Underrated Loutraki, Greece

Loutraki – a resort in Greece with thermal springs

The beautiful and modern city of Loutraki (Greece) is the most famous resort of the Peloponnese, located on the shore of the Gulf of Corinth. It is famous for its healing thermal springs, the largest casino in Europe, environmentally friendly beaches and developed tourism infrastructure.

The thermal spring in Loutraki resort

The city has about 12 thousand people (it is quite a large settlement by the standards of Greece). Among them are quite a lot of Russian-speaking citizens: they even registered an official community, which is engaged in teaching Russian language and organizing cultural events.

During the season you can hear Russian speech everywhere: tourists from the CIS are very fond of this city. Loutraki has an important advantage – it is conveniently located in relation to the main attractions of Greece. Ancient Corinth is 22 km away, Mycenae is 50 km away, Epidaurus and the Acropolis are within an hour’s drive, Olympia and Delphi are within 140-200 km. If you want, you can easily combine beach and wellness holidays with an educational vacation.

How to get to Loutraki

Airport in Athens

The resort is located about 100 km from Athens International Airport. The easiest way to get there is of course by renting a car. You can also book a transfer in advance through one of the specialized companies. It will cost a decent amount (around 120 euros), but the journey will be held in complete comfort: from the meeting at the airport to the destination.

If you want to save money, use the intercity buses. They leave from Kifisou Bus Station in Athens. In addition, there are commuter trains to Loutraki (Peloponnese) on the Aerodromio-Kiato route. You can transfer to them directly from the metropolitan metro (lines intersect). The train will take you to the station in Corinth, and from there you can take a cab to Loutraki.

Places to stay in Loutraki

Hotel Poseidon Resort. Loutraki

Poseidon Resort

The city has a fairly wide selection of hotels from 2 to 5 stars, apartments, villas, and guest houses. Prices range from 30 to 100 euros a night and above. Some hotels are newly built, many are renovated. You can choose an option right on the waterfront and in the center of Loutraki.

Several hotel complexes offer guests the opportunity to improve their health in the thermal springs. Very popular are two five-star complexes (Loutraki Palace and the magnificent Poseidon Resort), as well as two three-star hotels – Mantas, as well as Pappas Hotel.

Loutraki sights

There are not many attractions in the city itself, but a large number of interesting places are located near the resort: so tourists are offered a variety of excursions.

Loutraki promenade

Loutraki waterfront is the main place of the city where tourists and locals love to walk. Along the waterfront there are hotels, numerous restaurants, bars with alcoholic beverages and music clubs. It is never crowded in this part of town.

The most striking place of entertainment in Loutraki is the casino, which is among the largest in Europe. Casino Loutraki operates in the hotel, which is surrounded by a green park with 75 thousand plants. In addition to the casino, this place boasts a chic spa center. The hotel was awarded with a special Carl Faberge prize and it is always mentioned when listing the most interesting attractions of Loutraki.

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The shrine near the village of Perekhora

According to scientists, the site of this ancient sanctuary (6th century BC) used to be a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera. The site is now a ruin on the shores of a picturesque bay, not far from the famous lighthouse that stands at Cape Malankavi.

The rectangular sanctuary has an area of nearly 320 square meters. The most interesting thing here is the area for the sacrifices, which are decorated with triglyphs (slabs of stone with longitudinal grooves in the shape of triangles). You might be familiar with this Greek landmark from the movie The 300 Spartans.

The lighthouse at Cape Malagavi

At Cape Malagavi in the 19th century there was a lighthouse that saved ships and boats from colliding with the rock. In bad weather, it was easy not to notice it, so they built a lighthouse – 100 meters from it – made of white stone with an emerald dome. The lighthouse has become a symbol of the city and can often be seen in the tourist photos of Loutraki.

St. Potapios Monastery

The monastery of St. Potapia has been built on a mountain – at a height of 1 km from the ground. From here you can admire a magnificent view of the coast and the city of Loutraki. The ascent to the monastery is possible by climbing 144 steps. It is believed that while climbing them you get rid of your sins.

The women’s monastery was built on the mountain not accidentally: in a cave in these places lived St. Potapios, who dedicated himself to God. Now there is an altar carved in the cave. It is worth visiting at least for the sake of the ancient Byzantine frescoes that are 800 years old.

The thermal springs of Loutraki

The main attraction of Loutraki are the thermal springs. The underground waters of Loutra, which rise to the surface at Mount Vora from a great depth of about 3 km. Passing through the rock, the waters are filled with trace elements and useful substances that give them healing properties.

Loutraki thermal springs

The mineral composition of the thermal water in Loutraki is the same as that of the famous Vichy spa in France. Bathing and drinking such water restores the digestive system, heals the heart, purifies the skin, and has beneficial effects on female reproductive system. The water temperature in thermal springs of Loutraki reaches 37°C. The flow rises from the ground at a high rate (about 650 m3 per hour), which provides ideal conditions for spas.

