Unforgettable South of Ukraine: a tourist paradise

Here are the TOP unique places worth to see in South Ukraine

Dzharylgach Island is a perfect illustration of a deserted island from the famous novel about Robinson Crusoe.

50 kilometers of endless sandy beaches, untouched by civilization and undeveloped by people, the unique flora and fauna preserved in the national nature park – all this is the ancient Dzharylgach, the largest Ukrainian island, covered with numerous legends and myths.

To connoisseurs of the secluded “wild” recreation, the Ukrainian Maldives, as the island is often called, are attracted exactly by its desolation and lack of tourist infrastructure. In fact, on Dzharylgach there are only two places that can be called tourist: the area of lighthouses, where people go on day trips and excursions, and area on the spit Glubokaya, where you can organize a full family vacation with children.

Thanks to the lack of industrial enterprises, the water on the island is clear and clean and suitable for swimming, even for babies.

Peculiarities of Dzharylgach island

  • There is access to both the Black Sea and Dzharylgach Bay. So you can always choose where to swim, fish or sunbathe.
  • Conditionally uninhabited. There is no permanent housing – only campsites, plywood summer houses, forester’s lodge and a monastery.
  • There are many wild animals: dolphins, wild boars, deer, fallow deer, mouflons, hares, which are quite easy to see in the wild, sometimes without even leaving your tent.

You can wade through the beaches of Dzharylgach, but it’s better to get there by boat.

Note: It is dangerous to wade across the bay on Dzharylgach! The tide rises sharply for a few seconds and the shallow strait becomes a death trap.

How to get to Dzharylgach?

There are 3 ways to get to Dzharylgach:

  1. You can take a boat from Skadovsk to the Mayaks on the island at a price of 180 UAH (round trip). This is the most popular and beautiful place.
  2. To swim from Skadovsk to the pier Glubokaya – costs 130 UAH ($30), but there you have to walk a whole hour to the sea, and to the edge of the spit – about 9 km.
  3. You can either wade (which is dangerous!) or take a boat from the village Lazurnoye.

What animals can be seen on the island Dzharylgach?

So, on the island you can meet these representatives of fauna:

  • Dolphins.
  • Fallow deer, wild boars, deer, fallow deer and mouflons.
  • Hares.

How to see wild animals on Dzharylgach Island

Wild pigs are the easiest to encounter. They will appear in the whole family after sunset, but on a cloudy day they can also come in the middle of the day.

Dolphins usually appear in the bay, where they hunt and play at a distance of 10 meters from the shore (and sometimes 5), swimming on their backs.

If you want to see the deer, it is easiest to do it just after sunrise. Around 6:00-7:00 a.m. walk along the road that leaves the lighthouses a little to the right and into the interior of the island. Most likely you will not go more than 500 meters before you see one, several or even a herd of deer. I advise you to wear closed clothes – the island is full of biting insects. There is also a chance to meet hares and moufflons .

Cormorants are easy to see at the edge of the island. And seagulls are ubiquitous.

How to rest on the island?

There are two ways to relax on Dzharylgach:

  1. They come for a day with pleasure boats or private yachts from Skadovsk.
  2. Staying for several days with tents.

2. the Tendrovskaya spit

Tendrovskaya Spit, or Tendra, is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea 30 km south of Kherson. The width of the spit is almost 2 km

It is an absolute paradise for a “wild” vacation – there are no tourist bases or other accommodation on the Tendra, only tents. Endless white sand beaches, clearest and most transparent water, breathtaking views and panoramas attract tourists here. At the same time, it is still sparsely populated – affected by remoteness from civilization, lack of infrastructure, fresh water and communications. In addition, the island is part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, which is almost closed to tourists.

Of the attractions worth noting the snow-white old lighthouse (1872), and the unique flora and fauna: Europe’s only population of wild horses, several hundred species of birds, small animals and plants.

How to get to Tendrovskaya Spit from Lazurnyy?

