USA: North America, food, people

USA: North America, food, people

It would be strange to try to talk about such a large and diverse country as the United States of America in one short article. When Ilf and Petrov took a road trip across America in the 1930s, they very quickly stopped distinguishing one small American city from another . And this fact is capable of upsetting any traveler accustomed to looking at European cities. However, we are far from thinking that your trip to the United States will be built on the route Detroit – Denver – Memphis. Unless you are an ardent fan of the American car industry and Elvis Presley (but even then it is not clear what you have forgotten in Denver?).

Of course, in America you should not look for ruins of ancient cities. There are other countries for that. Cities that are really worth seeing are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington. Do you want to see the “real America”? With cowboys, farmers and unrecognized country stars? Then you can rent a big SUV and drive deep into the state of Alabama, for the full experience, forgetting the map at the hotel.

In fact, a road trip across America is an unforgettable experience. After all, this is a country of roads that run across the country in every direction. And while the cities may seem the same, the natural landscapes of this country are amazingly beautiful and can bring real joy to any traveler.

USA: North America, food, people - Photo 2

USA: North America, food, people


If you think that the main dish of American cuisine – a hamburger from McDonald’s, then you’re greatly mistaken . Generations of immigrants have brought traditional elements of cooking from all over the world and today you can find restaurants all over the country offering great Italian, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indian, and Latin American cuisine. And that’s just the beginning of the list!

But this is in a good restaurant with national cuisine. But in everyday life Americans are really satisfied with lunch in boxes, hamburgers, coca-cola and the so-called “coffee” from vending machines. By the way, you can hardly get good coffee in a restaurant, either. American coffee is made in special machines, and it looks more like a runny drink, which used to be served in Soviet canteens. However, here they add a lot of sugar and cream to it. However, tea is made even worse…

Concrete jungle - the most urbanized countries in the world

If you ask for an American national dish, you’ll probably get fried chicken, roast beef with blood, pork ribs, stuffed turkey, meat loaf, fried or baked potatoes, pancakes with maple syrup, baked beans, and for dessert, apple pie.

There is nothing wrong with alcohol in America. Excellent Californian wines, traditional whiskey, rum and bourbon, the famous Budweiser and Miller beers are sold in every bar along with a lot of drinks that are imported to the USA from all over the world.

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Americans are very proud to be Americans and raise the star-spangled flag above their house in the morning. Anyone who lives in the United States is convinced that they live in the best country in the world. However, they don’t know much about other countries, because 90% of the US population doesn’t even have a passport, and travel only within the country. Although, we must admit that America has many places to go!

There are no Americans in America, because most of the population is the descendants of immigrants, mostly from Europe, Africa and Latin America, and lately – from everywhere. This situation does not confuse anyone, and do not be surprised that a typical American can be called Patrick Nang, Octavio Rosenberg or Alexander Ivanov.

Americans quite sincerely believe that all people speak English. Well, except for the Russians. They also believe that the rest of the world is like America, only with smaller cars and really bad universities. Who Americans are in awe of are the English, who supply the United States with English-language literature and are worthy of respect for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

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Americans are a nation of winners, they win at everything, even when it comes to planting radishes in the garden. If someone in America asks you, “How are you?” they expect the only true answer: “It’s OK. The answer, “The pipe is leaking, and your son has an F in geography,” will be perceived as the height of extravagance. Yet one in two people in this country goes to a shrink, and bookstores are stocked with books like “I’m OK.

In America, people do not walk, and in some small towns there are no sidewalks at all. You don’t need them because every American has a car and drives it everywhere you can go. If you are an avid smoker, be prepared for the fact that at every step you will be explained how bad and indecent it is.

Tianjin and Guiyang - Chinese cities with distinctive culture

Americans often use idioms, many of which are borrowed from the world of sports. If someone tells you that Mr. Steele “plays halfback,” it does not mean that he has joined the Cincinnati Reds. What your interlocutor means to say is that Mr. Steele is trying to evade responsible decisions and is at risk of being out of position.

American National Cuisine, a Colorful Variety of Dishes

To get the right idea about the diversity of American cuisine, we must remember that throughout the centuries America was inhabited by people from different countries and continents. This is why American cuisine is an incredible mix of different tastes and traditions.

It all started with the traditional British cuisine of the XVII-XVIII centuries, which was quickly enriched with elements of local Indian cuisine. Hence the maple syrup, corn and yams that are popular with Americans today.

As the range of nationalities represented in the New World expanded, the local cuisine was gradually supplemented with new dishes. Settlers from Italy, Germany, China, Eastern Europe and other countries and regions made culinary delights previously unrelated to America American. Thus Italian pizza, pasta and ravioli, German sandwiches (hamburgers) and sausages, etc., became traditional for Americans.

The American continent is enormous in size, has different climatic zones, and is home to many peoples with their own traditions. Therefore, the cuisine in different parts of America has significant peculiarities. Even within the United States, which is one of the largest countries in the world, despite some national traditions, there are different culinary preferences in different states. Dividing all of America into 3 main parts, we also get the individual trends prevalent in them. Tasty Cuisine offers a closer look at them. To do so, let’s walk from the northern parts of this country to the south to understand what a rich American national cuisine, whose recipes deserve sometimes surprise, sometimes admiration and are distinguished by an incredible variety!