In addition to the open springs with thermal water, there are large spas in the city: Loutraki Thermal Spa and Loutrakiou. These complexes have several swimming pools, Jacuzzi baths, saunas and baths. Special medical treatments are available for an additional fee.

The main place in town where you can enjoy the thermal waters to the fullest is the large spa center (address Georgiou Lekka, 24). It is located in the northern part of the resort, not far from the waterfall. It is a modern center with a large pool with jetted jets and many treatment rooms. Here you can not only swim, but also order different kinds of massages. Before swimming in the pool, you should have a little checkup with the local doctor.

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Thermal waterfall at Loutraki resort in Greece

You can bathe in thermal water not only in a spa or hotel, but also in nature – under a real waterfall. Driving out of Loutraki in the direction of the village of Perechora, you will see the slopes that surround the waterfall. It is a beautiful place for walking. In the evening, the waterfall is beautifully illuminated and there is a cafe with a terrace nearby, where you can see the panorama of the coast and the town.

The water temperature in the pool below the waterfall is 32 degrees. Tourists who have been here say that if you go to Greece, Loutraki must be visited – at least for the sake of this wonderful thermal waterfall.

The beaches of Loutraki

The beach in Loutraki

The resort of Loutraki in Greece is located on the shores of the Ionian Sea, surrounded by picturesque mountains and pine forests. Most of the city beaches are covered with fine pebbles, so the sea is especially clear and clean. For cleanliness and grooming coast several times the city was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag UN. This award is given only to the best and cleanest beaches in the world.

Loutraki beaches please not only with purity and scenic beauty, but also with developed infrastructure. Lovers of outdoor activities and water sports here will be something to do. Playgrounds for volleyball are equipped on the coast, offer diving and surfing, ride the waves on a catamaran and other entertainment.

Also for your information. Here you will find a list of the best beaches in Greece.

Weather and climate in Loutraki

Weather in Loutraki

The resort has a pleasant moderate Mediterranean climate, so the weather remains mild even in summer. The scorching heat and stuffiness here is rather the exception. The maximum temperature in the summer months is mostly 28-29 degrees Celsius. In the fall, the air cools to +22 ° C.

Holidays in Loutraki (Greece) are possible even in winter: at this time, fans of walks without the scorching sun come to the resort. Daytime air temperature during the winter months reaches about 16 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the water temperature in thermal springs can reach up to +34 ° C. Therefore, a holiday in Loutraki, Greece is possible in any season. Moreover, many hotel complexes invite guests all year round.

Here is a video about what Lutraki looks like, an overview of the beaches and tourist attractions and an aerial shot.

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Loutraki: tips on vacations

Loutraki reviews

Is it worth to go to Loutraki in 2022? We have collected reviews of tourists about holidays in Southern Greece. Find out what impression the weather, beaches, hotels, tours and entertainment left. Pros and cons of the thermal resort and tourist tips.

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Loutraki weather reviews

Southern Greece has a moderate Mediterranean climate. The sun shines 340 days a year. The low season lasts from November to April.

In the second half of May, the temperature of the sea water is already +20. +21 ° C, and in Loutraki people swim. In June, there are even more resorts.

The peak tourist season is in July and August. According to reviews of tourists, holidays in Loutraki in the height of summer like those who can bear the intense heat calmly. During the day the air heats up to +33. +35 ° C and above, and the temperature of the sea water reaches a comfortable +26. +27°С.

In the velvet season, in September and October, the resort is visited by parents with children, older tourists and those who by health contraindicated summer heat.

Anna: “Holidays at the end of July. The weather pleased: it did not rain, I also did not feel strong wind, so the sea was always calm. During the day, of course, it was hot +35 ° “.

Irina: “The weather at the beginning of September was uncomfortable, too hot. In the morning it was +28. +30 ° C in the morning, in the afternoon it was already +35 ° C. The water in the sea is like fresh milk +25. +26 ° C, you do not want to get out. In the middle of September the temperature has decreased a little, it became easier. During the daytime it was +25. +27°C, the sea is still warm +24. +26°C. There was no wind, it rained only once during one month”.

Glasha: “The sun was shining in September. Nights were cool, sometimes up to +18°C. The water – just a fairy tale, heated by hot summer days and did not have time to cool down. The sea is clean. Have noticed jellyfish of unusual shape, but they did not sting.

Loutraki reviews

Children on the beach (Photo: unsplash.com / @vidarnm)

Hotel reviews in Loutraki

There are many hotels built for tourists in Loutraki. The choice is large – from luxury hotels to budget ghettos. Many hotels are designed yf summer vacation, so they have no heating. According to tourist reviews, holidays in Loutraki will please fans of delicious Greek cuisine. The hotels are fed well, and portions are large.

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To make your vacation in Loutraki in 2022 a success, study tourist reviews of hotels.

Vitaly: “Mantas hotel 4* is small but very stylish. Walking time to the sea is a couple of minutes, a large supermarket across the street, the bus station is a 5 minute walk”.

Marianne : “We stayed in the Pappas Hotel 3*. The grounds are a mesmerizing garden, which put a lot of effort and labor. There is a swimming pool with sea water. The sea is clean, the beach is good. The food is better than we imagined. Special thanks for the fruit, which was every day.

