Uncommon Cities in Ireland

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Ireland

Travelling in Ireland can be unusual, emotional and rich if the traveler knows about the 16 most beautiful cities of this country. Want to enjoy a trip to the green island, then stop in and appreciate this material.



The capital of the state is certainly at the top of the list. And this is due to the fact that it is the most developed settlement, in which you can spend your time pleasantly in all plans and directions. Among the most popular places to visit are the city’s castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the beautiful views in the Temple Bar area. Here you can hang out in a nightclub or enjoy the baroque architecture.



This large city is a cultural find that gathers a huge amount of architectural delights, sights that are complemented by pubs and stores. Every tourist should be sure to visit the locality and behold the picturesque streets, Connemara National Park, colorful portals and cathedrals.



The city is very popular among tourists who want to relax and enjoy the gastronomy, spectacular shows and the incredible beauty of nature. It is necessary to arrive here in summer, when the cheerful atmosphere fills the local streets, attracting more and more travelers.


Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, located on the southern part of the state. The locality is home to about 120,000 people and hosts 1.5 million visitors a year. Cruise ships often arrive here, and the largest airport in Ireland also operates here. The place can offer a pleasant climate, a rich history, and a rich entertainment program.



Many cities have similar names, but carry completely different meanings, and even more so, are located in different regions. Kilkenny is one of the most beautiful medieval towns, built on the River Nora. According to chronicles, the city began to develop since the 12th century, when it was settled by the Normans. Today, forts, cathedrals, museums, and other interesting attractions are available to visit.

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The beautiful and mystical Dingle Peninsula, which is part of Ireland, is considered the westernmost point of Europe. Its rocky coastline, alternating with miles of beaches, is washed by the cold Atlantic Ocean. Together with its beautiful nature, rich culture and history, the place is mesmerizing and sets it apart from other localities and regions of Ireland.



In the southeast of Ireland is a port city known as Waterford, which is the oldest in the country. The city was founded as early as 853 by the Vikings. The advantageous location allowed this place to grow, so today the port of this place is considered one of the busiest in Ireland.



Where else could Westport be located if not in the western part of Ireland. With its romantic parks, gardens and terraces and many attractions, Westport is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.



Clifden is a small town of about 2,000 people. It is located in the western part of Ireland and boasts a beautiful and colorful city center. The amazing Clifden Castle is the main attraction, which surprises not only with man-made delights, but also with nature.



St. John’s Church, the Pickman Monument, the town park and other interesting places in the large town of Tralee are well hidden in the shadow of the town’s main attraction – the International Festival “Rose of Tralee”. This summer festival has been held here annually for nearly 60 years, which is why August is probably the best time to visit the locality.

The 10 most beautiful cities in Ireland


“Ireland” – how much is in that word… It is associated with vast green plains, quaint cliffs, islands, lakes, and unique fauna. But don’t hang your head if you’re about to take a trip to the Irish stone jungle. Cities of Ireland – almost entirely the jungle, and only a little – stone. All the benefits of civilization there seem to be only guests, picturesquely complementing the majesty of nature and the ancient architectural heritage.

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You’ll fall in love with this country at first sight, so we’ll try to make your lot as a traveler a little easier with a selection of the most beautiful Irish towns and villages according to TopCafé magazine.

Kinsale, Cork.

Beautiful cities in Ireland: Kinsale. CC0

Unused to living in a metropolis, the setting of this fishing town seems like the setting of a good movie. Tiny colorful houses, no tall buildings blocking the horizon or sky, and the buildings are incredibly trim. In Kinsale’s small streets, the stores, bars, and even galleries are equally quaint.

In front of the waterfront, tourists love the local yacht club. Each year there are large-scale art festivals and gourmet affairs: a family tradition in the catering business that’s a source of pride to the townsfolk.

Glengarriff, Cork


Pretty village in the south of Ireland. It gets its name from the nearby Glengarriff National Park. The word is translated as “Glengarriff Hollow”.


The settlement itself looks like a small town in the mountains. It’s a small town: asphalt, brick houses, boutiques, stores, cafes, and pubs – everything is as it should be, including the crowds of tourists. The view from Lady Bantry’s observation deck of the carved mountains, bodies of water, and greenery that surround Glengarriff is both maddening and peaceful.

Lismore, Waterford.


A historic town that grew up at the foot of the Knockmildown and Blackwater River. As well as modern landscapes and award-winning countryside, Lismore boasts an 800-year-old castle of the same name. It’s like a picture of the castle, peeking out from deep woods with its majestic towers, once the site of a monastery.