Arusha: one of Tanzania's largest cities

North America

The dishes favored by residents of the northern part of the continent are as simple as they are varied. In addition to the American cuisine itself, you can also taste Mexican cuisine, which is world-famous for its spicy dishes. First of all, they include the famous fast food burrito.

Mexicans also like to feast on turkey, apple pie,

stuffed bell peppers.

and dishes that are exotic to us, like tacos and fajitas.

When we talk about culinary traditions in the United States, we must keep in mind that each state has its own favorite treats. And preferences are so different that what is crazy about one region, in another would cause bewilderment or disgust. For example, people in Alaska love venison steaks.

And Connecticut residents prefer pizza with white clams – the state’s population of immigrants from Italy.

Delaware is not too picky about its food. Here they make a dish called scrapple – they mix pork scraps with cornmeal and fry this appetizing (in their opinion) mass.

Some sort of Americanized sushi is served in the state of Hawaii. It’s a piece of fried ham in rice, and the whole thing is wrapped in seaweed. This culinary masterpiece is called spam musubi.

Well, Louisiana residents enjoy devouring a fiery mixture of rice, all kinds of meat, and vegetables under the wondrous name of jambalaya.

Even these few dishes mentioned give you an idea of how diverse the culinary preferences can be within one country.

Latin America

Residents of this region love to mix different fruits and vegetables in their cooking. Soups are commonly served for lunch, and in some places they are enjoyed for dinner as well. Those liquid dishes eaten in the daytime are usually made thick, adding to them a lot of components, chief among which are meat and vegetables. For dinner, however, lighter liquid dishes are served: potato broth or broth with an egg. Rice is often used as a side dish, and fruits and roots are added.

Many Latin American dishes are based on tortillas, or corn tortillas. However, they became a meal in their own right.

Also locals consider it an iron rule to add all kinds of spices. Each dish must have at least 5 types!

South America

Obviously the most interesting of South American cuisines is the Brazilian one. They prepare a lot of original dishes among which are rice soups, pumpkin pies, salsa, seafood dishes, and feijoada.

Santiago, Chile vineyards and wine production.

In the southern part of the country, deep-fried chicken is preferred,

beef schnitzel.

Also dishes with the use of crab meat are often cooked here.

American National Cuisine

The stereotype that people in the United States eat at fast-food joints, places that serve fast and unhealthy food, is firmly entrenched in our perception of the United States. But Americans honor tradition and often have family dinners at home, including holiday dinners with dishes prepared according to family recipes.


Americans simply cannot imagine a meal without fruit or vegetable salads.

They are served everywhere and always, whether it’s morning or evening, a heavy dinner or a light snack. It is interesting that in restaurants it is not necessary to order salad separately, it is served in any case and is included in the price of the ordered dish. The same goes for the invariable glass of water with ice. Green salad is very popular and is cut in large pieces. And everyone adds spices to his or her portion according to taste. And they are very much respected here. Garlic powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, cumin, cloves, and ginger are especially popular with Americans.

Residents of the U.S. love a hearty and delicious meal, so if you find yourself in this country, prepare to be served a hearty portion.

As we do, the Americans have three main meals. True, they are called a little differently: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast .

For breakfast, the average American eats scrambled eggs or an omelet, the key ingredient being bacon. Sausage or ham can be used as an alternative to the latter. Roast potatoes are also added.

If an American considers these foods too unhealthy, they are virtually guaranteed a breakfast of cornflakes or cereal porridge.

After 12:00 p.m., Americans have a second breakfast, which they call lunch. In our view, it is lunch. Moreover, at lunch time they usually eat soup and hamburger. There are many varieties of the latter with all sorts of fillings.

Typically, Americans have lunch at work, so they order food from the nearest restaurant. In a quarter of an hour they have a dish with fragrant soup and an impressive-sized sandwich on the table. The meal may be ordered from a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

Seville, Spain.

Dinner is probably the main meal of the American diet. It is even more like our dinner, because it consists of the first and second courses, and a salad is obligatory.

The first course in the United States includes broths, cream soups, and fruit soups. Low-fat meats (beef, poultry) are a popular second course. Initially the food is low salted and not spicy, so people are free to spice up the dish to their liking.

Vegetable side dishes (stewed green beans, asparagus, green peas, and cauliflower) are used with the meat. Potatoes are served in any form (fried, stewed, boiled). The only cereal eaten here is rice, and it must be long and brown. Pasta is less common on the table. Bread is not a frequent guest here, either.

Then there is the obligatory dessert. These are cakes, pies, puddings, pancakes, cheesecakes, fruits and their juices, compotes and whipped cream. And Americans finish with a cup of coffee and sometimes tea. By the way, you can read about how to make the famous American brownie in the next article on Tasty Kitchen, don’t forget to subscribe to updates of the site, as well as join the group in contact.

Drinks are worth talking about separately. Americans consume them in large quantities. Starting with a glass of iced water, which is served at every meal, and ending with a traditional American Coke. As for this drink, it is consumed everywhere. But not everyone gets used to American coffee. To be honest, it is hard to find good coffee in the U.S., and what Americans drink on a daily basis bears little resemblance to the coffee they drink in Europe.

American national cuisine, with its rich and varied recipes, is not always understood by everyone. It does not have as deep a history as European or Chinese cuisine. What is certain is that American culinary traditions are successfully winning over the world and it is hard to find a region in the world where you cannot try American traditional dishes.

Video – what Americans are eating

Watch this video about American national cuisine from the point of view of a Russian immigrant.

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