From Lazurnoye you have to drive 35 km westwards on your own or hired transport behind the village of Zhelezny Port. Then you can walk, which will not only improve your health, but also give you an unforgettable experience of the surrounding scenery.

Why is gastronomic tourism so popular lately?

You can also get there by water transport (sightseeing, hired or own transport) from the coast of Lazurny.

What can be seen on the Tendrovskaya Spit?

In general, there are over 100 species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

On Tendrovskaya spit created perfect conditions for fish reproduction (here is a good fishing bullhead, the Black Sea jack mackerel, mullet, shrimp, in the deep water in the bay – the Russian sturgeon, sperm, beluga, sturgeon), nesting rare birds, and the steppe part of the island is a place of free habitat of animals: wolves, wild horses, foxes, badgers and many others.

For an educational vacation, you can visit a local landmark – one of the biggest lighthouses on the Black Sea, rising up to 30 meters. The first lighthouse was built on Tendra back in 1827.

Black Sea Biosphere Reserve

Tendrovskaya and Kinburnskaya Spits, Yagorlytsky Kut, several parts of the mainland and a huge number of small islands – all this is the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, which is the largest marine protected area in Europe since 1927.

On an area of more than 100 thousand hectares, scientists observe deer, foxes, roe deer, badgers, marmots, vipers, steppe vipers, etc. In spring up to 280 bird species come here to nest, many of which are included in the Red Book of Ukraine.

To preserve the unique ecosystems, 90% of the area is closed to tourists and some parts are only open to the public. It is also forbidden to catch animals and birds, hunt, fish, graze cattle, mow grass, gather plants, mushrooms, berries, seeds, flowers, etc.

The administration of the reserve is situated in the town of Golaya Prystan in Kherson region.

How to get to the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve?

You can get there from the settlements of the Kherson region by water or by car (excursions, hired or private transport).

All excursions are held only through the administration of the reserve, the main office of which is located at: 1, Lermontov Street, Golaya Pristan.

You can get to Gola Prystania from the bus station in Kherson by buses that go in the direction of Skadovsk. You can easily get to the reserve on foot from the railway station by walking along the 1st of May street, then turning to Sanatornaya and then to Parusnaya. It will take about 10 minutes.

Working hours: The Museum of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve works from Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 17:30, on Friday from 08:30 to 16:15. Weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

4. Kinburnskaya spit

Surrounded by the Black sea and the firth of Kherson region there is the Kynburne Peninsula, which is often called the “Ukrainian Maldives”. Kinburnskaya Spit is often called the “Ukrainian Maldives” because of the snow-white sand of the endless beaches and clear blue of the sea water on its shores. This place is rightly considered one of the most beautiful places in southern Ukraine and is very popular among lovers of secluded recreation, fleeing from the boons of civilization in the bosom of wild nature.

To get from the mainland to Kinburnskaya Spit you can cross the estuary on a boat. Only a small part of the spit is inhabited by people – there are only 4 villages here. Locals are happy to rent rooms to tourists. Those who want complete privacy can pitch a tent right on the beach.

You will not find luxury conditions on the spit. At the resort there are problems with a regular water supply, sometimes there is no electricity.

Photo. Vitaly Milevich.

How to get to Kinburnskaya Spit?

Despite the fact that Kinburnskaya spit and directly connected with the mainland Ukraine, to get here by car is not easy (experienced travelers are advised to leave the car in Ochakov). The exception – off-roaders. Instead of the road here is deep sand, so everyone tries to use boats.

Ways to get to Kinburnskaya spit:

  1. Rockets from Nikolaev, Kherson, Novaya Kakhovka. Make sure you reserve seats by phone! Rockets arrive at the pier Nibulon, closer to the edge of the spit.
  2. From Ochakov by barge to the village Pokrovskoe, near the store.
  3. By land cross-country buses. If the weather does not allow to take a longboat or a rocket.

The closest town to the spit is Ochakovo. You can reach it by boat. In the city there are several night clubs and cafes.

