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Winter holidays in Turkey: what to do

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Winter in Turkey – a time of low prices for accommodation in the most luxurious hotels, package tours with a huge list of entertainment. Visa-free entry and a short flight add to the pluses. Hotels at this time of year are not empty. Knowing what he is – a winter holiday in Turkey, what to do and where to visit, tourists often prefer this time of year to the summer heat.

Only in winter the locals are genuinely happy guests, the beaches are cleaner, and entertainment programs are generous with surprises. And let the bathing season is over, travelers will not be bored. Walks, excursions, sightseeing, therapeutic air and delicious food are not all that tourist resorts offer.

Where to stay in Turkey in winter

Photo of the Limark Lara Deluxe Hotel

In the low season, prices fall, so tourists are offered a large selection of hotels with developed infrastructure, a wide list of services. As a rule, the range of entertainment allows you to spend time with great interest and maximum occupation:

  1. A lot of restaurants with cuisines of the world, local delicacies. The hotels have bars, pastry shops, all-inclusive or “ultra” system with round-the-clock service.
  2. Swimming pools of open-air and indoor type, heated and sea water. There are slides and rides for children and adults in the artificial ponds, and kiosks with sweets and water are open.
  3. Bathing facilities. The range includes hammams, saunas and jacuzzis.
  4. SPA. The list of services is very wide, including wellness procedures, face and body care complexes. Many hotels offer wraps, skin treatment, etc.
  5. Thalasso centers with massages, including exotic types.
  6. Beauty salons, boutiques with cosmetic procedures.
  7. Fitness facilities, golf courses, soccer fields, gyms, etc. There are also yoga clubs and tournaments and competitions for children.

As for the list of entertainment programs, it is not inferior to the breadth of summer offers, but much more favorable in cost:

  • Animation for children and adults.
  • Shows, discos, live music concerts, contests, games.
  • Services for children of all ages, experienced animators for kids and entertainment for teenagers.
  • Workshops, mini-clubs on interests.
  • Amusement parks, dino-parks, entertainment centers and playgrounds with slot machines.

Winter holidays in Turkey – it is possible to rent a room with a sea view, free internet access and a luxury atmosphere.

In addition, the winter in the country is mild, the temperature on the coast maintained from 11 C to 20 C, no heat and the sea breeze and perfect cleanliness of the beaches just add to the vacation charm.

What excursions can be visited in Turkey in winter

Photo of Pamukkale

The variety of excursions is a nice bonus to a winter vacation. The advantages are obvious:

  • There aren’t many tourists, which means you can see all the sights without the crowds.
  • Agents and hotels offer tours at low prices.
  • Weather conditions allow for long walks at any time of day.
  • It is possible to rent a car and go on an independent trip.
  • Access to a large number of natural and man-made masterpieces is open.

Winter tours are a unique chance to make a voyage with children of all ages.


Photos of Demre Mira Kekova

This tour includes a trip to the most amazing places:

    Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Demre. The saint preached the Christian religion in Turkey for a long time and remained one of the most popular personalities in the town and the entire country until the end of his life.

Sufferers traveled to Nicholas the Wonderworker, mothers carried their children. Today there remains visible evidence of his power and faith.

Tahtali Mountain

Photos of Tahtali

Travelers are waiting to climb the highest mountain of the country by cable car. Tahtaly is visible from anywhere in Kemer, and from its summit you can see magnificent panoramas of the whole tourist region, the sea, and the villages.

  • Chic views of the Taurus Mountains with pine forests, fresh air and delicious coffee in a cafe will lift the pleasure even in a gloomy day.
  • For those who are especially brave there is an attraction of jumps and gymnastic flips on the slingshot.

In the winter tour is often included a set of trips, about this clarify the travel agent. But if the excursions are not enough, they will be offered at the hotel or agency located near the hotel.

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A trip to the city with thermal springs is a chance not only to see the beauty of nature, but also to heal.

Even Roman emperors came to Pammukale, so there is no reason to refuse a walk.

The town itself looks incredibly spectacular – snow-white cascades of calcium travertine on the slopes, beautiful houses. In addition, nearby are the historic ruins of Hierapolis, where there used to be a huge antique theater, Cleopatra’s pool and necropolis.


