Twins or twins of the world’s famous landmarks

10 places on the planet, which have twins

They say that every person in the world has a twin. And what if every thing or even a place of interest also has a copy, resembling them like two peas in a pod?

All of the ancient architectural structures on this list are known, some more, others less. They were built in different eras, by different people and even by different civilizations. But why are they so similar to each other?

In this selection, we’ve collected twin famous landmarks!

10 Colosseum / Gladiator Arena

The Italian Colosseum, one of the most recognizable structures in the world, attracts millions of tourists every year. It is one of the most impressive monuments of ancient Roman culture. And now look at the ancient Roman amphitheater in Pula, Croatia. It’s even better preserved than the Colosseum, but it’s just not as hyped!

9 Notre Dame de Paris / Cathedral in Amiens

When you look at these two structures, you think it’s a “find the five differences” picture. Both Gothic cathedrals are in France, but one is too popular. You bet, because it was “propagandized” by the writer Victor Hugo!

8 Machu Picchu / Isla del Sol

Machu Picchu in Peru is a very popular Indian city. But there is limited visitation and no water or food. In Bolivia, on the other hand, you can visit the Inca city of Isla del Sol, and without any difficulty!

7 Stonehenge/Avebury

The mysterious Stonehenge in Wiltshire is a very popular attraction. But it is essentially just a pile of stones, placed in a special position for no apparent reason and by whom. For those who like piles of standing stones, you can visit Avebury, 30 km from Stonehenge, and it’s completely free.

6 Angkor Wat / Borobudur

Angkor Wat, an abandoned temple in Cambodia, has become incredibly popular in recent years. But the same Buddhist temple in Indonesia is not as famous, so you can safely visit it and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

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5 Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood / Church of St. Basil the Blessed

St. Basil’s Cathedral and its domes are one of the most recognizable symbols of the capital. However, St. Petersburg has a temple built in the likeness of Moscow’s. Look closely, they are like twin brothers!

4 Acropolis / Ephesus

The Acropolis is always associated with the ruins of the ancient Greek empire. However, you can enjoy the ancient temples, theaters and columns not only in Greece. For example Ephesus in Turkey is practically a copy of the Acropolis!

3 Petri / Lalibela

The famous red city carved into the rock is one of the most popular places in Jordan. The crowds of tourists do not allow you to enjoy the beauty of this place. In Ethiopia there is a town called Lalibela, which is just like Petra. Except that the people here are much smaller!

2 Golden Gate Bridge / April 25th Bridge

The famous Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States. However, there are promoted red spans in many parts of the world. For example, the April 25th Bridge in Portugal looks absolutely identical!

1 Big Ben / Parliament Hill

Canadians don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to see Big Ben, either. They have their own “London” landmark – Parliament Hill. The Canadian Parliament building is built in the Neo-Gothic style and has a Peace Tower with a clock face. It’s like Big Ben for sure!

It’s amazing how you can find places that look like twins in different parts of the world!

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10 famous landmarks that have twin brothers

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Even the world-famous sites have their twin brothers

It is said that all people on the planet have twins. As it turns out, this rule also applies to landmarks that have twin brothers in other parts of the world. Architectural structures are built in different eras, by different peoples and even civilizations, but their similarity is undeniable. offers a selection of 10 world-famous sights and their “copies”.

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1. Golden Gate Bridge (USA) and April 25th Bridge (Portugal)

The brick-red Golden Gate is one of the visiting cards of the United States. The main attraction of San Francisco was built in 1937 and to this day it remains the most famous suspension bridge in the world. And the structure is named after the Golden Gate Strait, which, in fact, it crosses. However, in 1966, an almost identical bridge appeared in Lisbon, Portugal. At first the landmark was named after a prominent statesman, Antonio Salazar, and after the Carnation Revolution it was renamed the 25th of April Bridge.

2. Stonehenge (UK) and Avebury (UK)

30 km from Stonehenge there is another similar structure - Avebury

Stonehenge is England’s most mysterious landmark, though it looks like a chaotically arranged pile of stones. The structure is thought to have been built in the 2nd millennium BC, but its purpose, how the stones arrived at the site and who built it are still not clearly known. But Stonehenge is only 30 km from the site of another similar structure, Avebury. It is a religious site with tombs and sanctuaries from 2100 – 1650 BC, which also had huge stone blocks, but it is much easier to reach.

