Unforgettable vacations in the Maldives

Best resorts in Maldives

If somewhere on earth there is a paradise, it’s the Maldives, islands in the Indian Ocean. Luxurious vacation on white sand dunes, under sprawling palm trees, overlooking the azure sea surface – the dream of every traveler. The best resorts are located on uninhabited islands. Which one to choose is a question of your financial capabilities.

General Information

On the map of the world, the Maldives look like a chain of atolls stretching from north to south for 760 km. The islands are warm and sunny all year round. The reason for this is a lucky location near the equator.

Today, the Maldives is a tourist Mecca, which has everything for a beach holiday – a clear ocean, picturesque atolls, a pleasant climate, fresh fruit. The locals, like centuries ago, catch fish, grow bananas and coconuts, extract copra, and the best atolls have given to tourists.

How many islands are there in the Maldives? The small country consists of 26 atolls and 1196 large and small volcanic islets. The main city of the Maldives is the state capital Male. Its population is just over 60 thousand.

Since the Arabs came to the Maldives, Islam has become the main religion. How is it reflected in today’s tourists? Special bikini beaches are reserved for beach vacations. In public places, it is not recommended to be naked.

The central airport of the Maldives is located 2 km from the city of Male’. Upon arrival, tourists are met by representatives of the hotel and help get to the place of rest. There are two options – to go on a boat or take a seaplane. If you want to save money on ferrying, it is better to rest on nearby islands. There are large resorts with well-developed infrastructure, bars and restaurants are open 24 hours a day, ferries regularly go to the city of Male.

The map of the islands is astonishing with lots of resorts, the names of which do not say anything to an untrained tourist. Which atoll should I choose? We offer you a description of the most popular Maldives islands, the features of local recreation and approximate prices.

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How to choose

You need a map with the resorts in Russian to choose the right place to stay. Colorful pictures of paradisiacal places stir your imagination, popular resorts lay out descriptions of the best hotels.

At first sight of the Maldives, resorts seem similar to each other. Everywhere the eye pleases the whitest beaches with coconut palms, and soft turquoise water splashes just under the hotel window. It makes you want to just point your finger at the first island.

The prices are sobering. The cheapest tour to the Maldives will be much more expensive than a ticket to the same Thailand. How to make the dream come true and at the same time not to go broke? For a budget holiday choose islands-villages. It is inhabited by locals, along with them you get access to cheap cafes and stores.

When they talk about an unforgettable vacation, they mean resorts. What is that? Imagine an isolated hotel-island, which maintains autonomous life support. It has its own electric generators, an installation for desalination of water. Guests live in villas or bungalows. The area has its own bikini beaches, cafes and restaurants, swimming pools, gyms.

Resorts focus on a particular contingent – families with children, young people, seniors, honeymooners. Depending on the “specialization” rest may be different in price and service.

Lovers of peace and solitude prefer uninhabited islands, where even the staff comes by boat. The client chooses the program “all inclusive” or restaurant meals.

The best islands in the Maldives have their own, “home” reef. Enough, wearing a mask, snorkel and flippers, dive into the water a few meters from the shore, and you will find yourself in a fantastic underwater kingdom.

The atolls

The Maldives has some of the most beautiful atolls in the world. Each of them includes up to several dozen large and small islets. They are marked on the map. In order not to get confused by the names, first decide which atoll to go to. It is not superfluous to read reviews or to consult with predecessors:

  1. Ari, an atoll – The Maldives has given tourists 26 islands. North Ari is located closer to the airport. Suitable for diving, water skiing, windsurfing. For all the similarities, there are differences, because each island is memorable for its “highlight”.
  2. South Ari – a coral paradise with underwater caves, popular with divers. In the marine reserves are preserved soft corals, free live turtles, stingrays and other critters. On the islands except bananas and coconuts grow the sweetest watermelons. For the newlyweds hold bright wedding ceremonies. – The main atoll on the archipelago. The capital and the main airport are situated here. It is possible quickly and inexpensively to get to a place of rest on a high-speed boat. The main activities – surfing, diving and just beach holidays. Especially since the weather is almost the same all year round. Map of the atolls combines North and South Male into one Kaafu – Atoll, but the contingent varies. choose for the quiet and solitude. Many rooms do not have TVs and Internet, and reviews assure that only here got the maximum relaxation. Divers gather here, couples in love, families with small children rest. The islands are surrounded by beautiful reefs, there is even a “children’s” reef, where an adult’s belt-deep water. – The atoll is protected by UNESCO. Here are the most prestigious hotels. It seems that besides the ocean and endless beaches in the world does not exist. The best atoll for the rest of wealthy tourists. The weather is consistently warm, nature is beautiful, and time seems to have stopped.
  3. Raa Atoll offers tourists just one island, but with a huge and very beautiful lagoon. A white sandy edge separates the boundless ocean from the dense green thickets. Hidden between the trees are bungalows. Artificial bridges connect the shore to the floating villas.
  4. Lavinani is an atoll with a long sand spit extending far into the ocean. Diving enthusiasts watch the life of crabs, moray eels, stingrays, and parrot fish. Nowhere else in the Indian Ocean is there such an abundance of seafood. The Maldives, the southernmost in the archipelago, is shaped like a giant horseshoe. In the center there is a luxurious lagoon with turquoise water. On the islands among the orange bushes, there are the remains of ancient temples. Local inhabitants live long and practically do not get sick.
  5. Daalu atoll – Maldives is developing tourism, but the local islets are little developed. But you’ll see the pristine nature, untouched by civilization. The surrounding area is beloved by giant sea turtles. – an atoll beloved by surfers. Strong winds bring high waves from the west. Surfers from all over the world come here. The distance from the airport is 400 km, it is more convenient to get there by seaplane. Atoll – the Maldives have created a new infrastructure on the islands. From water activities – diving, windsurfing. There is a bay for lovers of sailing and yachtsmen. Children are welcome in the water park and playgrounds.
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What atoll to choose from such a variety? Focus on your wallet, but remember that the ocean, the beaches everywhere are equally beautiful and priceless.