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What to see at Kinburnskaya Spit

On the spit formed a unique natural eco-zone: there are whole fields of medicinal plants, pine forest. On the one hand you can bask in the sea, and on the other – improve your health in the healing mud.

You can also see:

  • about three hundred lakes (the largest are Krugloe, Dolgoe, Babino). Pelicans, gulls, white swans and storks gather here in large and small groups;
  • fishing and hunting are organized for guests of the resort;
  • After the rains many vacationers are engaged in collecting mushrooms, which are very plentiful here.

There are no other entertainments at the resort. Kinburn’s Spit, which is designed for lovers of eco-tourism, is just beginning to be developed. Perhaps in a few years, and there will be modern cafes, water parks, etc.

Local stores do not offer a wide range of goods, so it is better to take everything you need with you. This is especially true for alcoholic beverages (there is nowhere to buy them).

5. Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve

Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve is the first and the oldest steppe reserve in the world. To introduce tourists to this unique part of Kherson region there are a variety of excursion routes:

  • “Pearl in the steppe” – overview tour of the zoo and dendrological park.
  • “In the world of animals” – tour of the zoological park.
  • “Into the fairy tale of the forest” – excursion to the dendrological park.
  • “Historical Places of the Zoo” – excursion in the Zoological Park.
  • “Retro Photo Safari” – car tour, by prior arrangement (about a week in advance).

Cost of the excursion: 70 UAH for adults, 50 UAH for children

Parks working hours: from April 1st to October 10th every day from 8:00 to 17:00.

How to get to Askania Novu?

From Lazurnoye to Askania Nova you can get by car for about 2 hours (about 140 km) or take a local tour. The road to the reserve is quite bad and there is no exciting tourist infrastructure nearby, so it is not the worst option in the absence of your own car.

There are also shuttles from Kherson, Novaya Kakhovka and Genichesk.

Buses from Kherson to Askania Nova (2020):

  • Flight Kherson – Genichesk, daily. The ticket price is about 242 UAH;
  • Kherson – Askania Nova, daily. Ticket price from 192 UAH

Novaya Kakhovka-Askania Nova buses, which take less than 1,5 hours:

You can buy bus tickets on our website: https://kiyavia.com/ru/bus

You can also find tickets from Genichesk.

In the summertime, the delivery of passengers to the Askania Nova Nature Reserve is offered by a large number of transport companies and private shuttle buses.

Almost all travel agencies working on the local tourism market are engaged in excursions.

If you travel by car, there is a paid parking lot near the reserve.

6. Horse amateur club “Bucephalus”.

Visiting the club of horse lovers “Bucephalus” will pleasantly complement and diversify leisure of holidaymakers.

Here guests have at their disposal leisure horse walks, individual riding lessons, hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding), as well as rest in the extensive groomed territory of Bucephalus and original photo sessions with noble animals in a picturesque forest. The club is open to all comers, but there is a pre-registration for attendance.

Communicating with these intelligent, kind and loyal friends of man will bring special joy and extraordinary delight to both children and adults.

Address: Oleshki (Tsyurupinsk) Sosnovaya street 5 (go – Central Market in Kherson 1 platform bus Kherson-Khutorishche ost. Bread Plant)

Club office hours: from 9-00 to 17-00 by appointment.

7. Oleshkovskie sands

What does your imagination draw when it comes to the desert? Surely Africa with the Kalahari and the Sahara, or Asia and the Karakum, or even North America with the Mojave, but not Ukraine!

However, just 30 kilometers from Kherson on the area of more than 16000 hectares there are Oleshkivske sands – a real Ukrainian desert. It is the largest sand massif in Europe, which is over 15 kilometers in diameter.

Though Oleshkiv’s sands can be rather referred to the dry steppes than the desert in terms of climate. Here the sun scorches mercilessly in the daytime and heats the surface to 70 degrees centigrade, but at night you need a warm clothes. The difference between day and night temperatures can be up to forty degrees. In addition, there are sandstorms, when you can see neither sky nor land.

There is a characteristic desert relief with dunes that are up to twelve meters high.