Photo of Kaleici

A full guided tour gives you the opportunity to visit all the iconic places:

  • Spend time at the oceanarium.
  • Climb the mountain by funicular and see the panorama of the tourist region with the sea, valleys.
  • Walk through the streets of the Old Town, visit the Kaleici neighborhood where buildings of different architectural styles have been preserved.
  • See the Republic Square and visit the Düden Waterfalls – the view from the precipice makes the heart sink with admiration.

During the trip, the guide tells many interesting facts about Turkey, shares historical information and makes the walk as fun and informative as possible.


Photos of Cappadocia

This region is visited both in summer and winter. But in the low season the flow of tourists is less, which is a big plus for travelers.

A long time ago in Cappadocia was the most powerful volcanic eruption. The element raged for several centuries, destroying the rocks and creating a new landscape.

Today in Cappadocia there are many caves, valleys, peaks of incredible shape. The rock massifs were the refuge of early Christians, who hollowed out in the stone dwellings, built temples, shelters and monasteries.

The best option is the coast of the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea. The winds are not so strong, the climate is warm enough. In the mountainous areas it is much colder.

Tourists will be offered to examine the multi-level cities of unknown origin. Scientists are still arguing who exactly and for what purpose was involved in the construction of such galleries and mazes.

In the end travelers are waited by flight on a balloon which will present the strongest and most colorful impressions.

Jeep and ATV Safaris

Safari pictures

The trip along the routes includes visits to various natural beauties, stops at cafes.

  • Tourists will get acquainted with the way of life in villages and villages, look at the way of life of people outside the tourist regions.
  • Safari on the mountain slopes of the Toros with a rest stop at the springs will please everyone without exception.


Scuba diving is not scary, but fun. Beginners will be offered the services of an instructor, experienced divers will go for a walk on the bottom on their own. During the tour, tourists will see the underwater grottoes, caves, meet different animals, reef fish and have a lot of fun.

Bathing complexes and Turkish hammam

Photo of Zammam

To visit the historic homeland of the hammam and not to visit the baths – it is unreal. Hot steam, soapy massages, aromatic baths and rubbing with oils will leave you feeling very relaxed. After these procedures, the body is filled with energy, and the soul becomes young again.

Side City Tour

Photo of the water park in Side

The city of Side is full of architectural and historical sights. There are a lot of antique buildings, which successfully survived into the modern times.

  • Tourists can see aqueducts, the walls of baths, houses, fountains.
  • There are ruins of the Greek temples of Apollo and Athens and the Necropolis.
  • We could visit the Roman baths and admire the huge statue of Vespasian, take a trip to Manavgata Waterfall and enjoy its magnificent views.

Agents offer tours at 20-30% lower than the cost of high season. If you find a “last minute tour”, the price will be extremely low. But this does not apply to the period of the New Year holidays – the cost remains at the level of the high season.

Theme park “Land of Legends” is sure to please kids. There are a lot of attractions for them, including fun for the little ones.

Adults will not get bored here either, roller coasters, 5D cinema, whole streets with boutiques and shops will give a lot of new impressions.

Oceanarium in Antalya

A tour to the oceanarium is planned for a whole day. It takes a long time to walk around the dozens of aquariums with inhabitants, to consider the “inhabitants” of the 131-meter tunnel.

Italian port city Livorno. Interesting architecture and nature

Visitors will also be offered to visit the Snowtown, visit the House of Reptiles and have a good rest while watching the other interesting places.

Trip to Istanbul

Photo of Istanbul

One of the most beautiful cities in the world will help fill your vacation with the best experiences. Travel agencies offer a day trip to Istanbul, but it is better to come here for 3 or more days. In winter, discounts on goods begin to operate, boutiques open generous sales, and traders in the Egyptian, Grand Bazaar literally begging to buy goods at a steep discount.

In addition to shopping, tourists can enjoy historical sites, museums, a walk along the Bosphorus Strait, and many other activities.

Ski resorts

Photo of Uludag

The most popular resorts are Uludag, Erciyes, Kartalkaya and Palandoken. Covered with forests mountains are amazing at any time of year, but it is winter here are open slopes for beginners and advanced skiers. To the credit of the organizers each resort offers a developed infrastructure, a variety of entertainment and recreation.

