradle of bungee jumping. The locals learned about it from the New Zealanders, who spread the adrenaline sport around the world. Nevertheless, it has its origins in a local initiation ritual. It is an ancient tradition, representing an initiation ritual for young boys . A boy has to prove his courage by jumping from a tower, even if it is 30 meters high, then he becomes a man. The towers are wooden structures, often with many floors. The ritual is called “Nagol” and to this day carries a great danger of injury or even death. Many residents still see it as a very mystical ceremony.

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The layout of Vanuatu

A total of 83 islands , located about 1,750 km northeast of Australia. Its population of about 250,000 is considered the happiest nation in the world. Not to mention the fact that they live in such a beautiful place. Their contentment is evidenced by the smiles that may never disappear from their faces . Even a first look at the local landscape will convince every visitor that they really do have reason to smile.

Vanuatu is a republic located in the archipelago of the same name.

The layout of Vanuatu

Vanuatu has one major advantage over the other Pacific Islands, this destination has so far avoided mass tourism. Most tourists go to New Caledonia, Tonga or Fiji for adventure and beach romance. Vanuatu is too far from them and few want to go on such a long pilgrimage. However, if you overcome the distance and come to Vanuatu, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, pristine beaches and clear sea without the ubiquitous crowds of tourists.

Espiritu Santo Island

The largest island of Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo, often abbreviated to Santo, whose name means “Holy Spirit” in Spanish. It has an area of 3,677 square kilometers and is located on Vanuatu’s highest peak, the 1,879-meter Mount Tabwemasana . Luganville is home to about 12,000 residents. It is the second largest city in the country after Port Vila, which is located on the island of Efate. In addition to the capital, it is also the only place in Vanuatu where an airport is located. The entire island of Espiritu Santo is currently home to about 35,000 people.

Espiritu Santo was the first island of Vanuatu to have a European basis. In 1606 a Portuguese navigator in Spanish service, Pedro Fernandez de Quiroz, landed ashore. He named the island La Austria del Espirito Santo because he mistakenly believed he had finally discovered the mythical southern continent Terra Australis . However, in 1768, the French navigator Louis-Antoine de Bougainville visited the island and discovered that Espiritu Santo was not a continent, but only an island.

Vanuatu is a republic located in the archipelago of the same name.

Espiritu Santo Island

In the first half of the 19th century, sandalwood was discovered on the island and thus became a major export item. A lively trade in this wood continued until 1868, after which European colonists found another way to make money, the slave trade. Vanuatu’s slaves were trafficked mainly to Queensland, Australia, and Fiji, where they worked in the sugar cane fields. Even worse were the natives who came to New Caledonia because they were forced to work there in terrible conditions in the nickel mines.

U.S. military equipment burials

During World War II, Espiritu Santo served the Americans, who built a military base here on the Segond Canal. The Americans also built four hospitals, five airports, 40 movie theaters, and many other buildings. Residents from other parts of Vanuatu began to move to the island because they saw an opportunity to earn extra income, and they worked on the military bases as maintenance or support personnel. After the war ended, the Americans were left with a large amount of unneeded material, which they decided to get rid of in the worst way possible, simply throwing hundreds of tons of material into the sea and leaving it behind. Now this place is called Million Dollar Point and is a popular diving spot. Just a few feet below the surface lie old trucks, bulldozers, aircraft wreckage, SUVs and other equipment that has gone out of commission.

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Vanuatu is a republic located in the archipelago of the same name.

U.S. military equipment burials

However, Espiritu Santo Island has another surprise for enthusiastic divers, the wreck of the U.S.S. SS President Coolidge, which is 21 to 73 meters below the surface in the waters near the town of Luganville. It was a nearly 200-foot luxury ocean liner from 1931, named for the 30th President of the United States, John Calvin Coolidge . It was later rebuilt as a military transport ship. However, on October 26, 1942, she accidentally detonated two American mines and the ship sank. The ship is still in relatively good condition, lying on its port side, and is one of the most accessible wrecks in the world.

