Tunisia: unforgettable holiday in the land of eternal summer

Rest in Tunisia: resorts, sea, weather and beaches

Tunisia is one of the visa-free countries in which you can rest at sea. Tunisia is located in northern Africa, and the coloring of this small country will be remembered for a long time. Holidays in Tunisia – miles of sandy beaches, the ruins of ancient cities and models of existing only in Hollywood films settlements.

When will Tunisia open for vacation in 2021?

The Tunisian authorities said that Tunisia would be opened to the Russians on April 19. Yes, very soon it will be possible to fly to rest, and no quarantine is needed for tourists from Russia. Entry conditions:

  • For vacationers on a tour voucher – PCR test no older than 72 hours. Show prices for holiday packages to Tunisia →
  • For independent travelers – PCR test + self-exclusion for 48 hours.

And while Tunisia is not open, look at the best alternative to a holiday in Tunisia – holidays in Cyprus. Below is a list of tours to Cyprus with current prices:

You don’t need a visa to Tunisia, except in special cases. Read more about visa →

The northern part of the country has a mild subtropical climate, the tourist season starts early, and for lovers of relaxing holidays does not end even in winter. About the holiday season in Tunisia →

Currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian dinar . For 1 dinar they give 24.5 rubles, this is the exchange rate in 2020. Which currency is better to use when traveling to Tunisia?

How does the money look like in Tunisia: 30 dinars

This is how money looks like in Tunisia: 30 dinars

Tunisia is a former colony of France, so the hotel staff often speaks French rather than English. Some hotels, focusing on holidaymakers, employ Russian-speaking staff. The official language in Tunisia is Arabic.

Many Tunisians understand French, so if you want to say “hello” in Tunisia you may use French “Bon Jour” and instead of “thank you,” say “merci.

Sea and Beaches in Tunisia

Sea in Tunisia – Mediterranean, gentle and azure. What to expect from the sea in Tunisia →

Beaches in the country are mostly sandy. The sand is white and very fine. All about the beaches in Tunisia in one article →

The months of April-June and September-October are best for holidays in Tunisia. The choice of places to stay at this time is huge: Djerba Island, Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse, Mahdia and other resorts.

Rest in Tunisia: on your own or tour package?

Tunisia belongs to a number of countries where it is easier and more convenient to rest on a tour package than to organize an independent holiday.

There are no direct scheduled flights from Russia to Tunisia, that is, to get to Tunisia on their own, you must fly with a change of plane or in Europe (Shengen must be taken care of), or in Turkey.

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Direct flights to Tunisia are made only by charter companies that sell tours. So it is easier to buy a tour package, which includes a flight, insurance, hotel and shuttle service to the hotel and airport.

Do you know how to save money on your trip to Tunisia, buying a tour on the Internet? We know as many as 5 ways to buy a tour to Tunisia cheaper. And we also collected all the latest discounts on tours and hot deals in Tunisia in one place.

Hotels in Tunisia. How to choose the best for your vacation?

Going on vacation in Tunisia, you will definitely wonder what hotel to choose. In this country you can find a place to stay almost any taste and wallet, but the choice is more difficult if you’re looking for something specific. Tops and ratings of hotels based on ratings and reviews will help you find out where you can expect the best service, but they don’t always allow you to find a hotel that meets your needs.

Popular resorts in Tunisia: Where to go on vacation

The most visited major resorts in Tunisia are Hammamet, Sousse, Djerba, Monastir and Mahdia.

A sandy beach in the Tunisian resort of Hammamet

The beach at the resort of Hammamet

Hammamet is famous as a thalassotherapy center, a favorite treatment for many women by the sea. They include mud wraps, whirlpool and mud baths, SPA-programs. Hammamet is a noiseless, respectable resort. The hotels are of the highest category 5*. The beaches are not wide and sandy, the city seems to be buried in the green trees. All about rest in Hammamet →

Sousse is one of the most popular resorts of Tunisia, where it is better to relax both adults and children. For children there is a zoo, water park and amusement park. For adults there are clubs, discos and a variety of excursions.

Sousse is not a pretentious resort, most hotels are 3 * – 4 *, prices are quite democratic. Wide sandy beaches are crowded, because go here, and tourists, and locals.

A resort for a quiet holiday in Tunisia - Monastir

Resort for a quiet holiday in Tunisia – Monastir

Monastir is usually divided into two parts: the city and the suburb of Skanes. If the life in the city itself can be called an active, then the suburbs are very quiet and peaceful.

