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Vancouver is a major city on the west coast of Canada. Often because of the name, there is confusion as to where, in what country, Vancouver is located. It is worth noting right away that there are two cities with this name. Vancouver is in the United States, in the state of Washington. But today we will get acquainted with one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, which fascinates everyone who has ever been there.

General Information

Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city, located in the province of British Columbia. The area of the settlement is 114.67 square kilometres.

Vancouver on the World Map

The XXI Olympic Winter Games took place in Vancouver in 2010. After this event he gained considerable tourist attraction. The city was named the best city on Earth three times.

According to statistics, 52% of the population of Vancouver does not consider English their native language. Ethnically, the city is the most diverse in all of Canada. English-Canadians naturally dominate the population, and English is the primary language of communication in Vancouver. However, there are many Asian immigrants and there are large Chinese neighbourhoods. Knowing English is more than enough to make you feel comfortable.

Vancouver Chinatown

Vancouver has a mild, temperate climate. Autumn is quite rainy. Winter in the city is very pleasant, cold weather is rare, usually temperatures do not drop below 0°C.

Vancouver Views

The coast of Vancouver is 18 km of sandy beaches. Alas, even in summer the water of the Atlantic Ocean rarely gets warmer than +18 ° C, so the beaches are mainly used for picnics or long walks. It is worth noting that many beaches have swimming pools, showers and changing rooms. So, if you want to swim in the nice warm water, you can use the pool. The most popular beaches in Vancouver:

Vancouver Museums

There are quite a few museums and developmental centers in the city, among which it is a must visit:

  1. Science World Centre, an interactive museum that will appeal to children and adults alike. In it you can walk around a huge camera and see how it is arranged inside. Or, for example, you can blow square soap bubbles. The museum building itself is also remarkable – it is a 47-meter sphere, on top of which is a statue of a dinosaur.
  2. The Vancouver Maritime Museum or Aquarium is the pride of the city. Here you can look at dolphins, sea lions, sharks, seals, sea otters, as well as a large number of different species of small fish. In addition, the facility has a considerable collection of tropical butterflies.
  3. Vancouver Museum – it does not have an exhibit of a variety of cultural and art objects from around the world (for example, a mummy that was purchased in Egypt). There are halls that are entirely dedicated to the history of Vancouver and take a closer look at the city.
  4. The Vancouver Art Gallery is the fifth largest in Canada. It has a collection of about 10,000 exhibits that include paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. All the works belong to the modern Canadian art.
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City parks

If you like parklands and nature, then you should definitely visit Vancouver’s parks:

Other interesting places in the city

Vancouver is one of Canada’s cities with many sights and curiosities worth visiting. You probably can’t go through them all in a couple of days, but you can visit the main ones.

If we are talking about the districts of Vancouver, as a tourist, you should visit the Chinese district and Gastown, the oldest district of the city, which surprises with cozy narrow streets and a special atmosphere.

Gastown in Vancouver

The most beautiful view of the city comes from the top of the Harbor Center Tower. The panorama of the city literally takes your breath away. No picture can capture the view of Vancouver, which from the tower seems to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

City View

Hotels in Vancouver

There are many options for comfortable accommodation in this metropolis. However, here is a list of the most popular hotels:

  • Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver 5*;
  • Hyatt Regency Vancouver 5*;
  • Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver 5*;
  • The St. Regis Hotel 4*; The St. Regis Hotel 4*;
  • Carmana Plaza 4*;
  • Hotel BLU 4*;
  • GEC Granville Suites Downtown 3*;
  • Rosellen Suites at Stanley Park 3*;
  • Ramada Vancouver Downtown 3*; Ramada Vancouver Downtown 3*;
  • English Bay Hotel 2*;;
  • Tropicana Suite Hotel 2*;
  • The Buchan Hotel 2*.

Vancouver Restaurants

In a city as big as Canada’s Vancouver, it’s not hard to find a restaurant or a small café if you suddenly feel like grabbing a bite to eat while walking. There are places to look out for. Here is a small list of restaurants and cafes that are nothing short of awe-inspiring:

  • Blue Water Cafe, a haute cuisine restaurant with a very diverse menu;
  • Salmon n’ Bannock Bistro – Canadian and Indian cuisine, fast food;
  • Jam Cafe YVR – a cozy cafe with an extensive selection of desserts, delicious coffee and fragrant tea;
  • AnnaLena – stylish restaurant with modern cuisine;
  • Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen – Japanese dishes;
  • Bauhaus Restaurant – European cuisine, atmospheric interiors;
  • Absinthe Bistro – French menu, good wine list and a big bar.
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How to get there?

Vancouver International Airport is located in the southern part of the city. Domestic flights come here most often, as well as flights from the United States, Asia and some European countries.

Getting around Vancouver itself is very easy and convenient, and the public transport system is well organized. There are buses, subways, trains, and boat ferries. The good transportation system makes travel around the city fast and comfortable.

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