At the resort Uludag operates mineral springs – a good chance to combine skiing with medical treatments.

In Turkey, in winter, there are many opportunities for treatment and recreation:

  • On the Aegean coast travelers are waiting for sights, natural beauty.
  • Health resorts in Yalova, Pamukkale, Kangal with thermal springs, promenades, spa and medical salons will give youthfulness to body and soul.
  • The resort of Kas is open to artists, connoisseurs of underwater walks, local art galleries and shipwrecks will be a real discovery.
  • Ankara is the capital of the country with a rich history and many architectural, historical sights.
  • In Bursa, travelers will find a whole complex of ancient monuments.

It all depends on the purpose of the vacation. Ski resorts, medical centers are open, you can visit various attractions in different cities. All hotels are open as usual, but the cost is lower – the choice is only for tourists.

Holidays in winter in Turkey

Photos of Dervishes

National celebrations in the country are celebrated with glamour and glitter. But still come here for the famous gala dinner on New Year. This dinner is a kind of “festival of plenty”. And it’s not just about the many dishes, but also the wide variety of entertainment.

  • Hotels try to offer tourists the best, invite celebrities, think of shows, organize chic performances and contests.
  • The streets of cities and tourist centers are decorated with illuminations and fireworks can compete with the famous Singapore show.
  • There are also national festivals, such as the religious dervish dance in Konya. Men in ancient clothing walk through the streets, twirling in dance moves – a truly unforgettable spectacle.

Gastro tours in Turkey in the winter are especially interesting. During the cold season here is customary to diversify the menu with hot nourishing snacks, meals, special sweets.

Rest at the resorts in the low season is an opportunity to get a lot of new impressions and surprise, even if you have been to Turkey more than once in the summer.

If you have already visited the country during the low season, share your impressions on ResortTurkey.

Turkey in winter: where to go and what to do

Rest in Turkey in winter where to rest, what to see

Is it possible to swim in Turkey in winter, what to do, and in general is it worth to go there at this time? There are a lot of questions, because Turkey is traditionally a summer destination. But beloved by tourists Turkish service attracts tourists all year round.

Let’s say at once that if you want to get from winter to full summer, then Turkey is not your option. Read a better article about affordable beach destinations this winter season.

But to forget about the cold for a while, swim in a warm pool, relax, gain experience in the winter is possible in Turkey. At this time there are even advantages, one of which is low prices for 5-star hotels.


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Cocos Islands

Where is the warmest winter in Turkey?

Different parts of the country have their own climatic features. What kind of holiday do you prefer? In Turkey you have a choice – it could be a city walks through the beautiful Istanbul, contemplation of the peaks and active recreation at mountain resorts or a serene relaxation on the beach.

Winter weather in Istanbul is not always pleasant, with frequent rains and piercing winds. The average winter temperature during the day is +8°C to +10°C, at night it drops to +3°C. Yes, it is warmer than in Russia, but not so much that you forget about the cold. Jackets, hats, umbrellas are sure to come in handy. It may snow rarely, but not for a long time, because there are no long frosts here. But the sun can be bright and +15 ° C.

Istanbul in winter

The weather is generally suitable for walks in the city, and a little rain is an excuse to go to a cafe. There’s plenty to do in Istanbul – museums, monuments, markets – and the weather is not a hindrance.

➡ ☀ If you want more heat, fly to the Mediterranean Sea. Alanya, Side, Belek, Kemer, Antalya are the warmest places. The reason is geographical peculiarities of the area, high mountains hold back the cold air from the north, and the sea, well warmed up during the summer, shares the accumulated heat for a long time.

But in the Aegean coast resorts (Kusadasi, Bodrum, Didim, Marmaris, Fethiye) air and water temperature is lower, and it is noticeable.

Antalya in December

Sea temperature on the Mediterranean coast in December from +18 to +19 ° C – this is the minimum limit for the temperature at which it is recommended to swim. More details about the sea temperature, comfortable for swimming, we wrote in a separate article. In the morning and evening, it’s cool and a light jacket will definitely come in handy, but in the middle of the day on a clear day the air warms up to +20 °C. Those wishing to swim in such not very comfortable conditions are found, but they are certainly not much.