Rest in Monastir is perfect for older people and fans of measured rest. Hotels are not designed for the demanding public, the category rarely exceeds 3 * 4 *. For active rest can go to Sousse, which is located nearby. A detailed article about rest in Monastir →

The island of Djerba is a resort, gaining popularity among Russian tourists. Prices on the island are slightly higher than in mainland resorts, but it all pays off with wide sandy beaches, luxury hotels, luxurious nature and silence, interrupted by the sound of waves. Tourist infrastructure is not yet heavily developed.

Amazing Colombia.

Mahdia is a resort for a measured holiday on the beach and in the hotel. The infrastructure in the city is underdeveloped, but the prices here are somewhat lower than in luxury resorts. Features of holiday in Mahdia →

How to behave as a tourist in Tunisia?

Tunisia’s religion is Islam, so we advise you to read the rules of how to dress in Tunisia →

There are no special rules on how to behave in Tunisia, or how to rest in Tunisia. Don’t behave too provocatively, don’t get drunk in the trash, don’t do “Tagil!”

Tunisia is a fairly warm country, so there are a few rules on how to behave in Tunisia, so as not to get heat stroke:

  • choose clothing made of light and natural fabrics, ideally loose-fitting;
  • wear a hat;
  • sunscreen is your best friend. Even if you go for a walk in the medina, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your exposed body parts and face;
  • Drink plenty of water, at least two liters a day. Alcohol on the contrary, ideally not to drink.

When and where it’s best to rest in Tunisia, according to reviews of tourists. Season of rest

The beach on the island of Djerba

The beach on the island of Djerba, Tunisia

In March, the rainy and windy season ends in Tunisia, but a large influx of tourists is not yet observed here. Those who have decided to go to Tunisia at this time, choose the Tunisian resort of Djerba Island.

Spring in Tunisia is a time of deserted beaches and relaxation. Here are 5 reasons to go to Tunisia in May.

According to reviews, in April in Djerba the sea is cool, the air gets only +20 ° C in the daytime, but the sun is already quite possible to get burnt. In April and May the flow of tourists gradually increases. Many are confused by the hot wind, blowing from the African desert and bringing the sand.

It is worth knowing that the spring in Tunisia is variable. It can be both sunny and rainy.

At the end of April the water temperature reaches +19 ° C, the air temperature rises to +16 ° C at night and +25 ° C during the day. Be sure to bring sunscreen and warm clothes for the evening.

In June in Tunisia begins a tourist “boom” as the beaches and hotels at popular resorts are filled up. Tour prices in Tunisia increase.

Comes a lot of families with children, who have begun a vacation. The water temperature is about +21 ° C and the air temperature is about +26 ° C. In July it becomes dry and hot, at night the air is comfortable, +23 ° C, and during the day it exceeds +30+35 ° C, the water warms up to +24 ° C.

The waterfront in the resort of Sousse, Tunisia

Promenade in the resort of Sousse, Tunisia

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August is dangerous for tourists with hypertension and for small children, because at a very warm sea of +26 ° air heats up to above +33 ° C.

During the day, in the heat it is better to relax in the shade by the pool or under the air conditioning in the room.

In August there are jellyfish, especially in the areas of Sousse and Monastir.

In September, the heat begins to subside and the number of jellyfish decreases. In October, the air is heated to +25 ° C during the day, the water to +23 ° C. Feedback from tourists at this time is mixed, some are happy with the weather, while others complain about the storms that started.

In November, tourists have to swim only in pools at hotels and go on excursions, as the bathing season is over. In winter, advise to go to the desert to see the Bedouin villages, because in summer it is incredibly hot.

To Tunisia with children: where best to rest, when and what entertainments are there for children

When vacationing with children, parents choose resorts with the maximum amount of children’s entertainment and infrastructure. Take into account that during the vacations, the demand for tickets increases sharply, so you need to take care of the tickets in advance. The best time for a holiday in Tunisia with children – in June and early July.

In Sousse there is an amusement park Hannibal Park, Friguia Zoo and a large water park Aqua Palace. When choosing a place to stay in Tunisia with children, pay attention to Port El Kantaoui, a suburb of Sousse. Here is a water park with lots of water rides, children’s slides and swimming pools for kids. There is also an amusement park in Port El Kantaoui. The park has entertainment for both adults and children, and at night there is a nightclub.

In Hammamet there is a theme park Carthagenland and the water park Flipper. The amusement park is divided into several thematic zones, a cinema and a mini-zoo. The water park is small, with a dozen slides and several pools.

Entertainment for children in Tunisia

Between Sousse and Hammamet is located Frigia Zoo, opened in 2000. The zoo has more than 60 species of animals, which live under conditions close to natural. In the park you can visit the dolphinarium, Berber show, ride a horse or pony, eat in a cafe, buy souvenirs and take pictures.