How to get to Oleshkovski sands

Oleshkovski sands desert is located in Kherson region in 30 km from Kherson and 700 km from Kiev. You can get to the wilderness by your car or by bus from Kherson.

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If you drive a car, you need to go a little more than 30 km on the highway Kherson-Jankoi through Tsyurupinsk to Radensk. Before Radensk turn left and drive about 2 km to the railway crossing. On the right side of the railway crossing you will see the forest of Oleshkivian sands.

To drive to the desert it is better to choose a jeep off-road or an ordinary Soviet Uazik.

8. Green Hills of Tavria

The complex “Green Farms of Tavria” invites its guests to take an exciting trip across Ukraine in miniature. 45 farmsteads-islands, located in virgin Tavrian forest-steppe zone and occupying an area of more than 100 hectares, represent the history and culture of this part of the country.

Here you can learn about Ukrainian folk handicrafts, take part in various master classes, buy authentic souvenirs, as well as bungee jumping, try your hand at rock climbing, and have fun in the rope park. Children will be delighted!

List of the most beautiful places in Ukraine

Interesting work, love and the opportunity to travel make us happy. It’s hard not to agree with this. Interesting work brings us pleasure, love gives us wings, and travel brings vivid emotions and unforgettable memories into our lives. And if the choice of the country is somehow possible to be determined, then in the abundance of natural and architectural attractions, it is very difficult for an ordinary tourist to choose what is really worth visiting, seeing and trying. Today we are going to visit this wonderful country and show you the most beautiful places of Ukraine.


The Carpathians are one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. CC0

Ukrainian Carpathians are very popular among tourists because of their mysterious beauty and scenic beauty. But aside from having marvelous views, Carpathian Mountains are also famous for their health resorts, because the air in the Carpathians is so pure that you will never find it again.

Dreaming of visiting the Carpathian Mountains, but don’t know where to have a rest? Take your time, and now you’ll find out. If you like ethnic culture and ancient traditions, you should definitely visit a cozy town Yaremche, visit Verkhovyna, and visit the picturesque town Kosiv: here you can see a lot of Ukrainian folklore, traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people.

Pictured: waterfall in the village of Sheshory

Those who love skiing will love the skiing resorts in Slavske, Yablunytsya, Sheshory, and Dragobrat. If you want to improve your health, visit Vorokhta, Skole, Solotvyno: the clean air, clear water and healing mud will benefit not only your body, but also your soul.

Svirzh Castle is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. CC0

In the Carpathian Mountains there are also some historical attractions, such as: Svirzh Castle, the city-fortress of Tustan, Maniava hermitage, Chapel in the village Dzhublik and many other wonderful places.

But the main pride of Carpathian Mountains is their national cuisine: deruny, banish with brynza, cookies, zrazy (meat pies) and Ukrainian borscht, which is why you should come to the Carpathians at least once.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. CC0

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the oldest and the most beautiful monastery you can find. It was built in the times of Yaroslav the Wise by monk Antoniy in 1051. Initially it was just a monastery, but eventually cells, temples and towers started to appear on the plateau above the caves. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra stands in the center of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

Walking through the distant and nearby caves, you can see the imperishable relics of saints; here is also buried the famous politician Pyotr Stolypin. Those, who have visited this holy place at least once, say that you can touch God in Lavra.

Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love - one of the most romantic places in Ukraine

Well, all couples in love must visit this place, because it is the most romantic place in Ukraine – the so-called Tunnel of Love. And the most interesting thing is that nature has created it by herself. Along this tunnel a train passes three times a day, and at other times couples walk here, very often there are sounded declarations of love in the Tunnel of Love and even invitations to the registry office. And the place itself is very beautiful and picturesque. The tunnel of love is located near the village Klevan Rivne region of Ukraine.

