Tunisia’s best resorts and attractions

Tunisia’s 8 Best Resorts

If you are looking for a holiday country with clean beaches, calm warm sea and a mass of attractions, then you simply will not find a better place to rest than the resorts of Tunisia. This country is rich in a wide variety of places to visit. Here are the best resorts of Tunisia.



One of the best resorts in North Africa is the resort of Hammamet, located in the east of Tunisia. Here is a magnificent, clean, sandy beach, where you can sunbathe, and engage in any sport. In this town you will love to relax not only lovers of sunbathing and swimming in the warm sea. There is really something to see. Among the historical sites of the resort is the Hammamet Medina. It looks like an old town, surrounded by walls. All this splendor was built more than 8 centuries ago. Here tourists are presented with ancient houses and mosques. Worth seeing is Ribat fortress, which adjoins the medina of Hammamet. In appearance it is a square with a tower, which you can enter. Here we can see the mausoleum of monk Sidi Bouali.

2. Sousse .


Sousse is one of the most popular resorts in Tunisia, especially among young people. It is a true paradise for those who are bored lying on the beach all day. It is worth noting that most of the attractions are located in the center of the city. Here you can see the ruins of Carthage, and tourists with children are encouraged to visit the zoo. Also you will have the opportunity to visit the famous fortress-monastery Ribat. Climbing to the 2nd floor which is still possible to see the footprints in the stone slabs. If the legend is believed, then you can make a wish, stepping on the footprint and it will come true. Near the fortress is the Great Mosque, which has two domed towers. Another highlight of Sousse is a house-museum “Dar Essid,” which was built back in 928.

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3. Monastir


Monastir is the hometown of the first president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba. Today it is a popular beach resort of Tunisia, especially among those who want to rest inexpensively. The beaches and the sea here are quite good, but demanding tourists are still better to choose another resort of the country.

But there are a lot of interesting places in Monastir. For example, the mausoleum of Habiba Bourguida, which tend to visit all the tourists who came here. Also near the Medina of the city is located fortress Ribat, which has preserved its splendor to this day. On the first floor you will have an opportunity to visit the Islamic museum. Do not hide from the gaze of tourists and a real Muslim cemetery Sidi el Mezri. It is popular as a place for healing seriously ill children. A small mosque was built in the cemetery, where often come to pray for the recovery of children from various diseases. There is also a chance to see traditional Arab clothing, which is represented in the museum of traditional costume. Here is a huge collection of wedding dresses embroidered with precious stones.

4. Djerba


The island of Djerba is one of the best places for a beach holiday in Tunisia. The resort boasts clean turquoise sea, white sandy beaches and excellent hotels.

It is worth to highlight the sights of the island of Djerba, the most striking of which is the fortress of Gazi Mustafa. It is built of coastal sandstone stone. The walls of the fortress once housed a garrison of monk warriors. There is a wonderful view of the Mediterranean from its walls. At the very top is the observation deck. On this island is the main synagogue of Tunisia, La Griba. It is located in a small village Hera-Segira. Tourists will also get a chance to visit the favorite place of pink flamingos, the Djerba Lagoon. You should also visit an amusement and educational park “Djerba Explore”, which is the most interesting attraction of the entire island.

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5. Tunisia

The resort of Tunisia is not only a great place in Tunisia for a beach holiday, because it has a huge number of various sights. The main one is the ancient city of Carthage. It was founded in 814 BC. Here you can see the remains of Roman sarcophagi and sculptures. In general, you will have to spend a lot of time to see it. There are still excavations on its territory. It is worth to visit a mountain oasis in the Atlas Mountains – Shibika. It offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the Sahara. Tourists are also encouraged to visit the famous Lake of Tunisia, where you can see huge flocks of pink flamingos. If you have time to spare, you can visit Frigia Safari Park. This reserve is home to about 30 species of animals.

6. Madhia


Madhia – one of the best resorts in Tunisia for a quiet or family vacation on the sparse beaches with clean white sand. The resort offers the best thalassotherapy centers in the region for those desiring recovery.

Among the attractions tourists are offered to visit the ancient fortress Borgi el Kibir, which was built in 1595. Also worth seeing is the Great Mosque of Mahdia, which was built by the founder of the city Obaid Allah el Mahdi. Also noteworthy for tourists are the Skif al-Qala Gates. They lead to the old part of the city – Medina. The gates were built in X century and their purpose was to protect the residential blocks and the palace of the governor. It is also worth visiting the amphitheater El Djem, which is the hallmark of the entire region. Its walls are lined with magnificent mosaics depicting hunters and riders. Until today, the amphitheater has survived in a dilapidated state, but it still remains quite attractive to the eyes of tourists.

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7. Nabul .

This picturesque resort is located on the Cap Bon Peninsula, in the northern part of Tunisia. The tourist infrastructure is not at a high level. Decent sandy beaches, clean sea and budget hotels – the main advantage of this resort. Beaches in Nabula are not crowded, mostly public, there are also wild – perfect for a secluded vacation.

The main local attraction is the old part of town – the Medina. Here before the tourists will present the old cobblestone streets, small stores and shops with all kinds of souvenirs. In the city you can admire the two main monuments of ceramic vases. One is in the form of a ceramic bowl of oranges, and the second in the form of a ceramic tree – amphora. Corba Lagoon is also worth a visit, and flocks of pink flamingos come here for the winter.

8. Gammarth

Tunis best resorts

Gammarth is a prestigious resort town in Tunisia, 18 km from the center of the capital. Hotels here are both high quality and very expensive, as well as budget “all in”. Beaches in Gammart are sandy, half of them are public.

This picturesque town is full of colorful attractions, which tourists are happy to visit. In the eastern part of the city is the famous National Museum of Alaun. Its exposition presents ancient sculptures and sarcophagi. There are also a few objects that were raised from the bottom of the sea.

Also worthy of attention and the Cathedral of St. Louis. It was built relatively recently, in 1890 by permission of Hussein II Bey, in honor of St. Ludwik IX, who died in these lands.

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