From the upper points of the castle you can enjoy a magnificent view of the riches created by man and nature. From Lismore Castle came precious historical artifacts like the medieval manuscript Book of Lismore and Lismore Crozier, now on display in the Irish National Museum.

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Valencia, Kerry.


An island located on the Iveragh Peninsula, southwest of Ireland. It is reached from the mainland by bridge or ferry from Cape Rinard. 1993 marked an amazing find for Valencia: excavations revealed the oldest fossilized vertebrate remains on Earth, living about 385 million years ago.

Another attraction of the town is the Hotel Glanlim, which has wonderful subtropical gardens. The gardens, like Valencia itself, have their own atmosphere, which made it possible to assemble there an impressive collection of rare plants. By the way, it’s the easiest place to get to the picturesque monastery island of Skellig Michael.

Strandhill, Sligo.

The beautiful cities of Ireland: Strandhill. CC0

This town is the epitome of a vacation paradise. Adjacent to the west side of the Rock of Nochnarey, Strandhill offers great surfing, historic beauties, and colorful festivals. For example, Strandhill has a two-century-old traditional cottage building that’s very distinctive, like an oil painting against a backdrop of lush greenery.

There’s also the largest corridor metal tomb in the country, Carrowmore. When choosing a hotel for your trip, consider Strandhill Lodge and Suites. All 10 stars of beauty.

Carlingford, Louth.


Or simply “Carlin” in Irish. It’s where the Viking spirit is most evident: the townsfolk have managed to carry that legacy through the years. One such landmark is the city gate that once housed the city jail. From the center to the outskirts you can find many ruin castles, preserved in varying degrees.

Looking at them spontaneously conjures up images of the Nordic peoples who once fought the enemy against these walls. The town is also famous for fishing: fresh oysters and crabs are commonplace here. Nature in Carlingford is indescribable: from light to acid green, the grass; then the hills covered with dark greenery, and finally the blue and bright orange mountains. It’s a sight to see.

Gwydor, Donegal.

Beautiful Cities of Ireland: Gweedore

The cradle of Irish culture: the largest national language city. It has everything to make you happy: endless sandy beaches, green mountains, flora of all kinds and colors, the largest National Park in the country, Glenveagh Castle.

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The waters adjacent to the city shelter a bunch of small islands. They are best watched from afar: the capricious nature of the waves there and in general – the weather, very rarely, but aptly crushing the ships, has long been known to local residents.

Westport, Mayo

Westport House

Historically “Caharnamart” (Irish for “stone cattle fort”), on the southeast side of Clue Bay. This town is different from other Irish towns: it was designed by architect William Leeson in the Georgian style, following medieval principles of urban design.

In Westport, everything is in its place: the Carrowbeg River, several bridges spanning it, interesting streets, trees and flowers everywhere. But it’s the sacred Mount Croagh Patrick that draws the most crowds of tourists from all over the world. There is even an official feast day set aside for the pilgrimage.

Birr, Offaly

Beautiful Cities of Ireland: Birr

This small town is one of the brightest representatives of the Georgian architectural style in Ireland. In general Birr is a center of symbols of different times and different parts of the world. Wide avenues, neat town and residential buildings, next door, for example, to the church of St. Brendan – a terribly colorful structure. Or – Georgian-style houses contrasting with the bright Greek temple.

And somewhere, buried in the greenery, stands the city’s largest Victorian castle, Birr. As the residence of such and such an earl, it is closed to tourists. Once the Gospels were written there and the Sephyn Stone, more than 250 million years old, was kept.

Enniskerry, Wicklow


The sweetest Irish village at the foot of Wicklow stands on the Glencullen River. Its name translates as “sturdy fortress. It’s home to one of the most magnificent unions of man and nature – Powerscourt – a 17th-century Palladian manor, an unusual adjoining square, 200,000 m² of gardens, and the eponymous waterfall – the highest in the country (121 meters). In the mid-70s these beautiful gardens were nearly razed to the ground by a terrible fire, but 20 years later they were restored to their former state.

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Oh, these Irish towns! You can’t read about them: you have to feel them with every cell. To die, of course, is not necessary, but to paraphrase a well-known expression – it’s better to see any of the cities of the Emerald Isle than the same Paris. TopCafe editorial team awaits your comments. Write down what cities you like most in Ireland.

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