Gennady Globchak : “We stayed at the Possidonion Hotel 2* and enjoyed every moment. The room was well renovated and comfortable. It’s quite a modest hotel, but it’s definitely tastefully decorated.”

Hotel reviews for hotels in Loutraki

Pappas Hotel (Photo: booking.com / Pappas Hotel)

Reviews of the beaches and sea in Loutraki

The resort is ideal for lovers of relaxation by the sea. The beach strip of fine and coarse pebbles stretches for more than 3 km and is marked by the Blue Flag. The sea is clean and clear. Lovers of active pastime go water-skiing and jet-skiing, play volleyball and go surfing.

To rest in Loutraki in 2022 to meet expectations, read the reviews of tourists about the beaches of the resort.

Galina: “We swam daily and enjoyed it. Twice in the early morning I saw a large turtle swimming in the sea.”

We had a lot of fun on the beach, and in some places the beach is very cold, and we had a lot of fun. In some places the beach is very narrow, it is certainly a drawback. On the northern side there are mineral springs.

Reviews of vacations in Loutraki in Greece

The beach in Loutraki (Photo: wikimedia.ru / George mel)

Reviews of excursions in Loutraki

Look for author interesting excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

The resort town is located near the Corinth Canal. According to tourist reviews, during a vacation in Loutraki it is easy to travel around Greece. Popular trips to ancient Corinth, the former capital of Greece – Nafplion, to Nemea, Mycenae, Kalavrita, the monastery of Mega Spileo and the Diru Cave.

Tourists like to go to the thermal lake Vouliagmeni, which is located in the suburbs of Loutraki.

At Cape Melagavi is a lighthouse, which was built in the XIX century. In the bay at the foot of the rock are the ruins of the sanctuary of Hera.

Julia O.: “There is a natural cave in the rock – the abode of St. Potapius, with his relics and a forest of various lamps hanging from the vault. A very interesting old painted iconostasis. Beautiful view of the Corinth Canal and both seas, healthy air.

Elena : “The lake is beautiful. I liked the temple very much. And what a sunset! A must see.” Read more about the tour →

Kranoff : “There is a great view of the sea from the lighthouse. Great place for photos and hiking”.

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Photos and reviews of Loutraki

St. Potapios Monastery (Photo: Tilemahos Efthimiadis / flickr.com)

Entertainment Reviews

The coastal town is famous for its mineral waters and has the status of a spa resort. According to tourist reviews, while on vacation in Loutraki, it’s great to take a course of wellness treatments at local spas. Enjoy a Jacuzzi with healing water, a sauna, and a Hamam!

Avid gamblers spend their evenings in the biggest casino on the Balkan Peninsula. Younger people prefer sea walks, hiking in the mountains, diving and surfing.

There are few entertainments for children. According to travelers’ reviews, a vacation with a child in Loutraki should be varied with strolls along the long beautiful promenade of the resort, trips to the museums of Corinth, the water parks Water Fun and Splash Water Park.

Tanya: “In the water park Water Fun the heat under +40 ° C was not felt at all, the water is warm, small queues.

Pluses and minuses of holidays in Lutraki

According to reviews of tourists who have been on vacation in Loutraki, the resort is suitable for families with children and those who want to combine swimming in the sea with recreation.

Advantages of a holiday in Loutraki in 2022:

  • Convenient to get to from Athens.
  • Hospitable people.
  • The warm Ionian Sea and the clean beaches.
  • Beautiful nature.
  • Good food.
  • Healthy mineral water.

Worchuchelo: “Every time we come back from there rested and we think it is because of the water.

The minuses are few:

  • Few parking spaces.
  • Some hotels are located on hills.
  • Supermarkets are not open on Sunday.
  • Small resort, not enough entertainment for young people.

OsipovNick: “You can walk around Lutraki in half an hour or an hour. It’s a small town, the hotels are all average. There’s no luxury, not much choice of restaurants and stores.

Loutraki reviews

A view of the city (Photo: wikimedia.ru / Natalia Semenova)

Tips and tricks for Loutraki

In Greece all beaches are municipal. There is no charge for admission. You can buy sun beds and umbrellas on the beaches of hotels in Loutraki and in seaside cafes and bars. Order a drink or a small snack and use the sun lounger for as long as you need.

From Loutraki take different excursions, but many tourists travel independently. The bus service is excellent. In order to get to the place of interest, use public transport or rent a car.

According to reviews of tourists, during a vacation in Loutraki it is advantageous to take a room in a hotel with breakfasts, and have lunch and dinner in Greek taverns. Many establishments have menus in Russian.

HelenOwl: “The waterfront in Loutraki is full of tavernas and cafes, where you can inexpensively try local food and delicious wine. The cost of them is low.”

The resort is famous for its radon springs. They are considered healing, but radon has contraindications. Radon baths should not be taken by smokers, with certain heart diseases, during pregnancy and with inflammation in acute form. Be sure to consult your doctor before the trip!

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