3. Notre Dame de Paris (France) and Amiens Cathedral (France)

Both cathedrals are in the Gothic style and both are in France

Both cathedrals are in the Gothic style and both are in France. The only difference is the years of construction (Notre-Dame-de-Paris was built a hundred years earlier) and slight differences in the exterior. Simply because thanks to the work of Victor Hugo of the same name Notre Dame de Paris became known all over the world, and the Amiens Cathedral remains known only in its country.

4. Big Ben (UK) and Parliament Hill (Canada)

Unlike people from other countries, Canadians do not have to travel far to see Big Ben.

Big Ben is almost the first association that comes to mind when mentioning Great Britain. The tower is part of the Palace of Westminster complex and was built in 1859. Big Ben is an unofficial “nickname” that the structure received in honor of chief engineer Benjamin Hall, and according to another version because of its resemblance to the heavyweight boxer Benjamin Count. Unlike residents of other countries, Canadians don’t have to travel far to see the famous British landmark. In 1927, Ottawa built Parliament Hill, a parliamentary building that resembles Big Ben like two peas in a pod. And all thanks to the Peace Tower with its huge clock face and neo-Gothic style.

Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany

5. Machu Picchu (Peru) and Isla del Sol (Bolivia)

Machu Picchu is the legendary Inca settlement in the heart of the Andes, but the crowds of tourists spoil the whole experience.

Machu Picchu is a legendary Incan settlement in the heart of the Andes, but the crowds of tourists spoil the whole experience

Machu Picchu is the legendary settlement of the ancient Incas in the heart of the Andes. Today the formerly thriving city looks like a ruin with jungle, steep slopes, and green terraces. The place draws many tourists from all over the world, but the city has limited visitation due to water and food problems and crowds of people rushing in and out all the time. On the other hand, Bolivia and its island of Isla del Sol, which is considered the cradle of the Incas. Its landscapes are just as impressive.

6. Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and Prambanan (Indonesia)

There is a very similar Hindu temple Prambanan in Indonesia, but it is not as well-publicized.

After Lara Croft Tomb Raider you too would like to visit the famous Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, wouldn’t you say? Every year the shrine is becoming more and more popular among tourists, so that it is almost impossible to walk through it in peace and quiet. But in Indonesia is a very similar Hindu temple Prambanan, which is not so much publicized. Here you can truly imbibe the peaceful atmosphere of the sacred place.

7. Spas on Spilled Blood (Russia) and St. Basil’s Cathedral (Russia).

The first temple is in St. Petersburg and the second is in Moscow.

The first temple is in St. Petersburg, and the second – in Moscow. A calling card of Russia, the Orthodox Church of St. Basil and its domes can be seen from Red Square, welcoming residents and guests of the capital. Built in 1555, its full name is The Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God on the Rvu. In 1907 in St. Petersburg, Emperor Alexander III built a temple on the site of the murder of his father, Alexander II, in the likeness of the Moscow shrine. Aren’t they very similar?

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8. The Acropolis of Athens (Greece) and Ephesus (Turkey)

Athens is not the only place where you can touch the ruins of the ancient Greek empire

Ancient Greek culture is still admired today. The Acropolis in Athens, on top of which sat kings and temples in honor of their gods-patrons. Almost all foreigners who come to Greece dream to see the landmark. However, Athens is not the only place where you can touch the ruins of the ancient Greek empire. In Ephesus, Turkey, is the twin brother of the Acropolis.

9. Colosseum (Italy) and Pula Amphitheater (Croatia)

The amphitheater in Pula was also built during the Roman Empire, but it is much better preserved

Amphitheater in Pula was also built during the Roman Empire, but it is much better preserved

Many people dream to see with their own eyes the Colosseum, the grandiose construction of ancient Rome. The amphitheater for 50,000 people was built in 80 AD, and much of it has been preserved to this day. But if you can not go to Italy, go to Croatia. The amphitheater in the city of Pula was also built during the ancient Roman Empire and today this arena is the only one in the world that still has all 4 towers and 3 architectural orders. As you can see, in Croatia you can get into the spirit of gladiatorial fights much more.

10. Petra (Jordan) and Lalibela (Ethiopia)

The main attractions of the settlements are the structures carved in the rocks

The ancient city of Petra, built more than two thousand years ago, is located in the heart of the desert. The main attractions of the settlement are the structures carved in the rocks, which is why the city is also called a stone city. However, because of the crowds of tourists is not always possible to discern the ancient architecture. The way out is simple: go to the Ethiopian town of Lalibela, which is also famous for the structures carved in stone, and the people here are several times less.

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