Island Khortitsa

Museum of Zaporozhye Cossacks

Photo: Museum of Zaporozhye Cossacks on Khortytsya. Photo by: Alexey Tolmachov / CC BY-SA

Khortytsia Island is rich not only in its wildlife and flora, it is a unique national historical and cultural reserve. On the island are still preserved burial mounds, reminiscent of the Scythian civilization. In the 16th century the island was under the control of the Zaporizhian Sich.

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After the collapse of the Zaporizhian Sich, Count Potemkin received the island as a gift from Catherine the Great. Now there is a historical and cultural complex “Zaporizhian Sich”, which aims to develop the tourist interest in the island and the history of the Cossacks.

All kinds of festivals, competitions and theatrical performances are held on the complex. Here you can not only admire the nature, but also travel back in time to the times of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

Aktovsky Canyon

Aktov Canyon - one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine

Fans of extreme will definitely like a trip to Aktovsky Canyon. This unique place is as two peas in a pod like the canyons of North America, just as beautiful and mysterious.

Heaps of rocks make this place a paradise for avid mountain climbers, and the unique vegetation attracts young naturalists from all over the country.

How to get to Aktova Canyon, you may ask? Well, it’s very easy! It is located in Nikolaev region, near the village Aktovo, hence the name of the canyon. The place is very colorful and magical, but at the same time dangerous, so be alert and careful, then you will fully enjoy a walk in Aktovsky Canyon.

By the way, at most-beauty.ru you can enjoy the beauty of the most beautiful canyons in the world.

Oktyabrsky granite quarry

Oktyabrsky granite quarry

Emerald water framed by rocky granite rocks – this sight is truly mesmerizing. But despite the steep slopes and dangerous climbs, the whole family comes here to relax, because such magical scenery and clear water is nowhere else.

And what a stunning view of the Krivoy Rog opens with a quarry. By the way, it is the longest city not only in Ukraine, but also in the planet. In addition to vacationers, the quarry also attracts cyclists. Not far from the quarry there is a cycling track.


Lviv is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. CC0

To come to Ukraine and not to visit Lviv is like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. This ancient, bright, fragrant and magical city is a spicy highlight of the country. Walking through the cozy streets of Lviv, inhaling the aroma of coffee and chocolate, sometimes you forget that you are in Ukraine, everything here reminds of medieval Prague.

Tourists are especially attracted to the Old Town. Here are concentrated almost all the historical, architectural and cultural attractions: churches, cathedrals and monasteries neighbor the centuries-old architecture. The quiet coffee houses offer aromatic cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, inviting to come to Lviv again and again.

Askania Nova

Askania Nova. CC0

The pearl of the Kherson region and the largest Ukrainian nature reserve is located in a small town called Askania Nova. Extraordinarily beautiful nature and many species of wild animals that walk in the wild and can be seen only a few meters away fascinate and make you feel like one with nature.

In the reserve “Askania Nova” there are 368 species of flowers and 478 species of animals, many of which are included in the Red Book. Here you will also see buffalos, camels, mouflons and many other rare animals.

A huge park and rare species of plants and animals attracts a lot of tourists from all over Ukraine every year. Do you want to visit the Ukrainian savannah? Then pack your bags and come to the Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve.

Synevir Lake

Synevyr Lake

There is also Baikal in Ukraine, and the name of the lake is Synevir. This very beautiful mirror-clear lake with blue water is located between the Carpathian mountains in the upper course of the Terebly river in the Transcarpathian region, not far from the village Synevyrska Polyana.

The depth of water in Synevir reaches 24 meters, so even in the hottest days, the water in the lake is cool.

On the territory where the lake is located, there is the national park Synevyr. The most beautiful, deep and calm lake of Ukraine has its beautiful legend about two lovers… And you will know what secret the emerald water hides when you visit this wonderful and fabulous place.

Sofia Park

Sofievsky park

Pride and adoration of Ukrainians and other tourists is the national dendrological park “Sofiyivka”, which is located in the beautiful city of Uman.

This park is beautiful, a lot of fountains, flowerbeds and gardens is a monument of landscape type of the world landscape art of the end of XVIII – first half of XIX centuries. To visit Ukraine and not to visit this beautiful park is simply a crime of culture and aesthetics.