As for the beaches, in any resort in Tunisia, they are sandy with a comfortable entrance to the sea. Large hotels arrange animation programs for children living there.

When choosing a hotel, give preference to those where the services of the restaurant or dining room have a children’s menu, as all local dishes cooks add spices in large quantities. Drinking water in Tunisia is of poor quality, so do not allow children to drink raw water.

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Where to go in Tunisia for young people

Party on the beach

Definitely, the city of Sousse is the capital of youth recreation in Tunisia, the most partying resort in the country. Open discos, nightclubs, casinos, sporting events and entertainment – most of them are here. So it is not difficult to decide where to go on holiday in Tunisia for young people.

Tunisian cuisine

Tunisian cuisine. What to try in Tunisia from the food

Tunisian cuisine is vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, olive oil and spices. The main dish of any table in Tunisia is couscous, and in different regions of the country it is prepared in different ways.

What to try in Tunisia from the food:

  1. Shorba (thick soup with peppers) and lalabli (thick soup made of garlic and chickpeas) soups.
  2. Grilled lamb.
  3. Brik pirozhki – something like our chebureks.
  4. Mint tea with pine nuts.
  5. Honey desserts with nuts, yo-yo doughnuts.

Alcohol in Tunisia.

Tourists often wonder what is the situation with alcohol in Tunisia, as the country is a Muslim country, and alcohol is prohibited to Muslims.

Here is an interesting fact: Tunisia is a Muslim country, which is famous for producing good alcohol. Yes, Tunisians are loyal to alcohol, they know how to make wine, but they do not drink it themselves.

Transport and Taxis in Tunisia

You can travel in Tunisia on a budget, using buses and minibuses for small trips around the city and to neighboring cities, or trains for longer distances. There are also domestic flights in Tunisia. But most often tourists use cabs.

Cabs in Tunisia are yellow. There are many cab drivers in all tourist locations. The meter costs a maximum of 1 dinar during the day and not more than 2 dinars at night. However, the cab drivers always try to take the tourist at the negotiated price, which is obviously higher than the meter price.

Advice: before taking a cab check at the reception of the hotel, how much it costs to get to the place you want. That way you have a better chance of getting a normal price.

If you don’t like bargaining order a cab directly to the hotel at the website kivitaxi → you know the price in advance, it won’t increase during the trip, and the cab driver will take you where you need to go.

Souvenirs from Tunisia. What to bring as a souvenir?

In Tunisia, as in any developed tourist country, it is full of souvenirs. But you want to bring as a gift is not some piece of junk, but something worthwhile, right? Here’s our list of ideas to bring from Tunisia. There we also show you what you can’t take out of Tunisia, and what kinds of things you can have problems with.

We advise to pay attention to Tunisian natural oils, which are used for cosmetic purposes. They are sold at every step, but few people know about their unique properties. Argan oil and black cumin oil are particularly useful.

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In Tunisia, a lot of natural cosmetics – if you choose a gift for a woman, you can’t go wrong :)

If we talk about traditional souvenirs from the cities of Tunisia:

  • Souvenirs from Carthage – dishes, vases, jewelry made of blown glass
  • Souvenirs from Kairouan – kitchen utensils and decorative items made of copper
  • Souvenirs from Gabes, Shebik, Midesa – baskets, lampshades, straw boxes.
  • Mahdia is famous for its quality silk

Excursions in Tunisia

Holidays in Tunisia - excursion on camels in the desert

Excursion to the Sahara – the most popular tour in Tunisia

Tunisia may be a small country, but there are enough interesting places here.

The most popular excursion in Tunisia is an excursion to the Sahara Desert . This excursion is usually designed for two days, during which you will see canyons, oases, salt lake, Roman amphitheater and a movie set from “Star Wars”. Read more about the tour →

The second most popular excursion is a trip to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

We’ve compiled most excursions with descriptions and prices in one article. It will help you decide which excursion is worth taking and which you should skip. We hope for your feedback in the comments!

Choosing a season and a hotel for a vacation in Tunisia

Rating of the best hotels and reviews of popular hotels in Tunisia

Rating of the best hotels and reviews of popular hotels in Tunisia for your holidays

Current information about the weather in Tunisia in the holiday season and now

updated information about the weather in Tunisia in the holiday season and now

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What to bring from Tunisia?

When going on vacation to Tunisia we usually face the following questions: What souvenirs can be bought in Tunisia to remember? And what to bring back from Tunisia friends and relatives? As in any resort country, local vendors and specialized stores offer dozens of souvenirs. Read more

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