Underwater Pyramid Riddles

Underwater Pyramid Riddles

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Underwater Pyramid Riddles


They are the first of the wonders of the world, they were created long before the birth of Christ. Several thousand years have passed and they still stand, time has not touched them. They are everywhere: in the desert, in the ocean, in the mountains and even at the bottom of a lake.

Appreciating the gigantism of ancient buildings, anyone asks the question – how did our ancient ancestors create all this? Our ancestors in their myths and legends have clearly conveyed to us that there were different kingdoms on Earth, more advanced than the neighbors. There were various beings, including giants; numerous “gods” and “Sons of Heaven” descended from the stars. And that’s all over the world!

Why do scientists do not want to believe their great-great-grandparents. Do all nations lie? Isn’t that a strange conclusion? Somewhere we believe unconditionally (for example, “recipes from depths of millenniums”), and somewhere we completely deny everything, nevertheless we admit that ancestors were not fools…

Rock Lake Pyramids

Rock Lake is located in Wisconsin in the United States. It is believed that the lake was formed by filling the basin with waters from retreating glaciers about 12,000 years ago. At the bottom of the lake under the 12-meter water column discovered more than a dozen small pyramids with flat tops.


They call the number 13, or even say that there are so many of them that they have stopped counting. There are ones that look like strongly elongated trapezes horizontally. There are pyramids with an almost square base. The main pyramid rises in the center of the lake and is 9-10 meters high.


The bottom of the lake is muddy, so it is difficult to tell the exact height of these structures. Researchers estimate the age of pyramidal structures at 12 to 17 thousand years.

The diver Richard Seyton has found almost at top of one of large pyramids aperture into which it was impossible to penetrate the man, moreover in diving equipment.

Seyton swore that behind the breach was “an intermediate watergate, through which, very probably, there was a dry room, equipped with a manhole, inviting into the underground. Under the bottom of the lake is someone’s abode? Whose is it?


In 2002, the scuba diver – an amateur Charles Stock raised from one of the rocky sites fragment of gray stone, which after sun-drying revealed a knotty Indian letters and indented, as in raw clay, clear hieroglyphs.

Pyramid near Bari Island (Bahamas)

In 1970, Dr. Ray Brown went on vacation to Bari Island (near the Bahamas). One day while diving at great depths he found a well-preserved pyramid with unknown technical devices.

The island of Menorca is the little sister of the famous island of Mallorca.


Among the rods and holders was a crystal. When Brown tried to take it with him, he heard a warning voice inside him. Still, the doctor brought the crystal to the surface, and it was not until 1975 that he dared to show it to a congress of psychiatrists in the United States.


A psychologist from New0York, Elizabeth Weycon, after looking at the crystal, suddenly received (from the stone?) a message that it belonged to the Egyptian god Thoth.

Underwater Pyramid of Japan – “Monument of Yonaguni”

In the spring of 1985, in the coastal waters of the small Japanese island of Yonaguni at a depth of about 30 meters a local diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake accidentally stumbled upon a strange object, later called by its researcher Dr. Robert Skoch “Monument Yonaguni.


The monument resembles the stepped ziggurats of Mesopotamia. Its height is 24 meters. The top is set back only 5 meters from the surface of the sea. The structure is made of sandstone blocks. On the southern side is a series of elements resembling giant steps.


The scientific community has long ignored this finding on the grounds that this Monument must have been built at least 10,000 years ago, when the ocean level was lower, and the structure was on the surface. and then, according to modern science, there were no developed civilizations. So the Monument is a natural formation.


Kimura recently discovered at the base of the pyramid, under its overhanging edge, a large number of stones with obviously hand-drawn signs on them.

A research team sent by the Discovery Channel found a sculpted human head in a distinctive feathered headdress at the bottom, clearly echoing similar sculptures from Central America.


Perhaps the megalith is a natural formation, “modified” by unknown stonecutters, who, in particular, cut out the steps on its southern side.

In 2000-2001, near Cape San Antonio on the peninsula of Gaunohakabibe west of Cuba at a depth of about 700 meters Canadian-Cuban underwater expedition discovered the ruins of the city. Streets, towers, pyramids, and docks are visible.


Stepped pyramids are very reminiscent of the Mayan and Aztec pyramids. Pictograms were also discovered, still not deciphered. The size of the stone blocks ranges from 2 to 5 meters. Scientists believe that the ruins are at least 15000 years old, the most conservative estimate is 6000 years.


In 2004 a new expedition has been filmed on video the biggest pyramid in height of 35 meters.