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Oleshkivske sands

Oleshkivsky sands

Ukraine is an amazing country. There is literally everything here: deep lakes, caves, canyons and even its own desert. This amazing desert is called Oleshkivska and is located in the south of Ukraine in the Kherson region. The name of this sandy paradise comes from the territory of Oleshki town, near where the miracle desert is located.

Since 2010 this sand sea has been a National Natural Park and is fenced on all sides with beautiful artificial forests.

Uritz Rocks

Uritz rocks

Colorful Ukraine is famous for its mountains and cliffs, and the most beautiful among Ukrainian cliffs are Urytsky cliffs, which are a national monument of Ukrainian architecture and nature.

The cliffs are a part of the historical and landscape complex “Tustan” of the national nature park “Skolevski Beskidy” and consist of seven groups of rocks: Kamen, Ostry Kamen, Malaya Skala, Zhelob, Gulka, Cross and one unnamed rock.

And the most interesting thing is that there are no analogues of this natural wonder in Europe, and to see this beauty, you have to go to Ukraine. Although the editorial most-beauty.ru has a person who claims that these rocks are very similar to one remote corner of Russia, the name of which is Kolyvan Lake, located in the Altai region.



The city of Vilkovo is called in different ways: the city of the Danube fishermen and the Ukrainian Venice.

The main attraction in the Odessa region is the unusual village built on the marshlands, where you will not see a bicycle or car, people move here by boat, and the reason is that the road here is the marshlands, and the water is not something unusual.

This is the way of life of the locals, to which they are already accustomed. And from the outside everything looks very unusual and interesting.

Schönborn Castle

Shenbourne Castle

Not only Germany can boast of its majestic castles, but also Ukraine. The most beautiful and majestic castle in Ukraine is situated in Carpathian village in Zakarpattya region and is called Shenbourne Castle.

Not only the castle itself is beautiful, but also its area is decorated in the spirit of romantic eclecticism. On the territory of the castle is a very beautiful arboretum garden with very exotic plants and beautiful garden sculptures.

And now it is a very popular sanatorium, so you can combine the useful with the pleasant, because here you have a rest not only body but also soul.

Kamenets-Podolsky Fortress

Kamyanets-Podolsky Fortress

Just like Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, Kamenets-Podolsky fortress has existed since the times of Kievan Rus. Every corner of the fortress is steeped in the middle ages.

The highlight of the fortress is Kamenets-Podolsky castle, so impregnable and tough, for many centuries it has been standing on the bank of the river Smotrich, like a faithful guardian, protecting the region from enemies.

There are 11 towers in the castle, and each of them keeps its ancient history. If you climb the Day (Dennu) Tower, you will see a magnificent view of the city and the fortress.

Also here you can shoot a crossbow, try on medieval armor and visit the prison cells of the time. Let’s face it, you won’t get bored. And to feel the medieval charm, tourists are offered a night tour around the ancient castle.

Shipot waterfall


Finally we want to tell you about the waterfall Shipot.

This beautiful waterfall attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. A stream of water falls from a huge height, and spreads out with a gentle rain, falling on the soft stones of water. The spectacle of inexpressible beauty, it is simply impossible to tell about it, it is necessary to see it yourself. If you are already ripe and interested, you need to go to the northern slopes of the mountain range “Polonina Borzhava” of the Carpathian region.


The most beautiful places of Ukraine

Each country is beautiful in its own way and it is simply impossible to tell about all its attractions and beautiful places. Today we’ve brought to your attention the most unusual in our opinion places and natural landscapes of colorful and free Ukraine. We intentionally did not write about many beautiful cities of Ukraine, because we have (and will continue to write) separate articles about them. Such as:

We are waiting for comments and your options for the most interesting corners of this beautiful country. Write which beautiful places of Ukraine you’ve visited and which you would advise our readers to visit. Editorial staff of most-beauty.ru hope that you enjoyed our article.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since it was originally published in August 2017.

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