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Island Villages

Each resort offers a luxurious beach vacation – clean and calm ocean, fish swimming underfoot, always fresh seafood and fruit. And this despite the fact that there are also inexpensive options.

List of budget holiday destinations:

  1. Maldives, the relaxation on the island of Fehendu resembles a rustic vacation. Only instead of fields and vegetable gardens – azure bays and mangroves. – A great option for holidays with children. The island is like a botanical garden, where in addition to bananas and coconut palms grow strange flowers, rare birds fly, and on the beach you can feed the stingrays and even a small shark. – A large inexpensive island 28 km from Male, with a developed industrial sector and sports traditions. You can stay in a hotel for $100. Ideal conditions for surfing. – One of the most populated islands. The resort is famous for its blue lagoons with colorful fish, coral reefs, excellent conditions for diving. The airport is about 20 km away. Ferries depart from Male’ twice a day. For a modest fee, the natives will take you by boat to the nearby islands. You can not only cycle around their territory, but also ride to the store or party to other islands on paved highways. – means “long island,” with a gorgeous sand spit and a small village. There is no shade on the elongated beachfront; escape from the scorching rays can be found underwater. Favorite activity for tourists – snorkeling and diving along the home reef. built houses of local residents and hotels from $ 40 a day. A small spit at low tide connects the island to the neighboring resort (entrance $150). In summer, high waves rise, and the favorite pastime is surfing.
  2. Mātiveri – The island is a village, there are three beaches, one of them – a tourist beach, where you can sunbathe in a bikini. There are stingrays and small sharks. The island is inexpensive, but quite trashy. A trip to a nearby resort will cost $65 per person.
  3. Tinadu is, according to tourist reviews, the most beautiful island of Vaavu Atoll, home to 50 people. Most of it is jungle, through which there is a path to the bikini beach. There are two diving center and instructor, who speaks Russian. just 3 years ago became a tourist destination, built private guest houses, the guests have a separate bikini beach. Of activities – snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, trip to the atolls, feeding sharks. – A lively resort for active tourists. There is a golf course, badminton courts, cricket, tennis courts. Water activities for all tastes. Next to a lot of uninhabited islands.
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Do not be afraid of getting bored on the “village island”. Transport links are well established, ferries, boats. Many islands are connected by highways. Organized excursions – dolphin cruises, trips to the island of turtles, Maldives are famous for its rich fauna and beautiful nature.

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Popular Islands

If you want to choose the right one, you can get the ratings, traveler reviews, and a map of the hotels, preferably in Russian.

The most popular resorts:

  1. Maafushi Island, Maldives – 30 km from the airport. Feedback – a popular, budget resort, hotels should be booked 2-3 months in advance, bikini beach fenced, plenty of sun beds, very clean. The best photos turn out at a nearby deserted beach for locals, but it’s better not to undress. Our tours start from 102 000 rubles for two people.
  2. Rasdu Island, Maldives – 58 km from Male, among the first resorts that have taken independent tourists. Reviews – a lot of corals and marine life, ideal conditions for diving. Fishing and trips to neighboring islands are popular.
  3. Toddoo Island, Maldives – located 67 km from the airport. How to get there? Public ferries and boats run on a schedule. A map of the island will tell you which hotels are closest to the bikini beach. Reviews of tourists recommend a new beach near the pier. The place is very romantic. Right in the ocean there is a swing with a large inscription – Thoddoo, where you can take a colorful photo with a view of the ocean. Tours depend on the level of the hotel and food. A budget vacation will cost $650 without a flight.
  4. Island Ukulhas, Maldives – a fishing village 72 km from Male, with a beautiful lagoon and home reef. Tourist reviews besides the “sugar” beaches mention folklore festivals, free Saturday concerts, and wedding ceremonies. You can relax for $100/day.
  5. Vaadhu Island, Maldives – famous for its variety of coral reefs with underwater caves. A local feature – the glowing plankton. As darkness falls, guests leave the hotels and go to the beach, where the ocean lights up a myriad of blue lights. Prices for weekly tours with breakfast start from 78 700 rubles. Island, Maldives – 60 km from Male’, 250 inhabitants. There are beautiful reefs, snorkeling for beginners, a lot of wildlife. Built new guest houses, the price per night with breakfast and dinner – from 110 euros per person.
  6. Island Bandos, Maldives – only 10 minutes by boat, and you’re in Male. The whole area is covered with lush greenery, bungalows are hidden in the dense bushes. From the shore to the reef 40-60 meters. Diving on the tiny island of Kuda Bandos is available even to inexperienced tourists.
  7. Maldives, Sun Island is considered quite large. There are paved paths for walking, guests are given bicycles. The main hotel is Sun Island Resort, prices start at $120/day. Map of the island in addition to the beaches and hotel includes a farm where they grow their own fruit.
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The best time to travel to the Maldives is during the winter and spring months. Summer is considered the low season and prices go down. The weather stays warm, brief rains occur, but nature remains beautiful any time of year.

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