Recently another underwater pyramid has been found at the bottom of the Chinese lake Fuxian in the Southwest Province Yun-Nan. The height of the construction is 19 meters and the base length is 90 meters. The pyramid consists of massive slabs that are connected to each other to form giant stone steps.

Volcano of fantasy-collections of the Paris Museum


Except the central pyramid there is a dozen of smaller pyramids and more than 30 other constructions. The area of all megalithic building is two and a half square kilometers.

The Earth is the planet of pyramids?

At present time it is known to find pyramids of different configuration:

1. In Asia: China, Tibet, Burma, Korea, Mesopotamia, Altai, Primorsky region of Russia, North Caucasus 2. Europe: Bosnia, Greece, England, France, Ukraine 3. Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Namibia, Mozambique 4. North America: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, USA. 5. In South America: Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia 6. In the Pacific Ocean: Easter Island, Ryukyu Islands (Japan) 7. In the Atlantic Ocean: at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, off Bari Island (Bahamas), the Canary Islands, off the west coast of Cuba 8. In Australia.

Pyramids vary in size from a few meters high to several kilometers high (Tibet, Morocco). Age of constructions is estimated from 1-1.5 thousand years to tens of thousands of years.


Pyramids by form – “classical” (Egyptian); stepped; with sharp and flat top; “round” (cone-shaped); round stepped with flat top. Location – mountains, plains, bottom of sea.

So, pyramids were built all over the world for thousands of years by representatives of absolutely different peoples, different cultures, sometimes not even having an idea about existence of each other.

Where did the culture of pyramid building come from? From the lost civilizations (Atlantis, Moo, Hyperborea, Lemuria)? From aliens?

After all, pyramids are now known on Mars and the Moon, and by age they are much older than earth pyramids. So the “fashion” for pyramids is spread throughout the solar system? Or maybe even wider?

Before our eyes the prophecies of Ignatius Donnelly and Helena Blavatsky that constructions similar to pyramids existed on four corners of the world and were never a monopoly of the Land of Pharaohs are coming true…

Under the seal of secrecy: the giant pyramids at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

Top secret: giant pyramids at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

Structures of the city include several sphinxes. The outlines of four Egyptian-like pyramids are clearly visible. Along with other buildings they are located within the boundaries of the legendary Bermuda Triangle.

Artifacts of the Cuban pyramid complex indicate that there was a city on this place. The flooding of the land was due to a rise in the water level. This evidence points to the similarity of the area to that described in the legend of Atlantis.

Top secret: giant pyramids at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

The catastrophe may have occurred at the end of the ice age. The Arctic ice sheet was melting, causing a dramatic rise in sea levels around the world and especially in the northern hemisphere. Coastlines changed shape: many lands were buried under the water column. Islands, even those of continental origin, disappeared without a trace.

Top 10 beaches in Minnesota, USA.

By the end of the Ice Age, the level of the world’s oceans was about 300 meters higher than it is today. Modern technology might have been able to save Atlantis. These circumstances indicate that there were structures of an ancient civilization at the bottom of the Caribbean.

Scientists note that parts of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were released from the water, including Bionis and the Azores around it. The water level rose rapidly and was distributed evenly to the East and West. The mountain range between Cuba and the Yucatan is the natural boundary between the two sides of the world. Passing the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean, the water was deposited.

About 12,900 years ago, a hydrostatic change occurred. The slow rise and filling of the Hudson Basin led to the end of the Ice Age.

Top secret: giant pyramids at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle: Atlantis at the bottom of the ocean

According to journalist Luis Mariano Fernandez, the underwater city was discovered decades ago. However, access for research teams was halted until the Cuban missile crisis was resolved.

“The U.S. government discovered the supposed site of Atlantis’ demise in the sixties – during the Cuban missile crisis. Nuclear submarines in deep water identified the location of pyramidal structures. The area was declared secret, the authorities took control of the historical object, closing it, first of all, from the Soviet Union”.

A scientific team formed of ocean experts, archaeologists and historians concluded: at the bottom of the ocean, about 300 meters below world ocean level, are the ruins of an ancient city. They unanimously decided that this is the sunken Atlantis.

The pyramids and sphinxes in the Caribbean Sea are much more massive than the Egyptian ones. That the island of Cuba is a remnant of a once mighty ancient culture is confirmed by Zalitski’s discoveries. Ancient symbols and pictographs identical to Egyptian hieroglyphs have been found on the ruins of some buildings. They can also be seen on the underwater structures.