Champagne Beach

Vanuatu is a republic located in the archipelago of the same name.

Champagne Beach

If you have the opportunity to visit the island of Espiritu Santo , it is worth a trip to Champagne Beach in its northeastern part, which is not only the most beautiful in Vanuatu, but also one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is absolutely perfect. It has the finest white sand, which satisfies all beach lovers. It is washed by an incredibly turquoise sea, which hides a rich underwater world. It has a lagoon lined with corals and the ocean bottom is covered with volcanic rocks, which creates a completely unique conditions for diving. The waters near Champagne Beach, literally a paradise for divers and snorkelers. At the edge of the beach there is a pier, and hidden under the water a large number of unique corals, among which swarms of colorful fish swimming.

Vanuatu is a republic located on the Archipelago of the same name

1. The Republic of Vanuatu is a Pacific state in Melanesia

Due to its geographical remoteness from the centers of civilization most of the people living on Earth do not even suspect about the existence of such a country. This remote corner of our beautiful planet is amazing in many ways.

2. Vanuatu is situated in the Archipelago of the same name, a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is bordered to the east by Fiji, to the west by Australia, to the north by the Solomon Islands and to the southwest by New Caledonia.

3. Prior to the middle of 1980, the name of the country was changed to New Hebrides. It was decided to change the name after independence.

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4. 4. The coastline is 2,528 kilometers. There are 83 islands in the New Hebrides archipelago.

5. The most important islands are considered Efate, Tanna, Espiritu Santo and Malekula.

Many of the islands are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, and in the west of the archipelago there is an oceanic trench that is about 8,000 meters deep.


7. The total land area of the country is 12,190 square kilometers. The capital of the Republic of Vanuatu is Port Vila. The country has a population of approximately 218,000 people.

8. There is a monument to the Russian navigator Vasily Golovnin in the capital Port Vila.

9. The Vanuatu Islands have a tropical, almost equatorial climate. But on some islands with mountainous terrain, there are climatic differences depending on the altitude above sea level.

10.The average annual temperature is 18°C to 30°C. In the nation’s capital, humidity often reaches 90% during the rainy season and 70% during the dry season.

11.The rainy season begins in January and ends in March. Cyclones usually occur between December and March and form over the Coral Sea (northwest of Vanuatu).


12. There is an underwater post office near Port Vila where you can send a letter. It really works – there, underwater, sits an employee with a scuba diver. Of course, it is just a tourist attraction.

13. Vanuatu has three official languages – English, French and Bislama. However, few people speak the first two.

14. Vanuatu has the first density of languages in the world. In this compact country people speak 113 different languages and dialects.

15. Almost all of the people of Vanuatu are Christians, but in the local branch of Christianity there are still visible traces of animism, a traditional local belief.

16.About 5% of the population of Vanuatu are followers of the Kargo cult. All of them are practically isolated people who still exist in a state of near primitive order. They live on several islands that are part of the Republic of Vanuatu, but it is not a fact that they themselves are aware of it. They certainly do not have passports.


17. The island of Tanna is also known as the home of the Toka Festival, which is usually held in September. The festival was named after the main ritual dance performed by men. In the past, such events were held to celebrate the end of wars between the tribes, now the festival symbolizes peace and friendship between the tribes.

18.The festival is accompanied by national dances, strengthens relations between neighboring villages and improves the gene pool, as it often leads to the formation of marriages between members of different clans. The festival lasts for three days: male and female pantomimes are performed, sacrifices to the gods are made, tribes exchange gifts, eat and drink a lot of cava.

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The traditions of Vanuatu are still strong today. A council of elders plays the role of advisors to the government here.

20. Vanuatu does not have a standing army. But Vanuatu soldiers took part in the Second World War.

21. More than 120 species of birds (seabirds, shore birds, land birds, freshwater birds, endangered birds) have been registered in the Vanuatu Islands. Many tourists tell us that they have seen more than 60 species of birds during their week on the islands.