Turkey in winter sea weather

We flew to Kemer in mid-December with a child, we watched people sunbathing and swimming in the sea, but we have not dared to try it ourselves. We had enough water procedures in a spa center and heated pool of the hotel.

In January the air and water temperature drops a couple of degrees, the amount of precipitation begins to increase and about bathing in the open sea is definitely out of the question, only heated pools.

February is not much warmer than January but after a long Russian frost you may feel that you are in for a real spring.

Temperature,°C air/water December January February
Istanbul +10/+14 +8/+13 +8/+13
Antalya +17/+18 +15/+17 +15/+16
Alanya +17/+19 +15/+17 +16/+16
Side +16/+19 +15/+17 +15/+16
Belek +16/+19 +15/+17 +15/+16
Kemer +16/+19 +14/+17 +14/+16

Next we will tell you what to do in the Turkish resorts in this weather. But a few more words about the weather in the mountains. There are frosts and snow at this time, you can do winter sports.

Ski holidays in Turkey

Also in winter tourists fly to Cappadocia (from Istanbul or Antalya). Charming landscapes of mountains and soaring hot air balloons. This is already the central part of Turkey with a moderate continental climate – hot summers, cold winters. Frosts at night can drop to -15 °C, and daytime highs rise to +5 °C.

Where to go in Turkey in winter, what to do

✅ Wherever you decide to go, a winter holiday in Turkey has one significant advantage – it has a good price. If you’ve already vacationed in Turkey this summer, just check your hotel prices for any of the winter months. You will be surprised that the difference can be 2-3 times lower. Immediately there is the thought – “why not fly” or “I can afford more.

On our last winter vacation, we chose a Rixos hotel that we couldn’t afford during the summer season

Where can I go as a group?

➡ The exception to this rule are the New Year’s vacation dates, for which prices don’t think to go down. But for these days you won’t find low prices anywhere. Try to find out the prices for New Year’s holidays in Russian sanatoriums, a variant of rest in Turkey will look more attractive.

Already in December hotels are decorated, put Christmas trees and hang garlands, preparing a holiday show program. Istanbul, too, transforming, adopting the traditions of European cities.

Read more about New Year holidays tours this year – affordable destinations, weather and prices

Istanbul on Christmas in winter

✅ The second feature of winter holidays is that there are few people in all tourist places compared to the peak season. And this is a good opportunity to go and quietly see the sights, where in high season there are huge lines and can’t be crowded.

In the winter we walked alone in ancient Fazelis and it was an indescribable experience.

Winter in Turkey

Holiday on the Mediterranean Sea

What to devote yourself to during the vacation – you decide, there is a choice.

The easiest and most obvious is walking. Walks along the sea, boat trips, walks through the resort towns and natural parks. The clean sea air and no exhausting heat like in summer is another reason to go and explore the sights that you didn’t have time for during peak beach season.

Holidays on the Mediterranean Sea in winter

To get the most out of a winter vacation, you should take seriously the choice of hotel. To be able to swim you should have a heated pool at the hotel, which can be open, indoor, with sea water or a water park. We’ve compiled a great selection of hotels to fly to this winter. If you have your favorite hotels in mind – keep in mind that not all may be open in the winter.

It’s also worth checking out if the hotel has a spa complex. Visit a traditional Turkish hamam, go for a massage or try phytotherapy.

Everyone knows that all-inclusive catering has made Turkish resorts famous. You can not deny yourself anything, unless of course you’re afraid during the vacation to put on extra pounds (it’s very easy). In addition to food in the hotel, we recommend you to get acquainted with the local cuisine, visiting restaurants for local people.

Try to explore Turkey on your own by renting a car. We enjoyed it very much!

Winter holidays in Turkey

The traffic on the roads is organized and civilized, if you travel by insured car there should be no problems. Arrange a trip along the coast, stopping at the resort centers, which have not yet been. You can go to a mall and do shopping, the prices of clothes and other goods are much lower than in Russia, this shopping really makes sense.


In Istanbul you can also do some shopping, this is the time of Christmas sales, fairs and markets. But not only that, the city attracts tourists from all over the world. This is a metropolis with a very old history, before the Turks it had the name of Constantinople and was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

Istanbul City

There are many architectural monuments such as the Sultanahmet Mosque, the former Patriarchal Orthodox Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, the Galata Tower, the Basilica Cistern. You should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, and there are also many other museums, it is up to your taste.

Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey

Here is where to get acquainted with the local cuisine. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants, street food, food markets with local color on the streets of the old city.

By the way, you can find hammams in Istanbul too, some have more than 300 years of history.

Istanbul in winter

Take a boat ride on the Bosphorus or head to the Princes’ Islands (an archipelago in the Sea of Marmara) to admire the city from the outside. Feed seagulls on the way and cats on the shore. Istanbul is very fond of cats.

❤ We recommend the hotel in the Sultanahmet area Hagia Sofia Mansions 5* – check the price of the tour with flight for your dates.

Ski resorts in Turkey

There are mountains in Turkey and therefore ⛷ ski resorts. Many are inland, far from the coast. The most convenient in terms of transport accessibility and popular with Russians is Uludag, located near Istanbul.

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The name Uludag means Huge Mountain, but the resort is more suitable for families, as most of the slopes are designed for beginners. Most of them are gentle and long slopes. The popularity of the resort earned largely due to its affordability, when compared to European resorts.

Mountain resort Uludag Turkey

Packaged tours are available for booking in Uludag for the winter. Hotels all inclusive not so much, more widespread three meals a day. Many hotels are located near the ski elevators.

We recommend the Monte Baia Hotel – a four on all inclusive and good reviews. New Year’s Eve dates are best booked in advance.


Cappadocia in winter

Cappadocia is a mountainous area with an unusual natural landscape. Here you can see canyons, bizarre pillars, caves. The fastest way to get there is by plane from Istanbul to Kayseri and then by land to the tourist centers of Goreme, Ürgüp, Uçhisar.

Some people come to Cappadocia to fly in hot air balloons, and some just to watch and take pictures in front of them. The balloons take off all year round, including in winter, and only a strong wind can prevent it. Plan your trip for a few days to increase the likelihood of flying weather.

You can watch the balloons in Göreme, the Valley of Love near Göreme, from the rock fortress in Çavuşin.

Popular excursions in winter

Going on any trip, we always plan to visit the excursions. With them the impressions of the rest remains much more. And for a long time ago began to book them online through the website tripster.ru. The advantage of the site is that you can, in advance, in a relaxed atmosphere to choose what suits you best, to price, read real reviews about the guide, and then leave your own.

Excursion from Antalya in winter

We noticed that the tours, actively offered by hotel guides at meetings with tourists, often do not meet expectations – long tastings, dubious attractions, which are a long drive, crumpled program. ❗ This is why we advise you not to be lazy and choose a great tour in advance, which will be the main impression of the entire trip.

Winter is a great time for excursions and the choice is not less than in summer. Most of them in Istanbul: Asian Istanbul, Istanbul for their own, Treasures of the Bosphorus, Classic Istanbul, All Istanbul in 1 day, The Real Taste of Istanbul, The Picturesque Beauty of the Slums and many others.

You can also get in touch with history in Antalya. We took a tour of the old neighborhood Kaleici with a Russian guide, who came to the city permanently, it was very interesting. The whole walk consisted of places that we would not even have noticed or were afraid to go in.

You can explore the surroundings of the region: the temple of St. Nicholas in Demre, the ancient city of Mira, Pammukkale, Perge, Aspendos. There are tours from Side, Alanya, Kemer, Belek.

A walk in Antalya in December

To learn about all the beautiful locations of Cappadocia is more convenient with a guide, you can also plan a hot air balloon flight.

How to save money when booking a tour to Turkey

Turkey is the main destination of the major tour operators, and to fly to rest in tours was always more favorable than on your own. Charters to Antalya and Istanbul fly all year round. We have already written about the fact that prices for tours in winter are lower than in summer. Also in the winter there are more frequent hot deals.

➡ Learn about the appearance of hot deals by subscribing to the newsletter in telegram :

Find a suitable tour on the website of the online agency Travelata.ru. The service compares offers from various tour operators and shows the most favorable option. The agency does discounts by promo codes, which can be viewed on a separate page ➡ Promo codes

To learn how to find the best tour on your own, read the article “10 smart tricks: how to find a cheap tour better than a travel agent.

Also be sure to read our articles, which will help you decide on the choice of hotel:

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