Unknown New York. Four gems and undiscovered places in New York City

The Secret of New York: The Best Unknown Places

New York's Secrets: The Best Undiscovered Places

New York City isn’t just a city, it’s a whole world. Far from subway stations, underground, New York City life is boiling and surprising. This poster presents legendary places that only the most true New Yorkers know about.

If you’ve been planning to expand your horizons for a long time, and the most popular and beautiful places in the city are getting bored, it’s time for new discoveries! Afisha presents a list of amazing but not replicated places in New York City.

Crown Heights Tunnel.

New York's Secrets: The Best Undiscovered Places

One of the first breweries opened in Brooklyn back in 1849 at the intersection of Bergen Street and Franklin Avenue. The business had several names and owners over the following decades before taking the moniker of Nassau Brewery. In 1866, the owners brought a tunnel to the brewery to solve their logistical problems. This stunning place with an amazing and long history has been added to the National Register of Landmarks along with its tunnel. At the moment, this space underground is occupied by a stunning cheese factory. There are periodic tours and themed events held here. So if you want to experience one of the most stunning historic spots in underground Brooklyn, your path should lead you here.

McCarren Park Tunnels and Pool

New York's Secrets: The Best Undiscovered Places

The newly renovated pool at Greenpoint has a history that dates back to the days of the Great Depression. At the time of its creation, it was one of the 11 largest and most expansive pools in the city limits. Beneath the park is its own amazing secret: a huge system of hidden drainage systems and tunnels. Today it is one of New York City’s most curious and unusual subterranean attractions in terms of its energy.

The Freedom Tunnels

New York's Secrets: The Best Undiscovered Places

Located beneath Riverside Park, the legendary Freedom Tunnels have long been a center of attraction for many New Yorkers who are passionate about New York history. Freight traffic has been running on these tracks since 1880, but as the city’s transportation system became more innovative, these tunnels became a haven for a host of street artists. The secret of the tunnel’s name is that it got its name from the famous New York City graphic artist, Chris “Liberty” Pape. In 1991 this place was used again as a transportation artery, however, it did not last long. Today the place still attracts a lot of diggers and urban adventurers, but unfortunately it’s not the same “city under the city” as it was 20 years ago. This can not stop you from learning more about the history of the city, one visit to the “Freedom Tunnel” can provide you with unusual emotions, new knowledge and adrenaline for weeks to come!

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New York's Secrets: The Best Undiscovered Places

New York City isn’t just the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only Broadway theaters and legendary musicals, but also a huge history. Our city’s history is the history of each and every one of us!

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