Having made measurements under water, they found structures similar to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, but much larger in size. According to scientists’ calculations, the Atlantis pyramids were built of stones weighing hundreds of tons.

There are magnificent statues of sphinxes in the ancient city. Some of the stones are arranged in a sequence like Stonehenge. The written language markings are engraved on the stones.

This may be the most important discovery that will change the course of the history of all mankind.

Fernandez writes:

“I confirm that the stones have been carved and polished so as to fit tightly together to form large structures. There are strange inscriptions on them, similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs. There are also symbols and drawings whose meaning is unknown.”

Rest in Belek, Turkey

Research at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle of Atlantis continues as part of the Exploramar project.

Fernandez interviewed scientists about the likelihood that the ruins do indeed belong to the Atlantis civilization. To which the response was:

“The Yucatan is still inhabited today by aboriginal people, the Olmecs, who have a distinctive culture. They believe that their ancestors lived on an island that sank in a natural disaster. This island was called AtlanticĂș (Atlantic). The locals have passed down from fathers to sons the legend of the sudden flood of the miraculous Atlantis.”

During Fernandez’s interview with Paul Zalitski about who built the city, the scientist replied:

“We have published news about this find before. The University of Veracruz was interested in doing research and took samples of stone structures on the seafloor. The artifacts were provided to the University of Anthropology. They were doing an analysis of the origins of the ruins and the modern Olmec genotype. When they saw the underwater photographs, they drew a parallel with the ruins found during excavations on the island of

The Olmecs and other indigenous peoples have their own idea of the origin of the continent of Cuba. They claim that the island arose as a result of a major earthquake and the flooding of parts of the land.

An analysis of the ancestry data reveals that the peoples are descended from three families who miraculously escaped. They sailed to the coast of Veracruz, where the Olmecs live today. Another group came to Central America and settled on the Pacific coast. They established a civilization in North and South America and spread their knowledge there.

When anthropologists saw images of an underwater city, they were extremely surprised to see symbols and inscriptions with Olmec motifs in them.

The Olmec peoples, descendants of Atlantis, destroyed in the late Ice Age due to the flood, were mentioned by the philosopher Plato in his writings.

The architecture of the underwater city of Cuba resembles the art of the old Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala. This fact also indicates the discovery of the site of the death of the civilization of Atlantis.

Exploration of the pyramids at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle

Ocean engineer Pauline Zelitsky also spoke about her findings:

“The sunken city was probably built at the beginning of the Classic period and was inhabited by an advanced civilization similar to Teotihuacan in the Yucatan. At a depth of 700-800 meters they found a huge plateau with structures representing the layout of the city. Pyramidal structures, roads and buildings are clearly distinguishable. – Source: Earthfile.

Cocos Island Mystery, Costa Rica

The work at the bottom of the ocean is being carried out with the assistance of Advanced Digital Communications, known as ADC in Canada and Havana. The company specializes in conducting underwater research.

Funds of $2 million are needed to continue the excavations. National Geografic and Media Production have expressed interest in the archaeological site. However, the official research contract has not been concluded.

The National Museum of Natural History of Cuba in Havana provides support. During the study of rectangular stone rock structures surrounded by sand over an area of more than 20 square meters, an explanation of the origin of buildings has not been obtained. Pauline Zelitsky claims that such polished stoneware is not found in Cuba or the Yucatan.

The research continues with the help of a robot. Scientists hope to support the project and provide funding for equipment to make cuts in the stone structures.

“After all, the main artifacts of the ancient city are hidden inside the pyramids, not outside them. This would open a new page in the history of the world”. they claim.

Scientists cannot explain what an underwater pyramid in the center of the Bermuda Triangle is made of.

Scientists from all over the world have not been able to explain what the pyramid at the center of the Bermuda Triangle is made of for many decades. It is underwater and made of a material that resembles ice or glass, but is neither.

In the 1970s, a search party led by Charles Berlitz, famous for his research into the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, discovered an amazing object underwater in the center of the islands.

The pyramid was located at a depth of 400 meters, and its height was 150 meters. The structure is similar to the analogues that the ancient Egyptians built as tombs for their rulers.

Scientists have carefully studied the pyramid, but after almost 50 years no one has given a clear answer to the most important questions.

According to available information, analogues of this building material have not been found neither in the natural environment, nor among artificially created by the man.

At the same time this material is resistant to the influence of the ocean. No corrosion or damage has been fixed on the smooth surface of the pyramid, moreover it has not even been adhered to by algae. The experts who believe in the existence of Atlantis and its highly developed civilization are sure that the Bermuda pyramid is a proof of this continent.

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