22.There are many nature reserves and protected areas on the islands to observe these beautiful creatures: Vatte Reserve (Espiritu Santo Island), Mount Tabwesmana and Western Ranges (Espiritu Santo Island), Loru Protected Area (Espiritu Santo Island), Duviara Reserve (Ambaye Island), Fahteng Reserve Lake (Ambrym Island), Nabi Protected Area (Malekula Island).

23. Vanuatu cuisine is primarily seafood, bananas in all forms, poultry, cassava dishes, and coconuts. Meat, poultry, and frog legs are also not uncommon on the islands.

24.Food in Vanuatu is unrealistically cheap. Fresh fruit is not imported, but removed from the branches. The climate of the islands is favorable for the ripening of juicy and diverse fruit.

25. Of the modern festivals of interest here is the festival of drawings on the sand. Originally, the custom arose from ritualistic images, which were invested with religious meaning. Today, the participants build magnificent compositions (usually on mythological themes), despite the fact that the works are destined to be soon washed away by the impassive waves of the ocean.


26. On the island of Tanna is one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world, Volcano Yasour.

27. Volcano Yasour is a very ancient and still active volcano, as well as the most accessible and very popular among tourists. The volcano is located at an altitude of 361 meters above sea level. The size of the crater is 300 meters wide and 100 meters deep.

28.Volcano is called the most accessible in the world, because the ascent to its summit is very short and most people have no problem to make the ascent. It is impossible to describe what feelings people have when they find themselves on top of Yasur, the incredible views of nature, the inner hum and moan of the volcano, the splendor of the magma in the crater.

29. The “Republic of Francevill,” located on the island of Efate, was the first state to have suffrage independent of gender and race.

30. The most popular drink here is cava, a tincture of one of the local fruits. It is drunk here instead of beer.


31. The island of Espiritu Santo is the largest of the archipelago, here is the highest point, Mount Tabvemasana.

32. Vanuatu is a country of tropical islands, overgrown with jungle, where time stood still a long time ago. Of course, civilization has reached here, but worth a little distance from the city – and here it is, life as it was thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans!

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33. On the islands there are still primitive tribes who, not long ago, used to eat each other and white people.

34.Today they are almost as far removed from civilization as they were hundreds of years ago: they wear no clothes, use no clocks or calendars. These people do not know what money is.

35.Material values for them are food and kava (the root from which the local narcotic drink is made). They speak the same language as they did five thousand years ago. All the work in the tribe is done by women.

36.A fifth of the country’s citizens have never worked anywhere at all, especially the men, who spend their days smoking, drinking kava, and lazily watching their wives whipping around the household.


37. The world-famous Nagol ritual is held here on Pentecost Island. It is famous for its fascinating jumps with vines, and has been around for centuries. The locals consider this ritual the most dangerous and ancient tradition of their people.

38.Exactly every year young – hunters perform incredible jumps from a tower, 30 meters high, relying only on how tightly the vines are tied to their feet. In all the constructions of the so-called “bungee cord” there is not a single nail, not a single wire, everything is made by hand and from natural materials – a truly memorable sight. You can go on such a tour on Pentecost Island from April to June each year.

39. Vanuatu is the happiest country on earth. Once the country conducted a survey. All residents were asked the same question: Are they happy? They all said, “Yes. “They live on an active volcano and they are happy!

40. Vanuatu is one of the poorest countries in the world. Vanuatu has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world.

41.The annual income of the entire country is much, much less than that of big corporations like Microsoft or Toyota.

42. The most popular sports in Vanuatu are rugby and cricket.

43. Vanuatu athletes regularly participate in the Olympic Games.

44. Near the town of Luganville at the bottom lies a huge ocean liner, sunk in 1942. This place is very popular with fans of scuba diving.

45. On the island of Tanna you can rent a yacht. For water sports here are all conditions.

46. Of course, de jure Vanuatu is a republic, but in practice, the local chiefs, the village elders, still have great authority and considerable power.

47. Approximately one in four people in Vanuatu is illiterate.

48. The name of the local currency, watu, translates from Bislama as “stone.”

49. The crime rate in this country is low and is still declining.

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