Valentine’s Day in Paris. Offers, restaurants and things to do on a romantic weekend

Valentine’s Day in Paris: A Lovers’ Guide

Valentine's Day in Paris: A Lovers' Guide

What could be more romantic than Paris on February 14? The city, unrivaled in its fame as the capital of lovers, opens its arms to great romantics on Valentine’s Day. And no matter what your financial budget. To enjoy the special atmosphere of this magical city, you do not need a lot of money. All that matters – in your soul and in the eyes of your loved one.

To complete the experience and get the maximum effect of a trip to Paris, a leading information portal made a special guide for lovers, noting five iconic places, which can not be missed. Follow us!

5 things to do in Paris for lovers

Paris is not as big as it seems. And all of its historical part, where the main attractions are concentrated, you can get around on foot in one day.

1. the Tour Eiffel and a kiss on her top floor

You definitely can’t miss it. You can see this long-legged beauty from everywhere. A kiss at, under and on top of the Eiffel Tower is the minimum program for lovers. If finances do not sing a sad romance, you can have lunch at a restaurant on the top floor, admiring the panorama of Paris and the happiness of your loved one.

2. Notre Dame de Paris

This cathedral is famous not only for its beauty and literary and historical past. Yes, Napoleon and his beloved Josephine were married here. Quasimodo rang its bells, tormented by his unrequited love for the beautiful Esmeralda. The Louvre is looking at it, overflowing with palace secrets and intrigue.

And there are three objects in Notre Dame de Paris that attract lovers all over the world more than any magnet. These are the circular ring on the cathedral gates, the circular bronze plate with the zero kilometer and the stone chimeras. If everything is done correctly, each of them will fulfill one of your wishes, the most cherished.

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As a side note: you have to hold on to the handle, turn around on one heel in front of the sign, and tickle the chimera’s tummy. Do not forget to go up to the top floor of the cathedral – the panorama opens steeper than from the Eiffel Tower.

3. Kiss under the vaults of Pont Marie

Pont Marie – so it is called and considered the most romantic bridge in Paris. Under it kisses couples in love, wishing to the end of their days not to part. The legend says that a kiss under the Pont Marie grants them such a privilege.

Note: the bridge is located next to Notre Dame de Paris. It connects the island of St. Louis with the right bank of the Seine. You can swim under the bridge if you take a walking excursion on a river streetcar – “bateau mouche”.

4. A note in the crypt of Père-Lachaise

After a kiss under the bridge of Marie, go to the oldest cemetery in Paris – Père Lachaise. Here, among the graves of celebrities, there is the crypt of Abelard and Heloise. It is here that lovers make a pilgrimage on February 14 to put flowers and leave a note.

The romantic love story of the episcopalian Pierre Abelard and his pupil Heloise is sad and sublime. Everything was against them – the difference in age and class, Pierre’s church rank, public opinion. But feelings were stronger. Neither the monastic tonsure of Eloise, nor the deprivation of her beloved ministry, nor the high walls and distances, not even death, separated them. The couple’s touching love correspondence has gone down in history. And their graves were united and moved to the crypt at Père Lachaise.

5. Montmartre: release the pigeons, stroke St. Peter’s leg and the bronze bust of Dalida

The program is extensive, so we leave a visit to Paris’ most bohemian place for last. Be prepared that on February 14 you’ll find yourself in the element of couples in love, who, like you, will rush to the Wall of Love, famous for the fact that on it “I love you” is carved in 311 languages, including sign language and Braille (the language of the blind). One day a year, on Valentine’s Day, they release white doves into the sky.

Calvados in Deauville. A stroll through France's famous resort.

Climb to the top of Montmartre hill to the Sacré Coeur Cathedral, find the statue of St. Peter and rub his foot while reciting a prayer request to yourself.

Next, find the bronze bust of the singer Dalida. It is not necessary to stroke it, it is enough to touch it and make a wish of a romantic nature.

And, when you have done all these magical actions, go up to the top of the basilica and admire the stunning view.

Note: the viewing platform of the Basilica is open until 6 pm, the Basilica itself – until 22:30.

Paris will be at your feet! And at this moment you can kiss and make any wishes, because the main wish has already come true: you are here, you are together, and you are happy!

Valentine’s Day in Paris: a route for lovers

Lovers Under the Eiffel Tower

February 14. Valentine’s Day. Paris. The air is shivering with romance and magic. We tell you how not to deceive the expectations of your beloved. Spend this day unforgettable!

In general, February in Paris is a cold and dank month. However, you have every chance to fill it with warmth. We’ve already written about where to kiss in Paris. But if this is your first time in the city of lights and you need a keen guide, use this ready-made itinerary.

Breakfast on the Cité.

Start Valentine’s Day with breakfast at a small French bakery. Coffee and a croissant. This is best done on or near Cité Island, it will help with your future plan.

Notre Dame de Paris

The second step is to walk to Notre Dame, which is located on the island of Cité. While the cathedral is under restoration you will not be able to climb the tower and feel like a character from an unforgettable novel by Victor Hugo, but the magnificent facade is intact and you can admire the key attraction of the city, standing on the kilometer zero of France.

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The Marie Bridge

Pont Marie

The legendary Pont Marie is not far from Notre Dame. Legend has it that those who kiss under this bridge will love each other until their last breath.

If the weather permits such treats, check out the famous Bertillion ice cream store on St. Louis.

Bridge of Art

As you stroll along the Seine embankments on foot, you’re sure to encounter street musicians along the way. Pay the artist a small fee and have him play your tune for the two of you, and you can just listen or even dance on the streets of Paris.

So you’ve reached the bridge of the arts. There are also many artists and musicians. But most importantly, this bridge is considered the bridge of love and fidelity. It is not unreasonable to confess your feelings, and then seal them with a lock, which you can hang on the fence. It is forbidden to do it on other bridges of Paris.

Lunch on the Seine

After such a trip you can have lunch. Walk a little further along the promenade, there is a pier of pleasure boats. You can order lunch on such a watercraft.

All of the boats have both open and enclosed spaces. The February weather won’t bother you. Walk on the Seine and lunch lasts two hours, enjoy the views of Paris. After all, the Seine is the main street of the French capital!

Wall of Love

The Wall of Love

Lunch? Hop on the Metro and take the Abbesses station. Not far from there, in the square, you’ll find the famous Wall of Love. If you haven’t already done so, confess your love to each other (cheat sheet on the wall).


The fastest way to get up to the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur is by cable car. Just a minute and a half and you’re at the top of Montmartre. If you want to climb to the “roof of Paris” under the dome of the cathedral, it will take you more time, but you can’t get this view of Paris anywhere else.

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Walk the streets of Montmartre from top to bottom. Dozens of artists live here. Why not commission them to do a portrait of you together? Or look for a real photomaton opposite the greengrocer Colignon’s shop in “Amélie”. Take the most romantic photos from the machine, just like the characters in the film.

The Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

By the end of the day, drive to the Trocadero. From there is a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, just made for taking pictures in front of it. Every hour, Paris’ main attraction lights up with thousands of lights. Remember this.

You could suggest dining elsewhere (like here), but in the sky above Paris (Restaurant 58 on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower) is probably the perfect place for Valentine’s Day. And if you haven’t dared to do it before, the moment for a marriage proposal has arrived. And if that stage is already passed or you’re not mentally ready, just, bon appetit, as the French say!

Have an unforgettable day in Paris!


Attention: Lunch and dinner are best booked in advance on our links, as well as buy metro tickets. For the Montmartre funicular, the same ticket or pass applies.

If you have any questions about our article, welcome to the comments – we’ll answer them all!

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